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Comic Relief

Vice President Joe Biden tends to be a walking blunder machine.    Biden announced to a San Francisco audience as they prepared to face New York in the NFC championship game on January 22, “The Giants will win big.”   The Giants represent New York.   The San Francisco football team is the Forty-Niners.   Hapless Joe was thinking of the Major League baseball team, the San Francisco Giants, who left New York in 1958.   Can you imagine what would happen if this had been Dan Quayle?   But the media just laughs and says, “That is just Joe being Joe.”  

President Obama is not a whole lot better.   Recall he visited 57 states in 2008 and said he would visit all the rest before the campaign was over.   He honors “Corpse men.”  He goes to an event honoring fallen soldiers and says, “I see many of them standing before us today.”   Wonder if the Commander in Chief knows even now that fallen means they died in battle.   When a government shut down was avoided he rushed out on Saturday morning to breathlessly tell tourists at the Lincoln Memorial that he had kept this great monument open.    Apparently, even standing there, he could not grasp that there are no shutters around the Lincoln Memorial so people can go there every day to see it whether the government is open or not.  

But “journalists” like Margaret Carlson say the President is so smart we mere mortals just cannot keep up with him.  This is one of the reasons what Bernie Goldberg calls the Lamestream Press has an ever smaller audience.   Talk about comic relief. 

I contrast this with the brilliance of Newt Gingrich.   If the former Speaker is the GOP nominee he has offered to debate Obama and let the President have his teleprompter.   Gingrich would like to have seven Lincoln/Douglas type debates.   It won’t happen but three will be enough to expose Obama as a small man relative to the brilliance of Newt Gingrich.  We all realize that Newt can be volatile and has flaws.   As Rick Perry said in his endorsement, “Newt is not perfect but who among us is?”  

My wife and I cruised with the Weekly Standard in December.  During an informal evening we spoke with editor, Bill Kristol.   He said he too would enjoy watching a Newt/Barack debate.  This is not to say that Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are not also bright and would acquit themselves well in a face off with the President.   But Newt Gingrich is brilliant.  

There is another quality that Mr. Speaker brings to the party.   Many in the GOP seem afraid of Obama as they fear the Press.   Gingrich clearly fears neither.   He has already taken on CNN in a recent debate which rocketed him to the top in South Carolina.   One can sense he cannot wait to step into the ring with Barack Obama.   I suspect it will be a TKO by the second round.   There is a great hunger among the American people to see someone stand up for their values.   Newt Gingrich is that man.

Being from the South may prepare one for this task.   The late Jesse Helms of North Carolina had no fear of the Press and cared not a whit what the New York Times thought of him.  This only further enrages the Lamestream but delights Main Street.   Perhaps being from a part of the land that the Ruling Class despises as crazed Nascar types toughens such citizens to laugh at these elites.

Andrew Jackson said one man with courage makes a majority.   During the battle of Bull Run fought on July 21, 1861 the Confederate lines were crumbling before the Union forces commanded by General Irvin McDowell.  But Robert E. Lee would note that one of his generals was standing like a stonewall.   The battle turned due to this man’s courage and ability and from then on Thomas Jackson was known by the sobriquet Stonewall.

Newt Gingrich has courage.   He is not a man of comic relief but rather a Stonewall of conservatism.  As we approach the Colorado Caucus on Tuesday February 7, I hope you will consider supporting former Speaker Newt Gingrich.  And bring on the Presidential Debates and November 6.


The Power of Tim Tebow

It is quite fascinating to watch the fascination of the media with Tim Tebow.    And, indeed, whether one is secular or believes in the sacred there is something uncanny about the man.   He wins in ways that perhaps none have seen before.    On Sunday he passed for 316 yards for an average of 31.6.   At the U of Florida where Tebow won both a national title and a Heisman, he stenciled John 3:16 into his eyeblack.   This verse is known as the Bible in miniature

Does God care about football?    I disagree with Joe Price, professor of the Religion Department at Whittier College, who says, “Not one whit.”   I recall hearing Elmer Homrighausen, Dean of Princeton Theological Seminary, say in 1975, that God not only numbers the hair on our head, “He knows the number of hairs on the wind pipe of a mosquito.”     God knows and cares about everything.

The Tim Tebow led Denver Broncos keep winning in Overtime.   Who can forget the amazing comeback against the Miami Dolphins in his first game as the Denver Bronco starter?    Every second remaining in the fourth quarter was necessary just to tie.    Surely the Sunshiners then knew they were beaten even before the O.T. period.

Tebow and his team defeated the mighty Pittsburgh Steelers (in overtime) on Sunday.    Their quarterback is Big Ben Roethlisberger who lives just this side of outlaw status and might be in prison but for his millions and his celebrity.    This week he faces Tom Brady who fathered a child out of wedlock and then married another–a supermodel.   This has prompted some to say of the game Saturday, “It is Tom with his supermodel vs. Tim with his super role model.

Both Brady and Roethlisberger are considered better, certainly more traditional quarterbacks, than Tebow.    But there are 24 teams, including Pittsburgh, who would like to be where Tim and the Broncos are right now rather than at home watching.

And most all the “experts” on ESPN agree that Tim Tebow cannot win in the NFL.   I studied biology and chemistry as an undergrad and recall reading that all scientific “experts” agree that the Bumble Bee simply cannot fly.   Aerodynamically the body is too big and the wings too small to support flight.    But the Bumble Bee pays them no mind and goes right on flying.   And Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos are in the Final Eight in the NFL playoffs.    They go right on winning.

In the midst of this, Tebow, who has a foundation to build a hospital in the Philippines and who spends time with needy children including Bailey Knaub of Loveland, CO, who has faced 73 surgeries in 10 years of her teen age life, is a polarizing figure.   I like what Iron Mike Ditka said on ESPN Monday morning, January 9, on the Mike and Mike program, “Tim Tebow demonstrates that good things can happen to good people.”    Amen!

But Tim Tebow is a polarizing figure.   Do we hear that about Big Ben Roethlisberger who has behaved like a thug toward women?    No.    How about Tom Brady who abandons the woman who mothered his child for a super model?    No.   Any insane hatred for these men?   Of course not.    In fact, the world celebrates them.   But Bill Maher, in the most vile and profane manner, attacks Tebow and his faith.    So do many others almost as moronic as Maher.  

Why?    There is a clue in Christ’s words from John 15:25:    “The have hated me without a cause.”    And He warns His followers in Matthew 10:22:   “You will be hated by all for My Name’s sake.   But he who endures to the end will be saved.”    So Bill Maher is simply fulfilling biblical truth in which he claims not to believe.   

How does Tebow respond?    He ignores critics and goes on living for the Lord and testifying to His saving power.    Like the Bumble Bee,  Tim goes right on soaring.     And this further enrages the crazed Left.

The January 16 edition of Time  has a feature title “Tebow’s Testimony.”    The article notes something very interesting.    God has worked through men like Billy Graham, Francis Schaeffer and Jerry Falwell.   Now Evangelical Faith appears to rest in a stadium with a young Christian quarterback.

God moves as He sees fit.   And He makes no errors.   He has found an exceptional vessel whose face is set like a flint on a course worth sailing–a course with an eternal perspective.   Billy Graham said that he knew God’s Hand was upon him in a special way and without that touch he was simply another preacher.    God’s Hand is on Tim Tebow in a special way and the results are observed with fascination by people of the world and people of  The Way alike.   Some love.  Some hate.   But both sets of people watch with fascination.

God’s Hand is on Tim Tebow in a special way.   Praise be to God!


The Four Horsemen of Atheism

The late Methodist theologian, Edwin Lewis, told his students, “There are no new heresies;  only new heretics who practice old heresies.”    While not strictly heresy (denial of revealed truth) atheism is a philosophy which denies the existence of God,  Author of Truth.    And atheism is as old as the Scriptures.   The NIV Bible renders Psalm 14:1:   “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God.’ “

I heard a national figure in the effort at renewal of mainline churches, Virginia Law Shell, say, “When societies turn from God, He withdraws His wisdom from their leaders.”   The beloved U.S. Senate Chaplain, Peter Marshall, also spoke of this when he said, “If we do not stand for something we will fall for anything.”

This brings us to the point of otherwise gifted men adopting the foolishness of atheism as their philosophy.   Several men of first rate minds including the so called Four Horsemen of Atheism, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens and Daniel Dennett have recently authored books hostile to Christianity.  

John Masefield’s 1911 poem “The Everlasting Mercy” speaks to the foolishness of such efforts:

    The trained mind outs the upright soul,  
     As Jesus said the trained mind might, 
    Being brighter than the son’s of light.
    But trained men’s minds are spread so thin, 
    They let all sorts of darkness in;  
    Whatever light man finds they doubt it, 
    They love not light but talk about it.

It is important to note that atheists think about God and they name Him in whom they claim not to believe.   For example, Hitchens’ book is entitled,  Your God is not Great.    The one friends call “Hitch” died on December 15.   Several acquaintences at The Weekly Standard including Bill Kristol, Matt Labash and Mark Hemingway wrote with sadness about his passing.   Though I did not know Chris Hitchens I share their melancholia for the loss of his wit and concern about his destination.   I enjoyed his works including Thomas Jefferson, Author of America.

It can be said of atheists as it is said of Unitarians, “They cannot take it but they cannot leave it alone either.”    C.S. Lewis, once an atheist himself who recovered from it writes, “I was angry with God for not existing and was angry with Him for creating a world.”

Atheists are often gifted intellectually.   Thus, it is important to be reasonable in response.   There is a book by the late Paul Little titled Know Why You Believe, which demonstrates that the Christian faith is both rational and logical.   It is important that believers, in the face of unbelief, be neither shocked nor judgemental but rather loving and accepting.

I have said to atheists, “I have never called at Atheist’s Hospital or been to a nursing home where the cornerstone says, ‘This home for the aged is established for their betterment by the atheists of this community.’ ”    On the contrary, I have called on skeptics (as well as believers) at hospitals established by Catholic, Protestant and Jewish individuals  and bodies.

Atheism is negative and, like all of life, contains a mystery.    The Lord addresses this mystery in John 15:25, “They have hated me without a cause.”    

Master historian Charles Brestead summed up his knowledge of history with four statements.  “The bee pollinates the flower it robs.   Those whom the gods would destroy they first make drunk with power.  God’s mills grind slowly but they grind exceedingly fine.   And God does not settle all His accounts every Saturday night.”   But He settles all His accounts.