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Giants on the Earth in those Days

This week our nation passed an important milestone.  No, not the 2nd Inauguration of Barack Obama.   President Obama, even if he issues an executive order granting himself a third term, will come and go.   As Abraham Lincoln said during the most discouraging days of the Civil War:  “This too will pass.”

The major moment of the week passed largely unnoticed in light of the gala events surrounding the second coming of Barack.  All the hoopla reminded me of 2000 years ago when the world’s attention was on Nero, Rome and the gladiators in the arena, but real history was being written by a man named Paul in prison within ear shot of the Coliseum.   Which matters more today–Nero or Paul and his letters to the Ephesians, Colossians, Philippians,  and to Philemon?

Sir Michael Costa was leading his orchestra in rehearsal one day.  The piccolo player, thinking he would not be missed surrounded by all the brass, strings and other winds, stopped playing and set his instrument in his lap.  Instantly Costa brought down his baton that the rehearsal stop and asked, “Where is the piccolo?”  The trained ear of the master conductor had missed the little instrument.  When all the shouting in the arena stops, the ear and eye and heart of the Master Conductor of the Universe knows that it is really happening in the prison cell with few taking notice.  For Him the quieter voices and settings often matter more than all the noise.

No, the real milestone moment this week was the 40th year since the greatest mistake ever made by the Supreme Court of the United States–Roe v. Wade.   Our own CO native, Byron White, placed on the Court by John F. Kennedy, called it, “An embarrassment to sound legal thinking.”   Amen!   But more–abortion is a stench in the nostrils of God   And it does not go unnoticed.   Psalm 95:10-11 reads, “For forty years I was angry with that generation. . .they have not known my ways.  So I declared an oath in my anger, ‘They shall never enter my rest.’ ” (New International Version)   It is a fearsome thing to be the object of God’s wrath but that is where our nation is after 40 years of taking the lives of our young in death before birth.

I am not so focused here on Barack Obama.  He is a small man in a big job.  Certainly he is dangerous but the greater danger is a populace that would elect such a man–not once but twice.  At least the second time he shed millions of votes as some awakened to see a radical in full frame.

What is the answer?    Genesis 6:4 reads, ” There were giants on the earth in those days.”   In these days we have seen the passing of conservative giants like Robert Bork, Bill Buckley, Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Jack Kemp and Ronald Reagan.   William Kristol rightly calls them, “The Greatest Conservative Generation.”  Are there such on the horizon today?

After a string of weak, ineffectual Presidents with names like Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan, God raised up Abraham Lincoln.  With Jimmy Carter,  Ronald Reagan was waiting in the wings.   Lincoln and Reagan were giants in their day.  Are there such on the horizon now?

When Walt Disney died in December of 1966, Eric Severeid had a commentary on the C.B.S. evening news with Walter Cronkite.   He closed by noting that some say, “We will never see his like again.  We’d better.”

Will we ever see a Bork or Kirkpatrick, a Lincoln or Reagan again?  We’d better.


Republicans Adrift?

Stuart Varney debated Juan Williams on the Sean Hannity radio program on November 5, the day before the General Election.  Varney rightly made the point that the only reason this election was close was the fact that the Left Wing (synonymous with Main Stream) media had sold out to Barack Obama.  Pat Caddell, pollster for Jimmy Carter and FOX News contributor, has made the same point with anger and passion, stressing that a press sold out to a cnadidate is a threat to our freedom.  There is no question this is true.

This is further evidenced by a hit piece by Richard Cohen, intellectual lightweight columnist at the Washington Post, that appeared on New Year’s Eve, 2012.  Cohen also has  a low moral I.Q. as he had an affair with the late Peter Jennings‘ wife and had to settle a sexual harassment suit at the Post involving another woman.  One is tempted, as Cohen does to conservatives, to generalize  and stereotype and say this is typical of the Left wing elite.

In his column, “Republicans Adrift,” Cohen makes the rather magnificent claim that:  “Conservatism is intellectually exhausted and. . .ideologically ossified” made up of “gun zealots, the immigrant-phobic and the adamantly selfish.”   Conservatism says, “the government must be small (an impossibility!), educations must be local (a stupidity) and that debt is immoral and reckless,” no matter the reason.   Conservatism “has lost its reliable monster.  Godless communists have been replaced by the church ladies of Planned Parenthood.  History giggles.”

Radio host and columnist, Dennis Prager, is as brilliant as Cohen is vapid.  He has written a most rational response to the liberal columnist’s vacuous piece.  Prager begins by noting that conservatives George Will and Charles Krauthammer also write for the Post and asks if they are really “intellectually exhausted” and “ideologically ossified.”   Hardly that and further the intellectual gap between these two giants and their liberal counterparts is substantial.  The translation is that Cohen is really a small minded man shallow in his thinking.  Prager carries this further and asks Cohen to name liberal black thinkers who “occupy the same intellectual universe as Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Shelby Steele, Clarence Thomas or Larry Elder, just to name a few black intellectual giants of the right.”

While not a member of the NRA, Dennis says, “I happen to think it is a good thing when good people are armed.  Does that make me a gun zealot?  Are there no anti-gun zealots?  Or is zealotry a conservative monopoly?”  That I suspect is exactly what Cohen believes.  Just as he undoubtedly believes there are religious zealots but no secular zealots.

Cohen joins other Leftists in claiming that conservatives are anti-immigrant.   This is pure sophistry.  My wife and I went on the Weekly Standard cruise in December of 2011.   One of the guest speakers was Juan Williams then late of NPR and newly minted as a wealthy contributor to FOX.  In preparation I read his book Muzzled.  On page 261 of his book Williams claims that Sarah Palin is a leader of the anti-immigrant Tea Party.   In a private audience I told him he was mistaken as I have heard former Governor Palin say she is for immigration as long as people come legally, want to be Americans and can further the nation’s interests.   So are members of the Tea Party.  Juan said he would check this out.  I hope he did.   Prager makes the same point to Cohen.  It is almost as if the Left wants to lie about this–to deliberately throw in a canard that conservatives are anti-immigrant.  It neatly fits their stereotype.

Cohen claims that conservatives are selfish.  Here he really puts on the dunce cap.  His own fellow columnist at the Washington Post,  George Will, has written entire columns that Mississippi, the poorest state in the union, gives the most to charity, while wealthy and liberal Massachusetts gives the least.

Conservatism “insists  that government must be small and that debt, no matter what the reason, is immoral and reckless.”   Cohen is a demagogue.   Conservatives are not opposed to manageable debt or debt that helps preserve America’s supremacy.  The last time we were in this much debt was WWII which the GOP said was a good reason to go into debt as was the Cold War.  But Obama debt is robbing future generations.

Finally we are told that conservatism has lost “its reliable monster–Godless communism.”  Dennis Prager’s response is important enough to cite in full:  “What an admission by a leading liberal — first, that communism was not a real evil, just a ‘reliable monster’ for conservatives, on a par with ‘church ladies of Planned Parenthood.’    Second, that ‘Godless’ is a joke, not a real threat to the moral foundations  of society–as if the death of Christianity in Europe didn’t lead to Fascism, Nazism and Communism.”

Cohen says, “History giggles.”  Prager says, “We’ll see if history giggles at  Cohen or Krauthammer.”

I have heard Juan Williams admit to Bill O’Reilly that Bill was right and he was wrong–most hatred is on the Left and the most vile hatred is from the Left.   Richard Cohen demonstrates this with his soft headed and hard hearted look at his understanding of Conservatism.   His is not LBJ’s brand of Liberalism (as wrong as Johnson was) with an appeal to Isaiah 1:18, “Come let us reason together.”   Richard Cohen’s piece is just plain demonization of conservatism.

I do disagree with Dennis Prager on one point.  He gives the Post columnist the benefit of the doubt when he says that Cohen has the ignorance of conservatives that permeates the Left.   I think Richard Cohen knows better but deliberately distorts out of pure contempt for those with whom he disagrees.   Juan Williams is correct.   This kind of hatred comes from the Left. 

C.S. Lewis wrote that the time will come when the Light of the Righteous will shine all the brighter as the world will be so dark.  We live in such a day.  There is one hope and that hope is  a return to God who raised up our nation just as he raised up the Hebrew people.  If we do, perhaps we can again be, “A Shining City on a Hill,” of which Ronald Reagan spoke, quoting our Lord from the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5:14.  In a speech for Barry Goldwater on October 27, 1964 that launched the future President’s brilliant political career, he said it is that or “we will take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.”

Which will it be?  The answer is in our hands.  We will either carry the torch of freedom held high as light to the future or we surrender to the darkness of an adulterous, sexually harassing demagogue like Richard Cohen of the Washington Post.   Dear God, let it be the former and may we be among the soldiers who carry that torch of freedom lest our children suffer a thousand years of darkness.