Commander in Chief Dufflepud

C.S. Lewis, great Christian writer and intellectual,  died on November 22, 1963.  Because we lost John F. Kennedy to an assassin’s bullet on the same day, his death was not noted as it otherwise would have been.   Lewis is more read today on the college campus and in other intellectual settings than he was during his lifetime.

During his youth he abandoned the faith and flirted with atheism.   Of his atheism he writes in Surprised by Joy,  “I was . . . living, like so many Atheists, in a whirl of contradictions.  I maintained that God did not exist.  I was also very angry with God for not existing.  I was equally angry with Him for creating a world.”   As he struggled with his atheism he noted in Mere Christianity,  pp. 45-46, that the universe seemed so cruel and unjust.   But if there is no God where, “had I got the idea of just and unjust.  A man does not call a line crooked unless he has some idea of a straight line.” 

A man who thinks and writes this way does not remain an atheist and Lewis returned to faith
and Christian writing.  His best know works are probably The Screwtape Letters in which senior devil,  Screwtape,  advises his novice nephew, Wormwood, on deceiving humans and the Chronicles of Narnia, which has been made into animated and feature films.  It is a set of 6 delightful volumes written from 1950-1956 in which Aslan the Lion is the Christ figure who gives his life for his subjects and rises to crush the evil White Witch who has “made it always winter but never Christmas.”

In volume 3, The Voyage of the “Dawn Treader,” Lewis introduces some monopods called dufflepuds led by the one they call “Chief.”   They are unbelievably foolish figures who, led by Chief Monopod, wash their plates and forks before dinner because, “It saves time afterward.”  As their Chief tells them when chaps are visible they can see one another the dufflepuds bounce around on their one leg and cry, “There’s the point.  No one’s got a clearer head than you, Chief.  No one could make it plainer.”

Barack Obama, our Commander in Chief, is fortunate to have a slavish press corps as silly and as embarrassing as Lewis’ dufflepuds.  Perhaps nothing has revealed this like the Obama Syrian “policy” which reminds one of Chief Monopod telling his followers that when chaps are visible they can see one another and the lap dog press tells the President no one has a clearer head than he.  The really sad ones like advisor, Valerie Jarrett, and columnist, Margaret Carlson , tell us that our Chief is so smart that we mere mortals just cannot keep up with him.
Yeah, right.  I would appeal to truly brilliant men like Charles Krauthammer who realize that Barack Obama, the Community Organizer,  does not know what he is doing, especially in foreign policy.

In August of 2012 in the midst of a presidential campaign, President Obama foolishly said that the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian civil war would be a red line.  When chemical weapons were employed Obama huffed and puffed but did nothing as his bluff had been called.  When used again he had to act or appear as the total buffoon that he is.   Enter the comic figure in this drama, Secretary of State, John Kerry, who says this is a moral outrage and the United States will act decisively and soon.

But Obama suddenly realizes the nation is not with him on this so he says he will go to Congress after he plays a round of golf and goes to Sweden.   John Kerry now learns first hand that the President cannot be trusted but Kerry soldiers on.  With even the Democrat Senate in doubt on backing Obama John Kerry indicates, in a totally parenthetical line, there will be a strike unless Syria’s President Bashar Assad gives up his chemical weapons.  Enter Russian strong man, Vladimir Putin, who says, “We’ll take that deal.”

Our Commander in Chief, who has painted himself into a corner, sees a way out and addresses the nation on Tuesday, September 10, indicating we will give negotiations a chance but huffs and puffs again saying to Assad and the world, “The United States does not do pin pricks,”  and that the Syrian regime will feel our wrath if they do not play ball with us.  Poor John Kerry, trying to gain some Senate Democrat votes and to keep up with his boss (and not due to Obama’s brilliance but rather his clueless, zig zag foreign policy) has just said our strike will be small and short. 

What does the dufflepud press do in face of Commander in Chief Dufflepud?   They bounce around on their old monopod position:  “It is George Bush’s fault.  He went into Iraq and now President Obama cannot employ our military in Syria where we need to strike because of Bush and his foolish improper cowboy use of the military.”

One person who emerges stronger than when he went into this is Vladimir Putin.   Last evening writer and Putin scholar, Michael Walker, appeared on Bill O’Reilly.  He was asked if Obama fears Putin.  Walker said that both body language and words betray Obama’s fear of the Russian leader.  Where is the Ronald Reagan figure who faced down Gorbachev when we need him?  He is not in Commander in Chief Dufflepud.

Like Barack Obama, Bill Clinton saw terrorism as a law enforcement issue who did little in face of the first world trade center attack in 1993 and attacks on our ships and embassies during his eight years.  This made Osama bin Laden think we were paper tigers and invited the September 11, 2001 attacks on the twin towers and on the Pentagon and the would be attack on the White House or Capital Building bravely thwarted over PA.  This is the danger of a President like Barack Obama now and for the future.  Our friends do not trust us;  our enemies do not fear us.

Barack Obama in many ways resembles the hapless Jimmy Carter.  After Carter there was the powerful Ronald Reagan who humbled the Soviets and restored morning in America.   Though we know we do not deserve it we appeal to the Lord, portrayed in Narnia as Aslan, the Lion of Judah:  Restore us again, O Lord.   Give us a strong leader once again who can lead us out of the wilderness of Barack Obama.  And we care not a straw whether that leader wear a suit or a skirt (but no former Secretary’s of State named Hillary in orange pant suits allowed in the Oval Office).

May we see a great President again of Ronald Reagan’s stature or a woman like Britain’s Margaret Thatcher.  “Restore us to Yourself, O Lord, that we may return;  Renew our days as of old.”  Lamentations 5: 21.  Restore us again.


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