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Hondo & Hud, Lessons from Classic Films

My wife and I recently watched Hondo & Hud.  We had not seen them for some 50 years.  A friend loaned them to us from his classic collection of older films.   One sees immediately how much more intelligent the dialogue as opposed to the movies of today.   They predate the “Dumbing Down of America” as the late, great Senator from New York, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, called it.   He did hand pick Hillary Clinton as his successor which shows that even a brilliant man can make a bad call.

Hud stars Paul Newman, Melvyn Douglas, Patricia Neal (the latter two won Oscars for this film) and Brandon de Wilde who played Joey in Shane.   Melvyn Douglas portrays a ranch owner whose cattle are discovered to have foot-and-mouth disease.  They have to be shot and buried immediately.  Paul Newman plays his son, Hud, and Brandon de Wilde his nephew and grandson of Douglas.   All three take rifles and shoot the cattle.  After, grandson de Wilde says to his grandfather, “It didn’t take long.”   To which his grandfather says, “Don’t take long to kill.  Not like it does to grow.”

John Wayne plays Hondo, an army scout in an intelligent film involving some of the final battles with the Apache.   These First Americans are treated with respect in Hondo as is their culture.   Hondo has a dog named Sam.   He stops at a ranch to buy a horse and is offered a meal.   The lady of the house offers to feed the dog.  Hondo refuses saying, “Sam is independent.  Catches his own food.  I want to keep it that way.”

These two lines from fine films capture a major problem in our land today.   For 232 years our nation has advanced–not always evenly–with our leaders largely honoring our Constitution and our Founders.   That changed in 2008 with the election of a silly, sorry Radical from Chicago who had never run anything but his mouth.   Indeed it was a speech that launched him to the national spotlight at the Democrat Convention in Boston in 2004.  Hillary Clinton noted this as she opposed Barack Obama for the nomination of their Party in 2008:  “A speech does not a President make.”   She is exactly right.  

Interestingly enough persons do not expect much in the way of the speeches today from the tele-prompter driven President.   And,  if one harkens back to the 2004 address at all,  it is largely to note that Obama has not lived up to a line of it.

It took 232 years to grow our nation up to 2008 and Obama has managed to destroy so much in a bit over four years.  The grandfather and ranch owner in Hud said, “Don’t take long to kill.  Not like it does to grow.”   It is far easier to destroy than create.   Obama is proving that.

In Hondo, John Wayne says he does not want his dog to take food from the table.   He wants him to stay independent.   Here is another part of the destruction at the hands of Barack Obama.  More Americans are dependent on government and Food Stamps than ever before.  Not even a great nation can sustain this.

What to do?   First, let us keep a sense of humor about Barack Obama.   Though dangerous he is a very small man in a job too big for him.   His most spoken utterance minus his tele-prompter is, “Uh.”  As we think of real men like Harry Truman, Jack Kennedy and Ronald Reagan who have occupied the Oval Office before Barack Obama, the contrast with this lightweight  is comical.   After the death of our Libyan ambassador, Chris Stevens,  and three other heroes  on September 11, 2012,  Obama went to Las Vegas to yuck it up and then to The View where he proclaimed himself, “Eye Candy.”   No one is so small as the man wrapped up in himself.     When the President comes on television he tends to remind me of  Woody Allen in his silliness.    And he is seldom saying anything we have not already heard too many times.

Second, let us take heart that at long last the old line Press seems to be catching on to Obama’s dodging and irresponsibility.   Bob Woodward of Watergate fame placed responsibility for the Sequester in the Oval Office.   One can tell the President is not accustomed to this as he went wild in denial and then, in the face of falling poll numbers, took Republican Senators to dinner and Paul Ryan to lunch.

Third, let us celebrate that Senator Rand Paul stole thunder from the theatrics above with an extended address on the Senate floor and Senators Rubio and Cruz brought the house down at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference.  Republicans have a strong bench.   Democrats have none.   They do, however, have a corner on what is now known as the “low information voter.”   Let us hope that Paul, Rubio, Cruz and others with out help can educate them.

Fourth, let us work to keep the House and at least make gains in the Senate in 2014.   In their arrogance Obama and the Democrats have touched a real nerve with their push for gun control.  One sees Red State Democrats as well as some others showing some concern about this.   Gun control is like an opiate to Leftists and they seem unable to help themselves. 

Finally, as we do all we can let us also rest in the Almighty Who is ultimately in charge–not a small man from Chicago.    There are signs that persons are at last seeing Obama for what he is–an empty suit.  The Press led by one of their giants, Bob Woodward, is beginning to speak up. And we see Proverbs 16:18  playing out:   “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.”    Have you ever seen such a narcissist in a leadership role as we have in the Oval Office now?

There are lessons about life all about us including in two classic films.   In Hud we see, “Don’t take long to kill.  Not like it does to grow.”   And in Hondo the lead character says his dog Sam is independent and he wants him to stay that way.   Let us trust we can still learn this wisdom.  A great nation depends on it.


Defunding Obamacare

Article I, Section 7 of the United States Constitution states that, “All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives.”  Herein lies a final opportunity to do what the Supreme Court failed to do–stop Obamacare which will crush us economically and socially and further destroy our freedom.  

Republican Representatives Jim Bridenstine of OK and Tim Huelskamp of KS are pushing Speaker John Boehner and House Leader, Eric Cantor not to fund The Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare.   After the smashing victory over the Democrats in 2010 led by the Tea Party these leaders promised in 2011 to defund the take over of health care in this country.   Now they seem not so inclined.   It may be worth a call to your Representative in the House urging such action.   As noted above they have the Constitutional power to do so.  What appears to be lacking is the nerve to take on the President and the Left wing Press which will certainly get up on their hind legs and howl.

There is a way to do this with some humor and to poke some fun at President Obama who takes himself “oh so seriously” and does not take kindly to persons like Rush Limbaugh skewering him with humor.    In fact, the President has told Republicans not to listen to Rush which ought to lead to listening to  this icon all the more.   If Obama fears Rush (and he clearly does) then when EIB speaks, like the old E.F. Hutton commercial, “Let’s listen.”

I received an e-mail recently about a man who was standing at the Pearly Gates before Saint Peter.   Seeing a huge wall of clocks behind him, the man asked what they were.   Saint Peter answered, “Those are Lie Clocks.  Everyone has one and each time they tell a lie the hands on their clock move.”

Seeing a clock still at 12 he asked whose that was.   “Oh, that is Mother Teresa’s clock.   Her hands never moved.  She never told a lie.”  The man thought that incredible.  He saw another clock with hands barely moved.   He asked who that belonged to.   Saint Peter said that was Abraham Lincoln’s clock and, unlike most political leaders, he told the truth.

Quite naturally the man wondered where President Obama’s clock was.   Saint Peter answered that it was in Jesus’ office where,   “The Lord uses it for a ceiling fan.”

Remember when Obama said he would not sign any health care reform bill that added one dime to the deficit.   We all knew that Obama’s Lie Clock was humming then and his Pinocchio nose growing.  And each report now tells us how much more Obamacare is going to cost than estimates–as is always true of government programs.   As Republicans in the House of Representatives defund Obamacare they can say they are simply helping the President keep his word that his plan will, “Not add one dime to the deficit.” 

Don’t we miss Ronald Reagan for so many reasons–not the least of which was his sense of humor.  When asked what he thought of Walter Mondale’s charges during the 1984 campaign, the President answered, “I think he ought to pay them.”   Let’s have a little fun with President Obama and save the country in the process.   A merry heart is good medicine.