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Trailblazing Leader or Dutiful Follower?

Years ago a young woman who was a rather average student was applying to Yale for college.  She was asked  whether she ranked near the top of her high school class and if she were a leader.   Her answers were quite interesting.   She said that she had always been a good follower of good leaders and that she was one of those who made the top students possible by ranking below them.   Her honesty and creativity got her into Yale.

But this is not a time to send followers to Washington, D.C. to represent us in the United States Senate.   Allison Sherry of The Denver Post featured both Jane Norton and Ken Buck in the July 29th edition of the paper.   The most interesting paragraph on Norton was written as follows:   “rarely a trailblazer. . .dutiful at whatever she is asked to do.”   Maine has already sent Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe to the Senate.   They, at times, follow the trail Obama is blazing such as voting for the stimulus package.  The only other Republican to so vote was Arlen Specter who is now a defeated Democrat.    These are dangerous days made more so by a very radical President.   Voters, please spare us Maine moving West to Colorado in the person of Jane Norton.   Two like this are too many.   One more would be a disaster.  

In contrast, Sherry notes that Ken Buck can be “stubborn and uncompromising” and “when he thinks it’s right he doesn’t shy away from that.”   This is leadership and reminds me of a great President named Harry Truman.   This was the character of the pioneers who blazed a trail West.    One time in a Cabinet meeting all his officers said “Nay” on a vote.    Truman said “Aye” and then added, “And the ayes have it.”    He was a stubborn leader, most often right and needed no poll to tell him where to stand.   Ken Buck is cut from the same timber.    Leaders listen but they are NOT “dutiful at whatever they are asked to do.”

We also liked the paragraph on the Bucks being careful with their money.   On rare nights home it is steaks from Wal-Mart and a movie rental.   In financially trying days is this not a good example as opposed to the Obamas calling for staying close for vacation rather than Vegas followed by Air Force One to New York for a Broadway Play?    And these Bucks paid for their steak and movie while tax bucks saw the Prez and First Lady to New York and back.   

No need to mention Mr. Global Warming Democrat, Al Gore, calling for going green even as he buys an 8.8 million dollar gated community home in Montecito, CA.   The place is 6500 square feet, has 5 bedrooms, 9 baths, spa, pool and ocean view.  This is all for “family man” Al and whomever he is entertaining as Tipper will not be there.    Wonder what the carbon foot print is on an 8.8 million dollar, 6,500 square foot home to say nothing of his TN mansion.

I do not mind high heels one bit as long as they are worn by leaders rather than those trodding where we have already trod–as long as they are not worn by one who represents  Democrat Light.   In this case I prefer cowboy boots that are blazing a clear trail to a new day for Conservatism and Constitutional Government.   Boots worn by one who leads by example.   The boots of one who does not need John McCain before he dutifully decides to run.   And one with boots who does not petition his way on to the ballot.    I want a trailblazer not a dutiful follower–especially today.   Our vote is for Ken Buck.


Rush Limbaugh on Ken Buck

Rush Limbaugh devoted a good share of his program on Monday, July 19 to an American Spectator article entitled “America’s Ruling Class–And the Perils of Revolution” by Angelo M. Codevilla.   Codevilla makes the case that, while there has always been an American elite, wealthier and more powerful than others, never before has this class been so predictably of one mind.   Never has there been so little diversity within America’s upper crust. 

Further, the professor at Boston University, says that this desire to be part of the ruling class effects Republicans as well as the Far Left.  Rush added that this is one of the reasons that Trent Lott and Lindsey Graham and some other GOP members are so critical of the Tea Party.   Grassroots efforts such as this are a threat to the Republican upper crust as well as Democrat elites.   So it can be argued that such Republicans have more in common with Dodd and Durbin than they do with their constituents.   Thus we see the reluctance of such Senators and former leaders to oppose Obama nominees for the Supreme Court.   They are already in or wish to be in the ruling class.

How did this homogeneity evolve among the ruling class?   Pseudo-conservatives like David Brooks say it is because modern society has become so complex that only a few have the technical skills to run things today.  What a joke!   What tripe!   Barack Obama has never run anything and is now running our land into the ground.   Unless one counts ability to read a teleprompter as a technical skill the President is a total novice.   He is surrounded by persons similarly uninitiated to real life experience.
Unlike Brooks, Codevilla offers a solid answer as to how we reached such a sameness among the elites–they have all arrived because their careers and fortunes depend upon government.   We could add government out of control.   But sooner or later the professor says this will be corrected because the majority will not be ruled by such a minority.    Later is now sooner and the November elections are just a season away.   Yesterday we sent our mail-in ballots in the GOP primary for men like Ken Buck, nuanced and more intelligent than the Ruling Class.   

And, on Monday, July 19, Rush Limbaugh in the context of Ruling Class, Country Class described himself as the latter and mentioned Ken Buck as representing a similar grassroots movement as opposed to his opponent, Jane Norton.  The timing of Rush’s comments is very interesting as on Sunday, July 18,  The Denver Post endorsed Jane Norton over Ken Buck.  Let us see.  The  Post  has a circulation of 704,000 on Sundays and readership is dropping.   Rush’s audience is 20 million per week and  growing.   Which endorsement would you prefer?

The endorsement of Jane Norton by The Denver Post is disappointing but predictable.   The Establishment press is endorsing the Establishment candidate.   And the Establishment is suspect now as it was in the 1960’s.    But today the upstarts are not playing banjos and wearing blankets, beads, buckskins and bandanas.   And they are not interested in dropping out but in taking charge.   They are the Country Class.   Meanwhile, we have a Ruling Class, elitist President, comically arrogant who got where he is by suckling on the government.    And the mammary glands of government are not big enough to support him and his programs and his motley crew of Reid, Pelosi, Dodd, Durbin and Frank.

There is something else about this Country Class, Tea Party, grassroots movement.    They are smart, wise, and often more experienced than the elite, Ruling Class.   In Obama’s case this does not take much.   Beyond that they do not care what the old line Press thinks of them.    They are secure with who they are and what they have done.   They know what they wish to do.  Ken Buck fits this mold.  This is one of the reasons why Sarah Palin is so hated by elites as was the late North Carolina Senator, Jesse Helms before her.   They care not a whit what the Ruling Class writes and says about them.   The elites, accustomed to persons catering to them, naturally resent this.  

Ronald Reagan laughed at them also which is one of the reasons he was called an amicable dunce.   And this giant left them in his rear view mirror.    Polls for Obama and his Party indicate that the Country Class is about to do the same thing again.

General George Patton said, as he addressed his troops, “I actually feel sorry for the enemy and what we are going to do to them. I really do”  There is something to be pitied about an elite press which lives in the past, which does not realize it has been passed by.   It is like a high school athlete who cannot deal with the fact that his glory days are behind him.   But pathetic or not, the defeat of the Ruling Class and the aging institutions that prop it up cannot come soon enough.


An Ideological Sea Change

The McLaughlin Group has been a staple in our home since the winter of 1984.   It began on January 1, 1982.   Host John McLaughlin has never missed a program.   That must be some sort of record.   The early panelists were Pat Buchanan, Robert Novak, Jack Germond (my personal favorite and a member of a vanishing breed, the thinking liberal), Fred Barnes and Mort Kondracke.   Of these Pat Buchanan alone remains on the show.   The second chair is now occupied by Eleanor Clift, the most predictable and annoying of the members.   Another regular is billionaire Mort Zuckerman.   John naturally turns to him on financial matters.   Eleanor often butts in on every one’s comments including Mr. Zuckerman’s.  He properly tells here to pipe down as an amateur on such things.

The rough and tumble of McLaughlin was new in 1982.   President Ronald Reagan called the program a “political version of Animal House.”  There have been other programs like it since such as Capital Gang but McLaughlin was the first and it alone remains.

On Friday, July 16, the program dealt with our massive debt.   Pat Buchanan said this will send us over the cliff and soon.   Predictably Eleanor Clift said we have to keep spending to get out of this, that it is Bush’s fault (have never heard that before–have you?) and that Bill Clinton had it right.   She failed to note that Clinton said there would be deficits as far as the eye could see until the Republicans took over both chambers in 1994 and balanced the budget.   Mr. Slick Willy then took credit for the Republican efforts with no sign of a red face but a prominent Pinocchio nose.  Billionaire Mort told her that Pat was right and that this now belongs to President Obama.   Whatever responsibility Bush has is in the past;   Obama owns this now.

What to do?   There is a solid group of young Republicans emerging in the House of Representatives who think big.   The most impressive is Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.   When Obama finally let the Republicans into his “transparent” Health Care debate he argued with many of the GOP members but not Paul Ryan.   Why?   Because Ryan knew Obamacare far better than the President including its many flaws.   The man from Wisconsin also had an alternative.   But when the Wisconsin Congressman’s time was up, Obama immediately, without comment, turned it back to the amateurs–the Democrat Donkeys.   The President knew a professional like Ryan would back him into a corner so he passed.   Sort of like voting “Present” back in his days as a Chicago State Representative in Springfield, IL.

Fred Barnes outlines Ryan’s plans in the July 19, Weekly Standard.  The Ryan Road Map essentially allows individuals to make decisions on Medicare and with part of their Social Security accounts.   Since FDR’s Big Government take overs followed by BHO’s it is quite a concept to let individuals decide for themselves.   And it carries some risk as change always does.   But it was done as recently as Ronald Reagan with his big tax cuts and greater personal responsibility.   It happened again in the 90’s when Republicans dragged Bill Clinton kicking and screaming into welfare reform.

The Barnes’ article outlines Ryan’s 87 page “Road Map for America’s Future” as follows:   Everyone would have a refundable tax credit to buy health insurance, persons could choose to carve out some of their Social Security for private accounts, and income tax rates would be reduced and simplified for individuals and for corporations.  The Democrat reaction?  Gnashing of teeth and demagoguery.   Why?   More freedom and less power for Pelosi, Reid and the President.   But the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has run the numbers and Ryan’s Road Map makes Social Security and Medicare permanently solvent.   Who does not want that?    DEMOCRATS.   This is why they must be defeated in 2010, 2012 and beyond.

Fred notes one more thing that a Road Map does–it gives the GOP an agenda to run on not unlike the 1994 Contract For America when they swept the Democrats out  for the first time in 40 years.   And this is an ideal time for this Road Map as Obama so misread his election as an embrace of the Far Left.    This is also why we are backing Ken Buck for the U.S. Senate and Cory Gardner for the 4th District here in CO and supporting Bill Brady for Governor of Obama’s state of IL and other Conservatives across the land. They all share Ryan’s vision.  There can and must be an ideological sea change.  Join us for our children and grandchildren.   It can be “Morning in America” all over again.


Our Humble Leader

Columnist Charles Krauthammer has been called the most brilliant man in America.   I think this is not far from the truth.   He was trained in psychiatry before an accident left him incapacitated.    Occasionally in his columns and on Special Report with Bret Baier he will say, “Let me put on my doctor’s hat and analyze.”    

In addition to his native gifts, this training added to the weight of his recent column on “The selective modesty of Obama.”   The column begins with the Obama view of NASA’s purpose to make Muslims feel good about themselves.   Wonder why no one ever thought of that before.   That will get us to Mars.   Given a chance to back down the Administration spokespersons stand by this idiotic policy.   We lived along the Space Coast of FL for three years where several of the greatest scientists in the world were in our church.   I can guess what brilliant men with names like Murphy, Thomas, and Daugherty think.

In contrast with this Krauthammer notes the self-confidence of Jack Kennedy’s pledge that we would reach the moon before the 1960’s ended.   And we did.   Kennedy believed in American exceptionalism.   Can you imagine Kennedy directing a NASA administrator to reduce the program to an I’m OK, You’re, OK self-esteem session for Moslems?   Neither can I.   Beyond that a proud Moslem would say, “I do not need your condescension.”

When asked if our nation is exceptional Obama answered in the affirmative but with this caveat:  “The Brits believe in British exceptionalsim.   The Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalsim.”   Charles Krauthammer points out that if all are exceptional then none are.   And I would add if America does not hold special promise, why are so many immigrants, both legal and illegal, drawn here?

But if Obama is modest about his own nation, he carries a comical arrogance about himself.   Recall he began his run for the presidency, not in America, but in Berlin as if he were running for emperor of the world.   And who of us from Colorado can forget his acceptance speech?   He did not speak from the Convention Center like a mere mortal, but from new Mile High, hallowed spot of the Denver Broncos, complete with Greek columns.   I had to laugh out loud as this man with so little experience but a giant ego strode out from among the colonnades to accept the Democrat nomination.

When he errs, as he did with the July 16, 2009 case of the Harvard professor, Henry Gates, and the Cambridge cop, James Crowley, he cannot say he was wrong but rather, “I might have calibrated my words differently.”  At the July 22 press conference when asked about this incident he said he knew nothing about it but then added, “The Harvard police acted stupidly.”   He had it right the first time.   He knew nothing about it.   His foolishness led to the July 30 beer summit at which neither Gates nor Crowley backed down.  A Presidential beer summit is not exactly Kennedy-Khrushchev or Reagan-Gorbachev except in Obama’s mind.

When asked about their first year in the White House, First Lady, Michelle Obama, said her husband was a humble man.   With no real accomplishments beyond running the debt out of sight, Laura Ingraham said the man should be humble but this is not a term that fits the President.   Recently, Obama advisor, David Axelrod, was asked about accomplishments of the Obama presidency.   His answer was revealing and amusing.   He said it was the H1N1 vaccine.   Let’s see–the vaccine was over produced, under used and several hundred million dollars of it now has to be destroyed as out of date.

President Kennedy said we would reach the moon before the end of the 1960’s and we did.   President Reagan said we will make the evil Soviet Union crumble and it did.   Barack Obama produced H1N1 vaccine.  Wow!!  No wonder the President is so proud.   That vaccine sure makes one think of Jack Kennedy and Ronald Reagan.

Years ago I read a book on winning chess.   The foreword contained a humorous anecdote about a chess player with an over inflated ego.   He faced a far superior player and after 10 straight losses said, “My opponent is not too bad.”   Ten more losses followed at which point the weak player with powerful but misplaced self-confidence allowed, “This man is pretty good.”   Finally, after 30 straight defeats, the hopelessly overmatched player said, “My word, this man is my equal at the game of chess.”

Friends, let us elect leaders who recognize the magnificence of their nation and who have a reserve about their own talents.   Let us elect a President who does not have this reversed.   November midterm elections anyone?   The year of our Lord, MMXII?



Stranger Than Fiction

In high school I enjoyed reading fiction:  Douglas’ Magnificent Obsession, Disputed Passage, The Big Fisherman, and others, Pasternak’s Doctor Zhivago, Mitchell’s Gone With The Wind.  As an undergraduate I studied science.   Our young President, John F. Kennedy, had promised we would land on the moon before the decade of the 1960’s was out.   Exciting days tragically cut short with his assassination.  Neither my mood after that nor the demands of my courses allowed much time for reading fiction or poetry.   Graduate work in Political Science further distanced my reading from literature to technical texts.  

Forty years later I still have little time nor interest in fiction.   For one thing the quality of this line of communication has fallen.   One philosopher has said that a society without good poetry will not have good plumbing either.   Perhaps the sad quality of the Jane Norton campaign proves his point.   Hers is not good or convincing fiction.

When we watched her early ads they lacked energy and seemed rather listless.   At that time she was considered to be already the winner for the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate from Colorado.  But things have changed.   With less money and fewer resources Weld County District Attorney, Ken Buck, has moved ahead of Norton in the polls.   Why is that?

I see some clues  to answering this in a breakfast held here in Greeley on March 10 where Mr. Buck spoke about a day in the life of a candidate.  He had been in all 64 counties, several more than once in what Lyndon Johnson called, “pressing the flesh of the hand of the voter.”   Sometimes the day did not end until 1 or 2 AM with the next day beginning with a 7 AM breakfast such as the one we attended last spring.   There is nothing listless or vapid about this campaign.   The media has spoken about Ken’s all out effort.

A second clue was in the Q and A after Buck’s remarks.   Some voters, clearly upset, asked about Jane Norton and her Establishment John McCain connection and how she was the D.C. choice.   Ken did not say a thing against Ms. Norton.  On the contrary he said the rigors of a campaign leads one to admire an opponent be they Republican or Democrat as the demands are so great.    He did allow that John McCain and other Establishment Republicans bear some responsibility for the state of the nation which has led the GOP into the wilderness presently.

In contrast I received a recorded call recently from the Norton campaign.   At least I think it was Norton as she was not mentioned much.   It was all about the Weld County D.A. who raised budgets, Buck the Clinton man, Ken Buck under an ethical cloud and finally Jane was mentioned as a cutter of government spending.   I thought I was back in high school reading fiction again.   So let us look at this call from a panicked campaign.

First, District Attorneys do not set budgets for their office.   County Commissioners do.   But in a phone call packed with fiction it is not sexy to say the County Commissioners did it.   The second charge belongs on Comedy Central.   Ken Buck was not a Clinton man but, rather was hired to serve in the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Colorado by Mr. Mike Norton husband of–that’s right–Mrs. Jane Norton.

The third part of the charges is important and needs a bit of attention.   It is not easy to be a leader.   Such men and women often stand alone.  In a case involving career politicians, the Second Amendment, and a small business owner, Ken Buck stood for the latter two.   This angers career politicians who then target the one who walks outside their expediency.  Ken Buck was that man.   Dave Kopel, a scholar who has written on the life of master historian, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., who is an expert on the 2nd Amendment and gun rights, and who is a DEMOCRAT, says the Ken Buck is a man of courage who did the right thing in this case.   The Norton campaign calls this an ethics violation.   We live in strange days.

The final part of the call was really an absurd whopper.   We were told that Jane Norton is a cutter of government spending.   Wow!.  In fact, as Lt. Governor she was part of one of the largest tax increases in Colorado history.   Some call it the largest tax increase ever in Colorado;   nonpareil in taking from the tax payers.   In one phone call Jane’s campaign reminded me of why I no longer read fiction.  

We just celebrated the 4th of July.   Here in Greeley we had an I Love Americal Rally in Bittersweet Park where we honor our veterans.   We thought of our Founders steeled with an idea of liberty for each person.   It was an inspiring day with at least 1500 present.  There are still persons of courage and moral clarity among us.   Kopel is right.   Ken Buck is a man of integrity.   May we have that same steel in our backbones for these demanding but exciting days.   I am proud to support candidates who reflect our Founders vision.   I am proud to support Ken Buck for the U. S. Senate.