Proverbs & Political Fools

The Bible is more up to date than the daily newspaper, the most recent FAX, a text of the moment or the latest tweet. Hillary Clinton said that 1/2 of Trump voters could be “put in a basket of deplorables.”  Even The New York Times (no friend of Trump or Conservatives) said this was not politically smart.  Bill Clinton is politically smart; Hillary Clinton is not and this is simply the latest example of a foolish campaign.

But the book of Proverbs dates back to as early as the 10 century B.C. and Proverbs 18:6 describes what happened on Friday night in New York City from the mouth of Hillary Clinton:  “A fool’s lips bring strife, and their tongue invites a beating.”  We wish Hillary well in her recovery from illness but we also wish her to be beaten in her run for President.

As William Safire, speech writer for Richard Nixon and the last true conservative at The New York Times, wrote in 1993: “Hillary is a congenital liar.”  She cannot tell the truth and she is not politically savvy.  She benefits from Donald Trump’s being a political novice who also has to watch what he says, but he has plans to change the future. She calls for more of Obama.  Surely eight years is enough.

There is something else that must be said–appealing again to Scripture.  Satan is the father of lies according to John 8:44 in the words of our Lord Himself.  Proverbs 12:22  reads:  “Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, but those who act faithfully are His delight.”

Hillary Clinton is a liar.  We cannot elect her President and maintain any semblance of the Nation under God we were raised up to be.  Her language about deplorables was planned and betrays how she feels about hard working Americans seeking to make it in a Democrat Party increasingly hostile to them and to truth.  Barack Obama feels the same as revealed by his 2008 comments about bitter clingers to God, guns and religion.  But he said that privately, not knowing it would become public.

The campaign is now set before us in broad relief.  There are no shades of gray anymore.  Will we follow a liar or seek the truth?  I choose the latter.  Hopefully millions and millions of others do the same.   We are running out of chances for renewal.


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