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Kennedy’s Frontier; Obama’s Foolishness

On July 15, 1960, John Kennedy accepted the Democrat nomination for President in Los Angeles, CA.  A key line in his address was:  “We stand today at the edge of a New Frontier–the Frontier of the 1960’s, a Frontier of unknown opportunities and paths, a Frontier of unfulfilled hopes and threats.”   We especially think of the New Frontier as the serious Space Exploration initiated under JFK with plans to land on the moon before the end of the decade–which happened.

Jack Kennedy is a truly heroic figure who saw to the safety of his men after his PT-Boat was sliced in two by a Japanese destroyer during WWII.   He faced up to the debacle of the failed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in April 1961, and said, “I am responsible.”   There was no, “I inherited this mess from Ike and the Joint Chiefs.”   Eighteen months later he faced the Russians down in the Cuban Missile Crisis of October, 1962.   After the crisis passed he insisted there be no boasting and no put down of the Russians who had clearly backed off.    President Kennedy was a real hero.

In contrast we have today the most “I” centered President in memory.    “I got bin Laden.”  “My Administration did it.”   The Press helps this by constantly asking how recent set backs will effect Obama.   There is seeming no feeling for the American people.

There is no praise for Bush or the SEALS in fighting terrorism.   But as things go wrong, “Bush did it.”   Even Democrats are growing weary of this very small man in a very big office.  What may be most egregious is his allowing national security leaks that make him look tough on terrorism.   This had to come from the Oval Office as people are quoted who were at meetings with the President.   He may have deniability but there has not been blanket denials and there seems no urgency on stopping the breach.   This puts persons in jeopardy for their lives who are helping us overseas and is also making Israel look bad.    This never seems to trouble Obama as he comforts adversaries while dissing allies.

President Obama is so delusional he actually seems to think these security failings help him.   In reality they alarm sensible people here and abroad and also will lead to persons not trusting us lest they wind up in prison like the Pakistani doctor who helped us find Osama or dead at the hands of our adversaries in Iran and elsewhere.  

How did the nation that gave us Harry Truman, John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan give us Barack Obama?    The answer is that too many were taken in by smooth talk from an empty suit.   As Rush Limbaugh says we have a Celebrity in Chief as opposed to a Commander.   And only half in jest he calls him Barack Hussein Kardashian for the comically talentless family ever in the news.

Well, we made a major mistake in 2008 that can be corrected in 2012.   Let’s put some real heroes back in office as opposed to comical Kardashians who are legends only in their own small minds. 

Samuel Walter Foss has a poem:
            Bring me men to match my mountains, bring me men to match my plains;
            Men with empires in their purpose and new visions in their brains.
Let’s do it in 2012.


Walker’s Courage/Obama’s Dodging

“Victory has a thousand fathers, defeat is an orphan,” is a phrase popularized by John Kennedy.  I first heard it in a 1951 movie, “The Desert Fox, Rommel,” starring James Mason.  We see the truth of this in all aspects of life.   The mature athlete will give credit to others in a win and shoulder responsibility for a loss.   The self-centered player reverses this.   So does the immature politician.

When the Bay of Pigs went awry, Jack Kennedy stood tall and said, “I am Commander-in-Chief.  I gave the order.   I am responsible.”   In reality, the Joint Chiefs assured him it would work and then headed for the tall grass when it did not.   Bill Clinton was of a different nature and did not mind blaming Janet Reno for Waco and Hillary for their health care debacle.    Having said that, like many Americans, I would like to have him back right now.

Barack Obama may be the Prince of taking credit and shifting blame.    How many times has he said of the death of bin Laden?  “I did it.”   No credit to the SEALS or to Bush policies.    How many times have we heard?   “I inherited this mess.”   More than any of us want to hear it and to the point Obama is seen as a comic figure.

There is satirical ditty, “The Psychiatric Folk Song”  that goes like this:
                At three I had a feeling of ambivalence toward my brothers, so it followed naturally that I poisoned all my lovers;
                 But now I’m happy this is taught,  everything I do that’s wrong is someone else’s fault.
We have come a long way since Harry Truman and “The Buck Stops Here.”

In WI Governor Scott Walker has shown courage which led to a failed recall.   He did not back down, ran on his record and saw the Left badly defeated.    One has the feeling that he would have shown the same strength and courage if it had gone badly for him.   Where was the President in all this?   Not in WI.   He got close with all sorts of Midwest fund raisers.   On June 5 he was in the Big Apple–yes for a fund raiser.

Defeat is an orphan.   It also leads to rage–particularly when it is by a wide margin.   The Party will blame the Unions.   The Unions will blame the Party.    And quietly or openly they will both ask, “Where was the President?”    He was thinking of himself, the perpendicular pronoun.   He was out raising funds for his campaign.  No one is smaller than the man all wrapped up in self.
And now it is not only Republicans who are finding their tongues on the immaturity and basic silliness of the “one we have all been waiting for.”

In addition to courage Governor Walker also has persistence.   Whatever he faced from the unions and other special interests he did not back down or give quarter.    After the first day of the Battle of Shiloh, with serious reversals, General U.S. Grant was met by his chief engineer, James McPherson.   Greatly discouraged, he told the general, “Things look bad.   We’ve lost half our artillery and one third of our infantry.   What shall we do?”    Grant immediately replied:   “Do?    Why reform our lines and attack at dawn.   Won’t they be surprised?”     Surprised they were and the Confederate troops were routed by 9 A.M.   No one is defeated until he gives up.    Walker would not give up and it has paid off.    May his tribe increase across the land.    
After the 2008 election, no less than leading political scientist, Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia said, “We now have a Political Party, the Democrats, and half a Party, the Republicans.   This was surprising to hear from one so esteemed as political parties have a way of roaring back as the GOP did in 2010.

Andrew Jackson was made of stern stuff.   He said, “One man with courage makes a majority.”   Scott Walker has courage and made a majority.     May Mitt  Romney and the entire  GOP learn from him and his courage.    May his victory have other fathers in other states.    And may Barack Obama go on dodging–dodging his way right out office on November 6.