Don’t Cry For Hillary

Sean Hannity lists three reasons Hillary lost.  First, Barack Obama’s failed policies which she vowed to continue. Second, she is a bad candidate who, like Tom Dewey in 1948, hardly bothered to campaign.  Third, Donald Trump had a message for the working poor, the Forgotten Man.

Noemie Emery of The Weekly Standard makes some similar points in the 11/28 issue.  She notes there were good stories about how Bill and Hill lost track of their home base   There was also the usual tripe from the Left–she lost because she is a woman and we are a sexist nation.  Rubbish!  We will have a woman President one day and I hope she is Republican.

Hillary also lost because she sold her office as Secretary of State and lied about it and many other things.  She also ran as a woman with the entitlement to the Office.   She should have run as Jack Kennedy did in 1960, not as the first Catholic, but asking for a fair chance to run regardless of religion.  But Hillary is no Jack Kennedy.

Some are asking what they should tell their daughters.  The smart answer is the country goes on and we will get on with our lives.  Too many are telling them the country is not ready for a woman President.  That is not the case.  Hillary was simply the wrong woman.  Do not cry for Hillary.

Let us pray for Donald Trump and Mike Pence.


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