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Is America’s Mayor Right about Obama?

Most Republican leaders seem a bit uncomfortable with Rudy Giuliani’s comments questioning whether Barack Obama loves America.  Gov. Scott Walker of WI, who was present when the former mayor of New York made the statement, said we should ask the President how he feels about the country.   Governor Mike Pence of IN said he did not think it was helpful to question the President’s motives but that he can understand Giuliani’s frustration with Obama’s lecturing us on the Crusades but failing to call radical Islamic violence by name.

Will Rogers, American humorist, said that a remark generally hurts in proportion to its truth.  That is a rather profound statement as we look at Rudy’s comments.   One would never say Ronald Reagan did not love America.   Or that Jack Kennedy was not a patriot.   Lt. Kennedy nearly died in WWII defending his nation.  By word and action these Presidents and others loved their nation.

But today we have a President who went to Egypt early in his first term to apologize for the land.   He seldom misses a chance to be critical of our actions, especially if he can tie them to George W. Bush.   He speaks of Jim Crow and slavery but not that we have overcome these sins.   His most memorable statement of 2012 was, “You didn’t build that.  Someone else did.”   Obama blasts private business but praises government debacles like Solyndra and other vast wastes of tax payer money.   One reason he cannot understand private enterprise is that he has never been part of it.  In fact, his entire public life is in the government at the city, state and federal level which means he lives on the taxes of others.  Is he grateful to the tax payer?  If so, I have never heard him say it.   But I have heard him say we are not paying enough.

It is interesting, I think, that defenders of the President like Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz of FL are not rushing out with, “Of course President Obama loves America.   Here are his statements and actions that prove it.”   No, instead they are blasting Rudy Giuliani for saying this.   In some ways this touches a nerve that most people would avoid.   The former mayor of New York is a brave, dynamic man who is not backing down.   He ran for the GOP nomination for President in 2008.   He lost to John McCain who lost to Barack Obama.   As Robert Frost reminds us we can only look so far down the road not taken but I am pretty sure none today would be questioning whether a President McCain or a President Giuliani loves this country.

In closing I would ask, if ISIS came to your hometown, would you rather be with Barack Obama who would be saying, “These are not really Islamists here to cut off our heads;” along side Joe Biden exclaiming, “They look like Somali cab drivers to me;  nothing to worry about here.”    Or would you prefer to be with a Mayor Rudy Giuliani who faced Islamic terrorists in New York City on September 11, 2001 without blinking, and John McCain who fought in Viet Nam in the air and then for years from a prison cell.   Personally I will take real men over community organizers and walking blunder machines.


Radical Historians & Israel

I hold an M.A. in history/political science.  The degree was completed in 1974.  My Master of Divinity was completed at Asbury Seminary in 1977.  In 1983 I worked on a PhD in American Studies at the University of CO, Boulder.  That degree was not completed due to our growing family and growing church.  From 1999-2005 we served a church in a beautiful agricultural community, Auburn, IL, about 30 minutes south of the State Capitol in Springfield.

With my interest in history and politics (intended to enter politics in some form early in professional life) I followed a radical young State Senator from Chicago named Barack Obama.   In 2004 he became our absentee U.S. Senator–absent because he was too busy out blasting Bill and Hill to show for work as he ran for President.  Then Vice-President, Dick Cheney, said, “I swore him in and NEVER saw him again.”   As a side note, our other U.S. Senator was Dick Durbin who, in 2005, accused our troops in Iraq of acting like Pol Pot, Nazis and the Soviet Gulag–from the Senate floor.  Obama and Durbin from the state that gave us two of our greatest Presidents, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan.  What a pair.

Among his other sins, Barack Obama has stiff armed Israel and their Prime Minister, Bibi Netanyahu, while giving comfort to Iran as they build nuclear arms to destroy God’s Chosen and have rockets that can reach the United States.  Having observed State Senator Obama close up and watched him dodge  U.S. Senate duties as he ran for President, I tried to warn people about him.   I said this is not simply a Jimmy Carter in terms of incompetence;  this man is dangerous.  Since then the more honest among family and friends who supported Obama in 2008 have admitted their error.

We need take a speedy trip through history to see the dangers of not blessing Israel.   Every nation that has sought to destroy God’s Favored is now in the dust bin of human history.  The Assyrians were a mighty power from the 9th to the 7th centuries B.C;  the Babylonians (present day Iraq) from the 7th to the 5th;  the Persians (present day Iran) from the 5th to the 3rd; the Greeks from the 3rd to the time they gave way to the greatest of the Empires, Rome.   There are two patterns here.  These great Empires each lasted roughly 200 years and every one of them attacked God’s Chosen, the Jews, and each of these powers were eventually replaced in terms of world dominance.  In the case of Rome, which oversaw the crucifixion of Christ and scattered the Jews to the four winds in 70 A.D., no one even speaks Latin, the language of the Roman Empire, any longer.

In more modern times, Adolph Hitler said the Third Reich would last a thousand years.  It survived for twelve but in those years murdered 6 million Jews.  The old Soviet Union stood with the Arabs against Israel and is no more, though they are making a comeback under Putin as Obama fails to help Ukraine.  Not standing with Israel is dangerous and President Obama is a man dangerous to freedom–ours and that of the rest of the Western World.

In January the American Historical Association held their annual conference in New York City.  According to Ronald Radosh, Jewish historian and former Marxist, a group of anti-Israeli activist historians pushed for an academic boycott of Israel.  He notes that in the past giants in the field of history such as John K. Fairbank, C. Vann Woodward and Richard Hofstadter headed off any efforts at wedding history to a particular political point of view.  Thankfully the effort to punish Israel failed by a vote of 671-611.  Anti-Semitism is on the march in Europe and in academia.  There is a mystery here that reminds one of the words of Jesus as recorded in John 15:25: “The have hated me without a cause.”

A leader sets a tone and Barack Obama clearly does not like Israel nor their Prime Minister.  Radical historians pick up on that tone and feel blessed in the effort to isolate Israel in the academy.  Charles Krauthammer, FOX News contributor, columnist and psychiatrist calls Barack Obama delusional.   He has noted that President Obama ignored those who were seeking to overthrow the Iranian hardliners from within in 2009.   He did not lift a finger to help as he smugly noted that, unlike George Bush, he is not into nation building.  Yet, Obama has his minions in Israel seeking to support Netanyahu’s opposition in the upcoming Israeli elections.  He has no trouble interfering in this case.   As Speaker John Boehner said recently in an interview with FOX’s Bret Baeir, “This Administration does not even try to hide it,”  (their contempt for Bibi Netanyahu).   The Prime Minister of Israel is everything President Obama is not–strong, decisive, fearless, and a true patriot for his country.  I believe God will continue to bless and guide Bibi Netanyahu and certainly to support His Chosen People.   We fail to stand with them at our own peril.   Note again the Empires of the past.  God is not mocked and this can happen to us as well.   In fact, I will go further and say that it is happening under Barack Obama.   He is a man who seems determined to weaken America and to ignore the threats that are all about us.

We need fearless leaders today who will stand up to Obama and ignore the Left-wing Press who will cry racism and call his opponents alarmists and reactionaries.   When the late, great Prime Minister of Great Britain, Margaret Thatcher, was accused of being a reactionary she embraced the charge and said:  “That is true because I have a lot to react against.”   We need men and women like this once again and always.   They once could be found among Democrats like Jack Kennedy, Scoop Jackson and Joseph Lieberman.  But they are gone now.  So we look to the GOP.

When Abraham approached the cesspool of Sodom to rescue his nephew, Lot, he knew God meant to destroy the city.  He began to bargain with God.  Abraham asked God to spare the city if 50 righteous could be found.  He kept lowering the number to 10, and God said, “For the sake of 10 I will not destroy the city.” (Genesis 18:32)  But there were not even 10 and Sodom was destroyed.

We are reaching this point in American, the last and best hope of humanity.  Why does God destroy?   For vindictiveness?   No!.  It is part of his mercy for the sake of a generation of innocents yet unborn who would have to face such unspeakable sin and evil.   Eventually evil self-destructs as there is not enough good for evil to be a parasite upon.   Are there enough righteous left in America to save us?  Is there one leader strong enough to stand up for God and right and are there enough left to support such a leader.  One sign will be that they will stand up for God’s First Chosen in the name of His Second Chosen, The Americans.   Dear God, may there be such a person, “unless You have utterly rejected us.” (Lamentations 5:22)    We wait upon You!