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There is a general feeling that Hillary Clinton won the first debate but that Donald Trump prevailed for the first thirty minutes.  This is important as Clinton does not think particularly well on her feet; she is more the master of the memorized line.  Thus, when Trump put her on the defensive, she did not have good answers.  He needs be the under control aggressor throughout the next debate.

There were a number of times that Trump had openings to turn the debate his way.  For example, when Clinton said she was home preparing to be President, he could have said, “While you were preparing in the comfort of your palatial home, I was preparing from the inner-city among poor blacks who have no palatial home.  I was offering them the hope of jobs and charter schools for their children.  You have no job plan for them and you cannot offer a better education because you are in the pocket of the Teachers’ Unions.  I am preparing to be President in the hard places; not from the comfort of home.”  And he should drive home the point that Democrats like Hillary take the black vote for granted, pay attention to them every four years, and then ignore them until the next election.  Trump is not doing that.

On her private server, Hillary said it was a mistake for which she takes responsibility.  Donald could have added to his saying it was not a mistake but a purposeful plan for secrecy:   “I am glad you are taking responsibility.  I thought you wanted Colin Powell to shoulder the blame.”

When she says George W. Bush set up the exit from Iraq, that was a perfect time to ask how long she and Obama are going to pass the buck.  Trump could say he longs for Harry Truman and John Kennedy.  When the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba occurred in April of 1961 just after JFK took office, he could have blamed Ike and the Joint Chiefs as they set it up before he got there.  Kennedy, instead, stood tall and said, “I gave the order.  I am to blame.”  He was smart enough to then change the subject and talk about landing on the moon before the end of the 60’s–which we did.  Trump could learn to change the subject as Kennedy did.

So far as Bush and Iraq, Donald could have noted that Hillary and Obama blame Bush for everything from dandruff to loose dentures.  But on something as important as the war in Iraq, you decide to follow his lead and leave the nation to ISIS.  If W. is so bad, why follow him on anything?  The fact is we could have and should have left forces there which would have destroyed ISIS in its infancy.  You and Barack simply wanted to get out and assigned an arbitrary date.  You gave the order to withdraw and you and Obama are responsible, not George W. Bush.

When George W. Bush’s father ran for President in 1988 they employed a man named Willie Horton in an ad.  Horton, a black man, was furloughed out of a MA prison by Governor Michael Dukakis, Bush senior’s opponent.  While out, Horton broke into the home of a white couple, tied up the man and sexually assaulted the wife in the presence of her husband.  For this (big surprise) the GOP was accused of racism.  I have never heard that one before. But, in reality, the Bush campaign got the idea for this ad from Al Gore who brought it up as he ran in the Democrat primary against the Duke.

On the birther issue, Trump should make it very clear that Hillary’s campaign brought up the question of Barack Obama’s birth place in 2008 as she sought to win the nomination over him.  Like Willie Horton, the Trump campaign observed this in the Democrat primary.  Keep turning issues back to Hillary and do not spend a lot of time on them.  In short, do not be defensive.

When it comes to name calling of women, Trump had a perfect opening to say it was not he who called a large swath of the American people “Deplorables.”  It was Hillary Clinton who so called millions and millions of American men, women and children.  These are hard working people who make the country work and Clinton dissed and dismissed them.  He could say he will bring them jobs while Hillary puts the coal miners out of business which effects communities as whole as people cannot buy cars, go to restaurants or even see a doctor or a dentist.

DO NOT keep talking about an aging beauty queen.  The Donald was wise not to bring up Bill Clinton’s rape and abuse of women in a debate.  Let surrogates do that in ads quoting George Stephanopoulos from the 92 campaign war room about bimbo eruptions where they brag about the women they have silenced.  Perhaps feature some of the women Bill and Hillary have destroyed with threats and name calling.    Trump is not the bully here, Hillary and her minions are.

If moderators do not bring up Benghazi and the Clinton Foundation (and they likely will not) and if they do not come up in a town hall setting, let Trump bring them up.  There are ways to do that in every debate just as Hillary inserted name calling of women at the end of the first debate.

Finally, spend more time preparing and practicing.  Hillary clearly had done so for the first encounter.  And, again, Trump should not be defensive.  Evil and lying have a way of over-playing their hand.  Do not stay silent in the face of unfair attacks–counter punch.  And Donald should always remember that Hillary is not well liked.  On the contrary, she simply looks mean even when smiling and persons are seeking reasons not to vote for her.  Donald needs give them those reasons and to continue to outline the programs he has in mind.  Hillary Clinton’s only plan in the campaign is to destroy Donald Trump.  If he plays his cards right in the next debates and starts running smart ads (she has spent millions on ads and is barely ahead), Trump can win this race.  The country depends on it.


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