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The Invincible Reign

On Saturday, May 12, we attended our daughter’s graduation from Ave Maria Law School in Naples, FL.  The 175 graduates formed the largest class in the school’s twelve year history.  One of the persons recognized was Tom Monaghan, founder of Domino’s Pizza, who invested 400 million dollars in establishing a new Catholic community 30 minutes east of Naples on former vegetable farms.  Ground broke in 2006 for the town of Ave Maria with then Governor Jeb Bush in attendance.

The town is governed by strict Roman Catholic rules and no pornography nor contraceptives are sold in the pharmacy.   
 Naturally the local ACLU sued to prevent the town from being established.  Howard Simon, the head of the Florida ACLU, asked what kind of man establishes a fortune in order to have the power to build a town according to his own morality.  He is a Christian man whose shoes Simon is not worthy to untie.   Liberal Catholic, Frances Kissling, for women’s rights to abortion on demand was also up in arms.  But they were left in the dust.

The Monaghan story reads like a Charles Dickens novel.   His father died on Christmas Eve 1941 when he was 4 years old.   He and his brother were raised in an orphanage run by Polish nuns in Jackson MI.  From 1956-1959 he served in the United States Marines and in 1960 he established Domino’s Pizza which became the second largest chain in the land.   Where else but in America could an individual rise from an orphanage to billionaire businessman.   He also bought the Detroit Tigers in 1983 who promptly won the World Series in 1984.

But in 1989 Monaghan read the C.S. Lewis classic, Mere Christianity, a portion of which speaks to pride.  Inspired by this work, he sold his vast holdings and began to dedicate his life to pro-life causes.   Ave Maria Law School was established in Ann Arbor, MI in 2000.   Among its faculty was Robert Bork, brilliant jurist turned down for the Supreme Court.   But some pro-choice members of the Michigan Supreme Court were allowed to appear at the school’s annual “Red Mass.”   Strongly pro-life Monaghan then funded the move of the Law School from Ann Arbor to Naples in 2009 and established Ave Maria University in the new town outside Naples noted above.

Though we are Protestants, Ave Maria offered our daughter a full ride scholarship to study at the Roman Catholic Law School.   Her class of 2012 was the first to prepare for the law entirely in Naples, FL.

At graduation I sat next to a fine Catholic gentleman who supports the Ave Maria institutions financially and spends time on campus to offer his moral support to students.   As we awaited the beginning of the ceremony we discussed the state of our nation and what we are doing to the unborn in our society.   He spoke of Psalm 95:10,11 which reads:  “For 40 years I was grieved with that generation.  It is a people who go astray in their hearts.  And they do not know My ways.   In My wrath  they will not enter My rest.”
Something terrible happened in our land on January 22, 1973–Roe v Wade in which the Supreme Court decided that a right to privacy under the due process clause of the 14th Amendment included the right of a woman to choose abortion.    Our own Byron White of Wellington, CO, appointed to the Court by President John Kennedy, stated that this decision was an embarrassment to sound legal thinking and an abomination.   Unfortunately Mr. White’s opinion did not prevail.

The date 1973 means that we have grieved God in this area for eight months shy of 40 years.  Already we see his Wrath toward our nation in the sad state of our economy and the increasing oppression of our people at the hands of a comical but very dangerous President of the United States.  You may recall in the 2008 election John McCain’s raising the fact that as a young State Senator in IL, Barack Obama, had supported infanticide.  Obama went wild in his denials but McCain’s charges are true.  State Senator Obama supported doing away with a baby who was born alive in what he called a botched abortion.   This is how sick we have become.

It is my firm belief that we have one more chance to correct our ways–November 6, 2012.   The new President will take the Oath of Office at noon on January 20, 2013–two days shy of the 40th Anniversary of the greatest mistake ever made by a Supreme Court of the United States.   Dred Scott was corrected by a Civil War and by the Emancipation Proclamation under the hand of our greatest President, Abraham Lincoln.

The new President must be pro-life.   If he is pro-infanticide, God is not mocked and the Angel of Death is over us and our freedom as surely as he was over Egypt at the time of Moses and the 10 Commandments.   Which will it be?   Life?  Or Death?   

After Jack Kennedy stood the Russians down in the Cuban Missile Crisis, he shared a poem with his aids:
            Bullfight critics ranked in rows
            Crowd the enormous plaza full,
            But only one there is who knows
            And he’s the one who fights the bull.
Let us find courage in Him and the rush of being in the arena rather than crowding the plaza full.  Will you and I stand up for our children and grandchildren and One Nation Under God on November 6?  A generation yet unborn depends on us.


Romney/Rubio 2012

Marco Rubio is perhaps the most celebrated young Senator since Jack Kennedy some 50 years ago.   He is also the most talked about Vice Presidential running mate for Mitt Romney.   FOX News began a new series on Bret Baier’s Special Report on April 30 concerning the GOP Vice Presidential candidates for 2012.   The first one featured was Marco Rubio.

My wife and I went on a Weekly Standard Cruise in December 2011.   At that time the top of the Republican ticket was still unsettled but Rubio was first choice for VP among cruisers.   Steve Hayes said during one of the cruise panels:  “As impressive as Marco Rubio is on television, he is even moreso in person.”    Columnist Charles Krauthammer has said that the Republicans really would be the stupid party if Rubio is not on the ticket.

Our daughter is finishing law school in Naples, FL and met Marco Rubio in the fall of 2010 when he campaigned in that city.   She was wearing her Ken Buck for Senate from CO T-shirt.  Rubio spotted her shirt and came over to say he liked the message.   She has photos of she and the future Senator which are treasured for the moment but also because he may be President some day.

No leader is free of criticism and possible scandal.   When Marco Rubio served in the Florida State House in Tallahassee he owned a home with fellow Florida Representative, David Rivera.  The home fell into foreclosure under confusing circumstances.   David Rivera is also now in Washington representing Florida’s 25th Congressional District.   He is under investigation for some questionable financial dealings.

All this is surfacing as Marco Rubio is vetted as a possible running mate for Mitt Romney.  The Democrats will doubtless seek to make hay of this if it is Romney/Rubio.    One who may be a bit skittish about this is Barack Obama.   If Rubio has a real estate problem in Tallahassee, Obama has one in Chicago with convicted felon, Tony Rezko.

Rezko raised large sums of money for Rod Blagojevich when he ran for governor of IL and both men wound up in prison for influence peddling.   Rezko was convicted of receiving kick backs from companies wishing to do business in IL.   He greased the way with IL officials in return for money. 

Tony Rezko raised 14 million dollars for Barack Obama’s 2004 U.S. Senate bid.   In 2005 the Obamas spent 1.65 million dollars for a home in Chicago.   This was 300,000 dollars below value.   Who owned the property next door?   Tony Rezko and his wife Rita were the owners and they sold a 10 foot strip of their land to the Obamas.   This lowered the value of Rezko property but added immensely to the value of the Obama section.   Why would the Rezko’s do this?    Are they simply great hearted people wishing to help a young couple?

Tony Rezko is now serving 10.5 years in prison for influence peddling.   During the 2008 campaign for the Democrat Presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton said, “Obama is friends with slum lord, Tony Rezko.”   Did he hope to influence a President named Obama?

If the Democrats wish to go after Marco Rubio over a foreclosure in Tallahassee, the GOP will revisit “slum lord” Tony and his association both with Rod Blagojevich and Barack Obama.   John McCain, to his detriment,  handled all this very gingerly in 2008.   Mitt Romney has demonstrated he has no such reservations in the way his campaign went after GOP rivals Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. 

I suspect we may also hear more about Obama’s association with terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.   And if the Dems go after Mitt Romney as a Mormon, Barack Obama’s 20 year association with Jeremiah Wright, radical bigoted pastor will also resurface.   McCain foolishly handcuffed his campaign in this area as well.   Romney’s campaign will not.

Our nation is in a death struggle between Tyranny and Freedom.   Barack Obama is the most dangerous President ever.   Like Richard Nixon he has an enemies list.    But Nixon had some respect for the Constitution.   Obama does not.   Nixon admitted setting up the EPA was a grave error.   Obama loves the EPA and its killing of our coal and oil industry–crucifying the latter– and destruction of any other free enterprise it can.

The President tells the Russians he will be free after the next election.   Free for what?   More selling out of the nation–including militarily.    He has killed our Space industry and told NASA their job now was to make the Moslems feel good about themselves.    Where does such insanity come from?    It comes from a radical who thinks of himself  anointed when in reality he is comically incompetent and incapable of running anything except a great nation into the ground. 

We began by noting the gifts of Marco Rubio.   If he is offered and accepts the Vice Presidential nomination, will it not be fun to watch the gifted Rubio square off in debate with hapless Joe Biden?   You know Joe who lectured Sarah Palin on the Constitution and how Article l clearly spells out the duties of the Vice President.   Article l in fact deals with the Legislative, not the Executive Branch of government.   And the Constitution says very little about the office of Vice President.

You know Joe who went to San Francisco in January just before National Football Conference Championship game and announced that the Giants would win big.   Noting that his audience did not cheer he discovered that the 49ers, San Francisco’s football team, was playing the Giants of New York.   Joe did not seem to know that the San Francisco Giants were the Bay Area baseball team and that they left New York in 1957.

Joe and Barack of the 57 states so far are both good for comic relief.   But they are also radically dangerous.   I urge that we vote for MR & MR over BO & JB in 2012.   Our freedom depends upon it–really!