Trailblazing Leader or Dutiful Follower?

Years ago a young woman who was a rather average student was applying to Yale for college.  She was asked  whether she ranked near the top of her high school class and if she were a leader.   Her answers were quite interesting.   She said that she had always been a good follower of good leaders and that she was one of those who made the top students possible by ranking below them.   Her honesty and creativity got her into Yale.

But this is not a time to send followers to Washington, D.C. to represent us in the United States Senate.   Allison Sherry of The Denver Post featured both Jane Norton and Ken Buck in the July 29th edition of the paper.   The most interesting paragraph on Norton was written as follows:   “rarely a trailblazer. . .dutiful at whatever she is asked to do.”   Maine has already sent Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe to the Senate.   They, at times, follow the trail Obama is blazing such as voting for the stimulus package.  The only other Republican to so vote was Arlen Specter who is now a defeated Democrat.    These are dangerous days made more so by a very radical President.   Voters, please spare us Maine moving West to Colorado in the person of Jane Norton.   Two like this are too many.   One more would be a disaster.  

In contrast, Sherry notes that Ken Buck can be “stubborn and uncompromising” and “when he thinks it’s right he doesn’t shy away from that.”   This is leadership and reminds me of a great President named Harry Truman.   This was the character of the pioneers who blazed a trail West.    One time in a Cabinet meeting all his officers said “Nay” on a vote.    Truman said “Aye” and then added, “And the ayes have it.”    He was a stubborn leader, most often right and needed no poll to tell him where to stand.   Ken Buck is cut from the same timber.    Leaders listen but they are NOT “dutiful at whatever they are asked to do.”

We also liked the paragraph on the Bucks being careful with their money.   On rare nights home it is steaks from Wal-Mart and a movie rental.   In financially trying days is this not a good example as opposed to the Obamas calling for staying close for vacation rather than Vegas followed by Air Force One to New York for a Broadway Play?    And these Bucks paid for their steak and movie while tax bucks saw the Prez and First Lady to New York and back.   

No need to mention Mr. Global Warming Democrat, Al Gore, calling for going green even as he buys an 8.8 million dollar gated community home in Montecito, CA.   The place is 6500 square feet, has 5 bedrooms, 9 baths, spa, pool and ocean view.  This is all for “family man” Al and whomever he is entertaining as Tipper will not be there.    Wonder what the carbon foot print is on an 8.8 million dollar, 6,500 square foot home to say nothing of his TN mansion.

I do not mind high heels one bit as long as they are worn by leaders rather than those trodding where we have already trod–as long as they are not worn by one who represents  Democrat Light.   In this case I prefer cowboy boots that are blazing a clear trail to a new day for Conservatism and Constitutional Government.   Boots worn by one who leads by example.   The boots of one who does not need John McCain before he dutifully decides to run.   And one with boots who does not petition his way on to the ballot.    I want a trailblazer not a dutiful follower–especially today.   Our vote is for Ken Buck.


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  1. ReplyMarMax

    Amen and Ditto!

  2. Replyjuanita

    Ya Hooo! You rock! Let's go get them fellow BUCK-a-roos! Boots were meant for leading.

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    Thank you, very interesting site.

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