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Which is the Stupid Party?

The Republican Party has often been called The Stupid Party.  Generally this is stated by Democrats and their colleagues in the media.   But sometimes conservative columnists would so brand the GOP.   I recall the late Robert Novak saying this of the Republicans shortly after the Gingrich Revolution.

While I think this was simply a stereotype, today if there is a Stupid Party it is the Donkeys who wear this label.   They went through all sorts of contortions to pass health care reform.   Now they strain to find hate speech and unacceptable language to brand the Republicans as the Conservatives (dare I say it?) “Fight back.”   One of the truly comical was Ann Curry of the Today show with pained face asking John McCain if Sarah Palin’s use of “targeting opponents” was over the top.    McCain rightly laughed in her face and said that both sides employ this language with no thought of violence.

I wonder if Curry and the rest of the herd media recall James Carville (whom his wife, Mary Matalin, affectionately calls “Serpent Head”) speak of the Clinton “War Room.”   If so, does Ann think that Carville and the Clinton soldiers were storing up bazookas there to fire at the Republicans.    CNN had a popular show called “Cross Fire.”   Should this have been banned for being too violent  in sound?

Then there is alleged spitting at House Members as they gleefully marched through protesters to Capitol Hill to pass health care on March 21.   Some even supposedly yelled racial slurs at black Congressman.   But someone has offered 10,000 dollars for video evidence of this.   No one has stepped forward to collect.   If this happened it is certainly wrong but it is equally unacceptable to falsely accuse anyone of such behavior.    The media is salivating to hang the Tea Party as racist hicks but the evidence is not there.

And Joe, just call me Joe, Biden.   The Vice President is a likable man.   I like him.   But surely all can see media bias when Cheney is tarred and feathered for employing salty language toward a Senator while Joe is celebrated for the same language as he introduces the President in all his splendor after passing health care.  And Joe was on mike.   Surely he knew that.   And he also knew this would be celebrated which it was.    Our President also yukked it up.

Meanwhile, the mainstream press (known as lame stream by Bernie Goldberg) looks in every nook and cranny for evidence of improper, violent language from the GOP.   This is just one reason why Ann Curry and her cronies have no audience other than when FOX replays her interview with John McCain and that for comic relief:   “Senator McCain, do you really think that your former running mate should employ words like targeting an opponent?”    All this with Ann wearing the perfectly practiced pained face.   Carville’s War Room anyone?

Well, is it any wonder why FOX is killing their competition?   In the media wars Fox outdraws CNN and MSNBC combined.   And Fox does not have to target an audience.   Left, Right and Center are all interested in quality, fair and balanced news.  The battle has been won but the mainstream does not change tactics or strategy.    No surrender or call for quarter yet.   One cannot help but wonder what the Generals at their Cable Headquarter War Rooms are thinking and planning.   More of the same will not do.  

May I suggest they stop pushing Ann out on a hopeless mission, hoist up the white flag of surrender,  learn from fair and
balanced Fox, stop doing the bidding of the Stupid Party, tell the truth about both Republicans and Democrats and let the chips fall where they may.    The old mainstream will feel better and so will we.


Health Care for the Suicidal

Well on Sunday evening, March 21, 2010 (first day of spring of all times) the Dems did it to themselves and by themselves.  No Republicans joined them on their suicidal march off the cliff.   It is hard to think of a time when the contrasts between the two Parties has been more clear.   One is now officially Statist under Obama of the Chicago machine and Pelosi, the darling of San Fran.   Harry the hapless seems destined for the Nevada desert.  Hopefully by January 2011 Nancy is just another Congressperson and by 2013 Barack has joined Jimmy in the history books of mistaken Presidencies.  What a threesome these folk make.

The GOP, left for dead  just sixteen months ago, is on the march again.   We owe a grest deal to President Obama and Donkey leadership.   And, of all things, this is not the GOP of Colin Powell, David Frum, David Brooks and Peggy Noonan who called for Republicans to be Democrat Light.   No, it is the conservative wing of Mark Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny that has risen from the ashes.

Another person who needs our attention is Betsy Markey, Congresswoman from the 4th District.  She of the affirmative on the American Clean Energy and Security Act (also known as Cap and Trade) and was one of the 219 who pushed Health Care over the top.  Her statement after the vote is quite instructive.  It reads in part:  “My vote today isn’t about politics.   It’s about. . .doing what’s right for the people of Colorado.”

Have you ever noticed that when Democrats do what is right for the people  productive Americans suddenly have less money in their wallets and purses?    But what is really telling about Markey’s statement and her vote is that it runs so counter to what Colorado and the nation wanted here.   What we wanted was not this bill.  In essence, Betsy is saying that she knows what we want but she better knows what we need.   Such elitism!   No wonder persons went to D.C. to protest.  Their is a cure for this comical, yet dangerous behavior of our majority in Congress.   Let’s bring Betsy  and the lot of them home.

But there is something far larger here than a first (and hopefully last) term Congresswoman from Colorado.   Here I appeal again to Mark Levin.  He rightly identifies this as statism.   Small minded men and women in a country of big ideas wish to dictate control to the rest of us from their perches in Washington, D.C.   Right now the statists are in control led by President Obama and they are putting the nation on a Potemkin path to destruction.

C.S. Lewis, brilliant British scholar and philosopher, warned of this in his book, God in the Dock.   As a side note, Lewis died November 22, 1963, the same day as John Kennedy was assassinated and thus his passing was not noted as it otherwise would have been.   But this work is up to the moment.   It is a series of essays on the tyranny of the moral busy body who forever wishes to direct how others live–what we eat, how we travel and even what we can say.  Such persons never let up and often exempt themselves from the rules they wish to prescribe for the rest of us. 

Lewis wrote these essays across 25 years on another continent.   But they sound eerily and dangerously like the United States of America this very day.   Can the first Tuesday in November 2010 come soon enough?  Jack Kennedy said in paragraph 2 of, unfortunately, his only inaugural address:   “The rights of man come not from the generosity of the state but from the hand of God.”   Kennedy’s Party has forgotten this.   Let us have longer memories and God’s wisdom for these exciting but challenging days. 


Colorado Caucuses

In both the Republican and Democrat Caucuses we saw Establishment candidates defeated by those outside the favorite role.   This was especially true in the Republican statewide gathering on Tuesday, March 16.   Weld County District Attorney, Ken Buck, won while the much better funded and better known, former Lt. Governor, Jane Norton came in second.   Weld County is rather far removed from Denver and has vast remote regions unknown to urban dwellers.   This is quite an upset and a tribute both to the hard work and the intelligence on the stump and on his feet of Mr. Buck.

For the Democrats Andrew Romanov defeated Michael Bennet quite handily.    Although President Obama came to CO to campaign for and to endorse Bennet (the President does not have a great record of helping people either in NJ, VA, MA nor here in CO) the Romanov win is not quite so big a surprise.   This was insider versus insider as Romanov is former CO House Speaker who fully expected Governor Ritter to appoint him to the U.S. Senate rather than a school superintendent.

The word caucus is of unknown origin but it is appropriate that it came out of the American colonies in the early 1760’s when persons would gather in private homes to select candidates for colonial leadership.  In the Old World the rough equivalent would be the salon of France where nobles gathered to discuss philosophy-political or otherwise-and celebrate their own importance.

Caucus carries with it a more grassroots feel where all are equal and important and all are welcome.  That seems especially important in 2010 when elite Washington Democrats run rough shod over the Constitution and traditional decorum.   Despite their supposed sophistication they seem at times rather comical figures.

Each of the major candidates that the President endorsed and campaigned for were defeated in the Northeast and the Upper South.  While Bennet is, of course,  still in the running, Obama lent the prestige of his office to our junior Senator who was then soundly routed at the Democrat caucuses across CO.   While the old line press ignores the President’s hyperbole and miscues, his gaffs are beginning to rival those of Joe the VP.    Maybe Mr. President should send a “corpse-man” in his stead to the next political rally.

The House Democrats led by the frozen smile of Nancy Pelosi are unbelievably contorted as they resort to any means including “deeming that Health care to have passed” the Lower Chamber.   Shall we deem that the Dems did not win the House in 2006  nor Obama the Presidency in 2008?   What nonsense, except the Donkeys are serious.

The nation is rising up as one and persons seen as insiders are not in favor whether they be Democrat or Republican.   Thus we see Ken Buck take the Republican caucuses in CO over Establishment’s  Jane Norton.  In IL a young Republican, Bill Brady, will be the GOP standard bearer with a real shot in this very blue state.

But let us not over celebrate nor rest in initial victory.   The late, great actor, Charlton Heston was once asked, “What is your greatest role?”   His answer is a book of wisdom in three short words:   “The next one.”   Let us not grow weary in doing good.   Let us go on to the next one for our children and grandchildren and for the hope that the very word America brings to the freedom loving world wide.


Reclaiming the Mountain

We lived in a suburb of Springfield, IL from 1999 to 2005 where we had an opportunity to observe then State Senator Barack Obama close up.   He was and is a smooth operator who was backed by the mean machine of Sandburg’s City of the Husky, Brawling Shoulders, Chicago.  When it came to tough votes the future President answered “Present.”   Smooth, safe and spineless.

After the election he has travelled far and wide apologizing for our naiton.   The last Democrat President I admired was John Kennedy.   JFK nearly died in WWII fighting for our nation and our freedoms.   Can you imagine this war hero running around apologizing for our land and our values?   Neither can I.

But there are times that Obama will take a stand.   He is now pushing Obamacare to the limit.   And it matters not to him that the Senate has to break rules and tradition to make this happen.   Even here he voted “Present” on healthcare by turning it over to Peolsi/Reid.   This has led to the Louisiana Purchase, the Cornhusker Kickback and FL Gatorade.   This will probably pass now in some form due to the fact that it is in the hands of Democrats who have no shame when it comes to big government and sacrifices of American freedom. 

This morning we attended a Republican breakfast where several persons seeking different offices in 2010 shared their views.   What a contrast!    These were not persons of closed door meetings but individuals confident enough in their views that they would put them on C-Span.   They were polite in their differences with one another even as they had firm views.

The featured speaker was Mr. Ken Buck, Weld County District Attorney, who is seeking the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate from Colorado.   He was asked what Republicans can do if Obamacare passes.   His answer was two-fold.   First, give us enough votes in both chambers of Congress and we will see that it is not funded and the structure needed to support this massive government take over will not be built.   Second, and most instructive, Mr. Buck stated that Republicans must offer alternatives such as Tort reform and portability of insurance.

But what we found most striking about this breakfast was the way these leaders carry themselves.   They give us hope.   It has been noted that we can live forty days without food, three days without water, three minutes without air but not one second without hope.   

As I observed these men and women I thought of the Samuel Walter Foss poem:

            Bring me men to match my mountains,

            Bring me men to match my plains;

            Men with empires in their purpose,

            And new visions in their brains.

These are men and women who move the world and help stand guard over our freedoms as members of both parties once did.   They do not vote “Present” but, like us, want to reclaim mountains, plains, and they have empires of purpose and vision of mind, heart and soul.   They report for duty and give us hope for this and every time of need.

Let us enter the arena with them.   Do not stay home and watch forgettable television on Tuesday, March 16.   Stand up for your candidates at your caucus and bring a neighbor with you.


Bennet’s Senate

According to a Wednesday, March 3, Denver Post article, Senator Michael Bennet, Democrat of Colorado, is making five proposals to the United States Senate.   These include eliminating anonymous holds, banning private sector earmarks, freezing pay and budgets for members of Congress, barring lawmakers from lobbying for life, and reducing the number  to overcome a filibuster to 55 votes. 

Some items in the package are quite bold especially for one known in these parts as “The Invisible Man.”   Is he in a primary fight?    Is there an election in November?   His normally timid spirit is understandable as he is a former school superintendent.   Superintendents today, with  few  exceptions,  fear their own shadows lest they be sued or cause a protest or even a riot.   Bennet brought this non-assertiveness to his Senate office.

Having opened the door with these proposals let us help Michael along.    Let us see to it that come January 2011 he never again has to worry about lobbying or persons lobbying him.   No need to freeze his pay or budget as he will have none from a Senate role.  The 55 vote filibuster rule may be worth exploring as long as one of those 55 is a Republican from Colorado and the GOP has at least 51 members in the Senate.   Then our average Joe, VP, will not have to break any ties.

Yes, siree.   Let us help Bennet make these changes by changing U.S. Senators from CO.   And let’s make sure that we do not simply go Democrat Light with an Establishment Republican.  It is time for grassroots conservative leadership so let’s go for a man who will BUCK traffic and who will save the tax payers big BUCKs by lowering taxes and stopping the Donkey stampede of ruinous spending.   Let’s elect a man who knows the BUCK stops here.   Let’s really caucus for change on March 16.    See you there.