Hillary, Gore & Liberal Hypocrisy

The Far Left has gone into a wild frenzy over Donald Trump’s announcement that he will wait until after the election to judge if it was conducted fairly.  Somehow the Donkeys feel that when a Republican calls for a fair election it amounts to some sort of rebellion.

Doubtless Democrats will be poll watching.  Republicans should have been in 1960 when Richard Nixon was probably elected but for ballot stuffing in Chicago by Mayor Richard Daley and in Lyndon Johnson’s Texas–famous for dead people voting which has now spread to the Midwest.  Neither Kennedy nor native Texan Johnson were particularly popular in the Lone Star State.

As Newt Gingrich points out, if the Left and the media (they are one and the same) were really concerned about corruption in our politics, they would take note of Hillary’s taking millions from foreign governments in exchange for access.  Instead they pretend to be aghast that Donald Trump is skeptical about whether this election will be fair. What hypocrisy!  What staged outrage!

In 2000 Al Gore quite properly asked for a FL recount.  He had every right to do so.  But when the Supreme Court said “Enough!” that did not end it for the Left.  Even in 2002 Hillary Clinton was still saying George W. Bush was a selected rather than an elected President.  Many Democrats still say that election was rigged.  Secretary of State, John Kerry, continues to believe he won OH in 2004 but was cheated out of the state’s being in his column.  Clinton made much in the debate that Donald employs the word “rigged.”   In fact, Democrats still employ the term for past elections and have done so since well before Trump entered the political arena.

The Left and the Mainstream Media (one and the same) have not covered the fact that senior State Department officials sought to have the FBI change the classification of Hillary’s e-mails to cover up her lies and misconduct. Have you seen many stories about this in the old line Press?   Neither have I.  But they are certainly on Donald Trump for failing to raise his hand that he will accept the results of the election without making sure it is legitimate.

There have not been any complaints from the Left, so concerned about fairness, that the Press spent 23 minutes on allegations against Donald Trump and less than 60 seconds on the damaging revelations from Wikileaks about Hillary Clinton.  Some major media outlets gave no time to Wikileaks.  Instead, like Hillary, they are all over Russia for their part in hacking.  They have no problem (in fact they are proud of it) with old line journalists’ contributions going 96% to Hillary.  They no longer make any pretense of objectivity.  Thomas Jefferson warned about a Free Press no longer being free.  We are at that point and beginning to resemble the old Soviet Union and their state run Press.

Perhaps most troubling was no outcry from the Media and the Left when a hidden camera revealed Democrat operatives scheming about mass voter fraud.  They are too busy being stunned that Donald Trump wants a fair election.

In one video a Democrat operative describes about plans for WI with cars coming in with WI plates rather than buses as this type of fraud is harder to detect.  These drivers are not from WI but that matters not when one is trying to steal an election.

Another clip features Robert Creamer, high level Democrat consultant, who visited the Obama White House 342 times and who is working closely with the WI fraudsters.  They are busy registering voters who do not live in the Badger State. There is more than one Democrat organization busy on this.

In another video, Creamer describes how the Donkeys AND the Clinton Campaign funded paid agitators to show up at Trump rallies to start trouble.   In some cases, two individuals on the Creamer team staged a fight between each other to make it appear that Trump supporters were beating up innocents.   They are hardly innocent.  Some of these individuals are homeless and mentally deranged–just right to be Democrat operatives.

When Donald Trump brought this out in the third debate, Hillary could not debunk it anymore than Bill could debunk the blue dress.   Instead she said we should be concerned about the Russians interfering in our elections through hacking.  Trump noted that this was an amazing pivot.  He might have been well advised to stay on these videos more than he did.  Hopefully there will be many ads spelling this out and soon as millions are already voting and more soon will be.

I appeal again to Newt Gingrich in closing.  He notes that in light of a Republican Establishment who conspires against Trump as they fear him as much as Democrats, a Justice Department corrupted by Obama and Bill and Hillary, a Media Elite that Wikileaks exposes as tied to the Donkeys and Hillary, new evidence of voter fraud and fake fights to make a Trump rally look like a brawl, it is not dangerous to democracy for Donald Trump to keep his eye on the election process.  It would be dangerous for him not to do so.

As we reflect on all this I call us again to appeal to The Almighty who can overcome for us just as He did for the Children of Israel in II Kings 19 and many other places.  Let us ask God to thwart the fraud and cheating, to confuse evil and to overcome for us.  I believe we are a Second Chosen People given a Promised Land.  Let us not throw that Land away.  Let us pray and fight for it.  Our grandchildren and their children will thank us just as we still thank The Greatest Generation.




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