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Middle East Blazes/Barack Lazes

My memories go back to Harry Truman.   I have followed every President since–including Mr. Truman.   Has there ever been a President like Barack Obama?   So comical?   So dangerous?   So incompetent?   So crass?    So brazen in his lies?   I think not as we could not have survived 236 years if there had been.

Have we ever had a Mainline Press like we have now?    A Press so obviously behind Obama that they are an arm of the Democrat Party?  So compliant to the President’s wishes?  Again I think not.   Thomas Jefferson said liberty cannot survive without a free press.   But this Press is not free.   It is in Barack Obama’s hip pocket.    Cronkite and Brokaw were part of the Left but it was not so obvious as it is now.   They at least gave the appearance of some even handedness.

There was a Democrat ad a while back that implied that Mitt Romney was responsible for the death of the wife of a steel worker.   This was absurd.   Yet the media ran with it.   We say Democrat ad as it has been demonstrated that some of Obama’s campaign team were involved in it.   This is a violation of campaign finance laws but who cares about legality with Far Left Obama?

Joe Biden loves to say, “Osama is dead and GM is alive.”   Since Obama and Biden love to brag that they killed Osama bin laden and Dems practically accuse Romney of murder, wonder if there is a place for an ad that says Osama is dead and so is our Libyan ambassador, Chris Stevens.   Romney cannot do such an ad, of course.   The mainline press noted above that celebrates all Domocrat ads would pounce on this as out of bounds.   The ad does not have to say that Obama is responsible for both deaths but it can be rightly implied.  Perhaps a PAC ad to this effect could be done.

Give the President credit.   He did give the order for the SEALS to get Osama.   But he also failed to beef up security on 9/11/12 at our embassies and consulates.    The President does not meet with his national security team or his cabinet for that matter.   He is too busy out campaigning, fund raising and hanging out with Letterman and Beyonce for that.    He cannot be bothered with affairs of state.   After all he is more Celebrity in Chief than Commander.   This is one of the reasons Rush Limbaugh calls him President Kardashian.

Obama makes Carter look strong.   Jimmy would not have just held a brief Rose Garden appearance hours after the deaths of our ambassador, two Seals and a staff member in Libya and then jetted off to yuk it up in Vegas and Golden, CO.   Carter had too much class and sense of responsibility to operate that way.   Obama has neither.   One has to think that even Bill Clinton would have stayed at the White House at such a time.

The Middle East is ablaze and Barack Obama is perpetually on Air Force One raising money, hanging with the stars, vacationing and apologizing.  Thus, he cannot be bothered with real work.   This has characterized his entire Presidency and his life in government.   As an IL State Senator he tended to vote, “Present.”    As U. S. Senator he seldom showed up for work–too busy jetting around the country blasting Bill and Hill as he ran for the Democrat nomination for President.   He is out of touch when we need a competent, hands on leader.

The 2012 election is the most important since 1860.   Thus far, Mitt Romney has not been a great candidate.  He is overly cautious when we need a bold man certain and secure.   He lacks fire.  He is too afraid of the Press who are going to blast him and praise Barack whatever the two men do.   Romney could learn from Ronald Reagan who, when attacked in 1980 by the Press said, “I am not the issue.   Jimmy Carter’s sorry record is the issue and I am just going to keep on talking about it.”   He did–all the way to the White House.  And the mainline Press is increasingly sideline anyway with the rise of cable, the internet and talk radio.  

But Mitt Romney knows how to run things.  So does serious student Paul Ryan.   Barack Obama does not other than running a great country into the ground.   And Joe Biden knows only how to run his mouth adding much to comic relief at a time it is needed. 

There are signs that Mitt is improving as a candidate.  He was bold in his choice of Paul Ryan as running mate.   He has taken a stance on the turmoil in the Middle East and not backed down.   When Obama said one cannot change Washington from the inside and that it must come from the outside, Romney jumped on that and said that D.C. can be changed from the top and that we will put the President on the outside November 6.

There is merit in Romney’s replacing his campaign advisors with some more assertive voices reflective of Newt Gingrich, Laura Ingraham and Rush Limbaugh.   Rush in particular mixes in humor with his commentary.   Humor does not come naturally to Romney or Ryan but some comic relief has a place in campaigns and is often memorable to voters.  

The last day of the 1980 campaign,  Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Jerry Ford and Bob Hope all shared a stage in Peoria, IL.   George Bush said, “May the best man win and the other man go home to Plains, GA.”   Former President Ford held up a miniature dollar bill and said this was what had happened to our currency under Jimmy Carter.   Bob Hope said the difference between Jimmy Carter and his brother Billy Carter was that Billy had a foreign policy.   Billy had entertained some shady Middle Eastern Arabs at his home in Plains just a few days before.
Ronald Reagan by then knew he was going to win big and was rather serious and reflective as a man about to assume a major responsibility.  

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are serious men.   Barack Obama and Joe Biden are not.   There is a place to expose them as the comic figures they are in the midst of a tragic four years.   On November 6 may the best men win and the other two make a second career on Saturday Night Live.


Big Barack/Big Disappointment

There is a funny story set in the Old West.    One day as the cowboys are in the saloon in a Western town, a man rushes in and says, “Everyone clear out.   Big Mike is coming.”    They all jump on their horses and ride.   The only one left is the bartender.   Presently a huge man of 6’6″ on a massive horse appears.   He rams his elbow through the swinging door of the saloon and gruffly barks, “Give me a big shot of rye and put it in a dirty glass.”  He downs it in one swallow.   The barkeep nervously asks,  “W-would you like another?”    “Heck no,” says the giant of a man.   “I gotta get outta here.  Haven’t you heard?   Big Mike is coming.”

In 2008 the old line media, in what Bernie Goldberg calls “a slobbering love affair,” swooned over a man seen as Big Barack.   Even John McCain seemed to cower before him as he refused to note his relationship with 60’s terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn or the bigoted preacher Jeremiah Wright.   He made little of Obama’s lack of experience and all his cowardly “Present” votes in the IL State Senate.   The only “real man” on the GOP side wore skirts and is named Sarah Palin.   She is a fearless AK Hockey Mom.   She was fully prepared to take on Obama, Biden and whole lot of them.  McCain advisors, to the detriment of the entire country, foolishly squelched that.  May Sarah’s tribe and brand increase.

Now, four years later,  the bloom is off the rose.    He is no longer Big Barack, the Anointed One, for whom the Presidency is too small who travels to Europe to open his campaign and to Egypt to apologize for his land.   No, he has bowed to a Saudi King and a nation is breaking under the weight of his foolish philosophy of big government.   Obama’s approach has been tried in other lands and fails every time.   Greece, Spain, and Portugal are all examples.   He is now Barack, the big disappointment.

The RNC gently,carefully and with respect last week–more with remorse at his failure than with attack– pointed out Obama’s failures.   Even the normally on fire, Governor Chris Christie of NJ, kept his powder dry as he contrasted the GOP approach with that of the Democrats.   Paul Ryan, as VP nominee was perhaps most direct but even that was more with regret as was Mitt Romney, the Presidential standard bearer, in his acceptance speech.   It was as if they were giving permission for all to feel bad about the let down and to vote another way this time.

None of this matters to the old media.   MSNBC (which has no ratings) was especially out early and often with the racist charge.   CNN was not far behind.   Apparently they were both content to ignore the Hispanic governors of NV and NM when they spoke and Condi Rice, former Secretary of State, who did her high school work here in CO and her higher education training at Denver University.   Where were they when Ms. Love, black candidate for Congress from UT took the platform?   Apparently on commercial break.   But they could not have missed Cuban American, Marco Rubio’s brilliant introduction of Mitt Romney.

But to them everything the GOP says and does is racist and in their eyes he is still the thrill up the leg, Big Barack, the One we have all been waiting for.   We pity them for their blindness.   It is humiliating to say nothing of damaging to our land.   Fortunately, Fair and Balanced FOX  more than doubles the ratings of MSNBC and CNN combined. 

Sensible people now know (many of us knew before 1/20/09)  that the Emperor Barack is wearing no clothes and that he is not up to the task.   What is his plan for the next 4 years?   More of the same failed policies but now fully in high gear  as he will not be restricted by seeking another term.     As he said to the Russians when he thought he was off mike:   “I will have more flexibility in my second term.”   We liked what Romney said in Tampa in response:   “Mr. Putin, it is not flexibility for me.  I have a steel spine.”   Amen!  

Like 1980 when the nation turned from Jimmy Carter and acknowledged the mistake of 1976, we must do the same in 2012.   Junior Jimmy was simply incompetent.   Big Barack is not only incompetent, he is dangerous as he respects neither freedom nor our history.   Even Jimmy Carter never bowed to a foreign king.

So, for the sake of our children, our land and the world (which is not Obama’s Oyster) let us go out and work for the Romney/Ryan ticket and show Big Barack and Little Joe Biden who is really Boss.   It ain’t them.