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The Elusive Candidate

It is significant how up to date Scripture is.  It will be so when the Lord returns as the Bible speaks to every aspect of life.  As I watched the van of Candidate Clinton race to the back of a building in Monticello, IA and hide behind sunglasses at a Chipolte’s in OH, I thought of Proverbs 28:1 a:  “Rascals will run away though no one pursues them.”  Moffatt’s Translation.

Meanwhile, Marco Rubio announced his candidacy before hundreds in Miami, FL, and then went outside to greet hundreds more.  He was still perspiring from Miami’s heat when he sat down with Sean Hannity for an hour on FOX.  From there he has been on seven other programs on every major network fielding some tough questions from unfriendly reporters.  His campaign makes me think of Proverbs 28:1 b: “But a good man is as bold as a lion.”

Hillary Clinton chose to speak on a video for her announcement rather than before a group and has appeared on no networks.  Her gathering in Monticello was with hand picked people.   There are some reasons for this.  She is not a good candidate as she could not handle simple questions on soft programs during her book roll out.  For example, she said she and Bill were so broke when they left the White House that they “could not afford our house(s)” plural.  In reality, they had received millions up front to write books.   And she receives 250,000 for every speech.   Her book has not sold and even The New York Times called it a real snoozer.

She flees the networks also because she is not as popular as her husband nor is she a natural in front of people.  Rascals run away, while a good man is as bold as a lion.  This brings us to Marco Rubio who is a natural.  He acquitted himself very well in all the interviews.   My wife and I took a Weekly Standard cruise to Central America in December 2011.  There were numbers of seminars on board.  I recall Steve Hayes, who is also on FOX News Report with Bret Baier, said, “As impressive as Marco Rubio is on TV, he is even more so in person.”

The GOP would be wise to consider Marco Rubio.  He is young, smart and Hispanic by way of Cuban roots.  He is the future while Hillary, as he said, is “Yesterday.”  We know the networks, even if not fans of Hillary, will support her and try to derail any Republican.   Some Republicans are more easily knocked off track than others.  Marco knows how to stay on task and face scrutiny.   With Bill and Hill it is one scandal after another.  There are doubtless more to come.

She and Bill also have trouble telling the truth.   This week she said her grandparents were all immigrants.   Only one was.  She said she and Chelsea landed under sniper fire in Bosnia in the 90’s.  A video shows she stopped to greet a child as they stepped off the plane.  One knows this was a lie without a video.   The First Lady and First Daughter do not land under sniper fire.  Years ago she told Sir Edmund Hillary, first man to conquer Everest, that her mother named her after him.   But she was born 5 years before the successful scaling of the mountain and before he was known.

Not all, of course, are taken back by this.   They will support Hillary no matter how much she flees and lies and destroys servers.   Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, for example, said the boy cannot defeat the mature Hillary.   I wish she would not talk about Barack Obama that way.  She, of course, meant Marco Rubio, but a young man has already defeated Hillary Clinton back in 2008.  And she was the mature Hillary then as well at age 61 while Obama was 47.

The godly person can face life boldly;  the wicked live in fear.  Let us go bold this time rather than for a fleeing candidate in a fancy black van.  Barack and Hillary gave us a Russian reset and Putin is now in the Ukraine and Iran is about to go nuclear.  For the sake of all here and in the world beyond let us go with a candidate who stands up to life and does not blink.  Let’s go for a Lion.


Hillary’s Insultingly Vapid Video

Vapid is an interesting word.  It indicates flat, listless, no energy;  the opposite of animated, exciting.  In the hands of Ruth Marcus, liberal columnist for The Washington Post, it is devastating as this is a prominent woman in the media who so describes Hillary Rodham Clinton’s video roll out for the Presidency–insultingly vapid.

Pat Caddell is a square shooter Democrat, a rare breed today indeed.  He was also Jimmy Carter’s pollster when he was in his 30’s who had to tell President Carter that he was going to lose big to Ronald Reagan in 1980.  He is a regular now on FOX News Insider with Harris Faulkner.  He said of Hillary’s video:  “It is the worst thing of that nature that I have ever seen.”  He said until 60 seconds in he thought it was an ad for preparing your garden for spring planting.

In contrast, the next evening (April 13) Senator Marco Rubio of FL announced his Presidential candidacy live in front of thousands of people in Miami.  He then appeared live with Sean Hannity on FOX for a full hour.  He was devastating in describing Hillary as “so yesterday.”  He is a generation younger than Mrs. Clinton and said it was not time to look back to the 20th century but forward to the 21st.  His roll out was anything but vapid and would not be mistaken for a garden ad.

Charles Krauthammer appeared on O’Reilly on April 13 to say he thought Hillary would lose if the GOP nominates a good candidate who runs a good campaign unlike John McCain and Mitt Romney.  He also said that in the last 50 years only one person of the same Party succeeded in having a third term following eight years in the White House.  That was the first President Bush who followed Ronald Reagan.   And Ronald Reagan was a powerful, popular President.  Barack Obama is neither.  The Republicans will tie Hillary to Barack at every turn and rightly so.

Former First Lady, former U.S. Senator from New York by way of Illinois and Arkansas, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton faces other problems besides following a most unpopular, failed President.  She appears to have little competition for the nomination.  That could change but the Democrats have a very weak bench.  Can one imagine a President Joe Biden who is a walking blunder machine?  Who besides real wonks know of Martin O’Malley, former Governor of MD, or Jim Webb former one term Senator from VA?  Both are thinking of running but will probably wait to see poll numbers for Hillary.

Senator Elizabeth Warren of MA is fairly well known but she is very Far Left and falsely claimed Cherokee blood to gain scholarships for her education and to advance her academic career.    And so far, the one Rush Limbaugh affectionately calls “The Squaw,” says she is not running.  Little competition hurts a sports team or a political candidate when they get in the play offs.

And then there are the scandals.  Saturday Night Live did a funny, devastating skit on Hillary’s run.  The Hillary figure, played by Kate McKinnon, tried in vain to show a softer side.  It reminded one of an earlier era when stand ups told Bobby Kennedy to be less ruthless.

When Kate’s Hillary noted that she was a woman, Bill Clinton, played by Darrell Hammond as “First Dude,” raced up and said, “Did someone mention women?”  If you missed it, catch it on the internet.  Saturday Night Live has been poking fun at both sides since Gerald Ford was President and does equal opportunity parody meaning the Democrats are also fair game.

Last evening Clinton friend and adviser, Lanny Davis, was on with Megyn Kelly.  He tried to tell us that Hillary would laugh at this skit as much as anyone.  Want to bet on that?  The Secret Service has revealed that she threw a lamp at the real Bill Clinton and that Bill and Hill were not the two Bush White Houses in terms of grace and respect for each other and in their treatment of the Secret Service.

Then there are the Clinton scandals that go back to Travel Gate, White Water, The Rose Law Firm, Trooper Gate, Monica.  Today it is Benghazi and deleted e-mails and questionable fund raising for the Clinton Foundation from countries like Saudi Arabia who do not honor women and may have given to the Foundation to gain influence with Secretary of State Hillary.  A common refrain even from the sensible Left is:  “With the Clintons there are rules for everyone else but not for them.”

In terms of Benghazi, Trey Gowdy, chair of the Committee investigating this sad saga, is a former prosecutor from SC.  His view of justice is that its wheels grind slowly but they grind very fine.  Secretary of State Clinton, in face of the Benghazi tragedy said, “What difference does it make?”  This is Hillary throwing a lamp at Bill;  not Lanny’s Hillary laughing at SNL.  Am guessing the ads are already prepared contrasting her cold statement set beside Pat Smith whose only child, son Sean Smith, bravely rushed to the aid of Ambassador Chris Stevens on 9/11/2012 in Benghazi and gave his life.  Mrs. Smith openly says, “Hillary killed my son and lied about it.”

In addition to the scandals and Clinton fatigue, Hillary is simply not a good candidate.  Her book did not sell and was described even by the Democrat friendly New York Times as a real snoozer.   She could not stand up to even soft interviews as she told The Today Show, “Bill and I left the White House broke.   We could not even afford our house(s),” plural.  These are multimillion dollar homes.  Both Bill and Hill had received millions in advance for books.  But they were broke.

Bill Clinton is a natural politician.  More than one person has said, “Bill Clinton is a man I would enjoy having a beer with.  And I don’t even agree with him.  But he is the likeable rogue.”  There are persons born with this.  Hillary Rodham Clinton is not one of them.   Even when she smiles, her eyes do not smile.  She is cold and calculating and does not wear well.   And many are asking themselves:  “Do we really want the double talking, parsing of every word, lamp throwing Clintons back in the White House again?   Let’s hope not.



The Logan Act

When John Adams was elected President in 1796, relations with France were strained as relations with Britain were strong.  The French Revolution beginning in 1789 had led France to be declared a Republic in 1792.  This Republic suffered under the Reign of Terror of Robespierre in 1793 in which King Louis XVI was executed.  A new constitution was written in 1795 with power divided among 5 men called Directors.  Their government became known as The Directory.  Five leaders tends to be four too many and their inefficiency led to their overthrow by a man named Napoleon in 1799.  He became Emperor of France in 1804.

Whomever governed France they were perpetually in conflict with Britain.   While France was our ally in our War of Independence from Britain (the enemy of my enemy is my friend), the reverse was now true.  The American Navy, though in its infancy, was acquitting itself well in occasional sea battles with French vessels.  In fairness to France most of their vessels and most skilled sailors were facing the greatest Navy in the world–the British fleet.

War with France seemed so likely early in the Adams Administration, he asked George Washington to be standing by to lead an American Army if open conflict erupted.   Washington, recently retired as President, agreed to step back in if needed.

In the midst of this turmoil, a Philadelphia Quaker, Dr. George Logan, went to Paris with no authorization but in the hope of preserving peace.   As a result, Congress passed the Logan Act making it a misdemeanor for an American citizen to correspond with a foreign government on the subject of a dispute between it and the United States.  Historians Morison and Commager note on page 377, volume I of their landmark text, The Growth of the American Republic, somewhat tongue in cheek:  “It is still perfectly legal, however, for any American citizen to do his utmost to stir up war with a foreign government.”

War with France was prevented when Adams and Napoleon (who had replaced the Directory) agreed to a settlement and a new treaty between the two countries was arranged and signed on September 30, 1800.   John Adams felt that preventing war with France was the greatest achievement of his long and crowded life of public service.   Years afterward he expressed a wish for an epitaph containing only these words:  “Here lies John Adams, who took upon himself the responsibility of peace with France in the year 1800.”

But the Logan Act remains law. No one has ever been successfully prosecuted under the Logan Act.  The law is two paragraphs long and so vague that legal scholars do not believe it would pass Constitutional muster should anyone be daft enough to try a Logan Act prosecution.  Well someone is that daft.  As of this post a quarter million people have signed a petition to prosecute 47 United States Senators for signing the letter to Iran on the nuclear deal. Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton authored the letter which told Iran that any deal with Obama would not be honored by future GOP leaders.

And who is behind this website that is pursuing these Senators?   Why it is the Obama White House, of course.   Did we say daft?   They are that daft as in ridiculous and absurd.  If Obama and his White House really want to go down this trail then they should also go after Jim Wright, former Speaker of the House, who went to Nicaragua to negotiate with Daniel Ortega during the Reagan Administration.  And Nancy Pelosi, also a former Speaker of the House, went to Syria during the George W. Bush Administration to negotiate with the Assad Regime.  But Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush were not daft.  Neither were they vindictive.   Obama makes up for both.

More than 70 % of the American people now think Barack Obama is a failed President.  Think of the comic irony of this man.   He blesses Iran while stiffing Israel, our greatest ally in the Middle East.  And Obama’s feckless State Department and other progressives think America-hating Islamic radicals should be taken at their word while 47 Republican Senators should be thrown in jail beginning with Tom Cotton of Arkansas.

Fortunately Barack Obama leaves office in a bit over 21 months.  For all the damage he has done and can do in the days ahead, God is still in charge–not a small, silly but dangerous community organizer from Chicago.  And tomorrow is Easter when we celebrate that our Lord conquered death and lives forever and so shall we who follow Him.  One day He is returning to put all evil under His feet.  Whatever we suffer now, there is a New Day coming, and He NEVER lets us down.

He lives, He lives.  Christ Jesus lives today!  He walks with me and talks with me along life’s narrow way.

He lives.  He lives, salvation to impart!   You ask me how I know He lives.   He lives within my heart.

Have a blessed Easter as we celebrate the great truth of that chorus.  He lives and so shall we who follow Him!