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Heritage on Spending

In the view of many (including the late William F. Buckley) Ronald Reagan was the greatest President of the 20th century.   And that includes the darling of the Left, Franklin Roosevelt, who imprisoned Japanese-Americans during WWII and, in a power grab tried to pack the Supreme Court of the United States.   President Reagan was a fan of The Heritage Foundation led by Ed Fuelner, PhD.

On Friday, March 11, Dr. Fuelner issued a strong statement on spending by Congress.   He spoke of the importance of the new representatives in Washington “sticking to their promises to reduce the size and scope of government.”   He calls for courage in the face of interest groups seeking “to scare us with visions of a ‘government shutdown’ that will deprive us of government services.”   In reality such a shutdown might demonstrate how much improvement there would be with less government.

Fuelner goes on to state that liberals have “a much differer vision of America than we conservatives do.”   Liberals wish to “continue spending at reckless levels and force tax hikes to fundamentally transform America.   If they win, there is no way we can bequeath to our children and grandchildren the country our forebears left us.”   He is exactly right.   To subscribe to Heritage see “”

Heritage under Dr. Fuelner has urged Republicans to stand their ground and not listen to the Democrats who counsel compromise.   In reality the Left wishes our side to ignore the message that voters clearly sent last November.  

One of those urging compromise is a comical Senator from IL named Dick Durbin.   He appeared on FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace on March 6th.   With straight face, Durbin told Chris that the Democrat offer of a 4 billion dollar cut in spending met the Republican figure of 60 billion in cuts half way.    This is worse than fuzzy math.   This is a Senator who has been in Washington too long.   

This  is the same Dick Durbin who, on June 14, 2005, said our troops were acting like Nazis and then turned around and said on January 9, 2011, after Congresswoman Giffords was shot,  that Sarah Palin should watch her language.   As Art Buchwald would say, “I cannot make this stuff up.”

I am a native of CO married to a native of IL.   We lived in the Land of Lincoln from 1995-2007.   In a Bible Study there I asked the group (all IL natives save me) how a state that gave us Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan could also give us Dick Durbin and Barack Obama.

The Old Testament book of Nehemiah tells of this gentleman leading his people in rebuilding the walls around Jerusalem in 445 B.C. after they were destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 B.C.   This is a text book on leadership.    The Hebrews had enemies then as God’s People always do.   The enemies at the time, Sanaballet and Tobiah, did not wish the walls rebuilt.    They first made fun of this Nehemiah and his men.   Then they called for negotiations with the leader.   He refused.  Then they made threats.    Nehemiah stationed his men with sword and trowel at the walls growing ever higher as the work went on.

We see this happening still today in Washington.   Last November plenty of Donkeys laughed at the Conservatives and the Tea Party.   After November they called for negotiations and compromise.  Today, in WI at least, they are making threats.    Like Nehemiah, the Republicans with sword and trowel must keep building a wall against spending.   If they do, like Sanballet and Tobiah, Dick Durbin and company will be outside looking up and wondering what happened.   Dear God, may it be so–for our children and grandchildren and freedom loving people everywhere.   Dear God give us grown up, courageous leaders like Nehemiah and Ronald Reagan.