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Who Takes The Rap?

One thing readers can count upon is comic relief and predictability from the side line media–Network News, The New York Times, Washington Post, Time.   In 2008 these folks were breathlessly excited and spoke endlessly about the new maturity of the now enlightened American people.   Jonathon Last has a fine piece in the November 1 Weekly Standard entitled “Paradise Lost,” where he explores the old press two years ago and today as the GOP is poised for big gains.

Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post   wrote in November 2008 about the great and good American people.   We can all have “a new kind of pride in the American people.”   Today he says we are acting like a bunch of spoiled brats.  Joe Klein of Time was even more effusive in 2008.   He said that Barack Obama’s victory was a “breathtaking statement of American open-mindedness.”     Klein now has his breath back and writes that there is “something diseased about a society that idolizes its ignoramuses and disdains its experts.”    I wonder if Klein is too young or too dense to remember that it was the whiz kids like Robert McNamara who got us into Viet Nam and kept telling us it would work and a practical man like Ronald Reagan who got us out of the Cold War by saying of the Soviets, “We win, they lose,” and backing it up.

Then there is Frank Rich of The New York Times who wrote in 2008 that we were America the Beautiful    But now, according to Rich, there is “a level of rage coursing through our veins.”   Guess we are not so beautiful anymore.   All this points to the divide between what Rush Limbaugh calls the “Ruling Class versus the Country Class.”   We also saw this when we learned that George Bush had a higher IQ than John Kerry.   The Left had a nervous breakdown on that one.    David Gergen, so called moderate, worked for 5 Presidents beginning with Richard Nixon and ending with Bill Clinton.   Gergen says the smartest of the bunch, for all his personality flaws, was Richard Nixon.   But none of this matters to the side line Left who has their collective minds made up and do not wish to be confused by objective truth.

The central theme of Last’s piece is not only the unwitting, hapless Left wing comedians, entertaining as they are.   If Democrats blame America for defeat, and they do,  Republicans tend to turn on each other.  In 2008 Talk Radio blamed the RINO’s, Pro lifers blamed the elite blue blood Republicans and conservatives blamed the banks.

So Democrats blame rubes taken in by charlatans, middle America fundamentalist crazies.   Obama says it is “bitter clingers to guns and religion.”   Republicans think it is some branch of their family that they do not claim.    As Jack Kennedy liked to note, “Victory has many fathers but defeat is an orphan.”    Perhaps we could learn from the wisdom of Ralph Waldo Emerson who said:  “Every person I meet is superior to me in some way.”   We all have different gifts and graces.    If one has to choose who is responsible, I prefer those who at least know the buck stops with them rather than those who first praise and then blame the voters.  The voters are actually smarter than the left wing Press which is why the value of newspaper stocks is now lower than the price of the paper and why MSNBC and CNN have no watchers while FOX is a ratings behemoth.

In any case this appears to be a GOP year.    We can see it in the ads.   Here in CO Ken Buck is speaking about Mr. Rubberstamp, Michael Bennet, to be sure but also about what he plans to do when elected.   Mr. Rubberstamp cannot defend what he has done nor plans to do so he is reduced to seeking to frighten about what Mr. Buck might do.   Basically Mr. Rubberstamp reflects the lies and distortions of his Party.   Both the Denver Post and Colorado Springs Gazette  have stated that Bennet’s campaign and his ads have been full of deception and diversion.    Channel 9 asked Michael about this last Saturday night at the debate.    He denied being deceptive in his ads, of course,  but facts are stubborn things.

Vote Republican.  Vote for Ken Buck.   And let the old line Press blame us for the defeat of their Democrat buds.   No one is watching them anyway so their bluster is basically a circular firing squad spitting into an ever changing wind.   See you at the polls.


Is It The Economy Stupid?

James Carville made famous the line of the 1992 Presidential election–“It’s the economy, stupid.”    In reality it was not the economy as the mild recession was over by the time Bill Clinton took office.   President Clinton had this confirmed for him at a rather embarrasing press conference.    He touted all the months of economic recovery on his watch.   A brave reporter was waiting for him and said, “Mr. President, if you claim that many months of growth it actually began in 1992 under President Bush before you took over.   Clinton was not pleased but gave his normal Slick Willy answer.   Carville’s line, however, fit the template and the lie and won the day.

In 2010 it really is the economy.  That is why the Democrats keep trying to change the subject.   An example was in the U.S. Senate debate on Saturday evening between Ken Buck and Obama Rubberstamp Michael Bennet.   Bennet wanted to keep coming back to social issues as he sensed blood in the water here and also because he cannot defend his cozy relationship with the President.  Our appointed junior senator supported the Stimulus, Cash for Clunkers and Obamacare.    Ken stood tall and answered but then, in essence said, the issue in this campaign is more the economy and Bennet’s sorry support of the President here.   He went on to point out that Mr. Rubberstamp does one thing in D.C. to our detriment but then comes to CO and acts as if he has nothing to do with the mess.

The late Jerry Falwell was an exceptionally bright man, often lampooned, but seldom defeated in debate.   When discussing abortion he would say to the ravenous pro-choice crowd, “If I agree to abortion for the less than 1% of cases involving rape and incest will you agree to stand for life and stop the other 990,000 abortions for convenience?”    Of course they would not.   There are 1 million abortions in our land each year.   Less than 10,000 involve assault or incest.   No less than Billy Graham has said that if God does not judge our land for all the blood on our hands He will need to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.   Let’s stand for life.

As a member of the clergy retired from a mainline denomination I have debated this issue with the Left that dominates so many of the leadership roles in the Church.   When they said, as Michael Bennet did in his debate with Ken Buck, “I believe in a woman’s right to choose,” my response was, “I believe in a baby’s right to live which costs neither child nor mother their life.”  

Ken Buck stood tall and answered on social issues but then said that this year the economy and jobs are central to the campaign.   And properly he put the focus back on Michael Bennet’s sorry record here and kept talking about it.   In 1992 Carville’s line was a clever ruse.   This year it really is the economy.   Are social issues unimportant?   Absolutely not.  But when a mighty nation is crumbling under the weight of Obennet debt it must be addressed.   The President has said he could not have done it without his Rubberstamp.   Vote Republican.   Vote Renewal.   Vote Ken Buck.


Who are the Real Loons?

When Ronald Reagan sought to wrest the GOP nomination from Jerry Ford in 1976 and even as the nominee in 1980, he was portrayed as a Far Right crazy, a likeable loon, but a loon nonetheless.   After his inaugural address on January 20, 1981, Speaker Thomas “Tip” O’neill was interviewed.  He said with a smile that the President’s address was very simplistic.   Bleeding through was we will show him the ropes.  He’s in the big time now.   It was very condescending.

A similar thing happened early in Reagan’s first term when striking Air Traffic Controllers thought they would be able to defy the President.   They probably thought they were still dealing with Jimmy Carter, the Peanut farmer.   But a few days later they were on the outside looking in.   There is a book in the Old Testament, Nehemiah, that carries this same theme.  It is a handbook on leadership.   As the leader for whom the book is named, Nehemiah, begins to rebuild the walls around Jerusalem to protect the people.    Enemies to freedom appear, as they always do,  to stop the effort.   Their names are Tobiah and Sanballet.   I think they were Democrats.   They try debate, diversion, division, derision and finally coercion.   Nehemiah posts guards and says to his men, “Keep working.”   Soon Tobiah and Sanballet are outside looking up at the nearly completed wall-still cat calling at the Hebrews.  But from the outside.  Reagan stayed with the task.  So did Nehemiah and foes were left in the cold.

To return to Tip O’Neil, his words at the supposed naivete of Ronald Reagan turned into call after call to the President from the Speaker saying, “Congratulations, Mr. President.”    One of Tip’s final calls was a classic.   With a different kind of smile he said, “Well, old pal, you won again.”    Reagan bested him nearly every time and the Democrats controlled the House.   Gorbachev in the Old Soviet Union found the same thing about the President in Iceland in 1987.   Gorby came home to find he no longer had hold of a communist state.  

One does not hear much about Reagan the loon anymore as most concede he was a tough and savvy leader.  A great President.  But his heirs in the modern Conservative movement still face this.    I turn over to MSNBC’ occasionally during a commercial break on FOX.  As small as their ratings are one more viewer makes a difference.    This morning they were discussing Rand Paul and his strong debate performance in KY.    Pat Buchanan related the strength of the Tea Party this year.   He was followed by the ever predictable Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post who said, “As we look at Tea Party crazies, Rand Paul is not as crazy.”    Robinson won a Pulitzer.   I think this award too often comes pretty cheap today.

I recall when Brian Williams was preparing to take over NBC Nightly News.   He shared about a conversation with Brit Hume, then of ABC but later with FOX.   They discussed media bias.   Brit had two articles that he asked Brian to evaluate.    One described then Speaker, Newt Gingrich, as that “Far Right bomb thrower.”   The same newspaper the same day had a piece on the late Ted Kennedy who was described as the respected “Liberal Lion of the Senate.”    Williams was asked what was wrong here.   Hume had to tell him.    If the Press is going to describe Newt Gingrich as a Far Right Bomb Thrower then it would be only fair to describe Ted Kennedy as a Far Left Radical.   Or, if they want to do real news rather than commenatry they could say conservative Newt Gingrich and liberal Ted Kennedy.   What is fair for the liberal goose is fair for the conservative gander.   We do not watch NBC or any of the other side line networks for news so I do not know if the lesson took.    I doubt it but it is significant that Williams even brought it up.

Now we hear our President (that man so smart that mere mortals cannot appreciate him according to Margaret Carlson) say to Hispanics that they must vote lest those evil Republicans take over.    But Obama does allow Republicans to join them on the bus but they have to sit in the back.   Sadly we have elected a very small man to lead us.   Can you imagine Jack Kennedy reducing himself to this?    Neither can I.   Jimmy Carter had some of this same small minded meanness in him.    And he was a one term President.   Let us make sure Barack Obama has the same fate beginning on November 2 by electing some grown ups to the House and Senate.

So I ask “Who are the real loons?”  I rather think it is not the Tea Party but instead the Democrats who did not learn from Lyndon Johnson and Jimmy Carter that a Leftist agenda does not work.   Obama is radically Left.   Even sensible Democrats now see this.  Vote Republican this year.   Vote for men like Bill Brady for IL governor and  Ken Buck for the U.S. Senate here in CO who not only know the Constitution but intend to follow it.    We will let Democrats on the bus BUT they will not be driving it.   Too much recklessness behind the wheel.    Too loony to be in charge.   See you at the polls.


Cutting Deficit Without Cutting Services? Where to Start?

The late master historian, Daniel J. Boorstin, wrote a column for Parade magazine on Labor Day Sunday, 1981.   One line is stamped in my memory as he spoke of the honor of work.   Boorstin said, “Let all of America’s historians go on strike when we return to work on Tuesday and it will not cause a ripple.   But let all of America’s garbage collectors go on strike that day and it will cause a national panic.”   This was before we were so P.C.  Today such individuals are called Sanitation Workers but the statement remains as relevant as when Boorstin wrote it 29 years ago.

This indirectly leads us into essential and non-essential workers.   As a student of history I do not wish to denigrate historians.   And as David McCullough, author of Truman and John Adams, has pointed out we are a nation where our young are increasingly bereft of an understanding of history and that a nation without a sense of its past will not have vision for the future either.   Here I am thinking of snow days in D.C. or Denver where only essential workers are asked to report.    If non-essentials need not come in why are they taking salary in the national and state capital at all?

This in turn moves to a piece by Byron York, Chief Political Correspondent of The Washington Examiner,  from August 10, 2010.   I have borrowed his title for this post.   York notes that conservatives are often asked where they would cut the federal deficit if they are so interested in reducing spending.   He has a solid answer.   The Heritage Foundation has researched private sector salaries and benefits and public sector compensation.   The results are rather astounding.

The average total compensation including benefits for a government worker is 111, 015 dollars/year.   A private sector employee receives 60,078 or just over one half a government bureaucrats salary.    When one adds that public workers have grown in number by 200,000 since Obama took office while the private sector work force has lost millions and millions of jobs we can see the collision course we are on.  It also needs be noted that it is the private sector that pays for the public sector.   And the numbers are similar at the state level.   Add this up, fewer private sector jobs paying for more public sector, and we can see why the nation and many states are facing bankruptcy.  

One more thing needs be noted.   Private sector employees tend to produce something tangible–a house, a building, a bridge, a highway, a car (before General Motors became Obama Motors).   Public employees tend to produce more red tape to justify their existence and more mischief.   We can do with more tangible goods  and less government snarls.  

What would Byron York do?   Cut government salaries at least to the level of private workers who make their “careers” possible.   I would add that we reduce the number of government workers by attrition.  This gets back to non-essential employees.   Republican Senator Tom Coburn of OK has introduced amendments that would at least freeze federal pay for a year.   House Republicans have done the same.   The results are predictable.   Big spending Democrats like Mr. Rubberstamp, appointed junior CO Senator, Michael Bennet, have stopped it.   For now they have the power to block common sense.   Let us change this on November 2 and let a Republican Congress tackle it beginning in January of 2011.

On Wednesday, October 20, Coburn’s colleague, Sen. James Inhofe of OK, joined Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate, Ken Buck for a rally in Greeley.    Inhofe spoke of these same things and how we must elect men like Ken Buck to roll back Obamacare and to reduced the debt and the deficit and government red tape.

Byron York is right on his suggestion based on Heritage research.   So the next time a conservative is asked where would you cut they can have a ready answer.   I propose pay equity between government and private workers.   Government workers are already squealing about this but the public is cheering.  Bring it on.   And if the GOP pulls this off will Obama veto it?   Interesting question.   Rush Limbaugh thinks the President hears the footsteps of Bill and Hill coming up behind him.   And I seriously doubt that government bureaucrats are going to leave their cushy jobs even if they have to do them for less.    Pretty tough to find work out their right now.    Pretty cozy in the embrace of Uncle Sam–even if they have to join their fellow Americans in getting by on a mere 60,078 American dollars.

Vote Conservative this year.   Vote for Ken Buck and others in the GOP.   This is a fight worth having.   We might even save the American dollar and the nation behind it.   See you at the polls (or the Post Office) with your Obama and conservative driven ballot.  And also our thanks to Heritage and to Byron York and others making sense in an era of insanity.


Harry Truman, Ronald Reagan, Ken Buck

Ken Buck, Republican nominee for the United States Senate from Colorado, reminds me a great deal of Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan.   Truman and Reagan knew exactly who they were, where they stood and why.   So does Ken Buck.    I was in elementary school during the Truman Presidency but have very clear memories of the man.  I recall asking my folks why the President and Bess were moving out of the White House.  They said because it was being remodeled.   I was well into my career during the Reagan Presidency.

Both these Presidents made controversial comments.  Harry  Truman said, “I tell the truth on them and they think the truth is hell.”    When Jack Kennedy, a Roman Catholic ran for President, there was concern about Popery dominating Kennedy.  Jack was a WWII naval hero.   His brother, Joe, was a pilot who died in the war.   Both were strong patriots.    Their father, Joseph Kennedy, Sr., was ambassador to the Court of St. James in London during the war.    He let it be known that he thought Hitler would win and that we should sue for peace.  The sons were not of this ilk at all.   Jack was seriously ill but bribed his way into the war.

When FDR learned of the senior Kennedy’s treasonous views he called him home.   He was gracious to him at the White House but then turned around and whispered to First Lady, Eleanor, who was in the room:   “Get him out of my sight.   I never want to see the S.O.B. again.”   When former President Truman was asked about JFK’s Catholicism he said, “It is not their Pope that bothers me. It is their Pop.” 

Ronald Reagan said his philosophy of Russia was very simple:  “We win.  They lose.”    One day he warmed up for his radio address by saying, “Warning to the Soviets.   The bombing starts in 5 minutes.”    The Left had a cow.   Don’t you love it when that happens?    The Communists feared Reagan which is healthy.    So did Iran who was holding our hostages.   I don’t think the Persians have any fear of the current occupant of the White House which is not good.     But the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, only woman to ever be Prime Minister of Great Britain said:   “Ronald Reagan won the Cold War without firing a shot.” 

When Ronald Reagan ran for President in 1980 the first prominent Democrat to come out for him was Eugene McCarthy.   He sought the Democrat nomination for President in 1968.  His strong showings in early primaries led LBJ to retire.   When McCarthy was asked why he supported Reagan he said, “Because Ronald Reagan is the first man to run for President since Harry Truman who knows exactly who he is and what he wants to do.” 

Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan knew exactly who they were, what they wanted to do and why.   So does Ken Buck.   Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan sometimes made controversial comments.   So does Ken Buck.    Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan were great Presidents.   Ken Buck will be a great United States Senator.   Let us all get out there over the next 13 days and make it happen for our state, our nation, our children and grandchildren and a generation yet unborn.


Those Dodging Democrats

The second definition of dodging in Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary is “to evade a responsibility or duty esp. by trickery or deceit.”   It is interesting, and sadly predictable, that the Denver Post endorsed Michael Bennet for U.S. Senate from CO.  This is the same Post that said Mr. Rubberstamp was running an insulting, brazenly misleading, deceptive campaign,a campaign that is dodging the facts.  Yessiree!  That is just who I would endorse–if I ran a paper that was as big a dodge as the Democrats are.

The Post endorsement says that Ken Buck “likely would be an automatic Republican vote.”   Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader, would dare to dream that.   The paper apparently has missed the fact that Buck has repeatedly said that the GOP is as much to blame as the Dems for the mess we are in and that he will take the oath, not to the Republicans, but to the Constitution under God.

Then the Denver Post really becomes Comedy Central.   Listen to this:   “It would be difficult to endorse Sen. Michael Bennet on his record to date.”   Well, what else do we have to go on but his record to date?  Why do I feel that I am watching Alice in Wonderland rather than reading the largest newspaper in the state?   In that vein it gets curioser and curioser.  The  next line is, “But we know him (Mr. Rubberstamp) well”  Really?   “And we believe he will become one of Colorado’s–and the nation’s–best centrist U.S. senators.”

Right!  That is probably why Bennet rubberstamps the President’s Stimulus plan, cash for clunkers, and Obamacare.  Sure sounds moderate to me.   Barack Obama is the most radically Leftist President since Lyndon Johnson.  It was LBJ who began to raid Social Security funds leaving the program full of IOU’s.  Obama is a similar spread the wealth kind of guy except there is not as much wealth to spread around anymore–thanks to radicals like LBJ and now BHO.    And Bennet marches right along with this and The Denver Post calls our junior appointed senator a potential moderate.   Personally I prefer to live in the real world which is why I am supporting a true conservative, Ken Buck.  No dodger he. 

Newspapers are failing fast which I regret.  Fifty two years ago I delivered the now defunct Rocky Mountain News all over my Colorado home town.   I suspect the Denver Post’s strange, meandering, circuitous endorsement of Mr. Rubberstamp is systematic of the problem.   By the way there is further humor in the Post’s endorsements.   In the column below their 10/17 piece on Bennet/Buck they endorse Cory Gardner, R-Yuma, for the 4th District of CO.   Why?  Because Cory “has a better agenda. . .for these shaky economic times.   We hope to see Gardner take his message of fiscal discipline to Washington.”    Now isn’t that just dandy!   Bennet joins Barack in busting the bank and Cory is endorsed to ride in to rescue these shaky times.   Does the Denver Post Left Hand which endorses Rubberstamp Bennet have no contact with the Right Hand which endorses conservative Gardner?   Apparently not.

If newsapapers are failing there is a new media that is not.   FOX strides over the old media like a national giant  while CNN and MSNBC combined are dwarfed by the ratings of Fair, Balanced and Unafraid.   But do persons like Michael Bennet and Barbara Boxer appear on FOX?   Not on their political life.   No.  They reserve themselves for unfair, imbalanced , and fearful NBC and MSNBC.   But Ken Buck  appears on FOX with Chris Wallace and NBC with David Gregory.   Carly Fiorina also appeared on FOX with Chris Wallace.  In both cases Chris added, “We invited Michael Bennet but he declined.”   “We invited Barbara Boxer but she declined.”

I wonder why they dodge.   Because they fear the truth?   Because they do not wish to be confronted by facts?   Proverbs 28:1  says “The guilty flee where no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion.”   Carly Fiorina is bold as a lion.  Boxer flees and dodges.   And, as my wife has pointed out,  Carly Fiorina’s name almost spells Cali Fornia.   She is right for the time and her state.

Ken Buck is also bold like a lion.   Bennet flees and dodges.   Buck is a name right for a bold, Western state like Colorado.   No dodger he.   His stances remind one of Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan.   Let us as voters not be dodgers like Bennet and Boxer but bold as lions with votes for Carly and Cory and Ken. 



The Two Faces of Michael Bennet

The Roman god, Janus, is of two faces and minds.   He is portrayed with one face looking ahead and his other face looking back.   The month of January is named for this god.   Our junior appointed Senator, Michael Bennet, is of this nature.

Michael Bennet, affectionately known in these parts as Rubberstamp Man, has a Washington D.C. face.    In the nation’s capitol he is Obama’s man through and through.    If Mr. President wants it,  Mr. Rubberstamp Man is there to vote for it.   The Stimulus.  Obamacare.  The Auto Bailout–really rescue of the United Auto Workers with bond holders left high and dry.  Cash for Clunkers.   Each of those cars cost Americans 24,000 dollars.   And one wonders if, like many mortgages, the people can pay for these cars.   Someone has said the one good thing about cash for clunkers is that it rid the nation of 600,000 Obama/Biden bumper stickers.   But, you name it.   Rubberstamp is there to vote Aye for all of Obama’s wishes.

And then there is Michael Bennet the humble representative of the people of the Centennial State.   With straight Colorado face he says of his Washington face, “I will not vote for one thing that is not paid for.”    Look at the paragraph above.   Not one of those programs is paid for.   I am surprised both of Bennet’s faces did not choke on that one.

Bennet’s other approach–in addition to deception about his own record–is to lie about and smear Ken Buck and his record.  The Denver Post  has on two occasions (September 11 and September 26) pointed out Bennet’s dark and alarmist and deceptive campaign with stinging words:   “Bennet knows better;”    “Bennet can do better.”    So can we by removing Obama’s Rubberstamp with a man who will stand with and for us at home.   This is not unique to Colorado.    Democrats across the land are smearing their GOP opponents.   Karl Rove has stated this in his columns and on FOX programs.    Says Rove, “The Democrats cannot run on their records which voters have overwhelmingly rejected.   So they attack and smear their opponents.    What else have they got.”    And the answer is nothing.

In contrast, Ken Buck  is standing on the Constitution and for the people of Colorado.  And he answers Bennet’s lies with the truth about Mr. Rubberstamp.    Nothing more angers an opponent with a sorry record than the light of truth.    Harry Truman said during the 1948 campaign:  “I just tell the truth on them and they think the truth is hell.”    Michael Bennet and the other Dems are not enjoying the 2010 campaign.   The truth is out on them and for they find it hellish. 

Friends, we must replace the Far Left in Congress this year with strong conservatives like Ken Buck.   Men and women proud to stand on their records and for the people.    But if we do not turn out the Far Left,  we are a nation bankrupt financially and morally.  As Ronald Reagan said,  “We change course or it is a thousand years of darkness.”

Which will it be?    Michael “Janus” Bennet, the Rubberstamp whose faces run off in all directions.   Or Ken Buck.   A man whose face is set like a flint on a true course worth sailing.   I vote the latter for my  children and grandchildren and a generation yet unborn.


Jimmy Carter on the Tea Party

My wife and I just returned from Maui and Ohau, Hawaii where we enjoyed the endless summer sun of the Islands.  It was a chance to recharge, gain perspective and read on beach and plane (12 hours in the air).  The most powerful moment was Pearl Harbor, standing over the Arizona, and thanking God for the bravery of our sailors, marines, military men and women.   This is felt history nearly 70 years later.   It gives one renewed confidence in the resiliency of the American spirit and our refusal to accept defeat.

Jimmy Carter, WWII naval officer and 39th President, had a column in The Forum in the September 29 USA Today.   Whatever the differences (and there are many) Carter noted “parallels between today’s frustrated and even angry mood and a similar mood in the mid-70’s.   Indeed my successful campaign for the Presidency in 1976  resembled the Tea Party movement of today.  We capitalized on the deep dissatisfaction with. . .Washington.”   Carter is right about the parallels but he did not understand his mandate and proved unequal to the task.    There are also parallels between he and the current occupant of the White House.

How deep is the frustration today?   One poll shows that 70% of Americans agree with the basic tenets of the Tea Party still mocked by Obama, Biden, Pelosi and Reid.   But today one senses that mockery is mixed with fear.   Did you notice that the Obamas went to church last week?  You probably did as this is so rare.    Guess Mr. President thought it was time to join those who bitterly cling to religion rather than spending the Lord’s Day on the Greens.   Wonder if he will next be attending some gun shows. 

No one needs be reminded this time that we cannot take the election for granted and that we must keep working up to and through November 2 for conservative candidates like Ken Buck, Cory Gardner in CO and Bill Brady running for Governor of IL.   And then we need point to November 6, 2012.   But this year is beginning  to resemble the approach of the 1932 Presidential race between Herbert Hoover and FDR.   As President Hoover was about to be swept from power by a tidal wave of discontent, he received a telegram from an angry citizen:   “Vote for Roosevelt.   Make it unanimous.”

For the first time since Woodrow Wilson we face a President and a Party critical of our Founders, our nation, our citizens.   I have studied American history since I learned to read six decades ago.  I cannot recall a President so ideological, so apologetic for all things American, so arrogant, so ignoring of public opinion.    He also employs the perpendicular pronoun “I” more than anyone in memory.   Bob Woodward of Watergate fame says the President always believes he is the smartest man in any room and ever confident that he is right and his critics wrong.  

Don Campbell is a former Washington, D.C. political reporter.   He now teaches journalism at one of the finest universities in the South, Emory in Atlanta, GA.  In a recent editorial he begins by stating, “I have never been a big fan of the President and polls suggest a majority of Americans are coming around to my point of view.”   Campbell’s most withering statement comes midway through his piece:   Obama. . .”needs to change his personal image.   To me (he) comes across as a narcissistic, condescending, elitist, pedantic scold who thinks he knows what’s best for people who are too dumb to realize it.”   Wow!   I don’t know why Campbell felt a need to sugar coat it.  

Barack Obama is a dangerous man.    Let us begin to cut down his power beginning on November 2 with the election of men like Ken Buck to the U.S. Senate–men who understand the Constitution, limited government and that power is in the hands of the people.   Then let us vote for common sense again in 2012.   Let us make 2008-2012 like 1976-1980–a reminder of why we need powerful conservatives in the mold of Ronald Reagan to lead.   Democrats.   Independents.   Join us this November in making these principles once again unanimous.