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The Potter & the Clay

The Book of Jeremiah contains more words than any other in the Bible.  Jeremiah is the second of the Great Prophets.  The Word of the Lord came to him while he was still young (Jeremiah 1:6) during the the thirteenth year of reign of King Josiah of Judah (626 B.C.).  God’s Chosen are threatened by King Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonians to whom they fell in 586 B.C.  Jeremiah pleads with his People to repent but they refuse.  In fact, in Jeremiah 18:12 they openly tell Jeremiah not to waste his breath as they plan to continue in their evil ways.  They believe that, as The Chosen, God will protect them no matter what they do.  They should have known better as they had seen their northern brethren in Israel fall to Assyria in 723 B.C.

Jeremiah had been led of God to the shops where jars are made of clay.  A potter working at his wheel saw a jar go bad so he smashed it and started over.  God is the Potter and His People the clay in His Hands.  He tells Jeremiah He is the Potter who raised up a nation to be His own.   But like the clay of the jar that went bad so God’s Chosen have gone on the wrong road.  God is willing to given them a second chance if they will turn from evil.  The Prophet brings this message and it is rejected.  This sets Judah up for their fall (Jeremiah 18:1-17).

I believe there is every evidence that we Americans are a Second Chosen People.  I do not know how else one explains the remarkable progress and influence of our Nation over the last 200 plus years.  I also think there is little doubt we are going the way of the First Chosen in turning our back on God.  That is one of the reasons the Tea Party rose up in remarkable fashion after the election of Barack Obama, the weakest and most dangerous President of modern time.  It is also part of the reason for the rise of Donald Trump–a non-P.C. candidate.   People have had enough and they are rising up.  But are there enough of them to swing the election away from a congenital liar?

Bill and Hillary Clinton may be the most corrupt politicians in our history.  The very fact that we allowed Bill Clinton to stay in office despite lying under oath and his ill-treatment of women is an example of nation without soul or principle.   The fact that the biggest liar since Satan may win the Presidency further illustrates our decline.  As Newt Gingrich has said–the Clintons have the opposite of the Midas touch;  all they touch turns not to gold but ash.

We have been given another chance as James Comey revisits the e-mail scandal.   Some speculate he is doing this out of shame as he knows Hillary should have been indicted.  Others think that there are wiki-leaks coming which will demonstrate that Clinton should be in jail rather than leading the race for the Oval Office and Comey is seeking to get ahead of this.

What will be our response?   Will we say with Joshua, “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:25)  Or will we follow the ugly response to Jeremiah, “Don’t waste your breath.  We will continue to live as we want to, following our own evil desires.”  (Jeremiah 18:12)

People remain the same as they were in the day of Joshua and Jeremiah.  And the Second Chosen can fall in 2016 A.D. just as surely as did the First in 586 B.C.   Let it not happen on our watch.  God help us!




Hillary, Gore & Liberal Hypocrisy

The Far Left has gone into a wild frenzy over Donald Trump’s announcement that he will wait until after the election to judge if it was conducted fairly.  Somehow the Donkeys feel that when a Republican calls for a fair election it amounts to some sort of rebellion.

Doubtless Democrats will be poll watching.  Republicans should have been in 1960 when Richard Nixon was probably elected but for ballot stuffing in Chicago by Mayor Richard Daley and in Lyndon Johnson’s Texas–famous for dead people voting which has now spread to the Midwest.  Neither Kennedy nor native Texan Johnson were particularly popular in the Lone Star State.

As Newt Gingrich points out, if the Left and the media (they are one and the same) were really concerned about corruption in our politics, they would take note of Hillary’s taking millions from foreign governments in exchange for access.  Instead they pretend to be aghast that Donald Trump is skeptical about whether this election will be fair. What hypocrisy!  What staged outrage!

In 2000 Al Gore quite properly asked for a FL recount.  He had every right to do so.  But when the Supreme Court said “Enough!” that did not end it for the Left.  Even in 2002 Hillary Clinton was still saying George W. Bush was a selected rather than an elected President.  Many Democrats still say that election was rigged.  Secretary of State, John Kerry, continues to believe he won OH in 2004 but was cheated out of the state’s being in his column.  Clinton made much in the debate that Donald employs the word “rigged.”   In fact, Democrats still employ the term for past elections and have done so since well before Trump entered the political arena.

The Left and the Mainstream Media (one and the same) have not covered the fact that senior State Department officials sought to have the FBI change the classification of Hillary’s e-mails to cover up her lies and misconduct. Have you seen many stories about this in the old line Press?   Neither have I.  But they are certainly on Donald Trump for failing to raise his hand that he will accept the results of the election without making sure it is legitimate.

There have not been any complaints from the Left, so concerned about fairness, that the Press spent 23 minutes on allegations against Donald Trump and less than 60 seconds on the damaging revelations from Wikileaks about Hillary Clinton.  Some major media outlets gave no time to Wikileaks.  Instead, like Hillary, they are all over Russia for their part in hacking.  They have no problem (in fact they are proud of it) with old line journalists’ contributions going 96% to Hillary.  They no longer make any pretense of objectivity.  Thomas Jefferson warned about a Free Press no longer being free.  We are at that point and beginning to resemble the old Soviet Union and their state run Press.

Perhaps most troubling was no outcry from the Media and the Left when a hidden camera revealed Democrat operatives scheming about mass voter fraud.  They are too busy being stunned that Donald Trump wants a fair election.

In one video a Democrat operative describes about plans for WI with cars coming in with WI plates rather than buses as this type of fraud is harder to detect.  These drivers are not from WI but that matters not when one is trying to steal an election.

Another clip features Robert Creamer, high level Democrat consultant, who visited the Obama White House 342 times and who is working closely with the WI fraudsters.  They are busy registering voters who do not live in the Badger State. There is more than one Democrat organization busy on this.

In another video, Creamer describes how the Donkeys AND the Clinton Campaign funded paid agitators to show up at Trump rallies to start trouble.   In some cases, two individuals on the Creamer team staged a fight between each other to make it appear that Trump supporters were beating up innocents.   They are hardly innocent.  Some of these individuals are homeless and mentally deranged–just right to be Democrat operatives.

When Donald Trump brought this out in the third debate, Hillary could not debunk it anymore than Bill could debunk the blue dress.   Instead she said we should be concerned about the Russians interfering in our elections through hacking.  Trump noted that this was an amazing pivot.  He might have been well advised to stay on these videos more than he did.  Hopefully there will be many ads spelling this out and soon as millions are already voting and more soon will be.

I appeal again to Newt Gingrich in closing.  He notes that in light of a Republican Establishment who conspires against Trump as they fear him as much as Democrats, a Justice Department corrupted by Obama and Bill and Hillary, a Media Elite that Wikileaks exposes as tied to the Donkeys and Hillary, new evidence of voter fraud and fake fights to make a Trump rally look like a brawl, it is not dangerous to democracy for Donald Trump to keep his eye on the election process.  It would be dangerous for him not to do so.

As we reflect on all this I call us again to appeal to The Almighty who can overcome for us just as He did for the Children of Israel in II Kings 19 and many other places.  Let us ask God to thwart the fraud and cheating, to confuse evil and to overcome for us.  I believe we are a Second Chosen People given a Promised Land.  Let us not throw that Land away.  Let us pray and fight for it.  Our grandchildren and their children will thank us just as we still thank The Greatest Generation.




Hillary’s Dream For America

Bernie Sanders constantly badgered Hillary Clinton to release transcripts of her speeches to bankers and special interests.  He instinctively knew that she had a private and public set of values.  Now that transcripts of her speeches have been revealed he must feel both vindicated and betrayed.  Sadly it is doubtful he will withdraw his endorsement of the lying and betraying Hillary Clinton.

In one speech that became public in the last debate she described how politicians often have both a private and public position on an issue.  She attempted to say she drew inspiration from our greatest President, Abraham Lincoln, for this view.  Donald Trump reminded us of Lloyd Bentsen’s telling Dan Quayle during the Vice-Presidential debate in 1988 that he was no Jack Kennedy.  Clinton is no Lincoln.

But the most devastating secret speech revealed thus far was to Brazilian bankers in 2013 for which Hillary earned 225,000 dollars.  She said her dream was for a hemispheric common market with open borders for North and South America.  This is not a mere hope or a wish.  This is her dream.

Newt Gingrich asks us to consider the implications of this dream.  This is not simply a plan to open our land to Canada and Mexico but to Central and South America as well.  Thus, all the people in the hemisphere can live and work in the United States if they choose to do so.

The combined population of North America outside the United States (Canada and Mexico) is 210 million.  There are 42 million people in the seven countries from Guatemala to Panama.  These include some of the most violent places on earth.  There are 442 million people in South America which is 130 million more than the entire population of the United States.

How many of these 685 million people would like to live and work in the United States?  There are food riots in Argentina and we saw what happened during the recent Olympics in Brazil.   What would this to do our housing, our schools, our roads, our wages?  We are already becoming Third World in many of the measures of a nation.  The welfare costs to the states and the federal government would bankrupt the country.  Donald Trump and others point out that we are almost there already.

But it is not simply jobs and the economy that Hillary’s dream would destroy.  We would have no capacity to stop terrorists such as ISIS, Al Qaeda and others from freely making their way here from any one of two dozen countries. Mexican heroin and Columbian cocaine and the violent gangs who sell them would have free access to the United States.  One of the most violent and vicious is the MS-13 from El Salvador.  Too many such gang members are already here.  Barbarians like these entering the Empire from porous borders are part of what destroyed Rome.

Hillary’s dream is a nightmare for most Americans.  If she is elected President it could become reality as she would simply follow Barack Obama’s policies of deliberate non-enforcement of our immigration laws.  There would be no check on Clinton’s power to open our borders which would mean the destruction of the American dream if not of the land itself.

If Chris Wallace of FOX does not bring Hillary’s dream to light in the third debate, Donald Trump must bring it up himself.  Millions are not aware of Clinton’s 2013 speech to the Brazilian bankers.  This is a perfect fit for Trump’s plans to close the Mexican border.

But, let us not despair in the face of evil.  I rather believe that God is not in a panic nor is He ever taken by surprise. It is comforting to know that He is ultimately still in charge   As I recommended in the last post I urge the reading of II Kings 19 especially verses 14-37.  God’s Chosen are threatened by the great Assyrian Empire and their King Sennacherib.  Judah has a godly King named Hezekiah who takes Assyria’s threats in prayer before God.  God answers and destroys the Assyrian army.  God can again bring low the proud and the evil agenda of Hillary Clinton. Let us pray He will do so for the sake of the Second Chosen Nation, America, and America’s children and grandchildren.  Amen!



Ancient Assyria & Our 2016 Election

The mighty Assyrian Empire dominated the biblical world from the 9th to the 7th centuries B.C.  They were most dominant from  725 to 635.  Interestingly enough between 800 and 745 B.C. they were led by less aggressive Kings. Jonah, the reluctant prophet, came to Nineveh, the capital of Assyria, during this period–some time between 785 and 775 B.C.  This was not Billy Graham saying, “Thus saith the Lord;” rather Jonah’s message was, “Repent, and I hope you don’t.”

In a miracle that exceeds that of the Great Fish that swallowed Jonah, the Ninevites listened and repented.  They were granted an extension of power until they fell to the Babylonians in 612 B.C.  This angered Jonah a great deal, but it is one of the most fascinating stories of the Old Testament.

The Assyrian and the other great Mesopotamian Empires threatened the small state of Palestine.  Most of the Kings of Israel and Judah were evil men.  But occasionally there was a Godly King like Hezekiah who reigned over Judah from 715-686 B.C.  Into Hezekiah’s world came King Sennacherib who ruled Assyria from 705-681 B.C.  The King and People of Judah were quaking at the size and strength of the Assyrian Army.  But Hezekiah was a man of God and knew where to go for help.  In one of the great prayers in all the Bible (II Kings 19:15-19) Hezekiah calls upon God for deliverance.  And God heard and answered in a miraculous way.

In II Kings 19:35-36 we read that an angel of the Lord passed through the Assyrian camp and killed 185,000 troops. So Sennacherib, King of Assyria, departed for Nineveh, never to return to Jerusalem.  In 681 B.C. he was in the temple worshiping his god, Nisroch and his sons Adrammelech and Sharezer struck him down with a sword and fled. Their brother, Esarhaddon, then reigned over the Assyrian Empire.

What might we learn from this fascinating biblical account?  To begin with, like Assyria after the death of Sennacherib, we are a declining power.  We face major threats from Russia, China, Iran and terrorists from all over the Middle East.  Rather than fighting this we have a President in Barack Obama who fears standing up to enemies which simply emboldens our foes.  Rather than isolating terrorists who wish to come here from the Middle East, Obama is welcoming unvetted Syrian refugees.  Some may be fine but there are almost bound to be ISIS agents among them.  Hillary Clinton wishes to follow Obama’s lead and even to increase their number.  In fact, in recently released speeches to Wall Street, she is calling for a North America without borders.

In short, our nation is threatened from abroad and at home.  Abraham Lincoln said that if we lose our freedom it will be by way of home grown despots.  Such is what we face with the Democrat nominee and with the 44th President. Donald Trump is all that stands in the way of a Hillary Presidency.  So what are too many Republicans doing in face of this? Calling for Trump to step aside at the 11th hour.  Why?  Because of some lewd comments made over a decade ago.

I wonder how many of these gutless GOP leaders called for Bill Clinton to step down over Monica and his abuse of other women.   Clinton was impeached but all knew he would not be convicted.  Give it to the Democrats–they do stand with their own come what may.  And how many Republican leaders stand with Trump in the face of Benghazi, lies about classified e-mails, and a private server which put Americans everywhere at risk?  Far too few GOP leaders are for Donald Trump.  It seems not to matter that he knows how to create an atmosphere for more jobs, that he is right on the Supreme Court and in his call to rebuild our crumbling military.

There is another lesson from King Hezekiah, Judah and Assyria.  Hezekiah knew where to go for help.  Do we?  Our coins say, “In God We Trust.”  Do we trust Him?  In the face of long odds and desertion by his Party,  will we pray for deliverance from God Almighty.  Donald Trump was not our first choice but he alone stands between us and the disaster of a follower of Barack taking over and bringing her in name only husband along with her.

On October 27, 1964 Ronald Reagan delivered his “A Time for Choosing” speech.  It was life changing for a nation in need following Lyndon Johnson and Jimmy Carter.  Two years later Reagan was Governor of CA and sixteen years later a great President at a time our nation was also in decline following the disaster of Jimmy Carter.  Among the things Ronald Reagan said were “Nothing lasts longer than a temporary government program,” and “Man is not free unless government is limited.”

Are you praying for our nation as Hezekiah prayed for his?  The human race remains largely the same as it was 2900 years ago when Assyria was the mightiest Empire of the day.   Assyria is long gone but Judah remains in the state of modern Israel.  Why?  Because they turned to God as His Chosen.  Will we do the same as His Second Chosen?  I hope so.



Debate Suggestions

There is a general feeling that Hillary Clinton won the first debate but that Donald Trump prevailed for the first thirty minutes.  This is important as Clinton does not think particularly well on her feet; she is more the master of the memorized line.  Thus, when Trump put her on the defensive, she did not have good answers.  He needs be the under control aggressor throughout the next debate.

There were a number of times that Trump had openings to turn the debate his way.  For example, when Clinton said she was home preparing to be President, he could have said, “While you were preparing in the comfort of your palatial home, I was preparing from the inner-city among poor blacks who have no palatial home.  I was offering them the hope of jobs and charter schools for their children.  You have no job plan for them and you cannot offer a better education because you are in the pocket of the Teachers’ Unions.  I am preparing to be President in the hard places; not from the comfort of home.”  And he should drive home the point that Democrats like Hillary take the black vote for granted, pay attention to them every four years, and then ignore them until the next election.  Trump is not doing that.

On her private server, Hillary said it was a mistake for which she takes responsibility.  Donald could have added to his saying it was not a mistake but a purposeful plan for secrecy:   “I am glad you are taking responsibility.  I thought you wanted Colin Powell to shoulder the blame.”

When she says George W. Bush set up the exit from Iraq, that was a perfect time to ask how long she and Obama are going to pass the buck.  Trump could say he longs for Harry Truman and John Kennedy.  When the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba occurred in April of 1961 just after JFK took office, he could have blamed Ike and the Joint Chiefs as they set it up before he got there.  Kennedy, instead, stood tall and said, “I gave the order.  I am to blame.”  He was smart enough to then change the subject and talk about landing on the moon before the end of the 60’s–which we did.  Trump could learn to change the subject as Kennedy did.

So far as Bush and Iraq, Donald could have noted that Hillary and Obama blame Bush for everything from dandruff to loose dentures.  But on something as important as the war in Iraq, you decide to follow his lead and leave the nation to ISIS.  If W. is so bad, why follow him on anything?  The fact is we could have and should have left forces there which would have destroyed ISIS in its infancy.  You and Barack simply wanted to get out and assigned an arbitrary date.  You gave the order to withdraw and you and Obama are responsible, not George W. Bush.

When George W. Bush’s father ran for President in 1988 they employed a man named Willie Horton in an ad.  Horton, a black man, was furloughed out of a MA prison by Governor Michael Dukakis, Bush senior’s opponent.  While out, Horton broke into the home of a white couple, tied up the man and sexually assaulted the wife in the presence of her husband.  For this (big surprise) the GOP was accused of racism.  I have never heard that one before. But, in reality, the Bush campaign got the idea for this ad from Al Gore who brought it up as he ran in the Democrat primary against the Duke.

On the birther issue, Trump should make it very clear that Hillary’s campaign brought up the question of Barack Obama’s birth place in 2008 as she sought to win the nomination over him.  Like Willie Horton, the Trump campaign observed this in the Democrat primary.  Keep turning issues back to Hillary and do not spend a lot of time on them.  In short, do not be defensive.

When it comes to name calling of women, Trump had a perfect opening to say it was not he who called a large swath of the American people “Deplorables.”  It was Hillary Clinton who so called millions and millions of American men, women and children.  These are hard working people who make the country work and Clinton dissed and dismissed them.  He could say he will bring them jobs while Hillary puts the coal miners out of business which effects communities as whole as people cannot buy cars, go to restaurants or even see a doctor or a dentist.

DO NOT keep talking about an aging beauty queen.  The Donald was wise not to bring up Bill Clinton’s rape and abuse of women in a debate.  Let surrogates do that in ads quoting George Stephanopoulos from the 92 campaign war room about bimbo eruptions where they brag about the women they have silenced.  Perhaps feature some of the women Bill and Hillary have destroyed with threats and name calling.    Trump is not the bully here, Hillary and her minions are.

If moderators do not bring up Benghazi and the Clinton Foundation (and they likely will not) and if they do not come up in a town hall setting, let Trump bring them up.  There are ways to do that in every debate just as Hillary inserted name calling of women at the end of the first debate.

Finally, spend more time preparing and practicing.  Hillary clearly had done so for the first encounter.  And, again, Trump should not be defensive.  Evil and lying have a way of over-playing their hand.  Do not stay silent in the face of unfair attacks–counter punch.  And Donald should always remember that Hillary is not well liked.  On the contrary, she simply looks mean even when smiling and persons are seeking reasons not to vote for her.  Donald needs give them those reasons and to continue to outline the programs he has in mind.  Hillary Clinton’s only plan in the campaign is to destroy Donald Trump.  If he plays his cards right in the next debates and starts running smart ads (she has spent millions on ads and is barely ahead), Trump can win this race.  The country depends on it.