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The Biden Identity

Barack Obama said during the 2008 presidential campaign that he had “visited 57 states so far.”   At an event honoring fallen soldiers he spoke of “many of them standing before us today.”   And not knowing he was being recorded insulted Middle America by speaking of “bitter people clinging to guns and religion.”

But the President is an amateur gaffer (as well as an amateur in general) when compared to his Vice President, the ever loveable Joe Biden.   When introducing then Senator Obama on August 23, 2008 he said, “The next President of the United States, Barack America!”  On October 15, 2008 he spoke of the number one issue facing us as “a three letter word–JOBS.”   

In January of 2012 Joe Biden was in San Francisco.   It was the week of the National Football Conference championship game between the City by the Bay and New York.   Seeking to curry favor a beaming Biden told the crowd the Giants would win big.   He had the San Francisco  baseball and football teams mixed up.   The 49rs were playing the Giants of New York.   The New York Giants did win and the Biden Syndrome struck again.

The week of August 12, 2012 was a Bidenism/day.  He told a largely black audience in Virginia that Romney and company wants “to put y’all back in chains.”   Still in Virginia he said, “We will win North Carolina.”  Speaking of the auto industry and General Motors he postulated that “there is no reason we cannot build the best cars in the 20th century.”   This prompted former New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, to say we have a Vice President who did not know what state he was in nor what century he is living in.  He added that Biden did not know Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney’s running mate, was a Congressman.   Giuliani questioned whether Biden has the intellectual capacity to be Vice President to say nothing of (heaven forbid) President.

This prompted Democrat Dick Durbin of IL, second in command behind Harry Reid (now there’s a pair) in the United States Senate, to say that Joe Biden is a friend of his and that Rudy Giuliani should be careful.   After all  the GOP chose Sarah Palin for V.P. in 2008.   Given Donkey distaste for Sarah that is not much of an endorsement.   This is the same Dick Durbin who said  our troops in Iraq were acting like Nazis, Pol Pot and the Soviet Gulag.   Biden was glad to have Durbin’s support. 

Beyond comic relief there is a larger issue here.   Can you imagine if this were Sarah Palin saying these things?    Or Dan Quayle?     Neither can I but if they did it would lead the news.   Questions would be raised about the Republicans being the stupid party.    But the Donkeys get a pass.   The GOP is like the team playing on the road where crooked refs call the game.   The visitors are behind by several points when they get off the bus.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan must be on top of their game every day and will still not get a fair shake from the media.   Their base must turn out and we need keep a sense of humor about the press that will wink at Obama /Biden idiocy but call every possible foul against the Republicans.  And some not possible but still fouls in the eyes of these dinosaurs of the old line press will be called.  

Herein lies one of our advantages.    Fewer and fewer get their news from the three old networks and the Establishment print media.    Today there is fair and balanced Fox News and The Weekly Standard magazine as well as talk radio–most especially Rush Limbaugh to whom Ronald Reagan said, “You are now the leader of the Conservative movement.”

So let us keep a sense of humor, laugh at Joe the Buffoon, Barack America and their lackeys in the once mainstream press.  And remember Proverbs 17:22 which reads: “A merry heart is good medicine.”    Indeed it is.   But as we laugh at the  dull bulbs disguised as leaders let us work like the dickens to replace them with real men and women to handle the most serious economic crisis since the Great Depression.

One more note.   This past week President Obama, who has not had a White House Press Conference since March and only one in all of 2012, was on some local zoo program where he told the host what super powers he would have if he were a super hero.   We already covered the Bidenisms of the week.  Meanwhile Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, grown ups in the room, were talking about how to restore  the economy and save Medicare.  Fantasy Super Hero, Barack Obama, chose Joe Biden to be his V.P. in 2008 and is keeping Bidenism on the team.   Mitt Romney chose an adult, Paul Ryan, to be his running mate.

So which do we want in 2012?    A pair of Jokers?    Or a pair of Aces?    It is in our hands.


Have You No Sense of Decency?

Shortly after 10 A.M. on April 22, 1954, the red lights of the cameras went on amid the florid Corinthian columns of the Senate Caucus room.   The Senate Subcommittee on Investigations was called to order.   Their counsel, Ray Jenkins, was recognized and opened his mouth but the words came from down the table.    “Point of order, Mr. Chairman,” said Senator Joe McCarthy.  For thirty-six days and 2,000,000 words the Army-McCarthy hearings went on.

McCarthy, who had charged there were scores of communists in the State Department, had turned on the Army as also having communist sympathizers.   Throughout the hearings  McCarthy behaved like McCarthy as he bullied, browbeat and threatened even high Army officers and government officials.   And throughout there was “Point of Order,” until school children were imitating him on the streets.   The whole country watched with horrified fascination and slowly public opinion turned against Joe McCarthy.

The most charming person in the drama was Joseph Welch, the Army’s Chief Council and an infinitely shrewd Boston lawyer.    He played a judge in the powerful film, Anatomy of a Murder, saying he accepted the role as it would be the only time he would be able to sit on the bench.   At an especially reckless moment for McCarthy, Welch turned to him and said, “Senator, have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last?    Have you left no sense of decency?”    The room shook with applause and Joe McCarthy was finished.   He would die three years later.

McCarthy was a Republican and Democrats love to bring up McCarthy and McCarthyism, a term originated by cartoonist Herbert Block (Herblock) of the Washington Post.   He drew a cartoon of buckets of tar with the term MCCARTHYISM printed on an extra large bucket on top.   Now the Democrats have their own McCarthy and his name is Harry Reid.

Former Senator Fred Thompson calls him a little man of no account when Fred was in the Senate.   But now he is Senate Majority Leader.   I am no fan of Lyndon Johnson but it is hard to imagine his stooping this low when he was Majority Leader–nor anyone else for that matter who has any sense of decorum.   Reid is still a little man but now with a job too big for him.

From the Senate floor he says a man from Bain Capitol told him that Mitt Romney had paid no taxes in the last ten years.    And further, it is up to Mitt Romney to prove it is not true.  You are guilty until you prove your innocence says this  small and sorry man from Nevada.   Joe McCarthy’s, “There are 57 Communists in the State Department,” anyone?    Where is the Jospeh Welch in the Democrat Party to say, “Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last?  Have you left no sense of decency?”

You won’t find them in the person of Jay Carney, President Obama’s Press Secretary, whom Rush Limbaugh calls the “Spokeskid.”   He ducks and dodges.   Even CNN’s Candy Crowley says to Democrat officials, “You could stop Reid if you chose to.”   She and some others from the Left recognize this is too low even for Democrats.  

And the President?   He is too busy attending his umpteenth fund raiser to take note.   Too busy calling people bitter clingers to guns and religion.   Too busy telling hard working businessmen and women, “You didn’t build that.”  Maybe this is what the Democrats have become.   Small, nasty little people who have no sense of decency.   Certainly Reid’s Creed seems to be no principles, no propriety,  no shame.   Even Juan Williams, Democrat apologist,  has said on FOX News that this is too low to go.

What is the answer.    There is only one.   These people must be defeated and placed in the dust pan of history on the backside of the desert.   There is no compromise with them.   No reasoning with them.   They are haters of all that is fine and honorable and have sunk to the bottom.   Let us leave them there.

To make this happen Mitt Romney must have a bit of killer instinct.   He has thus far been rather understated.   Every leader must have, at times, a bit of ruthlessness.   Romney has manifest this when facing Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich.  It must again surface now.

            With reasonable men I will reason.   With humane men I will plead,
             But with tyrants and dictators I will waste no words and show no mercy.

Senator Joe McCarthy was rightly censured by the United States Senate, 67-22.    Harry Reid is a small lackey to a small, but dangerous President, Barack Obama.  They both must be censured in the court of public opinion on November 6.   Mitt Romney must lead us in this.   Let each of us have steel in our backbones as we stand up to the evil that is all about us.    For our grandchildren, great-grandchildren and a generation yet unborn let us waste no words and show no mercy toward tyrants and dictators from Las Vegas to Chicago.

Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.   Proverbs 14:33



Obama Lives in Fantasy Land

Lee Smith is a senior writer for The Weekly Standard, an intellectual , conservative alternative to Time and the soon to be defunct embarrassment, Newsweek.  In the July 23 issue he writes that the Obama Administration would have us believe that it is racking up many victories overseas and confounding our foes.   We don’t see it because Obama wants it that way as his policies are so subtle, the signature of smart power.

For example, Vladimir Putin displays open contempt for Obama.   But in the President’s secret world the reset will soon pay rich dividends over Russia.   But this is fantasy.   Foreign policy is not like an iceberg.   It is mostly visible.   What do we see in Obama’s plans for projecting U.S. influence as a global power?  

We see a reflection of the man.   Lack of commitment and ambivalence is his guiding principle.  This is the man so recently in the IL State House voting “Present.”   As people warned in 2008, Obama  is not up to the task and lacks the experience or the temperament to be President.  

It is true that the Chief Executive is surrounded by tough minded Chicago thugs and political cutthroats, but, as Smith notes, they are deployed against Mitt Romney–not Putin or Iran.   Besides, their boss himself is just not that stout.

Obama has sailed through life with the wind at his back and the Press as his lackeys.   He has always been fawned over as something so special that the world has never seen his like.   The Press is still there helping with the crafting of his fantasy foreign policy.   But this is the real world.

As the fantasy is exposed by sensible persons domestically and hardened leaders overseas, Obama’s response is political theater.   That is why we get the leaks that Democrat Senator and Chair of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, Dianne Feinstein, says came from the White House.  Obama wants to appear tough on adversaries.  In reality, they receive better treatment than our friends.

This is part of the reason that Mitt Romney is abroad visiting Great Britain, Israel and Poland.   Obama sent the bust of Winston Churchill back to the Brits, has put daylight between us and Israel and broke the Bush treaty with Poland for missiles there in defense of a once again bellicose Russia.   Overseas leaders have come to see that, under this man, the U.S. is not to be trusted.  This is quite typical of the Left.

Obama is daily exposed now as a man not up to the task of being President.  He did get Osama bin Laden, a major accomplishment, to be sure.   But we now learn that it was typical of the man–on and off several times before the trigger was finally pulled.   His handlers work hard to make Obama seem decisive lest he be fully exposed for who he is, an ambivalent man who cannot commit.  A man who, when the going gets tough, returns to the Illinois State House and votes, “Present.”   

November 6, anyone?