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Thunder From The Mountain

John Stroman is a United Methodist pastor and an author in FL.   He holds a ThD from Boston University, is a deep thinker and strong communicator.  One of his books, Thunder from the Mountain deals with the 10 Commandments delivered to Moses from God at Mount Sinai and God’s speaking to us still today.

Dr. Stroman begins as the Commandments begin–with God Himself.  Exodus 20:1, “I am the Lord your God. . .You shall have no other gods before me.”   God speaks in first person, “I” am the Lord.   Then He moves to second person–“You,” us, you and I, shall have no other gods.   These Commandments are rooted in the nature and character of God Himself.

Ted Koppel of ABC’s Night Line said in 1987:  “God’s 10 Commandments are not the 10 Suggestions.”   Cliff Johnson, fine Christian singer and leader, said in his folksy way–if you want to do it right follow what the Boss said.

How are we Americans doing on this front?   I think only the most dense would say that we are in good shape on the moral front.  In fact, I think we see directly from the White House today what happens when we fail to follow the First Commandment and make a man our god.  What did Senator Obama say in Europe as he ran for office?   “The temperatures will cool and the oceans recede and the planet will begin to heal.”   What a pompous wind bag.  What a delusional figure.

And right now with the Obamacare roll out fiasco we see the disappointment delivered by the self-described, “one we have been waiting for.”   What is the answer of the regime?   Howard Dean, former chair of the Democrat National Committee, says it is the Republicans fault.  Of course it is.  Not one of them voted for it, they are opposed to it, so it is their fault.   So the GOP has found a way to get into the software on which Obama has bank rolled 600 million tax payer dollars and made sure it failed.  Yeah, right.

Any time anyone makes someone besides the One true God their deity, they are at least disappointed, if not ruined.   And we are seeing the ruination of a great nation at the hands of a man who still thinks himself the smartest person in any room.  It would be comical were it not so tragic.   Even the slavish, Obama lap dog press seems at last to be raising questions that should have been asked in 2008.   Charles Krauthammer called the Clinton 90’s, “A Holiday from History.”   We might call this era a break from reality or sanity.   We do so at our own risk.

As we think of following the One True God rather than a false messiah, a great story comes to mind.  Dr. Harold Ehrensperger was a pioneer in the field of Christian drama.  He travelled to Oberammergau, Germany, to see the famous Passion Play.   While there he stayed with a Lutheran family who had a son named, John.   It is the custom of the community to have local people play the various parts in the play.  

The family had a teenage son named John.  As they became friends, he confided in Harold that he knew he did not have a strong enough character to portray Christ but hoped to be chosen for John, the Beloved Disciple. 

When Dr. Ehrensperger came home he and John corresponded.   Then great changes came to Germany.   Adolph Hitler came to power, John’s letters became infrequent and then stopped altogether.   Then one day in 1939 a letter came post marked Poland.   Harold knew it was from John and he eagerly opened it.  He was disappointed to see it contained no letter but only a newspaper photo of a smiling Adolph Hitler fresh off his victories surrounded by his officers.   Dr. Ehrensperger looked closely and thought it couldn’t be but one of those officers was John all grown up now.  Tall and handsome, he had placed an arrow pointing to Hitler with these words, “This is Jesus Christ.”   And another arrow pointed to John:  “I am now John his beloved disciple.” 

It is critical that we follow the One true God and no false messiahs–no individual who says under their leadership the planet will begin to heal and they are the one we have been waiting for.   Exodus 20:2-3, “I am the Lord your God.   You shall have no other gods before me.”   Let us heed God’s Word, His Thunder From The Mountain.  Amen!!


Park Police & Pain

Jonathan Last is a senior writer with The Weekly Standard, an intellectual, conservative magazine.  He is the author of an important book titled, What to Expect When No One is Expecting,  dealing with smaller families and larger demands from the welfare state.   Because he is a conservative Time Magazine described him as “the controversial author.”

Mr. Last wrote the editorial for the October 21 edition of the Standard, “The Park Police.”  It is a real glimpse of President Obama’s approach to governing and his view of the public, his appalling abuse of power.

The National Park Service closed the World War II Memorial though it is in an open plaza.  My father is a WWII marine.  My wife and I took my folks to visit the memorial in 2006.   It is an open area and Mr. Last points out it took more staff and money to barricade and close the memorial than it does to keep it open.  At Mount Rushmore in South Dakota the Park Police really went the extra mile when they put road blocks near  Mount Rushmore so that no tax payers could catch a glimpse even from a distance.

These Park Rangers see their job as protecting America’s treasures from a citizenry that pays their salaries.  One ranger explained to The Washington Times, “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can.”   How does this happen?   A small, but dangerous President surrounds himself with thugs who will carry out his abusive policies–even park rangers.  Leadership matters.

A great leader worthy of the title “Mr. President,” Ronald Reagan said, “We are a nation that has a government–not the other way around.”    Barack Obama has it the other way around.   Men like this are dangerous.  “Make life as difficult for the people as we can,” gives us a very clear look at how this man views the relationship of  his government and the citizenry.

C.S. Lewis, great Christian writer and thinker,  wrote a book, The Problem of Pain, in which he says:  “Pain insists upon being attended to.  God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, and shouts in our pain.  It is his megaphone to rouse a deaf world.”

An America deafened by the promises of “Hope and Change” uttered by “The One we have all been waiting for” must be wakened by the problem of pain–pain inflicted needlessly by a President who would be King.   If we do not waken, our children will face what Ronald Reagan prophetically stated in 1964 in face of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society–a thousand years of darkness.  

Leadership matters.  One man awake can waken another.  Two men awake can waken a neighborhood, a neighborhood can waken a town, and a town a nation.  For the sake of our children let us find again, “Morning in America.”   Heaven help us!


Ted’s Cruz-ade

Rush Limbaugh has noted that one can tell who the Left fears by the heat of their rhetoric.  They were demented in their hatred of Sarah Palin.  Why?  They feared her.  Now that it appears she does not hunger for the Presidency they have shifted their focus to Senator Ted Cruz who may seek the highest office in the land.

The Senator has a most interesting background.  His father is a Cuban who fought Batiste and then Castro.  He left Cuba for Austin, TX where he earned a degree in mathematics.   His mother is of Irish-Italian heritage and holds a mathematics degree from Rice University.  The future Senator was born in Canada as his parents worked in the oil business there.   When the oil industry in Canada skidded the family returned to TX where his father became a Southern Baptist pastor.  The Senator has been known to say, “I am Cuban, Irish and Italian and a Southern Baptist.  Go figure.”

A gifted student, Cruz earned a degree at Princeton before going on to Harvard Law where he graduated summa cum laude.  Liberal Harvard law professor, Alan Dershowitz, says of Ted Cruz, “He is off the charts brilliant.”

In addition to exceptional brilliance, Ted Cruz, is also unusual in that, when he got to Washington, he has done what he said he would do.   He has taken on the Establishment of both Parties which the Establishment cannot allow.   Thus, even in his own Party he is accused of starting a Republican civil war, of being from the fringe, and of leading a self-aggrandizing crusade.   Senator Chuck  Schumer of New York, who has never seen a camera he did not like, has added to the vitriol.

But Ted Cruz is quite Reaganesque in his consistency.  When Ronald Reagan fired the Air Traffic Controllers in 1981, even the old Soviets took notice and knew they were no longer dealing with Jimmy Carter.  After the fall of the old Soviet Union and records were open the Russians noted, “This man is different.”   So is Ted Cruz.  Thus the hatred from the Left and the Establishment Right.    They fear him but the Tea Party and other conservatives have taken note and are thrilled to at last find a champion.

He is also like Ronald Reagan in that he was considered from the fringe and as a man who could not win.  During the 1980 primary his chief rival, George Bush, who would become his Vice President, called his economics “Voodoo.”   History now demonstrates that he was a great President in part because of his consistency and conviction.   It is this lack of core values that will keep the rather successful Bill Clinton from entering the pantheon of great Presidents.   And wrong headed convictions will rank Barack Obama as one of our most failed leaders.  

An example of wrong convictions is Obamacare on which Ted Cruz launched a 21 hour crusade from the Senate floor.  This is important as it has focused the nation on the failures of this plan.  We see this even as it is rolled out and we see Obama again heading the gang that cannot shoot straight.   Those few seeking to enroll in exchanges cannot get on-line and the Administration had three years to prepare for October 1, 2013 when the plan was to begin.

As the government is partially shut down it is a good time to reflect on the recent past and to plan for the future.  Jay Cost of The Weekly Standard has noted that Mitt Romney, presumably fearing the focus on Romneycare in MA where he was governor, said little on the unpopular Obamcare in the 2012 campaign.   Similarly Romney did not focus on gun control, cap and trade, immigration and other issues on which he might have won.   Team Romney failed to turn the election into a plebiscite on the unpopular Obamacare which may have cost him the election. 

Senator Ted Cruz may very well run for the Republican nomination for President.   If he wins, he will make no such mistake.  He already has the nation focused anew on this unpopular, unworkable plan of a statist, incompetent President.   Like Ronald Reagan, Ted Cruz has proven himself to be a fearless leader who cares not what his critics think.    And like Teddy Roosevelt, Cruz knows the arena is the place to be–not a sideline critic–of which he has many.

Knute Rockne was perhaps the greatest college football coach of all time.   One year he had lost all his best Notre Dame talent to graduation, and he was facing a tough Southern California team in the first game of the new season.  Rockne knew if he was to win it would be on his wits; not the talent of his team as they had none.   So during the off season he traversed the campus recruiting big men for the team.    Most of these guys couldn’t play tiddly winks, let alone football, but Rockne promised them the most coveted letter in sport–a football letter from Notre Dame University if they would suit up and run on to the field before the game.

Opening day arrived.   Rockne let Southern Cal go out and begin warming up first.   Then with a mighty Irish yell he sent his troops on to the field.   They came on and they came on until it seemed Notre Dame could fill the entire stadium with huge men.  The Trojans were rattled.   Their coach saw what was happening, huddled up his team and said, “Listen, I don’t care how many Rockne’s got.   He can only put eleven on the field at a time.  Same as us.”   But the damage was done.   And a weak Notre Dame team went out and beat a superior Southern California team by putting plenty of people on the field.

Let’s go out now and in 2014 and 2016 with plenty on the field and win our nation back to its founding principles.   Ronald Reagan once played the role of George Gipp, legendary Notre Dame football star.   From then on his nickname was The Gipper.  The great President now lives on the other side.   But his legacy lives on in leaders like Ted Cruz.   Let’s go out again and “Win one more for the Gipper!”   And many more after that.