Our Humble Leader

Columnist Charles Krauthammer has been called the most brilliant man in America.   I think this is not far from the truth.   He was trained in psychiatry before an accident left him incapacitated.    Occasionally in his columns and on Special Report with Bret Baier he will say, “Let me put on my doctor’s hat and analyze.”    

In addition to his native gifts, this training added to the weight of his recent column on “The selective modesty of Obama.”   The column begins with the Obama view of NASA’s purpose to make Muslims feel good about themselves.   Wonder why no one ever thought of that before.   That will get us to Mars.   Given a chance to back down the Administration spokespersons stand by this idiotic policy.   We lived along the Space Coast of FL for three years where several of the greatest scientists in the world were in our church.   I can guess what brilliant men with names like Murphy, Thomas, and Daugherty think.

In contrast with this Krauthammer notes the self-confidence of Jack Kennedy’s pledge that we would reach the moon before the 1960’s ended.   And we did.   Kennedy believed in American exceptionalism.   Can you imagine Kennedy directing a NASA administrator to reduce the program to an I’m OK, You’re, OK self-esteem session for Moslems?   Neither can I.   Beyond that a proud Moslem would say, “I do not need your condescension.”

When asked if our nation is exceptional Obama answered in the affirmative but with this caveat:  “The Brits believe in British exceptionalsim.   The Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalsim.”   Charles Krauthammer points out that if all are exceptional then none are.   And I would add if America does not hold special promise, why are so many immigrants, both legal and illegal, drawn here?

But if Obama is modest about his own nation, he carries a comical arrogance about himself.   Recall he began his run for the presidency, not in America, but in Berlin as if he were running for emperor of the world.   And who of us from Colorado can forget his acceptance speech?   He did not speak from the Convention Center like a mere mortal, but from new Mile High, hallowed spot of the Denver Broncos, complete with Greek columns.   I had to laugh out loud as this man with so little experience but a giant ego strode out from among the colonnades to accept the Democrat nomination.

When he errs, as he did with the July 16, 2009 case of the Harvard professor, Henry Gates, and the Cambridge cop, James Crowley, he cannot say he was wrong but rather, “I might have calibrated my words differently.”  At the July 22 press conference when asked about this incident he said he knew nothing about it but then added, “The Harvard police acted stupidly.”   He had it right the first time.   He knew nothing about it.   His foolishness led to the July 30 beer summit at which neither Gates nor Crowley backed down.  A Presidential beer summit is not exactly Kennedy-Khrushchev or Reagan-Gorbachev except in Obama’s mind.

When asked about their first year in the White House, First Lady, Michelle Obama, said her husband was a humble man.   With no real accomplishments beyond running the debt out of sight, Laura Ingraham said the man should be humble but this is not a term that fits the President.   Recently, Obama advisor, David Axelrod, was asked about accomplishments of the Obama presidency.   His answer was revealing and amusing.   He said it was the H1N1 vaccine.   Let’s see–the vaccine was over produced, under used and several hundred million dollars of it now has to be destroyed as out of date.

President Kennedy said we would reach the moon before the end of the 1960’s and we did.   President Reagan said we will make the evil Soviet Union crumble and it did.   Barack Obama produced H1N1 vaccine.  Wow!!  No wonder the President is so proud.   That vaccine sure makes one think of Jack Kennedy and Ronald Reagan.

Years ago I read a book on winning chess.   The foreword contained a humorous anecdote about a chess player with an over inflated ego.   He faced a far superior player and after 10 straight losses said, “My opponent is not too bad.”   Ten more losses followed at which point the weak player with powerful but misplaced self-confidence allowed, “This man is pretty good.”   Finally, after 30 straight defeats, the hopelessly overmatched player said, “My word, this man is my equal at the game of chess.”

Friends, let us elect leaders who recognize the magnificence of their nation and who have a reserve about their own talents.   Let us elect a President who does not have this reversed.   November midterm elections anyone?   The year of our Lord, MMXII?



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