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GOP Giants for 2016

I realize one can grow weary of year round campaigning and speculation about the next President or U.S. Senator.  But it is reality today with 24-Hour Cable and fodder for political junkies.  As an NFL fan I am generally a bit down when the season is over–especially when my team lost the Super Bowl.  But they got there.  And Major League Baseball is just around the corner.   Sports and politics are ever before us.

The year 2014 holds promise for the Republicans, not only in red states like AK, AR, and LA, but here in purple turning blue CO.   Mark Udall once had a commanding lead over Ken Buck and others vying for the GOP nomination, but no more.   
Udall’s coming back to the pack reminds me of an illustration out of MLB.   In 1978 the Boston Red Sox (my favorite A.L. team) had a 14 game lead over the New York Yankees (not my favorite).   Vin Scully, dulcet voice of the L.A. Dodgers, said, “The Yankees cannot catch the Sox. Only the Sox can catch the Yankees.   That is what happened and the Yankees went on to defeat the Dodgers in ’78 World Series.  The curse of the Bambino struck the Red Sox again.
What has happened to Udall’s lead and that of other Democrats even in true blue Oregon?   The curse of Obama and the lies of Obamacare have struck the Donkeys like the lies of Watergate hit the Pachyderms in 1976.  Enough people are saying if they had known in 2012 what they know now about Obama’s lies, Mitt Romney would today be President.  
This brings us to 2016.  It is likely that Obama will continue to sink in the polls as he is revealed not only as Prevaricator in Chief but also incompetent on Syria, weak on Iran, mismanaging the IRS, his (not Bush’s) economy limps along, and Obamacare is a ball and chain on the Administration and his Party.  Not one Republican voted for Obamacare.  Not one!  
That health care is a drag on the Left is made clear by the fact that vulnerable (and even safe) Democrats do not want the President in their state.   And if he comes, each one makes sure they have a previous commitment far away from wherever Air Force One lands.   This happens when you are led by a President America no longer trusts.
While Barack Obama is President and the office gives he and his Party some power, their bench is very weak.  Hillary may or may not run and may or may not be formidable.   Monicagate is surfacing again and Benghazi may yet bite her in her orange pant suit.   If she does not run, Vice President Joe Biden probably will and he is a walking blunder machine.  Remember in 2012 when he said in OH how great it was to be in IA and in NC he hoped they could help win VA again.   In MI he said America makes the best cars of the 20th century.   He neither knew what state he was in nor even what century it was.   The Democrats have no bench.
The GOP has no such problem.   George Will notes that most likely the Republicans will nominate a governor rather than a U.S. Senator as Obama illustrates in spades the problem with nominating someone who has never run anything larger than a Senate office.  Grover Norquist, President for Americans for Tax Reform, looks at some of the Governors and others among the Republicans in 2016.  He has an article in the March 2014 American Spectator in which he calls them Giants.

Governor Chris Christie of NJ has taken a hit with “Bridgegate” but is still standing.  And he just won big in a solid blue state.   A growing favorite is Governor Scott Walker of WI, also a blue state.  He has stood down the unions including teachers’ unions in his state.  The Left often went violent against Walker, union bosses led the way in trying to recall him and he is still there–stronger than ever.  And his state, millions in the red when he started, now has a billion dollar surplus which he is returning to the people of WI.  In face of a nation drowning in red ink under Obama, Walker looks especially strong.   As a side note, should Walker become President, Jonathan Last, a senior writer for The Weekly Standard,  has pointed out he would be the first President since Harry Truman not to have a college degree.   At a time when we are debating the value of a college education relative to the debt it incurs, this would further fuel that discussion. 
Two former Governors may also play a role in who wins the GOP nomination in 2016.   Jeb Bush was a successful governor of FL.   He did not allow a tax increase in his eight years leading the Sunshine State and promoted school choice in education.  With a father and brother as former Presidents and a mother who does not wish him to run, he may pass.  Rick Perry took over as governor of TX when George W. Bush became President.  Re-elected three times he is the longest serving governor in TX history.  By 2016 he will be a former governor.  He had a poor showing in the debates in 2012  due to medication he was taking following back surgery.  Normally he speaks with wisdom and is very articulate.
Rand Paul is a rising star but is the junior U.S. Senator of KY at a time Senators may be out of favor as is all of D.C.  But he is considered a team leader and has a Reaganesque approach to foreign policy.  Ted Cruz of TX, also a junior Senator is a brilliant man but has alienated Party bosses.
Each of these men are Giants who have shown they can take a punch from opponents, stay upright and raise the funds needed for a White House run.  Aside from Hillary Clinton, who may not seek the Presidency, the Donkeys are made up of pygmies.  The year 2016 looks good for the GOP as does 2014.   But let us not underestimate the ability of the Left to round up voters who cannot find the U.S. on a map or identify Joe Biden as Vice President and get them to the polls.  Persons who may not be able to hit their plate with their fork but can make an X by a Donkey name may be out in droves.  This means sensible voters must out work the Left and get other sensible, informed persons to vote.  Our children, our nation and the world depends upon it.   Let’s get to work!

Obama’s Wreckovery: 5 Years Later

One News Now gives a Christian perspective on the issues of the day.   The authors are gifted people of faith with a sense of humor.   In other words they are a threat to the humorless Left.   For example, when Michael Sam came out this past week, Larry Elder, black conservative talk show host said, “Who cares?” and “Can he play?”   Then he said,  “Wake me when there is real news such as when someone ‘comes out’ as a black Republican.”  

Dr. Elder especially takes umbrage to Sam being likened to Jackie Robinson who took real abuse from others when he broke the color line in MLB.   Sam will face none of this.  The NFL has a written policy against discrimination based on race, religion, ethnicity and sexual orientation.   But the Left will make a big deal out of this where the real bigots live.  The Right will not which will make the Left all the more hysterical.

Michelle Malkin is another bright conservative who writes for One News Now.   She is the author of the 2010 best seller, Culture of Corruption:  Obama and his Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks & Cronies,  and lives with her family in Colorado Springs, CO.    She writes that it will be five years Monday (February 17, 2009) since President Obama promised the sun, the moon and the stars with his 800 billion dollar stimulus bill.  Said the President, “This will lift two million Americans from poverty.”   At the time this bill was signed the unemployment rate was just below 8 % and his egghead economists said it will never reach 8 % thanks to their bill and would drop to 5 % by December 2013.   

The actual cost of the bill has ballooned to 2 trillion dollars, the unemployment rate went well above 8 % and is now at 6.6 % with 50 million Americans living in poverty and 47 million on Food Stamps–fully 1/3rd more than when Obama took office.  His vaunted Green Energy has been stimulated to the tune of 150 billion and 32 Barack-backed environmental firms are bankrupt and 22 more are nearly green belly up.

What about the “shovel ready” jobs?  They include bridges to nowhere, a privately owned martini bar and Brazilian steakhouse in MO, and hundreds of millions went to General Services Administration junkets to Las Vegas and Hawaii.  Remember the GAO chief on TV smiling in the SPA on our dime?   Sheriff Joe Biden was in charge of seeing that these dollars were well spent.   He did and the Vice President’s favorite Amtrak train has a newly renovated station in his home state of Delaware.    

In 2011 when Obama was asked about this he smiled and said his ‘shovel ready’ was not “as  shovel ready as we expected.”    How does he get away with this?   Very easily as the reporters asking laughed right along with the President who has never run anything but his mouth–certainly nothing shovel ready.

One of the most telling moments was on PBS.   David Brooks is supposedly the conservative who replaced the late William Safire at The New York Times.  That he is a pseudo-conservative is evident in his report on shovel ready to Jim Lehrer on The New Hour October 2010.   Said Brooks laughing, “It was obvious, I mean, you are trying to build a stimulus package.  And when they were trying to build it, believe me, they would have loved to have filled it with infrastructure jobs.  But the projects just didn’t exist.”    Instead of accountability such as Harry Truman brought to government expenditures there was more laughter from Brooks–“conservative.”

Ms. Malkin concludes, “While the lapdogs of the Fourth Estate snicker along with the White House about their lies and cover-up, the Wreckovery Act wreckage continues to pile up.  And now the White House wants more money to burn for Porkulus II.  So take that and shovel it.”

We are losing a great Senator in Tom Coburn of OK who warned five years ago at the beginning of Obama’s stimulus bill:  “This is morally reprehensible and the worst act of generational theft in our nation’s history.”   Indeed.   This is a 2 trillion dollar boondoggle built on criminal government malpractice.   And Obama has three more years to ruin.

But there are signs of hope.   Most Americans, according to every poll no longer trust the President, would not vote for him again and plan to turn out as many of his Party as possible in 2014.  I suggest here in CO backing the fearless, tough and very competent Ken Buck over sitting U.S. Senator Mark Udall who votes with Obama 99 % of the time.   Do you want to go on mortgaging our children and grandchildren’s futures to such a Ship of Fools?   Neither do I.  Begin now and continue right through November educating family and friends and more that we will not let evil prevail.  

And let us remember that ultimately God is in charge–not a sorry man from Chicago and a U.S. Senator from CO who votes with him 99 % of the time.  Let’s elect real men and women who have made a living somewhere other than government and see service as a privilege not as an opportunity to steal and spend more.

Let us also keep a sense of humor.   Proverbs 17:22 tells us a merry heart is good medicine.   And let us seek the Lord as Psalm 34:4 tells us He delivers us from all our fears.   And let us all vote!   Amen!


Which is the Stupid Party? Part II

On March 29, 2010 I devoted this space to make the case that, though the Republicans are generally regarded as the stupid party, I believe it is the Democrats who take this prize.   I noted that sometimes conservative columnists like the late Robert Novak so branded the GOP.   I would suggest again four years later that it is really the Donkeys who make up the stupid party aided by what Bernie Goldberg calls the Lamestream Press and the Supreme Court.

In 2010 the media was up in arms over Sarah Palin saying that Republicans needed to carefully “target opponents” in the upcoming election.  They apparently did not recall James Carville’s “War Room” to elect Bill Clinton in 1992.   At the time CNN had a program (now on the air again) called “Crossfire.”   Should these have been banned for being too violent in sound?

My wife and I are acquainted with Jonathan Last, Senior Writer for The Weekly Standard and author of the important work What to Expect When No One is Expecting, America’s Coming Demographic Disaster.   He also does a weekly on-line piece for the magazine.  The lead item this week was immigration reform.   While reform is needed the Senate plan is flawed and this not the time for the GOP to take it up.  

Only the Stupid Party would take on immigration reform right now as the House appeared poised to do  rather than concentrating on Obamacare and the devastating CBO news this week.  Estimates are that the failed heath care plan will cost an already weakened economy 2.5 million jobs.    Perhaps Speaker  John Boehner heard Mr. Last and The Heritage Foundation and thousands of other voices saying, “Let us not be stupid,” as the GOP controlled House has backed off this for now.   Surprisingly, George Will said on FOX News Sunday that he thinks this is a mistake.   But even the brilliant are sometimes wrong.

Obamacare has become such a bane to the Democrats that the President is thinking of changing it once again (Charles Krauthammer says he has done so 18 times already) where people can keep their plans for another three years rather than one.    This is problematic on at least two fronts:   those plans are already gone and second, where does the President get off changing what he has called Established Law?   Apparently he has a pen and a phone.  

And if one wishes to point to a Stupid Party, some Democrats are spinning that millions fewer jobs is a good thing as persons are no longer in job lock.   They can stay home and still have Obamacare.   Guess they think the tax payers are stupid as those working will have to cover for those not.

Then there is Vice President Joe Biden who told persons in North Carolina during the 2012 campaign that he hoped they could again help them win Virginia and from Ohio told people he was glad to be in Iowa.   In Michigan he said “America makes the best cars of the 20th century.”
Joe seemed not to know where he was nor in what century he was living.   Does the Press say anything.   Yes, they say, “That is simply Joe being Joe.”   But let Sarah Palin say anything like that. . . .

When she was Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, told the Press they had to pass the health care reform bill to see what was in it.   Now that we know what is in it and the people do not like it, she tells comedian John Stewart she does not know what is wrong with it and it is not her job to fix it.  To this Stewart said to his producer, “Next time can we get the House Minority Leader to come on?”

If the Republicans can avoid taking the Dunce Cap from the Democrats, they most likely are going to take the U.S. Senate.   Even here in Colorado, Senator Mark Udall, once seen as a safe hold for the Democrats, is seeing Ken Buck, who narrowly missed winning a Senate seat in 2010, running within the margin of error.   And Republicans across the land are rightly looping the fact that every Democrat Senator was the deciding vote that gave us Obamacare.   If only one of the 60 had voted against we would have avoided this fiasco.   And Udall and others are on record aping the President’s lie, “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it.   If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”     A GOP hopeful in Oregon, Dr. Monica Wehby, pediatric surgeon, has a bumper sticker to employ against sitting Senator and Obamacare apologist, Jeff Merkley, “Keep your doctor, change your senator.”

Perhaps neither Party is now blessed with a Truman or a Kennedy or a Reagan (and they were not Truman, Kennedy or Reagan until they assumed the Presidency).  But I think a case can be made that the Democrats,  even though aided at every turn by the shameless Lamestream Press, are the Stupid Party led by an ignoramus who still thinks himself the smartest man in any room.    Heaven help us and bring on November 2014.


Lessons from Israel’s Founding & America’s

Yuval Levin is an Israeli born American and perhaps the leading conservative thinker in the era of Obama.   He holds a PhD in American Political Theory from the U of Chicago and is a Contributing Editor at The Weekly Standard.   He has a fascinating article in the 1/27/14 issue titled, “Done Being Born.”

He begins by noting that the death of Ariel Sharon signals the passing from the political scene of Israel’s founding generation.  Sharon was the last Prime Minister who personally participated in the founding of modern Israel.  He was one of the larger than life leaders who played an important role in what seemed an impossible dream–a modern Jewish State. 

During Anwar Sadat’s historic trip to Jerusalem in 1977, he met Ariel Sharon.   Sharon had crossed the Sinai and encircled the Egyptian Third Army in 1973 Arab-Israeli war.  This turned the tables on Sadat ensuring victory in a war that had seemed uncertain.   Sadat told Sharon, “I tried to catch you while you were on our side of the canal but I could not.”   Sadat respected Sharon as a worthy adversary.

Levin then notes a very interesting parallel between Israel at this moment and a speech by Abraham Lincoln in Springfield, IL on January 27, 1838.   Every President in the 48 year stretch from George Washington to Andrew Jackson claimed connection to the Revolution.   Jackson made endless political hay of his being captured by British troops as a youngster and being cut in the face for refusing to be of use to them.  

Similarly every one of Israel’s Prime Ministers for its first 48 years (until Benjamin Netanyahu’s  election in 1996) had been involved in its founding.   Ariel Sharon was the last of these.   There will not be another for Israel as a younger generation takes over.

When those with direct memory of or involvement in the Revolution passed from the scene, the United States was left with decidedly lesser leaders in charge.   Beyond that there was a palpable unease about what should come next.

Into this breach stepped a 28 year old lawyer named Abraham Lincoln who addressed students at the Young Men’s Lyceum of Springfield, IL.   In an address titled, “The Perpetuation of Our Political Institutions,” Lincoln noted the difficulty of a 63 year old America (same age as Israel today) moving from a mode of ambitious founding to a mode of grateful preservation.   He called these young men to be part of building on the best of what they had inherited while addressing the terrible problems left unresolved by the Founding Americans.   Theirs (and ours) is the task of building on the given, not creating something wholly new.  

Lincoln spoke to our dramatic founding and now about moving forward minus those with direct memory of that founding.  He said the Founders were “a forest of giant oaks;  a fortress of strength;  their limbs mangled and scarred.”   But those scarred limbs “were the pillars of the temple of liberty;  and now that they have crumbled away, that temple must fall, unless we, their descendants, supply their places with other pillars, hewn from the solid quarry of sober reason.”   

Abraham Lincoln was our greatest President and the finest writer among them.   We see this in the wisdom of these words and in the words of his first Inaugural Address when he took on the presidency on the eve of civil war 23 years later:  “Passion. . .must not break the bonds of our affection.  The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearthstone all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.”

Levin profoundly states that Lincoln had discovered the secret link between the spirit of pride and reverence for an extraordinary founding and the spirit of preservation and improvement of a cherished inheritance.  He had discovered memory.

As Israel moves out of the shadow of its founding, Levin notes that perhaps it is not so different from what America needed as the last of its founding generation passed away.   It needs a way to revere those who brought it into being while clearly seeing what they left unresolved at home and abroad.

Abraham Lincoln faced the destruction of our nation through Civil War.  He was not found wanting as he led the preserving of the land.   He is considered a man to hold up for the ages.   Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces the destruction of his nation with the rise of Iran and he does not have a friend in the White House. 

But he has Someone far greater than the President of the United States.   God raised up our nation and modern Israel.   And Iran will learn (and so will we) that it does not pay to attack or ignore the Apple of God’s Eye–His Chosen.   From the Assyrians to the Babylonians (ancient Iraq) to the Persians (ancient Iran) to the Romans to the Nazis to Communist Russia enemies of Israel land in the dust bin of history.   But God’s Chosen go on.   It is never a fair fight.  Whatever the odds may seem–God’s People will prevail.   In essence Sadat was acknowledging that when he said to Sharon, “I tried to capture you, but I could not.”

We stand on the shoulders of the past.   Inspired by our Founders and the strength of men like Abraham Lincoln let us determine anew to stand with God and His People and to pray for them and for ourselves in these challenging, exciting days.   We are on the winning team.  Praise be to God!