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Game Change The Movie: Liberal Catnip

Catnip is a mint loved by cats.   It also means something very attractive.   So the catty left is in 9th heaven over the HBO movie, Game Change.    A case in point is Richard Cohen’s March 13 column, “Change you shouldn’t believe in.”   Cohen is a rather checkered figure who carried on an affair with the wife of ABC news anchor, Peter Jennings, and was accused by a Ms. Devon Spurgeon of sexual harassment at the Washington Post.   It was reduced to “producing a hostile work environment” and “inappropriate behavior.”    The Left winks at such and  has rewarded him with numerous Pulitzer nominations. 

It is Cohen’s thesis in the above column that the movie about Sarah Palin and the 08 campaign is not only accurate but the former governor is a dangerous woman that has ruined America.  Wow!   John McCain and Sarah Palin both deny the veracity of the HBO effort but aides say it is true.   To Cohen, aides know best so it must be real history.  After all assistants would know better than the principle players.   Hmm.

Mr. Cohen sees Ms.Palin as dysfunctional.   And her disease has been passed on to the GOP presidential candidates.   Herman Cain had a nonsensical tax plan.   Michelle Bachmann is a fibber.  Rick Perry is a know nothing (guess it is dumb luck that TX is doing so well economically  and people in the second largest state in the union keep electing him governor).   Rick Santorum is a wild man in his moral values.   Newt Gingrich has wattage but so does Hannibal Lecter.  Cohen excludes Mitt Romney from this list of knaves and fools but barely.   He is simply the best of a bad lot made that way by Sarah Palin.

Is it any wonder The Washington Post and The New York Times have so few readers that each copy of their papers now costs more than the value of an individual stock?   There was a time such nonsense would not appear in print and certainly earn no one a Pulitzer nomination.

Now to the movie.    John Podhoretz, editor of Commentary and entertainment critic for The Weekly Standard titles his review “Back Stab.”   Nicolle Wallace was media aide to George W. Bush and assigned to help Governor Palin work with the Press.   She arranged the disastrous interview of Katie Couric with Ms. Palin.   This was a dunce move by Wallace so she is naturally the heroine of Game Change.   She is the voice of reason to the evil John McCain foisting Palin on the GOP and the nation.  McCain campaign chief, Steve Schmidt, (portrayed by Woody Harrelson) at first is impressed by the Governor’s political smarts but turns horror struck at her Christian principles and seeking the wisdom of God.

John McCain (portrayed by Ed Harris) appears to be running for Cusser in Chief rather than Commander.   There is  some sympathy for Sarah Palin thrust on the scene without much preparation but overall she is treated with painful condescension.

Podhoretz looks at things with more than a little depth.   He concludes that the main lesson from this movie is not that it is predictable liberal Claptrap.  Though it is that.  Nor that it is a waste of time.   It is that also.  No.  He concludes that the lesson is the importance of  politicians choosing aides with far more care than John McCain did.

Richard Cohen, adulterer and harasser, calls Sarah Palin dysfunctional.   And further she has infected the entire GOP field with the same failings.   All this appears in a sinking newspaper.  The  brilliant John Podhoretz writes a thoughtful, sensible reflection of a back stabbing HBO movie in a serious magazine, The Weekly Standard.    Which opinion do you value?


Keystone: Kops & Pipelines

Keystone is a word with two meanings.  One is a wedge-shaped piece at the crown of an arch which locks the other pieces in place.   The second is an object on which associated things depend for support.  

The Keystone Kops were a hopelessly inept police unit portrayed in early 20th century silent film comedies.  Among those who played the cops were Fatty Arbuckle and Charlie Chaplin.  The Keystone Kops had no object at the top on which they could count for strength and support.

Barack Obama reminds one of a national Keystone Kop.   Thus, the pipeline from Canada he opposes  is perfectly named.   If someone brand new to politics suddenly became President his advisors could say, “Watch what Obama did, do the opposite and we will come out ahead.”

I have followed politics for 60 years and have never seen a President like this one.    Big labor wants the jobs that the Keystone Pipeline would bring.   Those jobs would number 20,000 or more.   What does Obama do?   He lobbies his own Democrats to oppose the pipeline.   A sizable number stood against Obama but not enough to get the pipeline built.

For all his foibles Bill Clinton had a rather successful Presidency.  I would like to have him back rather than the Keystone Kop in the White House now.   Bill Clinton has spoken out for the Keystone Pipeline and against the Keystone Kop.

Why does Obama oppose the pipeline?   Well, why does Obama do so much that he does?   Hard to say other than he is hopelessly inept and radically dangerous all at the same time.

But, like coal, maybe oil is right now our Ace in the Hole for 2012 and beyond.   Barack Obama has a tin ear and high gas prices may be his undoing.   Unfortunately there are millions of little keystone kops just as inept as he is and they vote.   A sizeable number of them are in the Lamestream Press.

The answer:   Millions more voters informed, if by nothing else,  their wallets lightened by the Keystone Kop because there is not a Keystone Pipeline.

Let us get a real Keystone at the arch of the nation, a person on whom can rest the confidence of the Constitution and the Forefathers.   See you at the polls on November 6.