Righteousness Is Better Than Evil

In the summer of 2013 my high school class celebrated 50 years since graduation.  My closest high school friend is Class President.  Another friend (now living on the other side) called and asked if I would do the prayer for the meal and the evening.  I asked his permission to share a few “then and now thoughts.”  I noted that Jack Kennedy was our President when we finished high school and that he was a strong anti-Communist, a WWII hero, and tax cutter.  In short, today he would be considered a Conservative and might not even be a Democrat.  I  reminded the class that when the Bay of Pigs fiasco happened, he did not run for cover as did the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  He had a ready made excuse as the military brass set up the Cuban invasion under Ike well before our young President entered the Oval Office (John Kennedy was the youngest man ever elected President who succeeded the then oldest in Eisenhower who was later surpassed in age as a sitting President by Ronald Reagan).

But Kennedy was a man of class unlike Bill Clinton (it is H.W. Bush’s fault) and Barack Obama (George W. Bush did it).  He did not appeal to an excuse but stood tall and said that he gave the order and he alone was to blame.  He was a smart enough politician that he went out and changed the subject by saying we would get to the moon first–which we did.

I also said that night at the reunion that I increasingly noted that were was a four letter word that captured the time even more than 5 years earlier when we gathered.  That word is Fear.  We have a President who is a Lamb abroad and is scoffed at by the Chinese, the Russians and by Iran.  Meanwhile, Obama is a Lion toward Israel and his own People.  He is a buffoon who still thinks all he does is right, his opponents wrong, and that he is the smartest man in any room.  As Charles Krauthammer has said repeatedly, “The man is delusional.”  I would add delusional which makes him dangerous to the nation and to common sense.

The New Living Translation (NLT) is a more scholarly 1996 update of The Living Bible.  My Old Testament professor is one of the editors.  This version renders Proverbs 28:2 thus:  “When there is moral rot within a nation, its government topples easily.  But with wise and knowledgeable leaders there is stability.”  Barack and Hillary have not given us stability.  Proverbs 28:15 reads:  “A wicked ruler is as dangerous to the poor as a Lion or a Bear attacking them.”

What has happened to the poor in the last 7.5 years?  There is far more poverty–especially among blacks who have suffered grievously under the first black President.  But worse, he thinks he is right and will not accept criticism.  Any problem is the fault of someone else.  What a contrast with Jack Kennedy and Harry Truman who said and meant, “The Buck Stops Here.”

The wicked ruler is compared to the wild beasts of the jungle.  Proverbs 28:16 says, “Only a stupid Prince will oppress his people, but a King will have a long reign if he hates dishonesty and bribes.”  Crawford Howell Toy was an Old Testament scholar of the 19th century (The Civil War & Reconstruction Era), but he captures the meaning of this verse still for today:  “He who is oppressive is lacking in intelligence, but he who hates unjust gain will live long.”  I think Obama is more stubborn than smart and Hillary’s dishonesty is a cocktail joke and bringing her down.  Toy’s words remind me of the Clinton Foundation and Pay for Play.  The Bible is always up to date.

Of evil men C.S. Lewis wrote in Reflections on the Psalms,   “If the Divine call does not make us better, it will make us much worse.  Of all created beings, the wickedest is Man who originally stood in the immediate Presence of God.” In Mere Christianity Lewis wrote, “Wickedness, when you examine it, turns out to be the pursuit of some good in the wrong way.”   Does that not describe big government, Democrats, Obama and Hillary?

This all leads to evil and we must face this fact.  Evil in modern society is considered a primitive notion which is why we have so much of it.  Crime is not due to evil.  It is a wrong choice.  Mobs entering and robbing a store is not evil; it is an action of impoverished youth without focus.  Embracing Iran and rebuking Israel is not spitting in the Eye of God’s Chosen;  it is sophisticated diplomacy.  Benghazi was not the result of evil men attacking our consul and neglect by stupid, wicked leaders who are as dangerous as Lions and Bears.  It was a misguided video.  How many of us when upset by an insult carry around a mortar just in case?

George Will wrote of evil on April 30, 1989:  “The ambition of the modern mind is to spare itself a chilling sight, that of the cold stare of personal evil.  The modern response is to make the reality of evil disappear behind a rhetorical gauze of learned garbage.  In the past evil was punished swiftly and with terrible severity.  Punishment is now interminably delayed and ludicrously light.  That is why so many boys waiting trial sing rap songs in their jail cells.  A society that flinches from the fact of evil will flinch from the act of punishment.  It should not wonder why it does not feel safe.”

I noted the word fear in the opening of this post.  Have those who perpetrated violence and death at Benghazi been punished as Obama promised on 9/12/2012?  Of course not.  They have no fear of Obama.  Will Hillary be punished for her part in the neglect at Benghazi?  Will she suffer for having a private server which put Americans at risk overseas? Will anything happen due to her repeated lies about her e-mails?   Are people catching on to the fact that The Clinton Foundation is not for charitable giving but a play for pay scandal and a cash cow for Bill, Hill and Chelsea?   The answer remains to be seen in terms of the election.   She certainly is guilty of enough to disqualify her from public service of any kind, most definitely  including the Presidency.  But will she be punished by the law?  The F.B.I. and James Comey say not.

How does Proverbs 28:2 read?  “When there is moral rot within a nation, its government topples easily.  But with wise and knowledgeable leaders there is stability.”   Lord, give us the wisdom to reject the former, embrace that latter and then to go out and vote for it.





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