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The Civil War and the Election of 2012

World War II has surpassed the Civil War in terms of popular interest.   But the War Between the States remains our most “felt” period of history as it pitted American against American, brother against brother.   And every death took the life of one of our citizens.   As with every major event colorful and inspiring figures emerge.

Among these is General George McClellan who commanded the Army of the Potomac on two different occasions (November 1, 1861-July 11, 1862 and September 2, 1862-November 5, 1862.  He was outstanding at organizing and training an Army which was essential for the North as the most able commanders like Robert E. Lee and  T.J. “Stonewall” Jackson had joined their native South at the beginning of the War.   But he was timid about fighting and had a tendency to underestimate his strength and exaggerate the size  of the Army of Northern Virginia under Robert E. Lee.   His recalcitrance about fighting led Lincoln to wryly inquire, “If you are not using the Army may I borrow it?”  

During both his stints as Commander of the Union Forces he could have taken Richmond, the Confederate Capital.   After the Battle of Antietam in the fall of 1862 a more bold general could have captured Lee’s army–effectively ending the war.   But McClellan suffered with what Lincoln called “a bad case of the slows.”   On the other hand, his organizational skills are evident in that U.S. Grant employed his very plan for the capture of Richmond on April 3, 1865 followed by Lee’s surrender on April 9.

When Grant and Lee faced off, the Union general lost 55,000 men (nearly as many as Lee’s entire army) to Lee’s 30,000.  Lee proportionally lost more.   Both men knew they had never faced anyone like the other.   Even other Union officers began to call him “Butcher Grant.”    But Lincoln backed him as he said, “This man fights.”

After the war both generals mentioned George McClellan.   Grant, by then President Grant, said, “McClellan to me is one of the mysteries of the war.”   Robert E. Lee, Jr. compiled the Recollections and Letters of Robert E. Lee.   In these recollections his father is asked, “Who was the ablest general on the Union side?”   His reply, “McClellan by all odds.”

We are, perhaps, at the most critical junction of our history since 1860, certainly since 1980.   We have a President at least as incompetent as Jimmy Carter.    Rush Limbaugh calls Barack Obama, “Celebrity in Chief,” and even more withering, “President Kardashian,” after the comically talentless family–ever in the news for no good reason.

One of Abraham Lincoln’s many failed generals was Joseph Hooker.   He was given command of the Army of the Potomac on January 25, 1863.   Anxious to impress he wired the President, “My headquarters are in the saddle.”    To which Lincoln, his sense of humor on full display, said to his cabinet, “That is the trouble with Hooker.    He has his headquarters where he ought to have his hindquarters.”   That is perhaps another apt description of our current President.

His opponent in 2012 is Mitt Romney.   This election is very winnable.   Obama fully displays the silly incompetence of the Left as well as the radical dangers they pose.   Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are nearly as good for comic relief.   But is Romney a McClellan or an “Unconditional Surrender” Grant?    At times he has appeared to be the latter with his unmerciful hits on Santorum and Gingrich and his rapid response to the Democrats’ false charges.   But on the lies the Obama team is telling about Bain Capital and Romney’s time there he has been like McClellan–“a bad case of the slows.”   This has hurt him in OH and PA.   Mara Liasson of NPR and Fox News has said, “With all Romney’s war chest, I do not understand this.”  Nor do we.

I once had the privilege of meeting the nephew of the great Defensive End of the Lombardi era Green Bay Packers, Willy Davis.   He was a member of the only Lombardi team that lost a playoff game–the 1960 NFL Championship to the Norm Van Brocklin led Philadelphia Eagles.   Davis said, “I did not give 100 % today.   I will never again leave the field knowing I did not give it my all.”

General U.S. Grant did not withdraw to lick his wounds as other Union generals had following setbacks against Robert E. Lee.   He moved ever forward with his superior forces.  This was another reason Lee knew he was facing a different kind of leader of the Army of the Potomac, one he could not defeat nor even delay for long.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow has a line in The Masque of Pandora, 1875:  “Do not delay.  Do not delay.   The Golden Moments fly.”   Do not delay, Mitt Romney.   The GOP nominee  must be like Willy Davis of the Green Bay Packers, leaving nothing on the field.   And he must  be “Unconditional Surrender” Grant in the face of Barack Obama.   This battle must not be lost.   The Golden Moments fly. Do not delay, Mitt Romney.



Armageddon is the last battle where the forces of evil led by the devil square off with the forces of good led by the Lord.   The term appears only once in Scripture in Revelation 16:16.   Taxmageddon is a term to indicate the same type of apocalyptic consequences in a battle over tax rates for the American people.

Grover Norquist,  president of Americans for Tax Reform, outlines the consequences if the Democrats succeed in their plans to sunset the Bush tax cuts in the July/August  American Spectator.   These tax increases will add 500 billion dollars to the nation’s tax burden in 2013 and take 5 trillion dollars out of the economy and ship it to Washington over the next 10 years.    Now that Obamacare has been sustained by Chief Justice John Roberts’ threading of the needle that this power grab is a tax  another 23 billion dollars will be lifted from American citizens in 2013 alone.

The 2001 Bush tax cuts reduced marginal tax rates and doubled the per-child from 500 dollars to 1000.  When the old rates return a family’s taxes will go up 500 dollars for every child under 18.   And for anyone who dies after midnight New Year’s Eve the death tax will move from 35% of lifetime earnings above 5 million dollars to the confiscation of 55% of the family fortune over 1 million dollars.   In total the tax hikes lying in wait in this Taxmaggedon will increase the tax burden from the 18.5% of GDP over the past two decades to 21 percent.

How can this disaster be forestalled.   There is only one way:   On Election Day, November 6 re-elect a GOP majority in the House, pick up at least 4 Republican Seats in the Senate and install Mitt  Romney in the White House.   Then says Norquist, “Through reconciliation, the House and Senate can extend the lapsing tax cuts for one year, enough time to pass a real revenue-neutral, Reagan style tax reform, like the one outlined by Wisconsin Congressman, Paul Ryan.

A vote for Obama is a vote for an immediate 500 billion dollar tax hike, for a permanent Obama take over of health care and a continued Obama led downward path to America’s becoming  Greece.    This is exactly what he wants.    For the sake of our children and grandchildren, I pray that at least 51% of the American voting public does not.

Armageddon is the last grand battle of this present age and “ushers in the day of the Lord” (Joel 2:11) when God actively and visibly manifests His glorious Power to the discomfiture and utter destruction of His enemies.    Taxmageddon may mean the destruction of the greatest of nations. 

Taxmageddon or an American Renaissance?   The answer is in our hands.