Is Donald Trump Like Any Other President?

Nearly every evening a Presidential historian or another expert offers opinion on which Chief Executive Donald Trump most closely resembles.  Some say Ike as he had no government experience either.  But he held together the most complex group of nations ever assembled to win WWII.  Others say Truman as his win over Dewey was such an upset.  Like Hillary, Thomas Dewey hardly bothered to campaign while Harry Truman whistle stopped his way over the country.  Donald was like Harry as he criss-crossed the country to roaring crowds.

The 1980 election also comes to mind where people were afraid to tell Pollsters they were voting for Ronald Reagan as he we so maligned by the media.  Like Brexit people were skittish about sharing their real feelings.

Trump is like Grover Cleveland in little government experience.  But Cleveland was governor of New York for two years.  The most common name mentioned is Andrew Jackson, “Old Hickory,” as he too was a populist–that is for the common man.  But really there is none like Donald Trump in terms of no experience at all in holding public office.

How is the President-Elect doing?  I would say in terms of the way his current choices are driving the Left mad (they are always mad) he is doing very well.  He has offered 21 names for the Supreme Court.  Our favorite is Diane Sykes of the U.S. Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit and former member of the WI Supreme Court.  But Conservatives in the know have said grace over all these names.  Even George Will, so against Trump that he said he hoped the GOP lost big, has said he is delighted with these names and the Court should now have a Conservative bent for 25-30 years more.

This will be a short piece today as we celebrate Thanksgiving–a uniquely American holiday;  and well it might be as we are blessed as no People ever.  In our giving Thanks let us be grateful to God for the election and what we were spared.  And let us pray for Donald Trump every day–for wisdom and strength.

It is said that gratitude is the mother of all virtues.  Certainly there is no such thing as vital Christian experience without it.  Need of Christ, salvation in Christ, gratitude toward Christ–these three phases are, as it were, the stethoscope where we can hear the very heartbeat of the Gospel.

Voltaire voiced in the 18th century:  “Ere the beginning of 19th century, Christianity will have disappeared from the earth.  But now Voltaire is an afterthought known to scholars and Christianity touches every nation in the world.  For eight years we had an Administration which tried to divorce us from our Judao-Christian roots.  But they will soon be gone, and God continues to shine upon our nation.  Let us humbly bow before Him and have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.


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