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Our Priorities

Beginning in 1960 Tom Landry built the Dallas Cowboys from a hapless expansion team to a National Football League powerhouse.  The Cowboys in his day became “America’s Team.”   What was the secret of his success?   On March 1, 1978 he addressed a crowd of 2000 at Baylor University.   He said, “In 1958 I did something everyone who has been successful must do:  I determined my priorities for my life–Faith, Family and only then Football.”

This is true for a nation as well as individuals.   Thomas Jefferson is the chief author of the Declaration of Independence, our great national confession of faith.   Jefferson makes four references to God in this sacred document:  Nature’s God, Creator, Supreme Judge and Divine Providence.  Unfortunately today our leaders and too many others do not have their priorities in proper order.  They do not even take time for worship.  This leads to chaos and loss of national purpose.

A prime example (and a comical one) was President Obama’s address this week to the graduates of the United States Coast Guard Academy.   Did the President inspire them to protect our coastal waters?  Did he thank them for their sacrifice and service?  Did he tell the cadets they stood in an endless line of splendor?  Did he even address the major threat that ISIS and other terrorists pose to our nation and our military?  Of course not.   He told them that if they did not fight climate change it would be “a dereliction of duty.”

To begin with such scientists as MIT’s Richard Lindzen (Meteorology Department) and Colorado State University’s William Gray (professor emeritus of Atmospheric Science)  both state that there is no evidence of significant change in our climate beyond normal patterns.  In 2008 New York City hosted 73 climate scientists (Dr. Gray and Dr. Lindzen were both speakers) who had concluded the same thing.   This did not garner much press nor have subsequent climate change summits by skeptics as they do not fit the political template of those eminent scientists, Al Gore and Barack Obama.

Dr. Philip Lloyd, Nuclear Scientist and Chemical Engineer and author of 150 papers on climate and related subjects, said this week that there have not been major changes (beyond normal variations) in global climate in 8000 years.  I rather think it pays to listen to eminent scientists rather than a failed President.

I cannot imagine Jack Kennedy or Ronald Reagan wasting an opportunity to inspire young men and women who defend our nation by addressing an issue that is in such dispute as climate change.  The future of the Democrat Party does not look any brighter.   George Will was on Special Report on FOX News as he observed Hillary Clinton’s vapid video roll out, her e-mail scandals, the tainted cash of the Clinton Foundation, and Bill and Hill selling speeches for big dollars and for influence.   He said, “The Democrat Party is the oldest in the world.  Under the leadership of that Party we fought two World Wars and the Great Depression.   And now the Democrats have come to this.”  What was George Will saying?  We have lost our way.   We have lost our purpose.   We have lost proper priorities.

Well, what to do?   I heard two prominent United Methodist Christians address this back in the 1970’s.  One was a very bright woman of the laity named Virginia Law Shell.   She said, “When a nation turns from God, He withdraws His Wisdom from their leaders.”  Have we ever seen such comically incompetent leadership as that of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton?   I don’t think so.

The second was Bishop Earl Hunt who said of the Church (but it also applies to the State):  “When we find ourselves on the wrong road, the best thing is to go back to the place where we got off the right trail, and only then move forward.   In short, we sometimes must go back before we can go ahead.  There is no future in going further down the wrong road.”   And the wrong road is what we are on right now.  In the parlance of the news it is called right track, wrong track.  Thankfully a majority of Americans say we are on the wrong track which means there is still hope.

As a nation we might still learn from Tom Landry (also a United Methodist Christian) who made his priorities Faith, Family and only then Football.  The third one will not be football for most us but it describes our calling in life.   It will be something different for each of us are unique and God has a purpose for everyone of us.   Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Every person I meet is superior to me in some way.”  That is exactly right.   Every one of us has a God given purpose and He has entrusted us with unique gifts to be employed in that purpose.

And when we discover that plan and approach it with the proper priorities we can begin to heal as individuals and as families and as a nation under the Mighty Hand of God.  Lord, let it be so!








We did a post on hope in God and godly men and women in the GOP rather than Democrats like Obama and Hillary.  While it published it did not go out to subscribers.  This is a follow up.  Go to the link REDROCKSRIGHT.COM and Hope in God should appear.   Thank you for your interest.   Eutychus

Our Hope Is In God

The last Democrat President I admired was John F. Kennedy.  I realize he had a number of moral failings, but he was a WWII Warrior who had to bribe his way into the service as he was so ill.  The men of his craft, PT-109, spoke of their admiration for Lt. Kennedy who never gave them the impression his father was worth a half billion dollars in 1942.  They said he was genuinely interested in them all and nearly gave his life for them when their craft was sliced in two by a Japanese destroyer.

Early in his Presidency the Bay of Pigs, an ill-fated invasion of Cuba, was an embarrassing failure.  It was set up under Eisenhower, his predecessor President, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.   When it blew up in their face, the military brass headed for the tall grass, but the President, John Kennedy, stood tall and alone and said, “I gave the order.  I am Commander-in-Chief.   I alone am responsible.”  His poll numbers actually went up as this reminded people of Harry Truman, President just before Ike, and his desk top plaque:  “The Buck Stops Here.”

Kennedy was a smart enough politician to change the subject and, at a commencement address at Rice University in Houston, TX, he said, “We will get to the moon before the end of the decade.”   And in July of 1969 we did.   As a side note from 1991-1995 our family lived along the Space Coast of FL where four of the greatest scientists in the world were part of our church.  Two of them, Charles Murphy and Mac Macalister, were at Cape Canaveral from the beginning and are among the fathers of the American Space program.  You can imagine what they think of Barack Obama’s dismantling of NASA and turning the Space Shuttles into museum pieces.

Unfortunately President Kennedy did not live to see us land on the moon.  Almost equal in misfortune, he was followed by Lyndon Johnson who gave us The War on Poverty, Jimmy Carter who gave us a crippled economy and hostages in Iran, Bill Clinton who gave us such scandals that he was Impeached and Disbarred for lying under oath, and Barack Obama who is the sorriest and most dangerous of them all.  Carter was a devious man beneath his Christian cloak and Clinton and Obama are master dodgers of responsibility.  None of these men come up to Truman’s or Kennedy’s shoe tops.

When the Branch Davidian cult in Waco, TX was attacked with the total loss of every man, woman and child in the Davidian Compound, Bill Clinton stood tall and said, “Talk to Attorney General Janet Reno.  I had nothing to do with this”   When Hillarycare, the precursor of Obamacare failed, Clinton hid behind the First Lady.   He had no trouble blaming women including his wife.  During his first six years Obama said it is Bush’s fault or I inherited this mess in every crisis.  Even he cannot blame George W. Bush for the Baltimore riots (he would if he could), so he blames it on generic Republicans who fail to pass his policies.  Has he forgotten the near trillion dollar stimulus passed by Democrats who controlled all when he came into office?  Baltimore received billions of those dollars but that money went to Obama’s union buddies rather than the kids in need.

Now the Democrats appear poised to turn to Bill’s wife, Hillary, as their standard bearer in 2016.  She lacks Bill’s touch and basic likeability (the charming rogue) and she is dogged by scandal from Benghazi to e-mail destruction as Secretary of State to overseas cash to the Clinton Foundation which appears to be influence peddling.  None of this seems to matter to the Democrats.  Their preferred choice would be Senator Elizabeth Warren of MA (affectionately called Senator Pocahontas by Radio King, Rush Limbaugh, as she falsely claimed Cherokee blood to advance her academic career) but she appears to be demurring.   Even Hillary is not liberal enough for Far Left Democrats.  And Mrs. Clinton may win.  The GOP will certainly gain no support from the old line press and media–The New York Times, The Washington Post, CBS, NBC, ABC.

All of this reminds me of Jeremiah 50:6, “My people have been lost sheep, their shepherds have led them astray;  They have turned them away on the bare mountains.  They have wandered from mountain to hill;  they have forgotten their resting place.”  Jeremiah prophesied from 626 B.C. to some time after 586 B.C. when Jerusalem in the nation of Judah fell to the Babylonians.  His were turbulent times which finally destroyed his nation.   We live in such times that can lead to our destruction as a free People.

Jeremiah (the book that bears his name contains more words than any other in the Bible), like all the Prophets, appealed to the Covenant relationship of the Chosen with God.   He tried to warn them of their destruction if they did not turn from their wicked ways.  I believe we are a Second Chosen People also on the road of destruction.  Right now the warnings to us are not coming so much from the Church as from political leaders like Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee and Marco Rubio.  They certainly are not coming from Hillary, Warren or any other Democrat.  Rather their polices are hastening our doom.  George Will has said the Democrat Party is the oldest in the world and led through WWI, the Great Depression and WWII.  Is Hillary Clinton the best they can do?

We are well on the way of no return in terms of losing our freedom.  This is always true if we refuse to guard our liberty.   Ronald Reagan warned during the years of Johnson and Carter that we were entering a thousand years of darkness if we did not turn back.  Fortunately we did turn in 1980 but we have not had a true conservative leader since.  Such leaders are on the horizon in the GOP names noted above.   And there are others.   But the takers are beginning to outnumber the producers and they are voting.   This sows the seed of destruction.

But come what may God and His Word will prevail.  It has been said (and it is not really paradoxical), “Rest in Him but work as if it is up to us for we are His Hands and Feet and Voice.”  And “let us not grow weary of doing good, for if we do not faint, we shall reap a harvest.”  (Ephesians 6:9)   Jeremiah 31:31-34 promises a New Covenant which will be fully realized with the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Whatever the darkness there is an eternal light dawning.  Praise be to God!   Let us not give up.


The Special Strength of the Shameless

George Will now appears on FOX News Special Report with Bret Baier.  He said recently that the Clintons have the advantage of not being embarrassed by anything.  He was referring to Hillary’s statement that we need reform in Washington to help the average individual even as she and Bill Clinton receive millions in public speaking fees.  At the same time she has announced that she will not abide by campaign finance laws because she will raise so much on her own that she will not seek matching funds.  Barack Obama did the same in 2008.

There is increasing evidence that the Clinton Foundation is not a charity but a slush fund for the Clintons.   Little of the donations goes to charity but millions to administration including travel.  The Foundation has also been involved in Russia gaining 20 % of American Uranium.   Senator John Barrasso of WY tried to warn the country in 2010 that Russia had their eye on our Uranium.

Speaking of Russia, do you remember Secretary of State Clinton’s reset button with Russian Foreign Minister Sergio Lavrov?  First, she thought she was pushing a reset button with Lavrov but in reality the Russian word employed means “overcharge.” I am not sure what it is with Democrats and foreign languages.  The hapless Jimmy Carter told the Poles that he lusted after them.

Second, it is clear that Putin rightly saw this as a sign of weakness and has taken full advantage in Ukraine and in Iran.  Mitt Romney said in the 2012 Presidential debates that he saw Russia as our most ominous problem.  President Obama scoffed at this and said,  “Governor, the Cold War is over.”   Romney was right.

Sean Hannity asks every supporter of the Clintons he can find to name three of Hillary’s accomplishments as Secretary of State.  None can.  We would ask Mrs. Clinton herself but she will not take off her sunglasses or get out of her plush black van to be available to reporters.   Meanwhile, evidence is piling up that the Clinton Foundation is awash in funds given in exchange for favors by Hillary as Secretary of State and even more so should she become President.

Again I note George Will’s saying the Clintons have no shame, no ability to blush.   They take heat on a number of fronts, lay low, and then when the scandal surfaces again they say, “Oh, that is old news.”  That may not work this time for a number of reasons.   One, Hillary has none of Bill’s charm.  She simply looks perpetually angry, even mean spirited.  Second, she is no longer a young woman.   Her video, as Marco Rubio said, “is yesterday.”   Third, there are now real alternatives for news such as FOX, the Internet, and Talk Radio, especially Rush Limbaugh.   None of these entities are going to allow the scandals to go away or even to subside.   Fourth, almost daily a new scandal or at least a new questionable activity surfaces with the Clinton Foundation.   Finally, numbers of liberal Democrats in the Press like Ruth Marcus and Ron Fornier say they think people of every political stripe are suffering with Clinton fatigue.   Are there no fresh faces Democrats ask?   Are the Republicans the only ones with a bench?

Bernie Sanders is not a fresh face at age 73 but he has entered the race.   The Democratic Socialist may help Hillary indirectly or on purpose.   One, he makes her look young–which she is not.  Second, he makes her look moderate–which she is not.   Mollie Hemingway of the Federalists notes that if he were to run in a third party he might damage Hillary.   But if he stays in the Democrat fold (Sanders is an Independent who votes with the Democrats) he may help her which may be his intent all along.

Hillary Clinton may win the Democrat nomination though that is not certain as new revelations about her foundation surface.   She could even face criminal charges.   Never seemed to bother Bill much.   Now we are back to George Will’s noting that shamelessness is a strength.

When the Iranian hostages came home in January 1981, Ronald Reagan honored them with a ceremony.   Eric Sevareid was flanking CBS News anchor, Dan Rather.   Sevareid was perhaps the greatest political essayist of the mid to late 20th century.   He said of Iran, “They manifest the special strength of the shameless.”   He noted that neither the Russians, the Chinese nor any other foe would have dared do anything like this.  But the shameless Iranians did.

Bill and Hillary Clinton are not likely to storm an embassy but the principle with them is the same–shameless individuals and a shameless couple who are not embarrassed to pocket millions of dollars from their Foundation, and tell the citizenry they are opposed to the wealthy, for the average person and will be totally transparent.   One definition of hypocrisy might be The Clintons.

My wife and I spent the summer of 1974 in inner-city Chicago working with youth from the housing project of Cabrini Green and other young people in the area.   On August 9 I took a train from Chicago down state for the wedding of my wife’s sister.  I was armed with all four of  Chicago’s major newspapers.   Why?    Because on that day Richard Nixon resigned the Presidency.   Forty years later I can still recall Mike Royko’s poignant piece in The Chicago Daily News.  Royko wrote:  “Richard Nixon is a most able man whose dishonesty and paranoia brought him down.   Gerald Ford is an honorable but not an especially able man.  Two hundred years ago our nation of 2.5  million produced our brilliantly gifted Founding Fathers.   Today we are a nation of 210 million.   In all those millions can we not find one man both able and honest?”

Today we are a nation of 315 million.   Is Hillary Clinton really the best the oldest Political Party in the world can find?  If one wants able and honest in 2016, look to the Right and the GOP.   They have a bench full of both.   We are running out of time.  Let us not give any strength to the shameless.