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Obama and the Duke

Noemie Emery, a gifted Contributing Editor to The Weekly Standard, has an interesting feature in the August 30/September 6 issue.  She makes the case that President Obama more resembles the Mike Dukakis Presidency that never was than President Jimmy Carter to whom Obama is most often likened.    There is even a photo of Obama substituting for Dukakis in a tank.   Those over 30 may recall the ridiculous scene of Michael Dukakis  trying to appear tough by being filmed in a military tank during the 1988 Presidential campaign against George H.W. Bush.   Bush 41 was a W.W. II pilot.   Dukakis, like most Leftist Democrats, did not care for the military so he put on this facade.   But he looked more like Beetle Bailey than George Patton and essentially lost the election that day.   Nothing more quickly ends a chance to win a race than being a self made buffoon.

Emery says the Dukakis/Obama connection begins with their both being Harvard trained liberals who have no sense of the country beyond this narrow confine.   Both essentially declared war on our culture.   With Obama it began in the spring of 2008 when he spoke on the Left Coast about bitter clingers to guns and religion.   The Senator did not know he was on tape and there was a day when that would have been his Dukakis in the tank moment.   In the summer of 2009 the President went further when he said the Cambridge police “acted stupidly” in the arrest of Obama friend, Skip Gates.   Now he supports the mosque a stone’s throw from Ground Zero. 

Michael Dukakis started a war with culture as Governor of MA in 1976 when he gave unsupervised furloughs to prisoners serving life without parole.   This led to the murderous thug, Willie Horton, being furloughed to wreak more havoc on society.     It was a major part of the 1988 campaign with Dukakis appearing as a soft on crime liberal.   Because George Bush 41 has been so criticized for employing Willie Horton during the campaign, let the record show that this issue was first raised by Al Gore who ran against Dukakis in the 1988 Democrat primaries.    Dukakis, known to friends as The Duke,  went on as governor to veto a bill that would have required teachers to lead their students in the Pledge of Allegiance.    The Pledge  became another issue that made Dukakis appear outside the mainstream and too far Left.

Ross Douthat of The New York Times addresses some of the differences between liberals and conservatives by calling it first America and second America.   Rush Limbaugh calls it the difference between Ruling Class and Country Class.  According to Douthat first America (his kind of people) “make finer sounding speeches” while second America (not his kind) strike “cruder, more xenophobic notes.”    First America is made up of sophisticated, secular suburban couples.    Second America is filled with crazed NASCAR retards.  Noemie Emery takes off on this and calls for other comparisons.   First America is full of itself.  Second America is not.   First America thinks Newseek helps keep the culture from darkness.    Second America knows exactly why it sold for 1.00.   First America thinks Imams should be coddled and the mosque belongs at Ground Zero.   Second America knows a threat and an insult when it encounters one.

First America was ready to elect Michael Dukakis.    Second America knew better.    Ed Rollins, advisor to President Reagan, used to say that Democrats keep losing because they think they nominated the wrong liberal so they keep coming back with what they hope is the right liberal.     Finally they wised up and trotted out liberals disguised as moderates.   I give you Bill Clinton.    With Barack Obama we got an on the one hand, on the other hand kind of candidate who turns out to be strictly Left handed.    By every sign second America and some of first has awakened to what we have and will begin to correct on November 2, with the election of Ken Buck and Cory Gardner here in CO, Bill Brady in IL and Marco Rubio in FL.  And all this to be continued November 6, 2012 with the ouster of Barack Dukakis Obama.



Bob N Weave Betsy

Bob and Weave is a boxing technique where a fighter moves his head up and down and from side to side to confuse an opponent.    When that opponent throws a punch it is difficult to know where the Bobbers head is going to be.   This also applies to politicians like Betsy Markey.   She said that as a small businesswoman she was opposed to government bail outs–that no one had bailed her out.  But by her voting record she could easily be known as Bail Out Betsy.

She voted for the Stimulus bill which was 800 billion to bail out all things Democrat–unions, government workers.   Then there was her “Aye” for the Service America Act which included funds for ACORN.   Remember this shadowy outfit?   And 108 billion for the International Monetary Fund (IMF).  She voted for Cap and Trade which would cripple existing industry and raise prices for consumers while funding not viable green industry.   We are all for a clean environment but the green that is needed now is for small businesses that do most of the hiring which lowers unemployment.    President Obama does not seem to realize that.   Fortunately, even the Far Left United States Senate of Harry Reid saw the folly of the American Clean Energy Act (Cap N Trade) and did not take it to a vote.   But Betsy was behind it.

There are more examples of  Markey’s votes for bail outs at The Northern Colorado Tea Party web page but this gives one the sense that Betsy does not walk her talk.   In fact, she appears much closer to Her Highness, Nancy Pelosi, than to her Colorado constituents. 

If one views Markey’s ads and was not aware the conclusion could be drawn that she is not even a Congresswoman.    That is not mentioned nor are her votes.    She is just Betsy, the small Colorado business woman, trying to get by.   Bob and Weave. 

Cory Gardner has challenged Ms. Markey to debate the issues in a welcome back to Colorado letter.   This will be interesting.   One suspects that Betsy will not try to defend the indefensible but rather follow other Democrats in running against the past.   It won’t work but what else do they have?–“I voted for all the bail outs that have not worked and have driven our deficits to dangerous levels.”  Not very appealing.

Cory Gardner is a good candidate.    I suspect he will not fall for bob and weave and will place Betsy’s record front and center.   She can run but she cannot hide.  Can November 2 arrive soon enough?   And January 2011 when GOP conservatives officially take over the House.   Bye, bye, Betsy.


Darkness or Redemption?

Samuel Taylor Colderidge’s Ancient Mariner, Joseph Conrad’s Lord Jim, and John Masefield’s Everlasting Mercy all carry a similar theme.   They revolve around a hero whose spiritual emptiness brings failure and suffering until an epiphany leads to redemption.  Though written a century ago (1911), like other good poetry Everlasting Mercy is timeless.   It carries some lines that could be penned for this very moment:

       The trained mind outs the upright soul, as Jesus said the trained mind might,
        Being wiser than the sons of light.   But trained men’s minds are spread so thin,
        They let all sorts of darkness in.

I have followed politics and studied history for nearly 60 years.   I have never seen such contrast between the political parties.   We have a Chief Executive manifestly incompetent.  The media assists in his delusions.   Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House and third in line for the Presidency, calls for the investigation of persons opposing a Mosque at Ground Zero in New York.    This is more than a tin ear.   This is Stalinism.   The mind of the Left is spread so thin that it lets all sorts of darkness in.  If one disagrees with Her Highness, Ms. Pelosi, they must be investigated.   The Far Left claims to live enlightened.   In reality they are dangerous to our freedom.   Al Gore is another example.    Others are to go green and live simply while he buys mansions and flies on private jets.  Hollywood suffers with this same syndrome.

This was not always the case for Democrats.   There is a book by Edward J. Renehan titled The Kennedys at War.    The author speaks of how much future President Jack Kennedy respected his men.   They all said he was genuinely interested in them and nearly died protecting them after PT-109 was rammed by a Japanese vessel.   When called a hero, President Kennedy modestly said, “How can a man be called a hero who let his boat be destroyed by the enemy?”   Oh, for Democrats like that again!   Instead of a true hero like Jack Kennedy who refused that mantle the Party and the nation is led by an arrogant, comically full of self President who has every reason to be humble but thinks himself large and superior to mere mortals.    

What Rush Limbaugh calls the Ruling Class believes they are above the Country Class.   This led then Senator Barack Obama to speak of the embittered clinging to their guns and their religion.   In some ways the man is to be pitied.   He does not realize that the nation has caught on to the fact that he is not up to the task nor does he appear to be growing in Office as Harry Truman did.   He is now a caricature best captured on Saturday Night Live.   All these modern Democrats could learn from Ralph Waldo Emerson who said, “Every person I meet is superior to me in some way.”    This does not mean that the President is no longer dangerous to our liberties.   On the contrary–Obamacare still looms unless Conservatives can take over at least one House of Congress in 2010 and we elect an adult as President in 2012.   So does the crushing Obamadebt

None of this is to say that Republicans are all mercy and light.   Their lack of modesty in spending has contributed to our plight.  But the Republican Party still has some individuals standing up for the Constitution and seeking to serve rather than be served.   Most of these are Conservatives and without reservation we are doing all we can to see them elected in 2010.   These are individuals who appear to have learned from past mistakes, who are ready to make hard choices to cut both taxes and spending and to cut government down to size.   Can it be done?    No one knows for sure but some are going to make the attempt. 

There is something else critical here.   Many of these are men and women of faith who recognize that they are part of something far bigger than themselves.   Obama might call them bitter clingers but these are not persons who sat under the leadership of a radical bigot, Jeremiah Wright, for twenty years.   These are not persons whose minds are spread so thin that they let all sorts of darkness in.   On the contrary, they are Enlightened individuals, who, like our Founders, are schooled in Scripture and have a God given sense of the value of human life and of the fact that freedom is His idea.

They also have a sense of hope from II Chronicles 7:14:  “If my people, who are called by My Name. . .will humble themselves before Me,  I will heal their land.”    For any Leftists who may be reading this blog,  II Chronicles follows I Chronicles and is found in a book called the Bible about half way through the Old Testament.

C.S. Lewis said a day would come when the light of right would shine all the more brightly because there would be so much darkness.    This is such a day.    But it is also a day of hope as Republicans, Independents, and sensible Democrats are saying, “Enough!”   Jesus told a parable of weeds and wheat growing up together.    When the farmer was asked by his servants if they should cut out the weeds he said,   “No, in pulling the weeds you may also pull out the wheat.   They will be separated at the harvest.”

Harvest in this season comes November 2, 2010.   Not since 1980 when Ronald Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter has there been such urgency about an election.   This year may be even more critical.   Without apology I ask that you support Conservatives like Ken Buck and Cory Gardner here in CO, in Illinois Bill Brady for Governor, and Marco Rubio for the U.S. Senate in FL.   There are others, of course, who have not bowed a knee to Baal.   They are sons and daughters of Light with backbones of steel.   Support them, pray for them, vote for them.   This year it is Light and Liberty or Statism and Darkness.   It is leaders who humble themselves before God or False Prophets who want the people humbled before them (let us investigate those opposed to the Mosque at Ground Zero).   Vote for Light!  If not for ourselves then so vote for our children and grandchildren.    Our forebears did this for us.    Let us do the same for our little ones.   Never a day like this one.


Iran versus Israel

Frederick the Great of Prussia  (1712-1786) asked one of his priests to prove the Bible is true with one word.   With great insight the priest answered:  “The Jew, Your Majesty.   The Jew.”   The clergyman was exactly right.   No other people have been so abused, lived so long without a homeland (2,000 years), have so suffered and yet have remained the identifiable Chosen of God.

Any nation that has attacked the apple of God’s eye eventually suffers His judgement.    The ancient Assyrians conquered Israel in  723 B.C.  Their empire fell to the Babylonians (modern Iraq) who sacked Jerusalem in  586 B.C.  They too carried Jews into their territory.   In turn they were conquered by the Persians (modern Iran and Iranians are not Arabs but Persians) in  539 B.C.  In 479 B.C. a Jewish woman, Esther, for whom the Old Testament book is named, became Queen of Persia.    

Persia had a version of Hitler named Haman, their Prime Minister, who hated the Jews and wished to wipe them from the face of the earth.    His plan was to hang a leading Jew,  Mordecai, cousin to Queen Esther.   He even had the gallows built for the purpose of killing Mordecai whom he hated.   His plot was exposed, and in an ironic twist of history, Haman himself was hanged on those very gallows.

Persia later fell to Alexander the Great and the Greeks who, in turn, were conquered by the greatest Empire, Rome.   The Romans saw to the crucifixion of Christ and sacked Jerusalem and destroyed The Temple in 70 A.D.  Today the Roman Empire is in the dust bin of history.   Even the language of the Empire, Latin, is dead.   God is not mocked!

In modern history, Hitler saw to the death of 6 million Jews.   He said his regime, The Third Reich, would last a thousand years.   It lasted thirteen.   After W.W. II a great American President, Harry Truman, signed the establishment of modern Israel.  For the first time since the days of Rome the Hebrew people returned to their own home.    

The old U.S.S.R. is gone now.   They sided with the Arabs over Israel.    Another great American President, Ronald Reagan, said the Soviet Union will crack if we build our military to a point they cannot compete.   Twenty three months after President Reagan left office the Russian Empire sued for peace.    The press praised Gorbacev for this.   Nonsense.    Ronald Reagan was the architect but did not care who got the credit when right prevailed.

There is a pattern here that prevails today as well.   Nations that attack Israel eventually fall.  Nations that stand with Israel stand.   God is still in charge.    In our day Israel is threatened by an Iranian regime that denies the Holocaust and is rapidly developing nuclear weapons for the expressed purpose of destroying Israel.  Their radical leader, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, vows the destruction of Israel as did Haman, as did Hitler.   

The brilliant George Will addressed what modern Israel faces in his August 15 column.   It is unfortunate that President Obama does not seem to understand any of this.   Israel has the right Prime Minister for this moment in Benjamin Netanyahu.    Recently Obama had a State Dinner for the President of Mexico.   For Netanyahu there was no State Dinner and, in fact, our President left the Israeli Prime Minister cooling his heels while Obama went to dinner.  This was not only diplomatically clumsy, it was stupid as well.

Perhaps this is not totally surprising for a man who, for twenty years, sat under the preaching of a radical bigot named Jeremiah Wright.   Curiously, evangelical Jimmy Carter suffers with this same tin ear toward Israel.   The former President, as a student of Scripture,  ought to know better.   But I think it no accident that under Carter in the past and currently with Obama our nation is suffering economic and social reversals.   God is not mocked.    Perhaps this is another example of the great chasm between the two Parties.  

The one Democrat who stands with Israel, Joe Lieberman, was basically kicked out of the Party and is now an Independent.    Republicans back Israel as do most other Americans.     This election let us send many more Conservative Republicans like Ken Buck to Congress and men like Bill Brady of IL to the governorships.   And in 2012 let us elect a grown up to the White House–someone with a sense of history and propriety.   Someone with the good sense to know that it is critical that we stand with Israel.

Charles Breasted (1865-1935) was a master historian who was asked toward the end of his career to write a book on all the things he had learned from a lifetime of studying history.   He said he did not need a book;  that he could sum it up in four sentences:   “The bee pollinates the flower it robs.  The mills of the gods grind slowly but they grind exceedingly fine.   God does not settle all His accounts every Saturday night.   But God settles all His accounts.”    I do not wish our young people, children and grandchildren to wind up in the dust bin of history.   Do you?   God is not mocked!



And the Winner is. . .

. . . the people of Colorado and the nation beyond.   Congratulations to Ken Buck and his team.   He came from further back than any other candidate in CO history to win a U.S. Senate nomination.  Ken has noted the many people who worked many hours for him.   These folks and their leader made a considerable team–a winning team.  The celebration on Tuesday evening in Loveland was genuine and sustained.   At the same time all know there is work remaining to be done.    To that end the GOP comes together behind Ken Buck.

The media is already manifesting its comical side.   Michael Riley of The Denver Post writes on 8/12 that “Bennet win revives the stature of the Obama machine.”   We will take that seriously when we see the President and the Democrat Senator standing side by side at campaign events here in the Centennial State.  The President will have plenty of time as few others want to be seen with him.   Witness his trip to TX where the governor met him at the Austin airport–a Republican governor.     Junior Senator Bennet has signaled coolness toward a Presidential appearance.   At the same time Bennet has said that the White House effort was “a huge help.”    The GOP will remember that we are sure.

KOA radio addressed this on 8/11 when commentators said it may be hard for Bennet to divorce himself from Obama’s embrace and seek to appear moderate.   After all he voted for the Stimulus Bill and for Obamacare.   How moderate is that?    On the other hand,  Floyd Ciruli, Denver based pollster, says Ken Buck may have trouble because he is so closely associated with the Tea Party.

I would share several thoughts on that.   First, The Tea Party has captured and given voice to much of the frustration with the Far Left who finds Barack Obama too conservative.   Certainly there are extremists in any movement and the Tea Party is not spared that.    But Ken Buck has embraced none of this.   Second, President Obama is sinking fast in the polls with no sign he has bottomed out yet.   More freedom, less debt, and a check on run away spending in Washington, D.C. are key themes of the Tea Party and will be seen more and more in broad relief vis-a-vis Obama, Reid and Pelosi.   

Ken Buck has broad support, part of which comes from the Tea Party.   And like Ronald Reagan (a man who I suspect would also welcome Tea Party support) Buck knows exactly who he is and where he stands.   This helps a person and a candidate keep his balance in the face of shifting winds and the extremism of some.

There is an important contrast, beyond clear policy and philosophical differences, that I see between Ken Buck and Michael Bennet.   Bennet has trouble looking people and cameras straight on.   He looks away and often down.   My guess is that his aids will work to correct this but his natural tendency is avoidance.  This author has had several conversations with Ken Buck.   His gaze is even, his countenance consistent and his back bone is made of steel.  Our choice is clear.  One man looks down and away.   The other looks ahead.   As for me and mine, we choose to stand with Ken Buck.   Join us in changing our future.


Desperate Rhetoric

In any campaign a candidate places their views in best light and the opponent’s in less positive ways.   That is expected and normal.   It is not seen as dishonest or out of bounds.  Sophisticated voters are aware of this as they weigh and sift.    Lying is something else.   We had a Democrat President recently for whom lying was the norm.   The media helped him with his dissembling and dishonesty.    It became fodder for SNL:   “I never had sex with that woman.”    The lying was compulsive and became comical.

Sadly, this has entered the GOP race for the U.S. Senate here in CO.   Jane Norton has said Ken Buck is for amnesty for illegal immigrants.   This would be like someone saying in another era, “Dick Nixon is soft on communism.”   Or  “Ronald Reagan is afraid to deal with striking Air Traffic Controllers.”    Each of these including the Buck stance on illegal immigration is known to even the most uninitiated.   In fact, the Far Left has tarred Ken for being so tough on this crime.

Yet, there is no other way to say this–the Norton campaign is lying about Ken Buck at this point.   This is very puzzling and one has to conclude that this comes out of desperation.   C.S. Lewis wrote:  “A little lie is like a little pregnancy–it isn’t long until everyone knows.”  But in this case everyone knows the lie instantly. 

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., wrote in 1858 in The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table:  “Sin has many tools, but a lie is the handle which fits them all.”   Let us leave this to the Democrats for which this has become second nature.   Persons still expect basic moral values of Republicans.   Let us not let them down.


P.S.   I look forward to blogging again beginning August 11.    Hopefully your votes are already in for Ken Buck who did not petition his way on to the ballot.

The Humorless Left

From 1971-1973 my wife and I lived in South Denver.   In the 1972 elections our Representative in Congress, Republican James McKevitt, did not bother to campaign much against his light weight Democrat opponent.   As a result Pat Schroeder went on to Congress to represent the First District for 12 consecutive terms.

In 1996 when the GOP took over the House for the first time in 40 years, Newt Gingrich and the Republicans were accused of being heartless toward the poor and aged when they slowed (but did not cut) the rising costs of government.   As a result it was said that some seniors were having to eat dog food as they could not afford to buy normal groceries.    Rush Limbaugh, not wanting to be thought uncaring, joked that he had bought his mom a can opener to facilitate her opening cans of dog food for her meals.   Representative Schroeder, not realizing this was said in jest, actually went to the floor of Congress and reamed millionaire Rush for being so cruel to his mom.    This is in the Congressional record.

As a result Limbaugh makes fun of the Democrats as having no sense of humor and referred to Dick Gebhardt as the most humorless man in Washington.   There is truth in this though it was not always the case.    Back in the days when Democrats were not Socialists and understood national defense, World War II hero and President Jack Kennedy was known for his wit and charm.   His Press Conferences were frequent (unlike the current occupant of the White House for whom Press Conferences are a threat) and known for their good natured banter.   The Press, the President and the Public all enjoyed these exchanges.  Those were days of balance which lightened the burdens of life.

But it is not only the Left which lacks a sense of humor.   It can happen to Democrat Light as well.   In the past two days, our daughter, who is home from Law School, has received mailings from Jane Norton supporters accusing Ken Buck of being disdainful of women.   This goes back to Norton’s claiming Buck was not man enough to stand up for himself but rather relying on outside people to do his dirty work.   He was told to man up.   Ken, who does have a sense of humor, joked about his not wearing high heels.   Now the fur is flying.   Ken is called anti-woman.   One of the problems is that they are serious.

Let us look at some facts.    Ken Buck’s campaign manager is a woman.   Jane’s is a man.    Wonder if Jane is anti-women.    My wife and I walked in the Estes Parade for Ken.   Most of the other walkers were women.   Wonder if they think Ken is against them.   I seriously doubt it.   My wife has made hundreds of calls for Ken to Fort Lupton, Boulder and the Greeley area.   I showed her these two flyers and she goes on making calls for Ken.

The three persons I know best on Ken’s campaign are women–young women and very intelligent.   I believe they know a male chauvinist if they see one and do not so see Ken Buck.   Finally our daughter has attended meetings for Ken in Loveland, wore her Ken Buck T-shirt for the Greeley Stampede and Parade.   She has also made numerous calls on his behalf and continues to do so the flyers notwithstanding.    We do not mind receiving these mythological mailings that distort Ken’s record as we have a sense of humor and they bring a good laugh to our home.

I would make a suggestion to Jane and her followers.   Lighten up.   Remember the 17th Proverb, “A merry heart doeth good like medicine.”   We know the campaign is long and hard but there is plenty of rest for the Norton campaign right around the corner–like after August 10th.