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The Bolton Doctrine

John Bolton was our Ambassador to the United Nations from 2005-2006 under President George W. Bush.   He stood in the same line as Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Jeanne Kirkpatrick (both Democrats though Ms. Kirkpatrick became a Republican) in terms of being tough patriots.  Ambassador Moynihan later become United States Senator from New York.  Inexplicably, other than even brilliant people make mistakes, he backed Hillary Clinton (Carpetbagger from IL by way of AR) to take his seat when he retired.  He would take to the U.N. floor and call out regimes who blasted the United States during public plenary sessions and then catch him in the hallway after to ask for aid.  He flatly told them if they wanted our help to back us publicly or at least be still.

At the Republican Convention in Dallas in 1984 that nominated Ronald Reagan for a second term, Jeanne Kirkpatrick called out the Democrats who had nominated Walter Mondale (who won only his home state of MN in the General Election and probably lost that as well) saying, “The San Francisco Democrats always blame America first.  Let us nominate and elect a real patriot–Ronald Reagan.”

John Bolton was this type of United Nations Ambassador.  Unfortunately the Senate would not back him for this post so President Bush sent him there on recess appointment which lasted only one year.   Ambassador Bolton considered running for the GOP nomination in 2016 but wisely decided against it as he could not raise the resources needed for a run.  Besides up to 24 others may run, and most of these would have Mr. Bolton’s support.

We find Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina and Scott Walker particularly attractive.  Our daughter is an attorney who trained for the law at Ave Maria Law School in Naples, FL.  She met Marco Rubio as he ran for the U.S. Senate in 2010 and found him a most appealing candidate.  Steve Hayes, senior writer for The Weekly Standard, says, “As impressive as Marco Rubio is publicly, he is even more so privately.”

The Bolton Doctrine is, like the man, straight forward, and the direct opposite of Barack Obama’s failed foreign and domestic policies.  First, our country is a force for good and a strong America is good for our security, good for our freedoms, good for our economy, good for the future and good for the world.  Note the word “good.”   How often does one hear President Obama affirm the goodness of our land?

Second, our military must be the strongest in the world, and it is treachery to gut the military budget even as China is building their navy to rival ours and threatens security in the Pacific and beyond.  Barack Obama tells the Coast Guard Academy graduates this year, “If you do not fight climate change, it is a dereliction of duty.”   The man is delusional as Charles Krauthammer, psychiatrist and columnist, professionally offers his opinion wearing both hats.

Third, our security is threatened by Islamic Terrorism (a term this Administration will not even utter).   These terrorists must be defeated, destroyed, and wiped from the face of the earth.  Just sixteen months ago the President said of ISIS, “They are the junior varsity.”   He likely would have stayed with that assessment but for the public beheadings of Christians and others which outraged the civilized world.   His response is still muted as ISIS advances in the Middle East and Africa.

Number four is a corollary to Mr. Bolton’s third pillar:  Our border must be secured against terrorists and criminals who seek to penetrate our country and do us harm.  Fortunately, the Courts have blocked Obama’s illegal amnesty policies which allows those who have broken our immigration laws to stay unimpeded.   This does not mean the GOP and sensible Democrats (if any can be found) need not address immigration, but the President, as in nearly all his decisions, must be reined in.

Finally, our Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms is sacred and we must reject any attempt by the United Nations to threaten our rights.   Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama would both appeal to the U.N. to circumvent the Bill of Rights including the right for private citizens to be armed.  This is not only for personal protection against criminal intruders but an increasingly aggressive Federal Government on gun control.

John Bolton would make a fine President in line with Harry Truman, Ike, John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan.  Sadly, the Democratic Party of Truman and Kennedy is no more.  They stood for a strong national defense and for the Bill of Rights.  John Bolton will make an equally fine Secretary of Defense or of State (not a Clinton or a Kerry).  Let us make that happen by voting for one of those 24 Republicans running this year.  Most of them will do the opposite of a Barack Obama or a Hillary Clinton and, thus, we will immediately be more secure at home and abroad.

One more note that fits in this post and should lead us to vote conservative:  Matthew Continetti, editor in chief of The Washington Free Beacon, quotes Amy Chozick of The New York Times on Hillary, “If the centrist policies of the Bill Clinton years were known for stepped-up policing and prison building, deficit reduction, deregulation, welfare overhaul and trade deals, Hillary Clinton is steering her early candidacy in the opposite direction.”

Mr. Continetti follows this by noting, “Despite a gauzy attitude toward the 1990’s as a time of peace and prosperity, a golden age, a holiday from history, Clinton is rejecting the President she married for the one she worked for–an implicit acknowledgement that the Bill Clinton of 1992 and 1996 could not longer win the nomination of his Party.”

In other words, Hillary Clinton really would be the third term of Barack Obama rather than husband Bill.   Scary thought, is it not?  Even with his moral failings, Bill Clinton may have been the strongest President after Ronald Reagan though he is not nearly on par with The Gipper.  The country cannot stand much more, so vote for the Bolton Doctrine in 2016 rather than Barack, The Sequel.  The GOP field is far stronger than Hillary Clinton’s running Far Left and largely unopposed.   Vote Republican.   Vote for America.


The Stacked Deck

On January 20, 1961 John F. Kennedy took the oath of office as the 35th President.  Our high school principal, Mr. Kenneth Homyak, set up a television in our auditorium that allowed our watching his address.  Most feel that Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural is the greatest of all time.  Lincoln wrote this address himself and is considered the best writer of all the Presidents.   Ted Sorenson wrote Kennedy’s speech which the new President fine tuned and it is also one of the best.   Tragically, President Kennedy was murdered less than three years later so did not get a chance at a second address.

I admire President Kennedy who refused to be called a war hero and consider him a conservative though he was a Democrat.   The Party stood for much more then than now.   The second paragraph in President Kennedy’s Inaugural contains this sentence:  “The rights of man come not from the generosity of the state but from the Hand of God.”   Sadly too many Republicans no longer speak this way and no Democrats–certainly not Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

And in the past persons who came to Washington saw themselves, not as permanent residents, but as citizen legislators who stayed a term or two and then went back to their real jobs.   Our family spent the summer of 1958 in Tipton, OK and I visited my cousin in Lawton frequently.  He had a paper route and one of the people on his route was former Senator Thomas of OK who served two terms and then came home to Lawton.   I recall his home was modest in an equally modest neighborhood.  Today, even if a Congressman or Senator is defeated, they do not generally come home but rather stay in D.C. as lobbyists and consultants.   It is revealed each election that some Senators no longer even have property in what was their home state.

This brings us to the contrast between Carly Fiorina and Hillary Clinton.   Ms. Fiorina is an example of a person who started as an office assistant in a company (in this case Hewlett Packard) and rose to become CEO of the entire enterprise.   She says of herself that she is the fulfillment of the American Dream and wishes to be what our Founders intended–a citizen leader.   She adds that in too many cases today our leaders are not there to serve the people who sent them but to protect their personal power.   And Carly is not afraid to criticize Hillary and is free of the charge of sexism.

Hillary Clinton’s rise is of a different type.  Noemie Emery is a gifted writer who contributes to The Weekly Standard and is a regular columnist for The Washington Examiner.  She asks in a major piece in the 5/25/15 issue of The Standard subtitled, The privilege of being Hillary Clinton:  “How did two penniless kids in 1976 living in roughly 1,000 square feet in Fayetteville, Arkansas, reach such heights?”   The answer is that when Bill was elected Attorney General of AK and later Governor, Hillary decided that making the family fortune would be in her hands.   She felt a sense of entitlement, became involved in shady deals, borrowed from banks operated by political friends, became the first female partner at the Rose Law Firm with clients knowing they would find favor with the Governor’s wife, cleared 64,000 dollars annually serving on the boards of Wal-Mart and TCBY and managed to turn a 1,000 dollar investment in cattle futures into an astounding 100,000 dollars.  Even The New York Times knew this did not pass the smell test but nothing was done.

Hillary managed to stack the deck not only in money but in power.   Others like Jack Kennedy have come to power from great wealth.  But no one before Hillary had launched their political career from the White House as First Lady, able to enlist the prestige and perks that surround that position.  She began to eclipse Al Gore even as he ran for President in 2000 and siphoned off Democrat money for herself that might have gone to him in a tight race.

With an ex-President husband able to raise large amounts of money, and the Clinton Foundation garnering lots of cash from overseas while she was Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton runs from a platform not before seen.  But all is not roses as the book Clinton Cash, The New York Times, and The Washington Post, have exposed questionable ties of the Clinton donations to future favors if she is elected President.  This has left the Foundation scrambling to address concerns about budgeting, vetting and tax accounting.

The late Eric Sevareid said of Iran, “It is a regime that demonstrates the special strength of the shameless.”   The Clintons have this same strength as Hillary, seemingly heedless of her family fortune, continues to rail against income disparity as a crisis, and the unfair advantages given the already powerful as a national shame and a sin.  Hillary has stacked the deck to benefit herself and her husband and their daughter (Chelsea pulled down an annual salary of 600,000 dollars from N.B.C. while doing practically nothing) and two brothers as well who appear to have no more talent than the Kardashians.  But they are related to Hillary Clinton.

If the Democrats wish to run on inequality they would do well to look for another candidate.  I will be voting GOP whomever the Donkeys choose and am giving a long look to a woman who did not marry into political power or make her fortune by giving dull speeches and selling favors through the Clinton Foundation.   Rather Carly Fiorina worked her way up as others have done and wishes to be a citizen leader as the Founders envisioned–not a Queen.