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What is Truth?

There is a story of a man who stopped in front of a jewelry story every morning, setting his watch and then heading off to work.   Finally, the jeweler came out one morning and said, “Each morning you stop here, look at the front window of the store, set your watch, and move on.   You don’t come in but you always pause here.  Why do you do that?”

The man said, “I work at the factory down at the end of the block.   One of my jobs is to keep time and blow the factory whistle at starting and quitting time.   I set my watch to your clocks here in the window so I know when to blow the whistle.”

The jeweler smiled and said, “Isn’t that interesting?   I set these clocks to your whistle.”    If we apply this to our land we see how far  we have moved into moral relativism and away from basic Constitutional principles.   A free people cannot long embrace a philosophy of slippery relativism that says, “Oh well, it’s all relative anyhow.”   There comes a time when we must face the truth and its moral implications for our lives.

Our Founders were schooled in Scripture.   While they were not all evangelical Christians they went against God’s Word with an uneasy conscience.  The chief author of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson said, “Our Freedom is Rooted in Our Faith.”   This is etched in stone at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. 

The United States Constitution is the oldest in the world and the greatest ever written.   During its writing in the summer of 1787 they were at a point of giving up when Benjamin Franklin rose to say, “Sirs, I have lived a long time and am convinced that God governs the affairs of man.   If a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without his notice can an empire rise without his aid?”    Franklin proposed that clergy in Philadelphia be invited to lead them in devotions before each session.   A new tone was set and the result was our Constitution.

Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural address is considered the best ever written.   In 1 1/2 pages he made eight references to God and  Scripture.   Of the address he said, “God governs the world.”   Jack Kennedy quoted Isaiah 58 and Romans 12 in his address.  In paragraph 2 he said,  “The rights of man come not from the generosity of the state but from the hand of God.”

Jack Kennedy was a Democrat.   But his party has changed.   Today it is a party that sees the Constitution as expandable as in we will make it say what we wish it to because the Constitution blocks our lust for power.   This is especially dangerous when this thinking finds its way onto our Supreme Court in a person like Elena Kagan.    

The Heritage Foundation Morning Bell of June 28 notes that as Solicitor General, Kagan asserted before the Supreme Court that government  could ban political pamphlets.   But the core of the 1st Amendment is the protection of political speech.   This logic could have banned Thomas Paine’s Common Sense back in 1776.

On the 2nd Amendment and the Right to Bear Arms, Kagan argued that the Supreme Court should not even hear the case of the District of Columbia’s complete ban of guns.   In this context she lumped the National Rifle Association with the KKK as bad guys.

The brilliant George Will asks a question related to the 10th Amendment and States Rights which he would propose to Elena Kagan.  In Federalist 45, James Madison said:  “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined.  Those which are are to remain in the state governments are numerous and indefinite.”   What did this Father of the Constitution not understand about the Constitution?   Are you a Madisonian?  Because of the doctrine of enumerated powers are there any limits on the federal government?   Can you cite some things that, because of the doctrine, the federal government has no constitutional power to do?

The brilliant Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia, has said that the Constitution limits Federal power, that the Constitution is not expandable and can be changed only with care that our rights be protected.   The not so wise President Obama has nominated a woman named Kagan who does not understand this.   Neither does the President.  These are dangerous times for our liberty because we are led by dangerous people who do not understand liberty.   What to do?

First, as we near Independence Day let us declare a new dependence upon God–the Author of our liberties.   On the other side of that same coin let us declare ourselves independent of anything that damages ours being one nation under God.   That includes Far Left philosophy.    Third, let us work tirelessly for men like Ken Buck in Colorado and Bill Brady in Illinois who understand our freedom is rooted in our faith.  Fourth, let us have the same steel in our backbones that our Founders had.    Fifth, and most important, let us commit to pray daily for our nation, our leaders (and those who will lead), our troops and our families.

Which will it be?   A watch set to a jewelry store clock that times a whistle that sets the jewelry store clocks?   Or God’s Absolutes written into the soul of our nation and our Constitution?


An Error on the Right

G. Gordon Liddy is a largely unrepentant Water Gate conspirator.   While not actually one of the burglars he was one of the planners of the break in.  For his crimes he served 4.5 years of a 20 year sentence before his imprisonment was commuted by President Jimmy Carter.   Now nearly 80 he remains a controversial figure with rather extreme views.

Congressman Steven King of Iowa appeared on Liddy’s radio program recently and said he felt President Obama favored black people over whites.   Some of this was in response to Attorney General Eric Holder’s statements some months ago that we are a nation of cowards when it comes to discussing race.   Say what one will about the Congressman, King is no coward.  

It needs be remembered also that some said  President Bush did less for New Orleans following Katrina because he did not like black people.   Persons did not rush to defend Bush over these comments as they have hurried out to condemn King.   This is the old media double standard which is real and most unfair.

I think it would have been better for Congressman King not to appear on the Liddy program as the talk show host can be rather extreme and even violent in his views and use of language.    A person can be caught up in this and begin to match Liddy.  But having said that I do not believe this was the error in this controversy. 

My wife and I attended the Tea Party Rally at 6:00 PM on June 19th in Loveland, CO.   Congressman King did not.   He was invited by the Tea Party to be there and then dis-invited.  He was in town and appeared with former Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo but King did not speak at the Tea Party.

One of the speakers at the Tea Party rally said that we have to find our voice.   We have to stand up.   We have to think in new ways.   I agree and one of those ways is to not fear everything that wiggles and not to cancel scheduled speakers because of controversy.   Had King appeared with Gardner there would have been one rally rather than two.     The Fort Collins Coloradoan on Sunday pictured Congressman King above the fold and led with “King calls for spine, doesn’t endorse Gardner.”   And the controversy has garnered national attention.

I believe Gardner and the Tea Party made an Error on the Right.   Instead of shunning King this could have been what Rush Limbaugh calls a teachable moment.    Cory and Steve could have appeared side by side and Gardner could have said something such as:   “I don’t always agree with every member of my family but I love them and stand with them and they with me.   I don’t always agree with my fellow Republicans.   But we love our land and stand together in our effort to defeat the Far Left agenda of Barack Obama and Cap and Trade Betsy Markey.”   My guess is there would have been loud cheering from a standing ovation.   And this would have been a one day story rather than national news of a Republican division and dueling photos in the Coloradoan.

We Conservatives have to get beyond our fear of what others think of us–especially fear of what Laura Ingraham calls the Dinosaur media and Bernie Goldberg says is Lame Stream.   The press as we have known it is dying fast–note the passing of The Rocky Mountain News which I delivered 50 years ago in my hometown and which brought news to Colorado for 150 years.   The three nightly network news programs draw a fraction of their once mighty ratings and lose viewers every day.    Let us not make them more important than they are by catering to them in any way.   Let  us take them in good humor and laugh at them as Jack Kennedy and Ronald Reagan often did.

I don’t agree fully agree with Congressman King either (or the Tea Party for that matter).   But he certainly has this right:   “we must find our spine.”


Hope in the Midst of Bleakness

My wife and I spent the summer of 1974 in inner-city Chicago.   We worked with youth from Cabrini Green, the infamous housing project, and with the Latin Community, and poor whites from Appalachia who had come to Chicago seeking a better life.   It was an exciting, dangerous June, July and August that I would not exchange for much of anything.   One Saturday we worshipped at Operation PUSH where a young Jesse Jackson had basically a Conservative message–learn, don’t burn;  if you father a child, be a father to that child (turned out Jesse did not follow this himself but the message is sound), lead don’t bleed.   Bill Cosby could have delivered that sermon.   But then Rev. Jackson made the mistake of running for President as a Democrat and those values went away.

The original Richard Daley was mayor then.   He was a thug.   We went to a City Council meeting.  Da Mayor had a switch that controlled each alderman’s microphone.   If Daley did not like what someone was saying he shut their mike off.   He was a thug.  He looked to be a man who could have played defensive tackle for the Chicago Bears who would have been constantly flagged for unnecessary roughness.   He was a thug.   BUT, “Chicago, the City that Works,” was not just a slogan.   Mike Royko, columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times, called the Mayor “Boss” and he was Boss.   But he was competent.   And the city did run.

Barack Obama, though soft spoken and polished, comes out of that tradition.   His chief of staff, Rahm Emmanuel, fits the Daley mold.   He is a thug.   But this bunch is not competent.   They have never run anything but their mouths.   This is the gang that cannot shoot straight.   If one were just in from Mars and wanted to know how our system works, we could tell the inter-planetary traveler to observe this crowd, do the opposite and they would come out ahead.   Or have the Martian read about Ronald Reagan as President and follow that model instead.

Mike Huckabee said recently of the oil crisis:    “Say what you will about Bill Clinton, he knew how to manage.   If the oil spill had happened on his watch he would have had his crisis management team in place from day one, oil capturing ships would have been there ASAP, and there would be a fine tuned delegation of responsibility.”   But Bill Clinton had been a governor.   Bill Clinton had run things.  We are a nation in crisis and no one appears to be in charge.  This seems to be Jimmy Carter Redux at a very dangerous time.   Competence is not a word that comes to mind when one speaks of Barack Obama.   Whatever the failings of Bill Clinton (and there were many) he had some success as President and one did not live under his leadership without a sense of hope.   Right now we are not a people with a sense of hope. 

What should be done?   When we cannot believe in the future, then LET US BELIEVE THE FUTURE IN!!   How do we do that?   First, let us recommit ourselves to great truths.   We are to be “One Nation Under God.”    We are “Endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights.”   And among these are “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”   And let us not allow a mere president to rob us of the idea that God raised us up as an exceptional nation.  

We see God at work in persons He has raised up like Sarah Palin, Ken Buck, Bill Brady,  and a host of others.   One common denominator is that these are people of faith who did not sit under the leadership of a bigoted, hateful preacher in Chicago for twenty years.   Let us support people of faith who honor a National Day of Prayer.  Finally let us have the steel in our backbones that our Founders had.   Men and women who offered their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor for the idea that persons should live free.   Let us be inspired be them anew.

During WWII the navy tested a new submarine off the coast of New Hampshire.   Not yet named it was called the S-4.   I don’t know what they do to make a submarine submerge but they did it.   They ran several tests and they were ready to come up.   I don’t know what they do to make a submarine surface but they did it–and it didn’t work.   For several hours the navy sought to negotiate a rescue but nothing would work.   Finally someone said, “There is an old diver here that knows these waters like no one else.   The boat is not that deep.   Let’s ask if he will go down.”

The old diver said he would do it.  So they lowered him down to the submarine.   For what seemed a long time he went back and forth and around the stricken vessel.   There was nothing he could do and he was about to signal the men above to bring him up when he heard a tapping coming from deep inside the sub.  It was the ship’s wireless man who was tapping out I S   T H E R E  
A N Y   H O P E?   The old diver knew telegraphy and he took out his mallet and hammered out a J and an E and an S and a U and an S and a C  H  R  I  S  T.

That is the only hope the old man knew.   That is only hope I know also.   And in Him we can BELIEVE THE FUTURE IN!!  


Getting Back to Basics

It has been said that an optimist is someone who believes this is the best of all possible worlds while a pessimist fears that is true.   But whether one tends to be upbeat or downtrodden there is great fear about the day in which we live.  We see this in the economy, in our culture and in our politics–particularly from the Left.   Our President apologizes for our land, blames President Bush for every problem from dandruff to loose dentures and each day appears more Carteresque.  When asked if we are an exceptional nation he says that we are no more exceptional than any other place.  If all nations are exceptional then none are.

How did we get here?   In part, by listening to the false promises of a charlatan who pretended to be a centrist when he was and is of the Far Left.   During the campaign the mask most came off in an unguarded moment when he told one who would become known as Joe the Plumber, “I believe in spreading the wealth around.”   Right now we might well ask, “What wealth?”

But this is deeper than one man who was mistakenly seen by some as a messiah and the anointed one.   Charles Colson is one of the true prophets of our time.   A few weeks ago on the Mike Huckabee program on FOX he said that underneath all our problems is a moral crisis.   He is exactly right.

The late Dr. David Seamands was one of the greatest preachers in the United States and the author of such best selling books as The Healing of Damaged Emotions and Putting Away Childish Things.   He was on a panel on the U of KY campus back in the 1960’s along with a physician, a counselor, a professor and a private businessman.   The topic was “Dealing with the Crises of our Times.”   Dr. Seamands got the first question and the second and the third.   Finally he said to the students who had gathered:   “I expected to be on the sidelines on such a learned panel.   How does it happen that I am fielding every question?”   A student leader said, “Dr. Seamands, isn’t every crisis ultimately theological?”    That student was exactly right.

What to do?   Jerry Kramer, Hall of Fame Guard on the great Green Bay Packer teams of the 1960’s, said that if the Pack began to lose, Coach Lombardi would huddle them up, hold up a ball and say, “Gentlemen, this is a football.”   What Kramer is saying is that the great coach was getting them back to basics.   Earl Hunt was a strong bishop in the United Methodist Church.   After a bad year among his churches he addressed his clergy by saying, “Sometimes progress is made by going back to the place where we got off the track.”

What to do?   First, let us acknowledge anew that we are “One nation under God.”   In the Old Testament book of II Chronicles God says to His Chosen, the Hebrews, “If my People who are called by name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”   (II Chronicles 7:14)   The Chronicles were written 2500 years ago at the time of the Persian Empire (present day Iran)  but it is as up to date as the headlines of the morning newspaper.   Both Lombardi and Hunt are right.   Sometimes we need to go back to basics and going back helps us move forward.

Second, let us elect candidates who recognize these basics and face the fact that most such men and women are in the GOP.  And these are not just Republicans but Conservative Republicans comfortable with Tea Party thinking (talk about going forward by going back) and they are persons who seek national renewal.

Several such candidates come to mind.   Ken Buck and Cory Gardner respectively seeking Senate and House seats in D.C. from here in CO.   Bill Brady running for Governor in deep blue Illinois.    And Marco Rubio running for the U.S. Senate from FL.  These men are all young and all from outside the Establishment.   They also recognize basic moral values and that our crises are, at root, theological.   They understand that we are “One Nation Under God.”

Even the Left is beginning to realize that we are off the track.   The Independents concluded this some time ago.   Conservatives always instinctively know that Leftist thinking is wrong and dangerous.   Let us return to our basic roots, be confident in God and His Presence.   Let us elect men and women who not only believe in our nation and its future but men and women who BELIEVE THE FUTURE IN.  And these are all Conservatives and many are strong in the Judeo-Christian tradition.   And let us fearlessly stand with them and for them come what may.   “Revive us again, O Lord, that we may rejoice in Your Presence.”   (Psalm 85:6)   Dear God, may it be so.


Rasmussen Reports and Ken Buck

On Wednesday, June 9, I was summoned to Jury Duty in Greeley, CO.  During the five minute walk to the Court Room I fell into conversation with a criminal lawyer also summoned.   We discussed the GOP race for the U.S. Senate nomination and Ken Buck’s campaign.   This attorney, who seemed rather neutral on the race, said he was amazed at how well the lesser known Mr. Buck was doing statewide and what a good campaign he was running.   This is born out by polling results matching Ken with Democrats Michael Bennet and Andrew Romanoff.

Michael Barone is senior political analyst for The Washington Examiner  and author of The Almanac of American Politics.   He wrote this book after visiting every Congressional District in the country.   Barone writes from a conservative perspective.    Moderate Larry Sabato is a professor and an author at the U. of VA.  He is considered to be the most quoted college professor in the land when it comes to political analysis and election projections.   Liberal Susan Estrich ran the 1988 Presidential campaign of Mike Dukakis as a young attorney from MA.  

Michael Barone says that the best place to look for polls that are spot on is the Rasmussen Reports.   According to Sabato Rasmussen produces some of the most accurate and reliable polling in the country.   Susan Estrich writes that if persons wish to know what the American people think there is not a better place to check than with Rasmussen.

And what does the dean of American pollsters say about the Republicans seeking to run against either of the Democrats for the U.S. Senate from CO in 2010?   Ken Buck out polls Jane Norton in match ups with either Michael Bennett or Andrew Romanoff.   He leads Romanoff 45-39 and Bennet 46-41.   How does it happen that the lesser known and lesser funded candidate relative to Jane Norton leads her in the race?

I was a graduate student at the University of Colorado in Boulder in the late 1960’s.   Establishment thinking was out of step then as it is now.    Jane Norton is the Establishment.   She was on the sidelines until urged to run by John McCain.  Ken Buck did not wait for the Establishment to speak before entering the race.  He was out in the state while others were putting on their shoes.   But this is only part of the story.

Former advisor to President Jack Kennedy, Richard Goodwin, writes in his book, Remembering America,  “No one outworked or outlasted Lyndon Johnson.”    He says that no matter how late he left his work the lights were still burning in the Johnson office.   This is true of Ken Buck.   He has visited all 64 counties, many more than once.   His calendar takes him to one place in the morning, another at noon, still another in the evening and a place far removed the next day.  No place in CO has been too remote for his attention.  

I asked him in November of 09 after an address to some friends of mine if he had a driver.   He answered, “No.  I economize wherever I can including doing my own driving.”   In a day of more technological gadgets than one can keep abreast of there is still no substitute for old fashioned shoe leather and “pressing the flesh” of voters as President Johnson was fond of saying.   

We live in a time when our Washington Establishment pols speak of cutting back but continue to spend us into oblivion.   Our President says there must be more austerity but he flies Air Force One as if it is his personal toy.  Former Vice President, Al Gore, Mr. Global Warming, recently purchased a 6,500 square foot gated mansion in Montecito, CA which features 5 bedrooms, 9 baths, a spa, and a swimming pool with ocean view for 8.8 million dollars.   Now there is a carbon foot print worthy of “you all cut back,” Al Gore.   Reminds one of Soviet bosses living like kings while the populace grieviously suffered.

How refreshing to find a candidate and leader like Ken Buck who actually lives his call to reduce spending and who walks his talk.     If we elect persons like this we can yet renew our nation and our children will rise up to thank us.   If not, we will remain on a Potemkin path to our own destruction and what Ronald Reagan once said would be a thousand years of darkness.  But this does not have to be the case.   

Sometimes the man and the moment meet and destiny lends a hand.   Don’t let this moment pass.    Join us in supporting this man in this moment with our own shoe leather, our own purse, our own prayers, our own person.


Blockades, Obama, Executive Arrogance but a Sign of Hope

The Weekly Standard differs from Time and Newsweek in two important respects.  First, it is an intellectual, scholarly look at the news and culture.   Second, it is written from a conservative vantage point.  In some ways this would be expected.  Liberalism has run out of steam and is being exposed daily as comically unworkable but still dangerous by the Obama Administration.  Conservative scholarship is on the march.   Conservative books sell.  Conservative ideas are never out of vogue.   We see this in practical ways as Left leaning CNN and off the chart Leftist, Statist MSNBC have no ratings while FOX draws huge audiences.

The June 14 issue of The Weekly Standard is an exceptionally strong one.  The editorial and first two features deal with failure on the Left in contrast with Conservative good sense.   Editor Bill Kristol emphasizes the success of blockades from Lord Nelson’s protecting Britain from Napoleon, Lincoln’s starving the South, the beginning of the end of the Cold War under Kennedy over Khrushchev during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and Israel’s blockade of Hamas run-Gaza.   He notes the weakness of the Obama Administration’s policies  making the world more dangerous.  Like David Broder, Kristol mentions Obama and Jimmy Carter in the same paragraph.  He goes on to say we survived Carter because men like Ronald Reagan and Scoop Jackson gave our friends hope of better days ahead.

Executive Editor of the Standard Fred Barnes writes about Obama’s killing bipartisanship by ignoring Republicans as he forces through his agenda–an agenda making the President and his Party increasingly unpopular.   Ironically, after no less than The Washington Post notes this one sidedness, Obama asked to attend the weekly Republican luncheon on May 22 to discuss bipartisanship.  This was a frosty gathering where the President came more to lecture than to listen.  Senator Bob Corker insisted on being heard as the President sought to interrupt.   Corker referred to the Post article and asked how Obama could be calling for bipartisanship when he himself is rejecting it.    There followed a classic Barack 17 minute filibuster, “nothing answer.”   Fred closes by stating that Obama proceeds on this course at his peril.   The entire Democrat Party is in trouble which is illustrated by the fact that when he goes to PA only the defeated Arlen Specter shows up.   All Democrat hopefuls are otherwise occupied.

The Barnes‘ piece transitions to business consultant Andrew Wilson’s article on “Arrogance in the Executive” as the Administration tackles the Gulf oil crisis.   The heart of the Wilson piece is the Obama unfounded faith in government, unfounded faith in his  own abilities (this is increasingly comical to watch but also enraging as this man has never run anything) and his utter contempt for the private sector which has solutions.   But in face of the increasing failure of the President’s programs he stubbornly hangs on to the idea that there is nothing that government cannot do.

These articles are all reality which right now is a downer.    But then we come to the feature article on Indiana’s very popular Governor Mitch Daniels by Andrew Ferguson.   Daniels is a penny pincher who rides a Harley and stayed in private homes when he campaigned sleeping in guest rooms, dens, children’s rooms and on foldout couches.   His main food was pork tenderloins as big as a plate and his favorite dessert was a deep fried Snickers bar dipped in pancake batter.   No sign of arrogance here.

Penny pinching is literal for this leader.   He sensed that the state owned too many cars.   So he dispatched lieutenants to parking lots of state facilities.   They placed a penny on a tire of each vehicle.   They returned a month later.   If the pennies were still there they said, “Give us the keys.”    No overconfidence in government here.   On the contrary.    This is paying off as Indiana has a Triple-A bond rating and for the first time in 40 years more people are moving in than moving out.

Ferguson closes with the Governor quoting Civil War historian, Bruce Catton.  Of commanding Union General Grant it was said, “There was no nonsense, no sentiment;  only a plain spoken businessman of the Republic, there for one single purpose–getting that command across the river.”

There are leaders like this emerging across the land.   We have one here in CO by the name of Ken Buck.   There is another in FL named Marco Rubio.  Bill Brady is of this cloth and running for Governor of IL, next door to IN.   Pray for them, thank God for them. Governor Mitch Daniels is right when he says:   “What we have seen in the past year is shock and awe statism.  For the first time in my life, the country faces survival level issues.”    May the Daniels tribal brand increase.


Oil, Obama and Ethics

Aristotle said that only those who have been well brought up can usefully study ethics.    To the corrupted man, the man who stands outside The Tao (The Guiding Principle), the very starting point of the science of ethics is invisible.  Aristotle could have been anticipating the current Administration.

The President finally, in the face of the BP oil spill, said, “The Buck Stops Here.”   But then he retreated to form and blamed it on the past 8 years of Bush/Cheney.   Obama said, “I take responsibility,” and then trots out Attorney General Eric Holder to say there will be a criminal investigation of British Petroleum.   An investigation is in order but with Holder/Obama this means a crime will be found and charges filed.   The Heritage Foundation wrote about the chill of this in the MorningBell, June 3.   They quoted Josef Stalin’s top cop, Lavrenia Beria who said, “Show me the man and I’ll find the crime.”   Hardly justice.

In reality Obama does not know what to do in a crisis other than blame Bush and find a crime.   This is partly diversion but it will not work.   He has now been President just shy of 1 1/2 years and owns policy and results or lack thereof.   Persons are beginning to say rather openly that this stumbling is beginning to resemble the totally hapless Jimmy Carter.    The Dean of Washington journalists, David Broder, wrote about this.   That gives permission to others to follow suit and quote Broder.   A nation groans under a rudderless ship.

None of this is to say that Obama is responsible for the oil leak in the Gulf but it does tell us about a man in a crisis.   Does he stand tall or go on vacation?   Is he involved or does he have Sir Paul, the aging Beatle, come in for entertainment and more trashing of President George W. Bush?

What might the President have done?   Listen to a true leader like Bobby Jindal who asked for clean up equipment and waivers to construct barrier reefs to keep more of the oil away from the coastal waters.   The Administration and the Environmentalists stalled until finally the President was forced to act by the weight of the crisis and the TV photos of the destruction of estuaries and the fishing and tourist industries.    Of course, Jindal is a young Republican.   We would not want him demonstrating leadership would we?

Winston Churchill said to our leaders involved in Lend-Lease before American entry into W.W.II, “Give us the goods and we will bring home the victory.”   Governor Jindal was saying to D.C., “Give us the equipment and we will spare the destruction of our coast.”    No soap.

When Ronald Reagan became President on January 20, 1981,  there was an immediate feeling that someone was in charge again.   The nation took on a whole new tone of confidence.    He was joined by young Republican talent in the House and Senate.   This can happen again in 2010 and 2012.   

It was our privilege to meet Bill Brady, now the GOP nominee for governor of IL back in 2006.   Marco Rubio in FL has driven the Establishment’s Charlie Crist into the camp of the Independents.    Here in CO, Ken Buck took 77% of the votes at the state Republican Assembly while Establishment Norton petitioned on to the ballot.   And Mr. Buck is not afraid to criticize fellow Republicans for too much spending and arrogance in office.   On the House side several attractive local Republicans are vying to run against our Democrat Representative, Markey.   Also known as Cap N Tax Betsy, she voted for Obamacare as well.   These votes alone should banish her to oblivion in 2010.

We all have a stake here and responsibility.    Let us stay informed.   Be prepared to tell persons why we are voting Conservative.   Telephone others on behalf of our candidates.  See persons to the primaries and the polls.  Let us also remember that we are a nation “under God” and that He is a great Ally.   Someone has said, “One plus God is a majority.”   One Party seems to have largely abandoned moral standards;   the other at least gives a nod to God.   But Conservatives truly understand that our freedom is rooted in our faith.   They understand the Guiding Principles of Ethics.  May their tribe increase in the nation’s capital as well as closer to home.