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The Shaping of Leaders: Reagan & Obama

Paul Kengor is a gifted writer and a professor of Political Science at Grove City College, a school shaped by Judeo-Christian traditions which emphasizes freedom and faith.   One of his important works is The Crusader Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism.   Reagan was a leader of the Screen Actors Guild and, along with fellow actor William Holden, was threatened by communists who were infiltrating Hollywood in the 1940’s.   When Reagan was on a movie location in a remote region of CA in 1946 he received a call from a communist leader who threatened to throw acid in his handsome face and ruin his career.

Later that year Reagan and Holden crashed a gathering of communists in Hollywood where fellow actor, Sterling Hayden, recently converted to communism, was speaking to a group of seventy-five  persons.   At the right moment Reagan took the floor and Hayden admits “ground us into a pulp,” in a 40 minute presentation.  Though he was booed and cursed throughout, the future President would not be bullied or silenced.   This seeming minor incident proved a seminal moment as Ronald Reagan coolly helped end the “golden era” of Hollywood Communists and exposed them for the Moscow stooges they were.  

From the 1940’s to 1989 Ronald Reagan was a leader in fighting the Evil Empire culminating in the collapse of the old Soviet Union.   He also fought liberal elites in his own country and in the State Department who urged him not to say, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”  But Ronald Reagan was made of stern stuff and he, who would not back down from communists in Hollywood, did not bow to the Left as President either.   As Margaret Thatcher would note, “Ronald Reagan won the Cold War without firing a shot.”

Reagan’s father, Jack, was an alcoholic and the memory of pulling his drunken father out of the winter snow into their home seared into his son’s memory.   His mother, Nelle, was a strong woman of faith and young Ron especially identified with her, her faith and her generosity.   The family moved often as Jack sought higher pay, primarily as a shoe salesman.  Nelle urged Ron and his older brother, Neil, to try to understand that their father suffered with a disease and not to judge him.

There are some interesting parallels between the home life of our 40th President and that of our 44th.   Obama’s father, Barack, Sr., left his wife, Ann, and son, Barack.   Ann built his father up in their son’s eyes even after the divorce as Nelle had stood by their father in the Reagan home.

But here the similarities end.  Barack, Sr. was a radical from Kenya.  Ann, originally from KS, was also from the Left and would eventually turn the rearing of Barack, Jr. over to her parents, Stanley and Madelyn Dunham, who had migrated to Honolulu, HA.   Stanley was a close friend of Frank Marshall Davis (1905-1987), a hard core communist who would mentor the future President  beginning in 1970 when Barack was 9 years old.  Davis and Dunham were drinking buddies who played Scrabble and smoked pot together.   Obama references Davis as “Old Frank” in Dreams from My Father, noting his life changing advice through adolescence.  He refers to Stanley and Madelyn as his “white grandparents.”

Frank Marshall Davis hated Harry Truman and Jack Kennedy but loved Joseph Stalin and Mao tse Tung.   Davis also hated colonialists.   He saw Churchill as part of the hated British Empire and also as a man who had humiliated his hero Stalin at Yalta.   One of President Barack Obama’s first acts was to return the bust of Winston Churchill to the British Embassy.

Paul Kengor has another book,    The Communist: Frank Marshall Davis, the Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor.  Kengor notes that Obama references “Frank” 22 times in his book and with many other pronouns and other forms of reference.  In fact, Frank is on Obama’s mind throughout the thousand pages from HA to Los Angeles to Chicago to Washington, D.C.  At each mile-marker on Obama’s historic path, Davis is there.   He never calls him Frank Marshall Davis as a mentor so radical would be too damaging to a rising young political star yet he is too important to leave out of Obama’s book.

Dinesh D’Souza in his film, “2016:  Barack Obama’s America,” notes Davis and also the influence in Chicago of unrepentant domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers, and racist, bigoted Liberation Theology preacher, Jeremiah Wright.   The latter two complete the picture of the shaping of the most powerful man in the world, our current President.   Men, particularly Davis, who have planted their flag on the dark side of the Iron Curtain.

Kengor quotes a poem that Comrade Davis wrote in support of Stalin’s Soviet Union military.  It is lovingly titled, “To the Red Army.”
        Smash on, victory-eating Red Warriors!
        Drive on, oh mighty people’s juggernaut!
        Show the marveling multitudes
        Americans, British, all your allied brothers
        How strong you are
        How great you are!
It is hard to imagine any American President’s being influenced by such a radical.   But it does help explain Obama’s radical economic redistribution policies and his “Apology Tour” in 2009 where he visited the Middle East but skipped Israel, our one true friend in the area.   Obama is very much part of what the late, great U. N. Ambassador, Jeanne Kirkpatrick, called “The San Francisco Democrats who always blame America first.”  At the time she said this at the 1984 Republican Convention in Dallas, TX, she was herself a Democrat.

Another former U.N. Ambassador, John Bolton, has indicated that this may explain the sad story of Benghazi, Libya and its aftermath where we lost Ambassador Chris Stevens, two Navy Seals, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, and State Department staff member, Sean Smith.    The President came out and blamed a video made here in America AND did nothing to help our beleagured Americans in Benghazi before, during or after this terrorist attack on the 11th anniversary of 9/11/2001.   This is Frank Marshall Davis who hated the United States and raised Barack Obama as a political infant speaking through the now 44th President of the United States.

Bolton says this is blame America first all over again.   Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, says the same.  They and others note how the Obama Administration cannot bring themselves to employ the words War on Terror.   Why not?   Because in their twisted view the problem is not overseas with people who wish to destroy us.   America is the problem.   Truman, Kennedy, Bush and American imperialism are the problem.   It cannot be terrorists.   Obama, the one we have all been waiting for, has apologized for America so it&n
bsp;cannot be Islamic extremists. 

Dinesh D’Souza closes his movie by pointing out that the Founding Fathers of our other Presidents including Truman and Kennedy and Reagan are Washington, Jefferson and Franklin.  The Founding Fathers of Barack Obama are Davis, Ayers and Wright.  

Under which type of leader do you wish your children to grow up and be influenced?   Those who raised up the greatest nation in history and the envy of the world?   Or those who would throw acid in the face of a young actor from IL who would not back down in the face of their terror?    Ronald Reagan, raised by a loving Christian mom, or Barack Obama who was turned over by his Leftist mom to Leftist grandparents who turned him over to the tutelage of a radical, American  Communist to be shaped by hate?   Ronald Reagan or Barack Obama?  Mitt Romney or Barack Obama?    Freedom or tyranny?   Liberty or statism?  Hope or hate?   I have made my choice and already voted.   Have you?  Will you?  Our children depend on us who depend on God–not those who depend on the state.   It is in our hands on November 6.


The Potemkin President

Theodore White wrote a very significant series of books titled, The Making of the President.  His first was the contest between John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon in 1960.   Neither man had ever tasted defeat and befitting such titans was the closest election in history.   Kennedy won by 100,000 votes–less than one/precinct.  His percentage of the vote was 49.7 to Nixon’s 49.6.

This was the first Presidential race to include televised debates.   Most homes by then had television but other families still relied on radio.   Kennedy better understood this then new media and spent the day of the first debate sequestered away preparing and receiving make up to look his best on the screen.

Nixon had suffered a knee injury on the campaign trail which required hospitalization due to infection.   Anxious to catch up in pressing the flesh he spent debate day campaigning and showed up in a gray suit without makeup.  Television was not kind to Richard Nixon.  He had a naturally heavy beard, perspired under the TV lights and, in his gray suit against the studio gray background and gaunt from his injury, seemed to fade away as a whiskered specter.

John Kennedy, naturally handsome, was made for television.   Relaxed in his dark suit, made up for the camera, he appeared very much a President.   Nixon as Vice President to the very popular Ike was better known and ahead before the debates.   After that first joint appearance Nixon was playing catch up and could not make up the ground.

Both these men were WWII veterans and gifted and able.   The fact that Nixon was the better debater is illustrated by the fact that a strong majority who heard that first debate on radio gave the contest to Nixon.   Those who watched on television strongly felt that Kennedy won.  

The television age for the National Football League began on December 28, 1958 when the Baltimore Colts bested the New York Giants in Yankee Stadium in Overtime in the Greatest Game ever played.  The television age politically was born on September 26, 1960 at 8:30 P.M. Central time in Chicago where the first debate was held.

These debates were decisive enough that Presidents shied away from giving their opponent such a forum until 1976 when President Jerry Ford debated Jimmy Carter.   There has been at least one debate between the two major candidates since.   The most recent was Wednesday, October 3.

Veteran politicians and political advisors like Pat Buchanan say it was the most decisive beat down of a candidate they have ever seen.   Whether one watched the debate or was traveling and listened on the radio from start to finish Mitt Romney soundly defeated the President.   Neither televison nor radio offered any solace to Barack Obama.  And the polls are already showing a slight Romney lead in FL and VA and that he has nearly caught up in OH.   Before the October 3 contest Obama was running well ahead in the Buckeye state.

In 2008  Senator John McCain put up little fight against Senator Barack Obama.   Thus, for the first time Americans saw President Obama without his teleprompter and it exposed much.   The Press has fawned over Obama like no leader we have ever seen.   His staff does not challenge him.   Mitt Romney looked Barack Obama square in the eye and the President not only blinked, he looked down and away.   Those who observe politics and Presidents close up were not surprised at Obama’s poor performance.   Away from the Tele-prompter he says such things as, “I have visited 57 states so far.”    “I don’t know enough to comment but the Harvard police acted stupidly.”   “You didn’t build that.”

Those who watched the GOP primaries knew Governor Romney was a strong performer in these settings.    But even they were surprised at how he carried himself on Wednesday.   He had the facts at his command, he carried his case to the President on misstatements that the Democrats have made about his program, yet never seemed disrespectful toward our leader. 
It was masterfully done.

Perhaps hardest to explain from the President’s side is how poor was his closing statement.  It was rambling, incoherent, aimless and said nothing of his plans for the next 4 years.   Closing statements can be planned and rehearsed and should not require a Tele-prompter.   Romney, on the other hand, had a closing statement as perfect as the rest of his debate demeanor–clear, concise, contrasting.  Barack Obama was exposed as a Potemkin President. 

Potemkin is a term out of Russia.   According to legend General Grigory Potemkin built fake villages to impress the Empress Catherine the Great as she visited conquered Crimea in 1789.   They were only facades.   We have observed Barack Obama from the time he was a State Senator who voted “Present” in the IL State House, to a U.S. Senator who did not show up for work as he was out running for Chief Executive, to a Potemkin President leading the nation on a Potemkin Path. 

Former Vice President, Dick Cheney, said he swore him into the U.S. Senate from IL in 2005 and never saw him again.   He did not show for work.   He still does not.   With the death of our ambassador, Chris Stevens, in Libya on September 11, the loss of two Navy Seals and a staff person, the President made a brief rose garden address, took no questions and flew off to yuk it up in Las Vegas.  Even Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton would have stayed home to deal with the crisis as the Middle East burns.   But not Barack Obama.   

After addressing the U.N. he shunned Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu of Israel and all other world leaders and headed for the ladies of The View where he was self-described as “Eye Candy.”   But you cannot fool people forever.  Eventually an empty suit is exposed as Barack Obama was on Wednesday, October 3 at the Denver Debate.   The emperor has no clothes.   He is a Potemkin.

In 1960 the first debate sealed the election for John Kennedy, though Richard Nixon would come back in 1968.   May the Presidential debate of October 3, 2012 do the same for Mitt Romney on November 6.    This is more than another election in a cycle.   America as we know it hangs in the balance.   Will we face reality or be led by a facade?   A
Potemkin.   The answer is in our hands and our children and grandchildren depend on us.   Let’s show up on November 6 for them and for the freedom loving world wide.