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Toonder and Lightning

Ingemar Johansson of Sweden won the heavyweight championship from Floyd Patterson in the summer of 1959.   He was not a great boxer but one of the most devastating punchers of all time–power he described as “toonder and lightning.”   Boxing analysts called his dominant hand, “thunder from the right.”

The elections in VA, NJ, and MA have shown a similar phenomenon is happening in our politics.   And it is now national–the conservative, anti-Washington backlash against Capitol insiders is effecting Republican races.   J.D. Hayworth of AZ is challenging John McCain.   Not long ago that would be unheard of.

One of the first to recognize this shift and the fact that an upstart from the Right could challenge the Establishment candidate was Marco Rubio of FL who is now leading Governor Charlie Crist for the GOP Senate nomination in the Sunshine State.   Hard to be more Establishment than Crist who embraced Obama’s stimulus package.  In IL Bill Brady is a conservative leading the Republicans for the nomination to be governor in this very blue state.   He has a real shot, not only to be the nominee, but to become governor.

We see this playing out here in Colorado as well.   Jane Norton is very much the Establishment candidate for the GOP nomination to face Democrat Senator Bennett.   She was coaxed into running by Senator John McCain who is in tight with Norton’s family.   Can you think of a more Establishment Republican than McCain, the Republican nominee for President in 2008?    Neither can I.

Ken Buck is the powerful District Attorney for Weld County in CO.   He attends candidate forums which Norton avoids.   He stands for low taxes and small government.   Former Lt. Governor, Jane Norton, signed off on one of the largest tax hikes in Centennial State history.  Mr. Buck was visiting every one of the counties in CO while Jane was sidelined waiting for the endorsement of Mr. Establishment Republican, John McCain.

Ms. Norton and others recognize the shift to strong conservatism.   We see it in her ads:   Jane Norton is the conservative who will stand up to President Obama.   Really?   Where was this strong stance against high taxes when she was Lt. Governor?   Friends, let us not be taken in by slogans when two records set side by side demonstrate there is a true conservative and a stuttering one.   Let us step out and embrace “Thunder from the Right” here in Colorado  by standing with Ken Buck and others like him across the land.


Republican or Conservative

It has been interesting to watch the speeches at the Conservative Political Action Conference.   Speakers are employing Conservative as often as Republican if not more.  Former Vice President Dick Cheney spoke in this manner.   So did Marco Rubio of FL.   Rubio had several warnings for the Republicans.   All are aware that the political parties are not popular but conservatism is.   As a side note very few Dems step out to proudly say, “I am a liberal.”   They hide behind the euphemism of “progressive” and fool no one.   In contrast, many are proudly wearing their conservative hats.

Herein lies a potential mine field.   Politicians look for what is popular and run there.   Bill Clinton spoke of the era of big government being over after he and his party took a bath in 1994.   Even the far more ideological Barack Obama is trying to sound like a populist after VA, NJ and MA handed him his lunch.   Let no one forget that this “populist” spoke of average persons as “bitter clingers to guns and religion” during the 08 primaries.   That is one of the reasons that Hillary Clinton defeated him so overwhelmingly late in that season.   There are Republican phonies as well. 

By contrast there are statesmen and women who stand for conservatism because of their core values regardless of which way the political winds are blowing.   They know exactly who they are without placing a moist finger in the air or a toe in the water.   Fifty-five years ago, William F. Buckley was such a statesman.   He stood largely alone as the intellectual giant of what, at that time, was an anomaly.   Barry Goldwater picked up this mantle in 1964 and lost in a landslide to LBJ.   But a new conservative star was born that year when Ronald Reagan gave a national speech in favor of Goldwater.   Sixteen years later Ronald Reagan ousted a sitting Democrat President, Jimmy Carter, 40 states to 10.   In 1984 Ronald Reagan took 49 states and probably actually won all 50.

But a moderate Republican, George H W Bush, won in 1988 and was not returned in 92.   While Bush 43 won two terms, he spent like a Democrat which allowed our current Far Left leader into the Oval Office.   All this has left voters angry, frustrated but, I think, not confused.   Sensible voters by the millions now know what is needed and the sooner the better–like in the fall elections in the Year of our Lord,  2010.

To return to the minefield, we have an opportunity to elect a Senator who, like Ronald Reagan, knows exactly who he is and where he stands and why.    Ken Buck does not cower before the press or polls or misguded courts, Supreme though they may be.   In contrast,  Jane Norton has supported large tax increases for CO and sometimes stutters on social issues.   We cannot afford persons like this–politically or economically or culturally.   There is no reason to import Olympia Snowe or Susan Collins 2000 miles west of Maine to Colorado.

Do you recall candidate Bush in 1988 and his read my lips rhetoric of no new taxes?   He soon  broke that pledge and joined the Democrats in a big tax increase of 500 billion dollars.   Obama and the Democrats are itching to do the same right now.   What will stop them?   Establishment Republicans  who wish to be thought of as true conservatives but who have raised taxes big time in the past?   Republicans who have to make a read my lips promise because people harbor doubts and concerns?    Or principled men and women who stand like a stonewall for their values?

This is no time for Republican light which comes close to Democrat moderate.   These days, like all days, call for leaders.   We cannot afford persons of moist fingers in the air to sense the political winds or a toe in the water to test the temperature.    I invite you to join me in supporting Ken Buck, a man whose ship is set like flint on a conservative course worth sailing.


Democrat Drivel

Evan Bayh has joined Byron Dorgan and Chris Dodd as Democrats not seeking re-election in 2010.   To be sure there are Republican Senators not seeking another term as well.   But the turmoil is mainly in the Democrat Party.   Some of that is due to President Obama adopting a Far Left agenda in a center-right nation.   The President appears to have misread his mandate.

Beyond that many Dems who are running appear to be in jeopardy.    Here in CO both grassroots candidate, Ken Buck, and Establishment candidate, Jane Norton, are leading Senator Bennett.    Majority leader, Harry Reid, is in trouble in NV, Barbara Boxer in CA is facing a serious challenge for the first time and deep blue state IL may send a Republican to take Obama’s former seat.

But Democrat roiling is also caused by intemperate remarks by some of their leaders.    Harry Reid said of Iraq, “This war is lost.”   In contrast, Vice President Joe Biden said recently on Larry King that victory in Iraq will be one of the crowning achievements of the Obama Administration.   As the late Art Buchwald would say, “I cannot make this stuff up.”    Majority Whip, Dick Durbin of IL said our troops were acting like Nazis.   He tearfully apologized but it was much a Clintonesque, “for those who were offended.”   Well, Dick, you offended all sensible Americans and certainly our brave men and women in uniform.  The Democrat candidate for the Presidency in 2004, John Kerry, said our troops were acting like terrorists.    The late Democrat Representative, Jack Murtha, went to his grave never having apologized for falsely accusing our marines of murder in Iraq.  

In the past, DC Dems would get away with this outlandish rhetoric and off the wall accusations.    But today The New York Times, The Washington Post, the networks, CNN and MSNBC have become lame stream as Bernie Goldberg says.   They have been surpassed by  conservative talk radio and fair and balanced FOX.   As we witness this, Republicans, Independents, and sensible Democrats  turn away in disgust.

To return to Dick Durbin for a moment, my wife is from IL, and we lived there for 12 years where we had opportunity to observe this man close up.   Back in January of 2002 he said of Ann Coulter in the Springfield, IL press, “She appears to be well educated and well groomed.    There is nothing about her which suggests that she spent any time crawling on her belly at a right-wing militia training camp in Idaho.”   The issue was Ann’s calling for closer scrutiny of young Arab men at airports as the 9/11 terrorists had all been young Arab men and less searching of older white women.   Durbin went on to pompously state that he of Lithuanian parents took no offense to being wanded at airports.

As a native of CO I wrote that same Springfield, IL press with my objections to Durbin the tolerant being intolerant toward the Rocky Mountan states and also his being so stereotypic even as he called for more understanding one for another.    I also pointed out that it was Democrat (same as Durbin) FDR who blessed the internment of Japanese-Americans after Pearl Harbor.   Yet, in my home town here in CO World War II Japanese-American soldiers were among the most highly decorated for their valor in the European theater.

I would suggest that Durbin, Reid, and Kerry who are well groomed and perhaps well educated join Dorgan, Dodd and Bayh on the sidelines.   I think they have spent too much time crawling on their bellies through the thick carpet of Left-wing think tanks there on Capitol Hill.   Or if they have become too much the creatures of Washington, D.C. we voters can always show them the way home.


President’s Day and Faith

One of the more common things said about politics and faith is that they do not mix.   In reality faith and politics must mix if we are to remain a free people.   President’s Day is a good time to explore this relationship.   A look at the oppression behind the old Iron Curtain and the Bamboo Curtain of mainland China where the state is god demonstrates the importance of faith to freedom.  In Western Civilization at our best we recognize that we are God’s creation and that He is the Author of our freedom.

The Declaration of Independence is primarily the work of Thomas Jefferson.  Jefferson was a Deist but, like the other Founders, he was well versed in Scripture and faith informed his politics.  The best known line of the Declaration, which is our national confession of faith, is:  “endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights;  that among these are life, liberty and the pusuit of happiness.”   If one travels to Washington, D.C. and visits the Jefferson Memorial we see these words of our third President etched in stone:   “Our Freedom Is Rooted In Our Faith.”

Princeton University law professor, Thomas Mason, and Duke University political professor, Richard Leach, collaborated on a book on American political theory entitled, In Quest of Freedom.These scholars note of page 43, “One of the reasons for America’s devotion to freedom runs back to the New England preachers who, for a hundred years and more, accepted and taught these freedoms with unquestioning faith as being sanctioned by divine law.”

In the spring and summer of 1787 with the greatest gathering of talent ever to sit in one city at one time, our Founders spent 109 days in Philadelphia drafting the  Constitution.  On one occasion when they were ready to give up, Benjamin Franklin rose to say, “Sirs, I have lived a long time and am convinced that God governs the affairs of man.   If a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without his notice can an empire rise without his aid?   Franklin proposed that clergy of Philadelphia be invited to lead them in devotions before each session.  A new tone was set and the result was our Constitution.

Presidents like Lincoln and Kennedy have appealed to God in their inaugural addresses.   Lincoln’s second is considered the greatest ever written.   In 1 1/2 pages Lincoln made 8 references to God.  Of that address he said, “God governs the world.”    Kennedy quoted Isaiah 58 and Romans 12 in his address.  In paragraph 2 he said, “the rights of man come not from the generosity of the state but from the hand of God.”

Great leaders mix politics and faith.   For this reason I am supportive of sensible leaders like Ken Buck seeking the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate here in CO and Bill Brady pursuing the governorship of IL as a Republican.   Both are personal acquaintences and both, like Jefferson, Franklin, Lincoln and Kennedy recognize that faith informs politics.  It must if we are to remain a free People.    I commend such leaders to you.


Red State Endorsement

We live in a day when the Establishment does not carry the weight it once did.   We see this with major newspapers like The New York Times ready to fold–and not for delivery.    The major network news programs are rapidly losing viewers.  FOX cable sometimes outdraws the networks.    The Establishment Republicans like John McCain and Hank Brown have come out for Jane Norton.  

But we live in a time when the more telling and valuable endorsement may be that of Erick Erickson’s prestigious blog site Red State coming out for Weld County District Attorney, Ken Buck, for the GOP nomination for the Senate.  Erickson has also sent the campaign funds.  When one adds that Michelle Malkin has already endorsed Ken the new media may have made their choice and it is not a former Lt. Governor who stood for higher taxes and other things Establishment.

These are exciting days with Republican Scott Brown of MA already in the Senate  and Marco Rubio leading Governor Crist, the Establishment candidate of FL for the GOP Senate nomination in the Sunshine State.   Ken Buck is this type of candidate, a true Reagan Conservative.

After the Cuban missile crisis, Jack Kennedy shared a poem with his aids:

Bullfight critics ranked in rows,

Crowd the enormous plaza full,

But only one there is who knows

And he’s the one who fights the bull.

Ken Buck entered the arena early while others waited for an Establishment endorsement from John McCain.   Let’s join Ken in the arena, not as  spectators or  bull fight critics but as persons engaged in the conflict for our freedom and the rights of a generation yet unborn.



Palin Substance

Eugene Robinson is a very predictable columnist with the Washington Post, his Pulitzer notwithstanding.   On 2/12 he writes that he is “Still waiting for Palin substance.”

Let’s see.   Barack Obama (whom Robinson admires greatly) tells us his 2008 campaign visited all 57 states.    At a military event to honor fallen soldiers Obama says many of those fallen stand before him that day.  That is real substance.

When temperatures are warm and snow is scarce, Al (I invented the Internet) Gore and Barbara (please call me Senator, General) Boxer tell us that is Global Warming.   Now with record cold across the land and the deepest of snow in Washington, DC and Dallas, TX that is also Global Warming.   Wow!   How much of this esoteric brilliance can we take?

Vice President Joe Biden wanted to tri-sect Iraq during the Bush years.   He and then Senator Barack Obama voted against the Bush surge which has moved us toward victory there.    Now Biden tells Larry King that our troops coming home from Iraq  is a major accomplishment of their Administration.    Have you ever seen such substance from any Administration?

Meanwhile, Eugene Robinson asks for Sarah’s Substance.   Wonder what it takes to win a Pulitzer today.


Ronald Reagan at 99

Last evening (February 6, 2010)  Sarah Palin addressed the Tea Party Convention in Nashville, TN, and properly noted that it was the 99th anniversary of the birth of Ronald Reagan our 40th President.   She also properly contrasted Reagan’s greatness with the current occupant of the Oval Office.  

In a January 25, 2010 Time Essay, Nancy Gibbs wrote of the loneliness of the Presidency and how this has effected Barack Obama.  She is willing to concede that other Presidents have felt this but seems especially concerned for Mr. Obama as she closes her essay “. . . lonely does not begin to describe where he lives now.”

It seems proper to join former Governor Palin in contrasting our 40th President with our 44th.   Both are effective communicators.   I employ present tense for Mr. Reagan as his words and philosophy are timeless.   They live still.   Obama gives a good speech–as long as his teleprompter holds up–but his rhetoric does not seem to match reality.

Ronald Reagan faced a very bad economy left him by  Jimmy Carter but he employed the private sector to lift us out and Bill Clinton was one of the benefactors of Reganomics.   Barack Obama turns to government solutions and seems not to see an industry or a bank that he believes he cannot run better than those with real business experience. 

Ronald Reagan was forthright in his plans to cut taxes, rebuild our military and restore confidence in America at home and abroad.  Barack Obama employed more what Peter Berkowitz of the Stanford’s Hoover Institute calls “hide the ball tactics” as to his real plans for health care reform and government intervention in all things free enterprise.   He wore a mask of moderation.   Reagan wore no mask over his conservatism or his love for our land.   I will give Obama this much–he was apologizing for America before he was sworn in.

When Ronald Reagan fired the striking air traffic controllers in August of 1981 we have learned from declassified Soviet documents that the Russians then fully knew that they were dealing with a real man in the White House.   Action matched words.   In contrast, with this Administration and Attorney General terrorists with bombs in their shorts know that after 50 minutes they can count on an outline of their rights and an attorney.

Ronald Reagan hit Lybia hard.   Barack Obama has hit mainly the American economy and private enterprise.   Occasionally a drone strikes our enemy in Pakistan for which we are grateful but it tends to be the exception that proves the rule.

Ronald Reagan said in his 1981 inaugural address that, “in our present crisis government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.”    Accordingly Mr. Reagan, with great political skill, oversaw a 25% tax cut for individuals and considerable relief for businesses as well despite a hostile Democrat House and skeptical Republicans in the Senate.   Barack Obama came to Denver in February 2009 to sign a 787 billion dollar stimulus bill that stimulated only debt and pork for pet Democrat projects.

Fortunately the American people are smarter than the DC Donkeys–certainly smarter than Democrats think they are–and the President and his Party are 0-3 in special elections in NJ, VA and, most gratifying, in MA where we learned that it really was not Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat.   Mr. Obama campaigned for all three of the losing Democrats.  May he continue to so campaign.  And may the tribe of these Republicans increase in the House and Senate in 2010 and beyond.

Happy 99th, Mr. President.  May there be even greater advances as we approach your 100th.   We are proud of you and your legacy lives.   There is still hope for “The Shining City on a Hill.”

Thank you for your legacy, Mr. President Reagan,


Bring in Candles

In late 1952 Dean Acheson and his wife, Alice, travelled to Oxford University where the retiring Secretary of State received an honorary doctorate.   Acheson spoke of a strange incident that occured on May 19, 1780.  The Connecticut State House was meeting when a thick mist surrounded the capital at Hartford.  The mist became so heavy that midday appeared midnight blue.   In fear and trembling someone said the second coming of Christ was near.   Panic ensued and calls for adjournment rang out.

A wise old legislator, Colonel Abraham Davenport rose and said, “Gentlemen, I have lived a long time.  Maybe this is the day of the Lord’s judgement.   Maybe not.  In either case I wish Him to find me faithfully at my post.  I suggest that candles be brought in face of this strange mist and that we get on with the business of governing the Commonwealth to which we have been elected.”    Acheson made the point that he had sought to bring in candles in the face of the mists and darkness of the 40’s and 50’s as he was part of guiding the ship of state.

I wonder where the leaders are today like Colonel Davenport and Dean Acheson who face darkness with light.  Dean Acheson was a Democrat but I do not see leaders like this in his party anymore.  Their answer to crises today (and everything for this bunch seems to be a crisis) is not candles but more government.   Recently some Democrats in the Colorado State Legislature have decided that high school mascots that refer to First Americans are a crisis.   The answer?   Government regulation and prohibition. 

Rather I find the light and optimism in the conservative wing of the Republican Party.  Fortunately folks in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts seem to agree.   In Illinois the leader for the nomination for Governor is Bill Brady, also a conservative Republican.   We lived in IL for 12 years and are acquainted with this gentleman.   He is the real deal.   Illinois may go Republican this year both in the Senate and in the Governorship.   All four of these states went heavily for Barack Obama in 2008.

Here in CO both Markey and Bennett seem vulnerable.  Even CA may retire Barbara (call me Senator, General) Boxer.   May we be so fortunate.   Returning to Dean Acheson, a friend described him as a blade of steel.

In these exciting, but dangerious days, let us also be blades of steel and bring in candles in the face of darkness.    Let us support sensible conservatives candidates–financially, morally, prayerfully–for our children, grandchildren and a generation yet unborn.


Scott Free(s)

The election of Scott Brown as the new Senator from the Commonwealth of MA has most likely freed the nation of the tyranny of Obamacare.   If it is true that God looks after fools and Englishmen, let us add His Providence to protecting Americans as well.  This also demonstrates the common sense of our citizenry wherever they may live and the fact that the Far Left can overplay its hand.

Scott has also freed us of the arrogance of Reid and Pelosi (now if we can be freed of her Speakership and the jet plane she has commandeered to go with it) if not of the President’s Messiah complex.   In his State of the Union speech the President seemed bloodied but unbowed.   If Obama remains an ideologue (his protestations to the House Republicans notwithstanding) this also works for the GOP in our center-right nation.

But there are dangers remaining.   One is nominating Establishment GOP candidates who are often simply Democrat Light.  Then, while we may slow Donkey progress, we will not destroy it.

Even friends of the Right like Fred Barnes have overlooked strong conservative candidates such as Ken Buck, Weld County DA in Greeley, CO running for the US Senate in the Centennial State.   In a January 18, 2010 article, Barnes goes state by state and notes potential GOP gains in the November off year elections.   In CO he mentions only Republican Senate hopeful, Jane Norton.

If there is an Establishment candidate in CO, Norton is it.   Urged to run by the D.C. elites like John McCain and steeped in backing tax increases and social moderation, she is not change we can believe in.

Ken Buck has the independence and fearlessness we have seen bring success in the East in MA and NJ and in the South in VA.   Let us bring this rubric West with the election of leaders like Mr. Buck–intelligent, strong, fearless, hard working and maybe most important, possessing just the right temperment for this moment.

Jay Leno said recently that Barack Obama in just one year has taken “something that was in terrible, terrible shape, and he brought it back from the brink of disaster:   The Republican Party.”   We will take all the help the Left can give us but let us not count on their making the same mistake twice.   Let us stand with persons like Ken Buck who stand up for us.


Cowboy Hypocrisy

On September 10, 2009, 3.2 million dollars was dedicated at the U of WY for students interested in studying overseas.  This was a gift to their alma mater from former Vice President Dick Cheney and Dr. Lynn Cheney, PhD.   As a sidenote it is interesting how Dick Cheney’s polls are rising even as President Obama’s fall.  

The Denver Post article on the Cheneys’ gift did not receive the attention it was due.    At the dedication ceremony university president, Tom Buchanan, was predicably cautious:   “Everyone has a different take on the Cheney vice-presidency.”   Wow!   It takes nerve to say something that controversial.   At the same time Buchanan’s playing it safe is understandable.   Neither he nor any other college executive wants angry young men and women showing up at their door to protest.

But I really smiled at protester Dan Depeyer’s stating that he may well receive some of the Cheney funds to study in the former Soviet Republics.   Yet, in the paragraph above the article notes hecklers hoisting up signs saying, “We don’t want your blood money.”   But they will sure take it.  

Someone has said that hypocrisy is like a pin.   It points in one direction but it is headed in another–often Left.