An Encounter

Around 3:30 PM on Saturday, May 8, my wife and I went to Safeway to pick out some Mother’s Day flowers and to finish shopping for the family dinner we planned for the next day.   As we entered the store I saw a gentleman with ball cap and sweatshirt against the spring season standing at the other door.   He had clipboard in hand and various shoppers leaving the store were stopping to visit.  If it was a poll I wished to participate.

We exited around 4:15 and he approached us with a smile and asked if we were Republicans.   We said we were and the happy scene continued as he said, “Good!   I am here to collect signatures to place Jane Norton on the ballot for the U.S. Senate from our Party.”   We thanked him for his effort but told him we were supporting Ken Buck.   The smile vanished and he brusquely said, “All you had to say was ‘No.’ ”   He turned away to catch another exiting shopper.

As we drove home we reflected on the little drama we had just experienced.   My wife suggested what would have been a better response:  “I think I would have said, ‘Well, I am glad we are all Republicans.   Whichever Republican gains the nomination, let’s work together to defeat the Left in the coming election.’ ”   I thought that struck just the right chord as opposed to rudeness in the face of a difference of opinion within the Party.   Whether it be Bennet or Romanoff that we face we will need to work together.   There must not be a Civil War in the GOP.

I also thought of Ken Buck’s sharing at a Republican breakfast on March 10 in Greeley on the rigors of a campaign.   He spoke of retiring sometimes at 2AM after a full day of addresses and forums and then rising at 7AM to speak at a breakfast like that one in March.   His conclusion was quite revealing about the man and his graciousness:   “When one faces a schedule like this it leads to empathy for others also experiencing the demands of a campaign–whatever their Party.”

Whether we be for Ken Buck (as we are strongly so) or Jane Norton let us not act like Democrat Donkeys when we meet at Safeway on Mother’s Day eve.


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    Hi, man! I am totally acclaim that way of thinking and everything connected.

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    Excellent. We are waiting for new messages on the same topic:)

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