Abstain on Trump?

Sixty years ago I delivered The Rocky Mountain News to my entire northern Colorado community of 2500.  Sadly, after 150 years of uninterrupted coverage of the Centennial State, The News folded in the fall of 2009.  This left The Denver Post as the only state wide newspaper in CO, and it is headed in the same direction.

One of the reasons for this is captured in The Post editorial today. The paper calls for the CO delegation to abstain from voting for Donald Trump in Cleveland.   I would be pleasantly surprised if next week they call for the CO delegation of Democrats to abstain from voting for Clinton due to her being a congenital liar as the late William Safire rightly charged in 1993.

I saw an e-mail recently in which the Press was asked why they constantly ask Ivanka Trump about her father’s treatment of women but they never ask that question of Chelsea Clinton.  In their editorial, The Post chastised Mr. Trump for his paltry ground game that failed to capitalize on Hillary’s e-mail scandal.  No wonder people are fed up with the old line Press and cancelling subscriptions to their newspaper.  All this is insulting to their intelligence and their basic sense of decency and fair play.

I wonder if The Denver Post is so busy lapping up Left wing propaganda that they failed to read Donald Trump’s recent speech in which he called Hillary a “world class liar” citing Benghazi and her e-mail scandals.  Among other things he said, “Hillary Clinton has perfected the politics of personal profit and theft.”  On the corrupt Clinton Foundation  he said, “She gets richer making you poorer.”  After the Bastille Day attack in Nice, France, Trump said of Obama and Hillary, “We are weak and weakly led.”  No less than tough guy John Bolton (hopefully Secretary of Defense in a Trump Administration) lauded this comment.  I guess The Denver Post missed it.  But a real reporter, Mercedes Schlapp, in a real newspaper, The Washington Times, picked up and reported on it extensively.

Trump’s speeches have also returned to the basics: a populist message of “American First,” that would benefit all Americans of every background including Bernie Sanders supporters.  He said that Bernie was right about insiders rigging the game for themselves to keep the power and the money.  He then added, “That’s why we are asking Bernie Sanders supporters to join our movement, so together we can fix the system for all Americans.  And it’s not just the political system that is rigged against ordinary Americans, it’s the whole economy.”

Donald Trump’s first fund raising letter went out after his speeches and the response raised a record 2 million dollars in 12 hours.  Mrs. Clinton should be scared and GOP delegates should not abstain in Cleveland.  Her opponent has tapped into the frustrations of millions of Americans due to the Establishment, and Hillary Clinton is the face of that Establishment.  She is owned by special interests having personally enriched herself by giving closed door speeches to Wall Street firms and big banks.  Bernie was right to try to force her to reveal the contents of those speeches. Naturally she refused.

Now it will be important for Donald Trump to stay disciplined and on message for the long haul.  Mrs. Clinton is the most unlikable and untrustworthy candidate since Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson.  Trump needs to continue to point to this and to the fact that he understands the plight of so many disillusioned Americans.

Now about The Denver Post. . . . .



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