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Stop Obama & Get America Moving Again

Moncia Crowley has a PhD in Political Science from Columbia.   As a 22 year old she handled correspondence for former President Richard Nixon and authored two books about him after his death.   She appears on FOX News and is an opinion editor for The Washington Times.  Her commentary in the November 10, 2014 issues is an important piece on both stopping  President Obama’s agenda and getting the nation moving again.

She says Obamaism is dead (I fear that is too optimistic) and now “we must snuff out its effects wherever they are found:  Obamacare, spending, deficits, taxes, energy policy, amnesty, a slashed and hamstrung military.  We’ve got to kill these policies in the crib, before they send that nation permanently into decline.   No compromise.  No white flags.   No negotiation.  No surrender.  That’s what the Republicans were elected. . .to do.”  Amen to all that.

Unfortunately Barack Obama is not nearly as bright as Bill Clinton who cared about his legacy, moved to the center after the 1994 mid-term defeat at the hands of Newt Gingrich and the Contract with America and said, “The era of big government is over.”   Obama is a committed Leftist who, despite his saying otherwise, sees himself as King.   There is only one way to deal with a man like this and that is with raw power that forces him to surrender.   This will not be easy as he does not see himself constrained by the Constitution or basic decency, and is so delusional that he still thinks of himself as always right.

In this effort the Republicans will have some allies among Democrats smart enough to see that their big government ideas have been rejected and that Obama’s incompetence could cost them their jobs next time.   An example recently was New York Senator  Chuck Schumer, of all people, saying the Democrats made a huge mistake pushing Obamacare, which the public did not and does not want, rather than concentrating on the economy which is still hurting the middle class.   There will be others and some may change parties and become Republicans because Barack’s Democrat Party is no longer theirs.

Rush Limbaugh, who tends to have the perfect pitch of Ronald Reagan, suggests that the GOP House and Senate send bills with great frequency (there are over 300 House passed bills languishing on Senator Harry Reid’s desk) that can be passed in the 2015 Republican Senate for Obama’s signature or veto.   Some like Keystone have support among many Democrats and sending such to the President will demonstrate who is the Party of “No” if he vetoes such measures.   It is not and never was the Republicans.

Monica Crowley is right that step one is to stop Obama’s radical agenda (and that takes a “No”), but equally important is getting the nation moving again which is a hugely positive “Yes”.   Rush also suggest that with every bill there be a note attached showing public support for the GOP measures  AND making sure the media also receives a copy.   The New York Times, The Washington Post, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN and MSNBC may sit on this in favor of something from the Garden Club, but the dinosaurs are being left behind by FOX,  The Washington Times, and Talk Radio who will publicize the Republican agenda far and wide.

The Republican Congress is key here in helping with the restoration of individual liberty, economic freedom and a strong national defense in place of Democrat Obama’s incompetence, corruption at home and impotence abroad.   Again, smart Democrats like Chuck Schumer, are making adjustments to save their own skins.   They may not be changing course for the sake of the country but rather for the future of their Party.   But we will take what we can get from the sensible Left if it moves us away from Obama’s European style socialism.

The late Daniel Patrick Moynihan quit Lyndon Johnson over his War on Party which Moynihan said would ruin the black family.   History has proven Moynihan right and LBJ tragically wrong.   The future New York Senator then went to work for Richard Nixon and told him to listen to the brilliant Harvard conservative James Q. Wilson on such matters as the American family and human deviancy.   Moynihan was a man big enough to learn from others with whom he sometimes disagreed.   He called Wilson the smartest man in America.   Daniel Pat was not always right as he backed Hillary Clinton for his New York Senate seat when he retired (despite the fact that he had only contempt for her wayward husband).

While Senator Moynihan is gone there are other such Democrats the Republicans need cultivate to work around an incompetent, dangerous President.   And they may also get some help from Hillary and Bill Clinton as they distance themselves from Barack Obama for whom they both have great distaste.  Such distancing will be necessary if Hillary runs for President as Obama’s poll numbers are approaching those of George W. Bush in his waning years as President.  There is truth in the adage, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

And let us remember that our greatest ally is The Almighty Who continues to raise up prophetic people to point us in His direction.   Where there was a George III there was a George Washington.   Where there were those who would divide the Union there was an Abraham Lincoln.   Where there was an Evil Empire there was a Ronald Reagan.    Where there is Barack Obama there is. . . .?   We may not know yet but a Republican Congress working with sensible Democrats must point the way to recovery once again.

“Restore us to Yourself, O Lord, that we may return; renew our days as of old.”   Lamentations 5:21






Aribrary & Capricious

In 1969 I took a graduate course in American Political Theory at the University of Colorado, Boulder.  The text book was titled In Quest of Freedom by Thomas Mason, Law Professor at Princeton and Richard Leach, Political Science Professor at Duke.  There are three things I recall from the class.   First, the professor, Dr. Wilson, told us that if we lose our respect for private property our freedom will be eroded.  You may recall that the Supreme Court ruled in 2005 that local governments could seize private property for commercial enterprise.   Sandra Day O’Connor, echoing Dr. Wilson, said this was destruction of our basic freedom to our own property.   This was not eminent domain where the government pays for private property to build a road or locate a missile site.  This was the taking of property for private business.

The second is the separation of powers that no branch of government gain too much control.   The legislature checks the executive and the executive can veto legislation.  The courts act as arbiters between the two and among the citizenry.   This works so long as leaders respect the Constitution and have some check on their appetite for power.   Unfortunately we now have a President who has no such respect nor check on his desire to rule.   Jonathan Turley, respected and progressive law professor at Georgetown University, has said that Barack Obama has a presidency that Richard Nixon could only dream of.

How does Obama get away with this?   In large part because of a compliant Press that worships this President and fails to note his many missteps and the danger his regime is rendering to our liberty.   Richard Nixon certainly enjoyed no such obsequious press coverage.   On the contrary.  Thomas Jefferson noted that a free press is essential to freedom.   When the Press sides with a President as the mainline has now they surrender one of the checks on power and even encourage the lawlessness we see today.

The third memory of the class is found on page 43 of the Mason and Leach text where they note the importance of the colonial clergy who preached that freedom was “sanctioned by divine law.”   William Penn said, “We will be governed by the godly or we will be governed by tyrants.”   Thomas Jefferson said, “Our Freedom is Rooted in our Faith.”   Indeed it is and, as we become more and more secular, we see the dangers in which we find ourselves.

Our Founders, while not all evangelical Christians, were God fearing people who felt that the nation they were establishing was in keeping with the Will of God and with His Principles.   Today we  see how far we have moved from those principles as an arbitrary and capricious President has decided to ignore the Constitution and the Legislative Branch and set up his own policy on immigration.  Professor Turley has noted that it is hard to step back from the brink when steps like this are taken.

But we are not without hope.   Let us pray for wisdom and courage for the new GOP Congress that takes over in January 2015.  People have a way of rising to the occasion.   And let us trust the courts to help reign in this President.   While the Supreme Court let us down on Obamacare, they have another shot at that and courts have numerous times already ruled against the power grabbing Barack Obama.

Pope Leo X said of Martin Luther, “I have a wild boar in my vineyard.”   We have a china shop bull in the Oval Office breaking much in his path.  Let us push back as a People and count on our institutions established by giants to counter the weight of a man comical in his incompetence yet radical in the dangers he has brought with him.   This was always possible and now it is here.   But God has raised up leaders like Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan before.   Let us count on Him to do it again.   And let us be part of His team.


Getting Stuff Done

Barack Obama came into the Office of President of the United States on a speech he gave in Boston in 2004 at the Democrat Convention that nominated John Kerry in a losing effort to face President George W. Bush.   Hillary Clinton rightly said as she ran in primaries against Obama for the 2008 nomination, “One speech does not a President make.”   But his oratory in 2004 won him the Democrat nomination in 2008 and with it the Presidency.   In the six years of the Obama Administration we have seen how right Hillary was–though I do not think she is the one to answer the 3:oo A.M phone call either.   Obama’s speech of 04 is now long forgotten as his addresses today are pedestrian and no longer inspire much but derision.   In fact, his words seem no longer to even be intelligent.

D.C. MacAllister writes for The Federalist, a conservative web page that seeks to return us to Founding Principles.  These are her words in a November 10, 2014 essay.

First, President Obama indicated he heard the silent people speaking, referring to the 2/3 of Americans who did not vote.  So, among Barack Obama’s other talents, he can hear what people are saying who are not saying anything.  What an amazing man!

And what did our clairvoyant leader say to these silent people?   Apparently it is all about “stuff.”   The people want me to push hard “to get stuff done.”   Basically the message of the election is “just to get stuff done.”   Obama said he wants to work with new Majority Leader McConnell and House Speaker Boehner “to get some stuff done.”   So there’s “a whole bunch of stuff to do.”   And in the “history of almost every President, those last two years, all kinds of stuff happens.   In most cases, stuff that we couldn’t predict.”

None of these are repeated and actually the President said “stuff” more times than this.  What leader speaks like this?  MacAllister has some fun by putting Obama’s words in other President’s mouths.

Ronald Reagan:  “In the present crisis, we just need to get some stuff done.”

Abraham Lincoln”  “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to get stuff done is more important than any other stuff.”

Ronald Reagan:  “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this stuff.”

Franklin Roosevelt:   “The only thing we have to fear is stuff–nameless, unreasoning, unjustified stuff.”

John Kennedy:   “My fellow Americans, ask not what stuff your country can do for you, ask what stuff you can do for your country.”

Barack Obama:  “Yes we can!  Get stuff done!”  Thank you Mrs. MacAllister.   As Proverbs 17:22 says,  “A merry heart is good medicine.”

Michael Ramirez is a gifted political cartoonist whose work appears in The Weekly Standard.   His cartoon in the November 17 issue was of a Democrat Donkey in 6 frames.  Frame 1, the Donkey says, “The GOP is racist.”   Frame 2, “The GOP hates women.”   Frame 3, “The GOP pollutes the earth.”   Frame 4, “The GOP hates poor people.”   Frame 5, “The GOP will destroy our country.”   In the Final Frame the Donkey says, “Let’s work together.”

That cartoon fits Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Nancy Pelosi and most especially the President.    He says he wants to work with Leader McConnell and Speaker Boehner but then says he will soon take action to basically grant amnesty to 5 million illegal immigrants.   Yet Obama himself was very critical in 2008 of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney for taking action he deemed unconstitutional and said he would never do so himself as President.   And on amnesty he has said across the years that he lacks the authority to take such action apart from Congress.   Yet now he plans to do so–“to get stuff done”– on his own.

None of us knows how this will come out.   A lawless man cannot be trusted to do the right thing.   Sensible Democrats are asking the President not to do amnesty on his own.  The Republicans are united in opposition.   Jonathan Turley, progressive law professor at Georgetown, says, “Such action turns the Constitution on its head.”    At other times he has said, “Barack Obama is the lawless President of which Richard Nixon could only dream.”  Let us pray for the new Republican majority coming into the U.S. Senate, for wisdom for them and also for the GOP in the House.   And let us also trust in God.    Psalm 34:4 reads, “I sought the Lord and He delivered me from all my fears.”   Let us also remember that evil has a way of overplaying its hand.   And Proverbs 16:18 says, “Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.”

A majority of Americans now recognize that Barack Obama is a failed leader.  History will so judge him as well.   In many ways he is a pathetic figure as he shows no sign of having learned from the recent elections or much else in his 6 years in office.   Let us learn from the mistake of 2008 and not repeat it in 2016 or ever again.   The future freedom of our children and grandchildren depend upon it.   And let us depend upon God Almighty Who never lets us down–whatever “stuff” a false messiah attempts.



Making Georgia Howl

One hundred-fifty years ago, November 10, 1864, General William Sherman began his famous march through Georgia.   He wrote President Lincoln and General Grant:  I will, “cut a swath through Georgia to the sea.  divide the Confederacy in two, and come up the rear of Lee.”  Geoffrey Norman, a writer on the Civil War from VT, says that this would demonstrate to the world that we have a power that the South cannot resist.  And he added, “I can make this march and make Georgia howl.”   He intended to make war so horrible that no one would attempt it again on American soil.

There was risk in Sherman’s plan as we he would be cut off from the North and his supplies.  And he was subject to guerilla attack.   But his army lived off the land, burned as they went and broke the will of the Confederacy.   The speed and success of his march is reflected in an article in the Richmond Enquirer of November 21, 1864:  “Sherman has taught Georgians how he makes war.   He leaves behind very little of use to the people. . . cinders and ashes alone mark the site of Atlanta and her exiled people are wandering among their friends.  The same fate awaits every other city that may fall into his hands.”

One hundred-fifty years later on November 4, 2014, the Republicans made Democrats howl.  And the GOP has cut a swath through Georgia and the rest of the South with Arkansas for the first time totally in the hands of the Grand Old Party.   And Barack Obama’s boast in 2008 of the oceans receding and the planet healing are cinder and ash much as Atlanta was in the fall of 1864 at the hands of William Sherman.   There will not be a new Senator Nunn in Georgia and the Democrat Senators in North Carolina and Arkansas are also history.

President Barack Obama is a bit like Confederate President Jefferson Davis who still promised victory in the face of Sherman and Grant and Lincoln and said, That which befell the army of the French Empire in its retreat from Moscow will fall on them.”   General Grant was the practical man confronting the romantic dreamer Davis with, “Who is to furnish the snow in south Georgia?”   Even many Democrats saw Obama’s press conference as pathetic after his Party took such a thrashing all across the land including in blue states Maryland and Illinois.   Charles Krauthammer calls the President “delusional, oblivious and reckless,” as he now plans with his pen what he can do by vote.

Obama’s delusions of grandeur are coming to an end.  Jay Cost, brilliant young writer for The Weekly Standard, calls him “this sterling mediocrity in the White House.”  Billionaire Mort Zuckerman said November 7 on The McLaughlin Group, “Obama is not a lame duck.   He is a crippled duck.”   But he can also be dangerous as he has no respect for the Constitution or for Congress.   Like Richard Nixon he is a loner with few friends in either Party.   Unlike Nixon he does not feel the constraint of possible impeachment and we are a different nation forty years after Watergate.

When the pope was dealing with the Protestant Reformation  he called Martin Luther “a wild boar in my vineyard.”  Let us pray for the new Republican Congress and the Courts that they will no how to deal with a wild boar in the White House.   And let us pray the successor to the sterling mediocrity that is Barack Obama understands the complex government philosophy of  James Madison and our Founders.

November is a month rich in American history.  It is a month in which Abraham Lincoln issued his Thanksgiving Proclamation in the midst of the Civil War.   It was twenty-five years ago this month that the Berlin Wall came down thanks, in large measure, to the work and words of another great President, Ronald Reagan, against the Evil Empire.   Let us pray for such leadership again.   As Jay Cost writes, “Let us hope our next President grasps that you have to respect our past to lead us effectively into the future.”    Clearly Barack Obama has no such respect and we have seen the result.   Fortunately, so have the voters.

William Sherman marched through Georgia burning a swath 60 miles wide.   It was his hope that as a result neither the South nor anyone else would attempt such war on American soil again.   Let us never again elect such a delusional, dangerous and pompous dreamer as Barack Obama.   His dreams for America have become a national nightmare.   Let it never happen again.  Amen!


Oblivious & Reckless

After watching President Obama’s Press Conference following the Republican wave that swept over the Democrats on November 4, Charles Krauthammer told Bill O’Reilly, Obama suffers with “Obliviousness and Recklessness.”  The American people have rightly concluded that he is a failed President.  But it is more than that.  Barack Obama is comical and clueless, yet dangerous.  In addition to being a columnist and best selling author, Dr. Charles Krauthammer is also a psychiatrist.  At other times he has said, “I am putting on my psychiatrist hat now and speaking clinically:  President Obama is delusional.”

At his Press Conference, the President noted that 2/3 of the American people did not vote.   Steve Hayes of The Weekly Standard asked, “Does the President think all of those are people who support him?”   That is a good question as it seems Obama wishes to ignore the election results, fail to learn from them and move forward as if his policies and his Party, so soundly rejected, are the way forward.

A dangerous, delusional President seems poised to create a Constitutional Crisis by unilaterally moving forward on Immigration Reform and giving legal status to millions who came here illegally which will simply further open the flood gates of a largely unprotected border.   Already there are reports of West Africans from Ebola ravaged nations and Middle Easterners seeking entry illegally through the southern border.  How many Islamic radicals may have already come in?   It is not only conservatives who consider Barack Obama to be clueless.   Ruth Marcus, liberal columnist for The Washington Post, questions his “core competence to govern.”  But not all have learned.   Tom Brokaw of NBC has indicated Obama and the Democrats lost on November 4 because of FOX News and Talk Radio (which means Rush Limbaugh).   Barack Obama is not the only one who is delusional, comical and clueless.

There were some humorous moments of election coverage on FOX and CNN.  Karl Rove wanted to take credit for Cory Gardner’s U.S. Senate win here in CO by indicating that he told people out here in the Centennial State he would give no money to the campaign if Gardner were not the nominee.  Cory Gardner and Ken Buck, who narrowly lost his Senate bid in CO in 2010 to Michael Bennett, worked it out between themselves to switch places with good results for both men as each heads to D.C.   Mr. Buck will be in the House taking the 4th District Seat now held by Mr. Gardner, and Cory will become Senator Gardner.

Clearly Karl still wishes to be a King Maker but this was worked out quite apart from any threat over Rove dollars.  I actually prefer Democrat Joe Trippi’s analysis of elections over Karl Rove’s.  Rather sad when a man cannot move on from the glory days of being  George W.Bush’s Brain (as Karl Rove was called) and the Architect of the former President’s elections, and be a solid analyst as is Joe Trippi.

Another comical moment came when John Berman asked Mia Love of UT (she will be the first black woman elected to the House of Representatives) why it took the GOP so long to send a black woman to Congress.  That is insulting and much beside the point.  The Congresswoman-Elect rightly told Berman to get over it.  Her election was about her ideas and had nothing to do with the color of her skin.   It is worth noting that it is the Left who constantly zeroes in on race while Conservatives are interested in ideas.  Makes one wonder where the real racists reside.

Humor and post-election analysis aside, we need watch the Lame Duck Congress very closely.   Barack Obama has proven himself capable of most anything (save sensible policy) and Harry Reid affectionately called “Dingy Harry” by Rush Limbaugh may become Dirty Harry in this session.  Reid basically shut down the Senate over the last two years even to Democrat proposals but he may open the floodgates for Obama The Radical as a last hurrah as Majority Leader.

But let us take a moment here to congratulate and thank Cory Gardner, Ken Buck, Mia Love and so many others who worked so hard in the 2014 Elections to help turn the tide from the dark days in which we have just lived to a brighter tomorrow.   Let us pray for them and their families as they seek to put us on a course worth sailing for ourselves, our children and a generation yet unborn–a course that will have the blessing of God Almighty .   Our sincere gratitude and best wishes!