Hillary’s Dream For America

Bernie Sanders constantly badgered Hillary Clinton to release transcripts of her speeches to bankers and special interests.  He instinctively knew that she had a private and public set of values.  Now that transcripts of her speeches have been revealed he must feel both vindicated and betrayed.  Sadly it is doubtful he will withdraw his endorsement of the lying and betraying Hillary Clinton.

In one speech that became public in the last debate she described how politicians often have both a private and public position on an issue.  She attempted to say she drew inspiration from our greatest President, Abraham Lincoln, for this view.  Donald Trump reminded us of Lloyd Bentsen’s telling Dan Quayle during the Vice-Presidential debate in 1988 that he was no Jack Kennedy.  Clinton is no Lincoln.

But the most devastating secret speech revealed thus far was to Brazilian bankers in 2013 for which Hillary earned 225,000 dollars.  She said her dream was for a hemispheric common market with open borders for North and South America.  This is not a mere hope or a wish.  This is her dream.

Newt Gingrich asks us to consider the implications of this dream.  This is not simply a plan to open our land to Canada and Mexico but to Central and South America as well.  Thus, all the people in the hemisphere can live and work in the United States if they choose to do so.

The combined population of North America outside the United States (Canada and Mexico) is 210 million.  There are 42 million people in the seven countries from Guatemala to Panama.  These include some of the most violent places on earth.  There are 442 million people in South America which is 130 million more than the entire population of the United States.

How many of these 685 million people would like to live and work in the United States?  There are food riots in Argentina and we saw what happened during the recent Olympics in Brazil.   What would this to do our housing, our schools, our roads, our wages?  We are already becoming Third World in many of the measures of a nation.  The welfare costs to the states and the federal government would bankrupt the country.  Donald Trump and others point out that we are almost there already.

But it is not simply jobs and the economy that Hillary’s dream would destroy.  We would have no capacity to stop terrorists such as ISIS, Al Qaeda and others from freely making their way here from any one of two dozen countries. Mexican heroin and Columbian cocaine and the violent gangs who sell them would have free access to the United States.  One of the most violent and vicious is the MS-13 from El Salvador.  Too many such gang members are already here.  Barbarians like these entering the Empire from porous borders are part of what destroyed Rome.

Hillary’s dream is a nightmare for most Americans.  If she is elected President it could become reality as she would simply follow Barack Obama’s policies of deliberate non-enforcement of our immigration laws.  There would be no check on Clinton’s power to open our borders which would mean the destruction of the American dream if not of the land itself.

If Chris Wallace of FOX does not bring Hillary’s dream to light in the third debate, Donald Trump must bring it up himself.  Millions are not aware of Clinton’s 2013 speech to the Brazilian bankers.  This is a perfect fit for Trump’s plans to close the Mexican border.

But, let us not despair in the face of evil.  I rather believe that God is not in a panic nor is He ever taken by surprise. It is comforting to know that He is ultimately still in charge   As I recommended in the last post I urge the reading of II Kings 19 especially verses 14-37.  God’s Chosen are threatened by the great Assyrian Empire and their King Sennacherib.  Judah has a godly King named Hezekiah who takes Assyria’s threats in prayer before God.  God answers and destroys the Assyrian army.  God can again bring low the proud and the evil agenda of Hillary Clinton. Let us pray He will do so for the sake of the Second Chosen Nation, America, and America’s children and grandchildren.  Amen!



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