Thirteen Presidencies

I have lived under thirteen Presidencies.   Two of these Presidents are considered great–FDR and Ronald Reagan.   While these two men had different political philosophies they both gave a shaken nation confidence.   One defeated the Nazis and the other defeated Communism–two scourges of the 20th Century.

Two Presidents of this time are considered near great in many circles–Harry Truman and Ike Eisenhower.   Truman stopped the advance of communism in Korea, established that MacArthur was not President but a 5 star general and Eisenhower demonstrated that a 5 Star General could be President and balance the military and the industrial complex.

One Presidency was tragically cut short before it could reach fruition but, before his assassination, JFK made the Soviets blink during the Cuban missile crisis.   His style and grace inspired millions of young people including this one.   Two very bright men ruined their Presidencies through carelessness and corruption.   Nixon resigned and Clinton was impeached.   David Gergen worked for both these men and speaks of their own self-destruction in his work, Eye Witness to Power.

One President, though average in ability, helped restore order and decency to the office left soiled by Richard Nixon.   Gerald Ford’s pardon of Nixon probably cost his reelection. However, most feel today it was the right thing to do.   But Ford was a giant when compared to his successor, Jimmy Carter, who was simply not up to the task, and is the weakest of the lot.

But now we are led by a man who is dangerous to our liberties and to the greatness of this nation.    We lived near Springfield, IL for six years.   Three of those years Barack Obama was a state senator from Chicago where he consistently voted “Present” on tough votes.   It is known as the Coward’s Count.   For another three years he was our junior U.S. Senator and managed to be on the job for about 140 days.   The rest of the time he was absent as he sought the Presidency.   As a side note our Senior Senator was Dick Durbin who once said our troops were acting like Nazis.   What a pair.   Add to that disgraced former Governor Blago and persons wonder where are the Lincoln’s and Reagan’s so shaped by the Midwest. 

Obama is by far the most inexperienced of these thirteen Presidents.   But that is not the major problem here.   No, the flaw is that this man is of the Far Left. surrounded by radical friends and advisors.   He does not understand freedom nor free enterprise which he seeks to dismantle if not destroy in an effort to make us more like Europe.   And this from a man who has never met a payroll or run anything other than protesting those who make things work.   He does not deliver on promises of transparency and a new tone.

Paradoxically, this dangerous man is also a comic figure.   He remains arrogant when most everything he has done has fallen short or failed all together.   There are shades of Inspector Clouseau here-a bumbler who does not recognize he is seen by the sensible as a dolt.   Republican Senators noted recently in their face to face with the President that he has a very thin skin.   No ability to laugh at self which leads to lack of balance.   At long last what Bernie Goldberg calls the “Lamesteam media” and Laura Ingraham refers to as the dinosaurs of communication are also recognizing the President is not up to the task.

What to do?   First, let us elect men like Ken Buck in 2010.   He is more experienced than current Senator Bennet and more current than former Lt. Governor, Jane Norton.  At the same time, Mr. Buck is not of the Establishment and is unafraid to speak up on controversial issues in a non-P.C. manner.   This is a freshness that appeals to the new Tea Party movement as well as those who may be more jaded by politics as usual.    There is a Reaganesque quality here.   This man really means it.  May his tribe increase. On March 10 my wife and I attended a breakfast where Mr. Buck said that with enough conservatives to take over one or both chambers of Congress, we can stop the Far Left’s agenda, including Obamacare.

Second, we must defeat the President and his Party in 2012 as well.    As George Will has said, this is not time to play well with Democrats.   It is time to send them into the wilderness.  A second term for this crowd may well make disaster irretrievable.   Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness will become a more distant memory.  

I have lived under thirteen Presidents.    This one is a true Radical.   We are stuck with Obama until 12:00 noon, E.S.T., January 20, 2013.   Let us make sure it is not one hour longer than that.


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