Holder, Obama, and Arizona

The 1968 movie Finian’s Rainbow had a character, Senator Billboard Rawkins, portrayed by Keenan Wynn.   He was asked if he had ever read the Constitution.   His response was “Read it?   I am too busy defending it to read it.”

There is a sad twist to this humorous line that is not in a movie but grounded in reality.    Attorney General, Eric Holder, was asked by Republican Congressman Ted Poe, 2nd District of TX at the House Judiciary Committee on  May 13 if he had read the AZ immigration bill.   Holder said he had glanced at it but not read it.   In essence, the Attorney General is saying, “Read it?   I am too busy demagoguing it to read it.   I am too busy trashing AZ over this bill to study it.   I am thinking of filing a law suit against the state of AZ but I have not read the bill.”

One wonders if the President has read it.   The AZ bill is well within the parameters of the Federal statutes on immigration–which are not being enforced.    This is why The Grand Canyon State had to take action as they are overrun with drug runners, kidnappings and the murder of an AZ rancher.

Increasingly the Obama Administration appears hapless and the Attorney General to be Senator Billboard except Holder is serious.  As the late Art Buchwald used to say, “I cannot make this stuff up.”   These are very trying days and we are led by persons beginning to strongly resemble the Jimmy Carter Administration.   What makes this crowd so dangerous is that they remain arrogant and self confident when they ought to be sobered and reflective.

C.S. Lewis wrote in The Pilgrim’s Regress, “And what is this Valley called?”   “We call it now simply Wisdom’s Valley, but the oldest maps mark it as the Valley of Humiliation.”    Most of us can respect persons who admit errors and learn from them.   This Administration seems incapable of either.   If it is not going right, they inherited this mess or it is George Bush’s fault.  Ah, for Harry Truman’s “The Buck Stops Here.”   

Fortunately the American people have wisdom the Administration lacks and have elected Republicans in VA, NJ and MA.   Bring on November 2010.


P.S.   We plan to vacation in AZ but will not travel to the state once called Golden but is now iron pyrite.   Join us at the Grand Canyon 

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