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In Defense of Traditional Marriage

Romans 1 is a very timely chapter for our point in history as Americans.   The sixth book in the New Testament was written by Paul in the early spring of A.D. 57.   It is considered to be the deepest theological treatise ever penned.

The first chapter from the 18th verse to the concluding 32nd describes the downward descent of a sick society.   A key phrase is “God gave them over” to “depraved minds” with men lusting for men and women for women rather than natural relations between husband and wife.    The last verse is very chilling:  “Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.”

No less than Bill Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in September of 1996.  This act protected one state from recognizing a same sex marriage performed in another while also supporting traditional marriage.   He hesitated to do  so as he had much support from the same sex community and its supporters.    But he feared the Republicans and the majority of Americans who stood with the thousands of years of holding that marriage is an institution between a man and a woman.    Bill Clinton is nothing if not an exquisite politician.    In fairness, some Republicans pushed this primarily to embarrass the President in an election year.

Along comes Barack Obama who supported DOMA when it suited his purposes to be elected in 2008 but who, along with his clueless Attorney General, Eric Holder, now says he will no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act.   Why?   Because this pair has decided it is unconstitutional.    Back in 1969 I took a course in American Political Theory taught by a Dr. Wilson at the U of Colorado in Boulder.   I can recall his saying that one of the reasons our Constitution is so important is because we appeal to that document rather than our being led by the arbitrary and capricious whims of men.   He was anticipating Obama and Holder 40 years before they took office.

Since when does a President decide an act signed by another President (of his Party) is unconstitutional?   Since the arbitrary and capricious Barack Obama.   My wife and I lived in Springfield, IL for 6 years.   There was a mysterious State Senator from Chicago who seemed to live a charmed life.   He was picked by John Kerry to give the Keynote address at the 2004 Democrat Convention in Boston.    Still he was behind in the U.S. Senate race in IL but Chicago thugs managed to get the sealed divorce records of his Republican opponent unsealed and that opponent left the race.    The last chance to defeat the exotic Mr. Obama was when Mike Ditka turned down the Republican effort to draft him.   Ditka said, “You do not want my kind of truth in Washington.”

So Obama became our “Senator.”   This is placed in quotes as Barack managed to show up for work for all of 140 days and that to vote for higher taxes and against Roberts and Alito for the Supreme Court and to rail against the war in Iraq.    Otherwise he was out running for President and blasting Bill and Hillary Clinton.   The one time when the nation saw the Barack Obama that IL Republicans knew was when he told Joe the Plumber that he intended to spread the wealth around.   Give him credit as this was one time he told the truth.

Barack Obama is a dangerous man.    He is arbitrary and capricious and his stance on the Defense of Marriage Act is dangerous to our freedom and to our society.    No President has the right to say they will no longer defend a law because they have decided it is unconstitutional.   This is the purview of the Court, not the Presidency.

There is something far deeper than this and the whims of a mere small, yet dangerous man like Obama.   And that is the Wrath of God.   Human history demonstrates that God is not mocked.   The Greek Empire fell in part because of the weight of its immorality including behavior described in Romans 1:18-32.   So did the greater empire of Rome.     Today no nation even speaks Latin, the language of the Empire.  Greek and Roman Empires are in the dust bin of history.   They both saw themselves as invincible.   So do many Americans.   But none are in the face of The Wrath.

When God is pushed too far His Wrath becomes capitalized and almost takes on a personality of its own.   He humbled Egypt’s power by sending an Angel of Death who took the life of the first born of any who did not have the lamb’s blood on the door post.   If the blood was there the Angel Passed Over that home.

God is not mocked by anyone or any society.   Our great nation is nearing Romans 1:32.    It is not too late but the Republican House must make all the changes they can and we must elect a President in 2012 with enough moral sense to defend the Constitution and who stands with the God behind its principles of freedom and limited power.

After a string of weak Presidents with names like Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan, God raised up Abraham Lincoln.    After Jimmy Carter there was Ronald Reagan.    After Barack Obama?   God has not left us without warning.   The lights are flashing red.    Let us pray for our land and for leaders worthy of One Nation Under God.   Let us pray for the sake of our children and our grandchildren.   And let us not fear a little man, however dangerous.   He too will pass from the scene.    God will not.


Barack’s Budget, D.O.A.

Everett Dirksen was U.S. Senator from Pekin, IL, and such a friend of President Johnson that LBJ never campaigned for any of his Democrat opponents.   Dirksen said, “A billion here and a billion there and the first thing you know you’re talking about real money.”    Before Newt Gingrich and company took over after the 1994 election, Bill Clinton said, “There will be 400 billion dollar deficits for as far as the eye can see.”  What pikers Dirksen and Clinton were when compared to the Anointed One, Barack Obama.   To this President trillion dollar deficits are common and acceptable, even trivial.  

Part of this is because Mr. Obama has never run a business or anything else except to run the country into the ground in a sea of red ink.    So we have a 3.2 trillion dollar budget with a 1.1 trillion dollar deficit which makes Clinton’s 400 billions in deficit seem like chump change.   In fact, Obama has run up more debt in two + years than all previous Presidents combined–George Washington to George Bush.   Fortunately, Nancy Pelosi is no longer Speaker of the House.  John Boehner is and Obama’s budget is dead on arrival.

President Obama gives lip service to reducing the deficit.   He appointed a Debt Commission headed by respected Democrat, Erskine Bowles and Republican, Alan Simpson.   Bowles worked for Bill Clinton and Simpson is former U.S. Senator from WY.   Many sensible persons of both Parties found their proposals sound.  Barack Obama was not among them as he totally ignored the work of his own Debt Commission.   I have followed politics for sixty years and cannot recall a President, not even Bill Clinton, whose rhetoric ran so counter to his reality.   It is as if Obama’s teleprompter tells his mouth to take one direction while his legs run off in another.

Some other Democrats like Senators  Mark Udall of CO and Ken Conrad of North Dakota join with Erskine Bowles in calling for deficit reduction.  Udall has even united with Republicans like Ken Buck and Cory Gardner in pushing a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. 

Balance is an interesting word.   The dictionary definitions include “mental and emotional steadiness” and “stability produced by an even distribution of weight.”   The men noted above are steady and, as representatives of both Parties, give an even distribution of weight to their proposals.   But if we prefer comical instability and imbalance, I give you the President of the United States.   Sensible and steady Ev Dirksen had his billions but extravagant and excessive Barack has his trillions.   Bring on 2012.


Ronald Reagan at 100

On February 12, 2001, my wife and I attended the Lincoln Day Dinner in Springfield, IL.   The featured speaker was the very gracious Master Historian, Michael Beschloss.    Six days before he had appeared on the PBS News Hour with Haynes Johnson.  The occasion was the 90th birthday of Ronald Reagan.  Host Jim Lehrer asked both men if they saw Reagan as a revolutionary figure.   Predictable Leftist Johnson said, ‘No.”   Scholar Michael said he did not like to disagree with Haynes but that Reagan was definitely a revolutionary leader.   

We arrived early for the Lincoln Dinner and had a few private moments with Beschloss.   I told him I had seen the program and agreed with his view of Reagan.   Today few even of the Left of Haynes Johnson’s ilk would argue that Reagan was not a transformational leader.   However, they still have a very simplistic view of the man.   Much is made of the cheery spirit of  Ronald Reagan.    The spirit of the man did help a nation so hurting after Carter (may there be such a leader again after Jimmy II now in the White House) but more than optimism restored the American economy and destroyed Soviet Communism.   There were real Reagan policies designed to free the American economy and the American spirit.    And they did.

This combination will always defeat any foe.   Abraham Lincoln understood this also when he said, “No trans-Atlantic giant can cross the ocean and take a drink from the Ohio without our permission.   If we fail it will be only because the seeds of despotism sprang from our own soil and were allowed to flower among us.”    Lincoln anticipated the Left of today.   Reagan also knew this full well and first hand.

Part of the amusing evidence of Liberals come lately to the power of Reagan is the current cover of Time magazine.  They have a photo of Ronald Reagan with his arm around Barack Obama.    One has to laugh at this.   Obama is a Far Left leader with nothing in common with Reagan but the liberal press wishes to prop  up their man.   One might think they would try to compare Obama to that darling of the Left, Bill Clinton, but they need a battleship not a  sailboat.   One part of the doctored photo is totally fiction.    Our current President is wearing an American flag pin.   Mr. Reagan is not.   In some ways it would be more fitting for Mad Magazine to run this feature rather than Time but Mad is probably too grounded in reality to try to pull this off.  

But all this demonstrates that the Left is now admitting, however reluctantly and by bank shot, that Ronald Reagan was a great President.  It is also comical to watch them try to place an empty suit beside the real deal and act as if their man is just like Reagan.   Nonsense.  Ronald Reagan had real understanding of history and clear vision balanced with a sense of humor.  Barack Obama has a teleprompter and thinks he visited all 57 states in 2008.    

Conservative columnist, George Will, was a guest on the Laura Ingraham  program this morning.  He was a friend of Reagan and Laura asked him for a favorite memory of the President.   Will shared two.   First, he recalled the President’s saying that when Gorbachev came in that it was good to see a Soviet leader who weighed more than his wife.  

Second, George Will was worried that the young Gorby was rolling the Gipper and began to write columns reflecting this concern.   He got a call one day from the President who said,  “George, I am not enjoying your columns like I used to.”    Will responded, “Mr President, I am not enjoying your White House as I once did.”   Reagan said, “Well, George, come to lunch.”    George Will openly shared his concerns with his friend and President.   Will said Reagan was never defensive, listened intently and told the columnist to stay tuned.  

Will stayed tuned in and Reagan proved his concerns unfounded when Gorby left Iceland defeated in 1987 and when the Soviet Empire collapsed in 1989.   Ronald Wilson Reagan knew exactly who he was, where he stood and what he wanted to do.   Hence, no defensiveness.   Barack Obama has a very thin skin which is another reason he does not belong on the same Time cover with Ronald Reagan.   Another reason is that Obama thinks of himself as the great one.   The true Great One did not so recognize himself and did not care who got the credit.

Eric Severeid had a commentary on CBS in December of 1966 at the death of Walt Disney.   He quoted  some stating that there will never be another like Disney.   Eric closed saying, “There’d better be.”   Historian Richard Norton Smith said in 2008 with the election of Barack Obama,  “The era of Reagan is drawing to a close.”    Severeid was far smarter than Smith for Ronald Reagan cannot be consigned to the past.    The political force of Ronald Reagan is alive and well.   And it better be.

Thank you, Mr. President.   Happy 100th.