Barack the Sanctimonious

Bill Kistol has a PhD in Political Science from Harvard;  his wife, Susan Kristol, a PhD in Classical Literature.  This exceptionally well-educated couple attended a dinner party at the home of George Will in January 2009 with the President-elect, Barack Obama, before he took the oath of office.

As they greeted Obama, Bill congratulated him on the win and said he had put together a very good team that made it possible.  Bill and Susan both took notice of the fact that Obama did not like that as he wanted the entire spot light–none for the team.  They concluded that evening that it was going to be worse under Barack Obama than they already feared.  Marian and I heard this story directly from Bill when we took a Caribbean Cruise with The Weekly Standard in December 2011.  There was a photo session with Bill, Fred Barnes, and Stephen Hayes and any couple or individual who wished to stand with them.  We stayed around after to visit with Bill Kristol.

Barack Obama diminishes the Presidency as he is a small man all wrapped up in self.  As a corollary he is also sanctimonious to the point of embarrassment–if Obama is capable of embarrassment.  In his editorial in the November 30th Weekly Standard, Dr.  Bill Kristol traces the word sanctimony from the Latin sanctimonia which meant sacred to its current meaning of hypocritical holiness.

My wife took a course at the University of Colorado, Boulder, on the complete works of William Shakespeare and has a 2 volume set of his plays.  Measure For Measure was written in 1603 and is one of Shakespeare’s darkest and most painful comedies.  The character Lucio remarks on the sanctimonious pirate who went to sea with the 10 Commandments but scraped away from the stone the 8th Commandment, “Thou shall not steal.”  Thus, we have been aware of pretended holiness since at least the 17th Century.

One might therefore conclude that in the supposed enlightenment of the 21st Century, sanctimony of this type would be receding.  But in the President of the United States, aided by his buddies in the Press, liberal sanctimony is going strong.  Most purveyors of sanctimony like Angelo in Measure For Measure know they are frauds.  Some try to fight it; others practice it because it serves their purposes.

But the liberal sanctimony of today is more virulent.  It is amazing how easy it is for most to see, yet how blind people like Obama are to it themselves.  A clear example is the Syrian immigration crisis.  This was created by President Obama when he elected to back away from his own Red Line in Syria and let the nation burn.  This also created the malignancy of ISIS.  Does Obama own up?   Of course not, as anything wrong is George Bush’s fault or the GOP’s or Rednecks in the sticks who cling to guns and faith.  But it is never his fault.

Thus, Obama the sanctimonious cares more about the 10,000 Syrian refugees he wishes to bring here than those who are asking for a pause.  One of the flies in the buttermilk for the President on this is that a number of sensible people in his Party are also opposed to bringing potential terrorists to American soil.

Foreign affairs scholar, Walter Mead, who voted for Obama in 2008, says Barack Obama, who is responsible for the Syrian refugee crisis, “Is now lecturing his fellow citizens on what he insists is their moral inferiority before his own high self-esteem.”  Mead further calls this, “The most cynical, cold-blooded, and nastily divisive move any American President has made in a long time. . .One need not be a conservative to reject the President’s leadership on Syria.  All you need for that is common sense and a moral compass.”

Bill Kristol further writes about the President’s sanctimony:  “It might be merely a cover for cynicism;  it might be he is self-aware enough to know exactly what he is doing.  But we shouldn’t underestimate the self-delusion of the liberal mind.  In Obama’s case, that mind is the product of decades of intellectual cocooning and smug moral preening.  It shouldn’t surprise us if the sanctimony he indulges is habitual and oblivious.”

Barack Obama has been pampered since childhood, into his education, and years in government by a lap dog Press.  It is quite possible that this man raised to believe he is always right is blind to his embarrassing self-congratulating sanctimony.  But it is clear to anyone with an ounce of common sense–which obviously leaves out the Washington Press Corps.

God help us through the next 14 months under a President who makes Jimmy Carter look giant.  And God help us elect leadership in 2016 that can lead us out of the morass left by a small, self-delusional and incredibly dangerous leader named Barack Hussein Obama.  God help us!


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