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The Condition of America

There are several men I admire who represent solid thinking both as Democrats and Republicans.  We met Matthew Continetti on a Weekly Standard cruise in 2011.  He wrote the book The Persecution of Sarah Palin in 2009 and signed it for us on board on December 4, 2011.  Our daughter met Newt Gingrich on the campus of her law school, Ave Maria, in Naples, FL in March 2010.  My wife and I heard George Will speak at the University of IL, Champaign (where George Will was born in May 1941) in March of 1995.  George Will had great respect for Daniel Patrick Moynihan who died in 2003.  Moynihan served with four Presidents:  Jack Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.

Continetti has an article in the August 15 edition of The Weekly Standard titled “The ‘Condition of America’ Question.”  It deals with our lack of economic production which has disrupted so many middle class lives through the loss of jobs under Barack Obama and the lack of advancement in the middle class before that. He notes Daniel Patrick Moynihan in this piece who called for “Burkean liberalism” that embraced parts of The New Deal while rejecting the overreach of The Great Society.

In fact, Moynihan left the Administration of Lyndon Johnson as he told the President that his Great Society was going to ruin the black family just beginning to make strides with the Civil Rights legislation.  Why?  Because Johnson’s policies would replace the father with government subsidies.  Today 74% of children in the black community are born to single mothers.  Daniel Patrick Moynihan is part of a dying breed–a sensible Democrat who served the nation in WWII, was a strong anti-Communist in the John Kennedy mold and who opposed the radical social policies of LBJ and who would be aghast at Barack Obama.  He was human in that he backed Hillary Clinton for his Senate seat from New York when he retired in 2000 proving that a smart man can be unwise.

Today those liberal policies are hollowing out the middle class and college graduates finish with a mountain of debt and cannot find meaningful work to pay off their loans.  Newt Gingrich addresses this in his weekly on-line piece of August 4, “Rebuilding the Middle Class One Family at a Time.”  He notes that there are 6 million jobs in this country going unfilled as businesses cannot find workers with the skills to fill them.  Gingrich lauds the Republican platform for calling for education on-line and on the job to educate people to fill these jobs.  The GOP program does not require a brick and mortar university for training which leads only to more student debt.

On the other hand, the Democrats call for more taxes on businesses and corporations which cripples their efforts to grow and offer employment for the middle class and students who hope to enter that class.  This is why so many college graduates are living at their parents’ home without work or hope.  Newt goes on to call for the election of Donald Trump as a man who knows how to create jobs with a Republican platform to back those efforts.

Yuval Levin, a brilliant young conservative journalist, has a book titled The Fractured Republic.  He fears that America is coming apart.  This harkens back to Thomas Carlyle who wrote in 1839 about the distinction between the “standard of living question,” and the “standard of England question.”  The first is answered by economic data;  the second is more elusive for it deals with social mores and culture and is always a bit more amorphous.

Unfortunately our country is now suffering both economically and culturally.  Things may not be as hellish as Donald Trump painted at the GOP convention but neither are they as tranquil as that portrayed by Barack Obama at the Democrat convention.  The social bonds are thin at present and people trust neither one another nor their government institutions in a corroded culture.

What to do?  First, let us not elect a leader who promises more of the acid of the Obama Administration.  I do not have total confidence in Donald Trump, but as Rudy Giuliani says, “We know Hillary is a failure.  Let us try someone different.”  Not exactly a ringing endorsement but Rudy has also been high in his praise of Trump.  Second, let us try the training of which Newt Gingrich is speaking and for which the GOP platform calls–practical education in the trades and skills that are more than academic.

Third, and most basic, let us return to faith in God and the values upon which we were founded, namely that we are “endowed by our Creator” with unique gifts for service.  Let us look again at II Chronicles 7:14 :  “If my people who are called by My Name will humble themselves before Me. . .I. . .will heal their land.”  I have quoted some very smart men here but their wisdom pales before that of God Almighty.  He never fails and never lets us down.  Can you think of another that meets that description?  Neither can I.


Donald Trump’s Path to Victory

James Madison wrote in Federalist #10:  “Enlightened statesmen will not always be at the helm.”  Such has been the case with the Obama Presidency and the Hillary Clinton State Department.  Dr. Thomas Sowell, brilliant economist and black conservative writer said in a recent piece that he cannot make a positive case for Donald Trump but neither can he vote for Hillary Clinton.  But he does not want to stay home on election day either.  He closes his essay with, “No one said being a citizen is easy.”

Dr. Stephen Hayward (a man my wife and I met three winters ago on the University of CO campus when he was conservative in residence in Boulder) suggests this may be a year to vote down ballot in Congressional elections but to leave the Presidential box unchecked.  He takes off on Betroit Brecht lines from the Viet Nam War, “What if they gave a war and no one came.  Then war will come to you.”  Hayward suggests, “What if they held an election and no one voted.”

Hayward wrote the excellent 2 volume set, The Age of Reagan, and is the author of the conservative blog, Powerline.  Gifted as he is, I think this option is untenable.  I suspect he thinks so also.

I prefer the approach of conservative icon and former Presidential candidate Patrick J. Buchanan of improving Donald Trump as a candidate.  In Trump, P.J.B. has the candidate he tried to be–a conservative tied to populism.

Pat says that Donald should learn from Martin Luther King who said,”Keep your eye on the prize,” and remember that Hillary Clinton is the worst candidate in history.

In her first act as Secretary of State she decided to have a private server in her home.  Because she broke the rules and compromised American security, 56% of Americans think she should have been indicted.  Make her the issue, not yourself by needlessly focusing on Khizer Khan who lost his son in war.

Hillary is a compulsive liar who claimed that as First Lady she and Chelsea landed under fire at an airfield in the Balkans.   In fact, there are photos of a little girl handing her flowers as she stepped off the plane.  No First Family is going to land under sniper fire and have to dodge and run to safety.  Ms. Clinton did not either.

She was a cheer leader for the  liberation of Libya which led to Benghazi and a lawless country and the death of four American heroes.  President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton lied to the grieving families to cover their own errors and lack of action.  This was a squalid effort by leaders without honor and brought shame to their offices.

Twenty years ago New York Times columnist, William Safire, called the then First Lady a “compulsive liar.”  Donald Trump should ask the country for a judgement as to whether her subsequent career has disproven or validated Safire’s claims.

The GOP nominee needs make the case against Hillary but also for himself.  P.J.B. then moves to the case Trump needs make for himself.  Stay with securing the Southern Border with a wall that illegal immigrants cannot simply pour in and take American jobs.

Then promise to scrap the Obama/Clinton Tax and Trade policies that bleed us of our manufacturing power.  If you are old enough to remember the 60’s you know it as a time when there were jobs for most anyone who wanted one.  I have worked in two different factories–one in CO and the other in IL.  The Sugar Factory in CO is now closed and Gates Rubber is reduced to a shell with few workers in the massive, modern plant in Galesburg, IL.  Let Americanism replace globalism as the philosophy which under girds our economy.

Ask voters if they want Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court or another Anton Scalia.

Let “America First” guide our foreign policy as well.  Tell allies (as other American leaders have with no teeth in the words) that they must contribute to their security rather than relying on our troops.  This time mean it whatever your critics say about NATO.

Adopt the peace through strength of Ronald Reagan who said, “I negotiate with our enemies but I negotiate from a position of strength.”  Let voters know that America’s era of endless wars is concluding.

Hillary will continue policies that led to our present unacceptable position.  I will make changes unseen since Ronald Reagan rode in from the West.   And mean it.

















Is This Really The Best We Have?

My wife and I spent the summer of 1974 in inner-city Chicago working with youth from Cabrini Green–the notorious Housing Project.  On August 9, 1974, Richard Nixon resigned the Presidency.  I picked up all four of the Chicago papers that day, including The Chicago Daily News, as I boarded the train to join my wife for a week-end in downstate IL.

Pulitzer Prize winning author, Mike Royko, had a most poignant article about the resignation.  He said Richard Nixon was a most able man whose dishonesty brought him down.  Gerald Ford was an honest man but not particularly able.  Then Royko’s punch line:  “Our brilliant Founding Fathers came from a nation of 2.5 million.  We are now (1974) a nation of 210 million.  Can we not find even one person who is both able and honest to lead us?”

As I look at the two nominees in 2016 I echo Mike Royko–in a nation of 310 million is this the best we have?  Fred Barnes of The Weekly Standard writes that Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt person ever to run for President. Aaron Burr was corrupt.  U.S. Grant was a great man who had a corrupt Administration but he was not involved.  Warren Harding was not great nor was his Administration but he was not part of the corruption either.  On corruption Hillary stands alone and she is at the center of it.

Barnes feels there has never been such a liar in public service–not Nixon or Johnson.  Not Trump.  Not even Bill Clinton.  F.B.I. Director James Comey really convicted her in the private e-mail scandal and then, shamelessly, failed to indict.  The Clintons got away with White Water and the cattle futures fraud of 1978.  The odds of a small investment like theirs becoming $100,000 has been calculated to be 1 in 13 trillion.   Their formula has been the same when caught red-handed:  Stonewall, confess to nothing and let the public forget.

Hopefully the e-mail scandal and the corruption in the Clinton Foundation will be different.  There is no excuse for this being forgotten.  For those who do not know who Crooked Hillary is (surely there are not many), her corruption must be exposed relentlessly by Donald Trump and the GOP to the point the public cannot forget.

The other editor of The Weekly Standard, William Kristol, writes that Hillary Clinton may be the worst nominee in the history of the Democratic Party though he thinks James Buchanan, Jimmy Carter, and George McGovern may have been worse.  But as heir to the distinguished mantle of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan, Donald J. Trump is worse than Hillary.

I am closer to Fred than Bill and will vote for Donald Trump.  He was not our first choice as we favored Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio and finally Ted Cruz.  I pray Donald Trump will win the Presidency and prove the Bill Kristols of the world wrong.  His proposed Supreme Court nominees are solid.  Hillary’s will be of the Ruth Bader Ginsberg type. We cannot stand a Court made up of people with no respect for the Constitution for a generation or even another term.

And let us also remember that three of the smartest and most accomplished men in the Republican Party, Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh are very high on Donald Trump.  Gingrich was one of the final two on the Vice-Presidential list for Trump.  Personally, I think he was the stronger choice.

Both Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich have spoken on the fact that we are a divided nation.  We are about to find out whether the Far Left of the lying Hillary Clinton (the late William Safire of The New York Times wrote in 1993 that Hillary’s lying is congenital) will prevail or the unusual and unexpected candidacy of Donald Trump will win.  I am hoping for the latter.  We know what we get with Hillary Clinton–ongoing scandal beyond what we can track.  Donald Trump is an unknown wild card;  I pray he will be an Ace.  Hillary is a Joker in the deck and no sensible person is laughing.



Abstain on Trump?

Sixty years ago I delivered The Rocky Mountain News to my entire northern Colorado community of 2500.  Sadly, after 150 years of uninterrupted coverage of the Centennial State, The News folded in the fall of 2009.  This left The Denver Post as the only state wide newspaper in CO, and it is headed in the same direction.

One of the reasons for this is captured in The Post editorial today. The paper calls for the CO delegation to abstain from voting for Donald Trump in Cleveland.   I would be pleasantly surprised if next week they call for the CO delegation of Democrats to abstain from voting for Clinton due to her being a congenital liar as the late William Safire rightly charged in 1993.

I saw an e-mail recently in which the Press was asked why they constantly ask Ivanka Trump about her father’s treatment of women but they never ask that question of Chelsea Clinton.  In their editorial, The Post chastised Mr. Trump for his paltry ground game that failed to capitalize on Hillary’s e-mail scandal.  No wonder people are fed up with the old line Press and cancelling subscriptions to their newspaper.  All this is insulting to their intelligence and their basic sense of decency and fair play.

I wonder if The Denver Post is so busy lapping up Left wing propaganda that they failed to read Donald Trump’s recent speech in which he called Hillary a “world class liar” citing Benghazi and her e-mail scandals.  Among other things he said, “Hillary Clinton has perfected the politics of personal profit and theft.”  On the corrupt Clinton Foundation  he said, “She gets richer making you poorer.”  After the Bastille Day attack in Nice, France, Trump said of Obama and Hillary, “We are weak and weakly led.”  No less than tough guy John Bolton (hopefully Secretary of Defense in a Trump Administration) lauded this comment.  I guess The Denver Post missed it.  But a real reporter, Mercedes Schlapp, in a real newspaper, The Washington Times, picked up and reported on it extensively.

Trump’s speeches have also returned to the basics: a populist message of “American First,” that would benefit all Americans of every background including Bernie Sanders supporters.  He said that Bernie was right about insiders rigging the game for themselves to keep the power and the money.  He then added, “That’s why we are asking Bernie Sanders supporters to join our movement, so together we can fix the system for all Americans.  And it’s not just the political system that is rigged against ordinary Americans, it’s the whole economy.”

Donald Trump’s first fund raising letter went out after his speeches and the response raised a record 2 million dollars in 12 hours.  Mrs. Clinton should be scared and GOP delegates should not abstain in Cleveland.  Her opponent has tapped into the frustrations of millions of Americans due to the Establishment, and Hillary Clinton is the face of that Establishment.  She is owned by special interests having personally enriched herself by giving closed door speeches to Wall Street firms and big banks.  Bernie was right to try to force her to reveal the contents of those speeches. Naturally she refused.

Now it will be important for Donald Trump to stay disciplined and on message for the long haul.  Mrs. Clinton is the most unlikable and untrustworthy candidate since Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson.  Trump needs to continue to point to this and to the fact that he understands the plight of so many disillusioned Americans.

Now about The Denver Post. . . . .



Independence Day & Today

On July 4th this year we remembered again the remarkable event of 240 years ago, a turning point in American and human history–the founding of a nation on the principle of human freedom.  In July 1776 in Philadelphia 56 men pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to that ideal.

For more than two centuries, our nation has been defined by these fundamental values and principles.  They are the essence of American exceptionalism.  In signing the Declaration of Independence, the delegates to the Continental Congress showed extraordinary courage, incredible vision and God given wisdom.  They were “endowed by their Creator.”

Let us not forget that this vision required hard work and the sacrifice of an Army outnumbered at every turn to make it a reality.  George Washington wrote on July 2, 1776:  “The fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the Courage and Conduct of this Army.  Our cruel and relenting Enemy leaves us no choice but brave resistance, or the most abject submission;  this is all we can expect.  We have therefore to resolve to conquer or die.”  It was to inspire his men that Washington ordered the Declaration to be read to the troops a week later, July 9,1776.  My wife and I still read the Declaration of Independence in its entirety each July 4th.

That summer Washington’s army suffered a major defeat and was nearly captured.  Miraculously they escaped and survived–and with it the cause of the Revolution.  More than two centuries later, the insight of the Founders remains as true as ever, and our principles still need defending.

How far we have moved away from the vision of our Founders was demonstrated this week in Dallas, Baton Rouge and St. Paul.  It is heart breaking to see what has happened to the victims and their families.  When we add other forms of terrorism and the refusal of our leaders to even name the enemy, we can see the danger we are all facing. And beyond that the corruption of Bill and Hillary Clinton who want to lead once again.  And once again we see that scandal follows them but never quite seems to bring them to justice.  But, as Billy Graham says, there is another day of judgement on the other side.

To stay on this side of things, FBI Director, James Comey, delivered a blistering indictment of Hillary’s e-mail practices and then outrageously declared that no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges.  One has the feeling that she is “too big to fail,” to employ a phrase she loves to indict banks with (banks from which she and Bill draw millions in speaking fees).  This is one big thing that Comey did not mention in his statement and which the media seems wont to overlook:  The corruption of the Clinton Foundation and the couple’s speaking fees.

FOX News has reported that the FBI was looking into possible intersection between Clinton’s Foundation work and State Department business which may have violated public corruption laws.  When Comey appeared before Congress he declined comment on whether the Clinton Foundation was being investigated.  But doesn’t the e-mail scandal justify investigating possible corruption of the Secretary of State and her Foundation.

For example, The New York Times reported that a Canadian uranium company funneled 2 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation at a time when that company was seeking approval to sell control of the company to the Russian atomic energy agency.  Hillary’s State Department had to sign off on the deal.  She did not disclose the 2 million dollars despite an agreement between Clinton and the Obama White House to publicly identify all donors.

The Washington Post reported that foreign governments donated millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation even as Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.  This included at least one donation that violated its ethics agreement with the Obama Administration, but what does that matter to the Clintons.  As Donald Trump calls her, Crooked Hillary.

There are numerous other examples of the Clintons being paid extraordinary amounts from foreign sources such as a Chinese business group paying Bill 550,000 dollars for a single speech while Hillary was Secretary of State and U.S. foreign policy was pivoting to focus on Asia.  If the FBI has decided not to pursue an investigation of these unprecedented payments the American people deserve to know why.  And if the FBI is investigating the Clinton Foundation, the American people deserve to know that as well and to know what becomes of it.

Once there was a basic trust between the American People and their government.  That largely ended with the Administrations of Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon.  That trust was replaced, not with skepticism which is healthy, but with cynicism which is not.  We now seem to expect and accept corruption among our leaders.

Our Founders pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to the ideals of Freedom.   Bill and Hillary Clinton seem to have pledged their lives to lies to make a personal fortune and to the devil with sacred honor.  And so what if it costs the country?  They are safe and comfortable.  As the late William Safire, speech writer for Richard Nixon and columnist for The New York Times, wrote in 1993, “Hillary Clinton is a congenital liar.”  That has not changed in 25 years.  She is simply older, no wiser nor more moral, and benefiting from a sycophantic press that has not only no curiosity about the Clinton scandals, but cheers them for their brass and their defeating all efforts to bring them to justice.

Heaven Help Us!  As Billy Graham says, “There will be another day.”


Benjamin Netanyahu & Our Yahoo

Back in 1980 I heard a political commentator say that there were only two strong leaders in the world:  Margaret Thatcher of Great Britain and Anwar Sadat of Egypt.  I would add the name John Paul II.  Jimmy Carter was President then and exceeded as a disaster among modern Presidents only by the current occupant of the White House, Barack Obama.

Today the world suffers as there is only one real leader, Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel.  He intends to save his nation whether we help or not.  Our President seems intent on weakening America, standing with Iran and stiff arming Israel.  This is despicable and dangerous as God blesses those who stand with His Chosen and curses those who do not. (Genesis 12:3, Numbers 24:9)  And Zechariah 2:8 indicates it does not pay to touch the apple of God’s Eye, Israel.  The Assyrians, Babylonians, Romans, Nazis and Soviets all discovered that too late.  Let it not happen to us under a delusional yahoo who can still do much harm.

In 1980 there was a man named Ronald Reagan waiting in the wings.  Today our choices are not that promising. Hillary Clinton may be better than Barack but that is saying very little.  She certainly does not have the skill of her husband, Bill.  He had a relatively successful Presidency for all his foibles which go on today with his recent secret conference (which turned out not to be so secret) with AG Loretta Lynch.

Donald Trump is a wild card given to popping off even as Hillary is buttoned up to the point of embarrassment–if the Clintons are capable of embarrassment.  One has the feeling that Mrs. Clinton says nothing that is not poll tested. About the best that can be said for The Donald was perhaps summed up by Rudy Giuliani.  The former mayor of New York said recently,   “We know Hillary is a failure.  I am willing to take a chance on an unknown like Donald Trump.” That is not exactly a ringing endorsement.  And Trump may also fail but we know Hillary to be a lying incompetent and a shallow opportunist.  And she shows no sign of maturity when it comes to Israel.  Donald Trump promises to stand with our ally in the Middle East.

When Golda Meir (who went to Denver North High School) was Prime Minister of Israel, Richard Nixon promised to guarantee their security.  She replied, “By the time you get here, we won’t be here.”  Like Benjamin Netanyahu, she knew Israel needs to first defend herself.  There is a poem by Stephen Crane which reads:

A man said to the universe,

“Sir, I exist!”

“However,” replied the universe,

“That fact creates in me

No sense of obligation.”

Both Golda Meir and Benjamin Netanyahu understand that the cold universe of nations may not stand with them but God does.  If there was ever a time to pray for our nation to also stand with God and His Chosen surely it is now.  Our survival depends upon it for God blesses those who bless Israel and curses those who do not.  Let us stand with Netanyahu rather than our Yahoo.


A Still Small Voice

I have been interested in politics as far back as I can remember and followed the 1952 Republican Convention that nominated Dwight Eisenhower for President.  I have watched each Convention since.  But, like many, I grow weary of all the raucous voices that seem non-stop and are only amplified in an election year.

In this season I sometimes think of a story out of the life of the celebrated conductor, Sir Michael Costa (1808-1884).  Costa was born in Naples, Italy but found most of his fame in England.  He was also a composer.

One day during a rehearsal involving hundreds of voices in the choir and brass and winds and strings in the orchestra, the piccolo player, apparently feeling his small instrument would not be missed, simply stopped playing.  Instantly Costa’s arms went up and the music stopped.  Sir Michael asked, “Where is the piccolo?”   The master conductor had missed the little instrument.

The Master Conductor of the Universe hears every voice and I rather think He most clearly hears the quiet voice rising above the din.  I Kings 19:11-12 reads, “The Lord passed by, and a great and strong wind tore into the mountains and broke the rocks in pieces before the Lord, but the Lord was not in the wind;  and after the wind an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake;  and after the earthquake a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire;  and after the fire a still small voice.”  God sometimes speaks in a whisper as He pursues His People.  Do we hear Him in the midst of all the noise and answer with a soft voice?  That is a refreshing idea in an angry nation, is it not?


Donald Trump & the GOP Establishment

A friend sent me an e-mail of an article by David Limbaugh, Rush’s younger brother.  He is an attorney and an exceptionally articulate individual who is a strong Christian and a serious student of Scripture.  He believes that the failure of the Republican leaders in Washington, D.C. and beyond are responsible for the rise of Donald Trump as they seem unconcerned by the massive problems facing the country.  Their contempt for Trump is obvious and, indirectly, they also manifest disdain for the millions of Americans who voted for him in the Primaries.

Sensible Americans of every political stripe are angered by Obama’s radicalism and counted on a Republican House and Senate to stop the President’s agenda.  Instead they surrendered to Obama.  No wonder ordinary and hard working Americans now suspect that the Establishment of both Parties are deaf and blind to the concerns of the citizenry in favor of maintaining their power in the nation’s capital.  This goes to the heart of Angelo Codevilla’s book, The Ruling Class.  His thesis is that the representatives of both Parties in D.C. are more concerned with their own power and wealth than they are with the problems of the Country Class outside the Capital City.

Along comes independently wealthy Donald Trump who identifies the problem and calls for bold action to “Make America Great Again.”  No wonder the citizenry responds his call for bold action.  These are people who are sick of the divisions along racial and class lines exploited by Obama.  They are proud of their nation and also sick of a leader who apologizes for our way of life and blames America for world problems.

Americans are stunned that a President seems intent on directing the nation in decline and engineering a degrading of the military.  Charles Krauthammer has spoken to this and appealed to the ancient Greek statesman and orator, Demosthenes, who asked by the Athenian how they could stop the decline of their City State.  He said, “The best answer I can give you is to stop what you are doing now.”  Donald Trump, without apology, promises to stop what is happening now.

Obama is in favor of Socialism which is failing right now in South America and Europe as it has always failed.  Trump without apology is a Capitalist.  The President and Democrats reward laziness and punish work.  Trump promises jobs. Obama and Hillary seek to destroy coal.  Trump promises to put coal miners back to work.

Obama rewards Iran and punishes Israel.  Trump promises to stand with our greatest ally, God’s Chosen.  We saw in Orlando, FL, this past week the dangers of radical Islamic terrorism (which the President refuses even to name) in a terrible attack that killed 49 and placed that many and more in the hospital.  If you follow the news you knew the predictable would follow.  Did Obama and Hillary Clinton seem concerned about terrorism?  Of course not.  Their only thought was to get to a microphone first to call for gun control.  Donald Trump pledges to protect the 2nd Amendment and said that if one of the victims at the Orlando Club had been armed perhaps far fewer would have died.

Republicans in the Establishment promised they would turn it around if we gave them the House.  We did and Obama’s radical agenda went right on.   Then we were told to give them the Senate and the President and his Party would be stopped.  We did and the GOP surrendered.  Now the Establishment seeks to blame talk radio (principally David Limbaugh’s brother Rush) for the revolt of the People and Donald Trump’s being the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party.  In fact, GOP leaders need look no further than the nearest mirror for those responsible for the rise of Donald Trump.

I much appreciate David’s closing paragraph in his article titled “The Establishment Birthed Trump.”  In face of all this, “Along comes Trump who gives voice to these legitimate grievances instead of calling people racist, selfish or hysterical.  He emphasizes the urgency of these problems, and he denounces the status quo, the Establishment, Washington inertia and political correctness without an ounce of apology.  People are dehydrated and he (Donald) is their Gatorade.  Whether Trump can or will deliver on his promises is one thing, but the Establishment’s arrogant failure to acknowledge, let alone decry the horror of, the status quo is his lifeblood.  If Trump is a monster, the Establishment is Dr. Frankenstein, so please spare us the lectures.”  Amen!




Cyrus Helps the Hebrews Return

God, in Biblical days and these days, often employs persons for His Purposes that surprise us.  Ruth, a Moabite woman (Ruth 1:3) was the great-grandmother of King David and an ancestress of Jesus.  (Mt 1:1,5)   Another dramatic example is King Cyrus of Persia who is named by the great Prophet Isaiah as part of fulfilling God’s purposes for His People in returning them from the Babylonian Captivity with his edict in 538 B.C.  In Isaiah 44:28 God says, “Cyrus is my shepherd. . .he will say of Jerusalem ‘let it be rebuilt’ and of the Temple, ‘Let the foundations be laid.’ ”   Isaiah, inspired by the Almighty wrote this 150 years before it happened! 

Another of the Great Prophets, Daniel, lived three years into Cyrus reign and personally brought the scroll of Isaiah to the King of Persia and referred to his being named as part of the Prophecy.  The Jewish historian Josephus writes that Cyrus took this to heart and wished to fulfill what was written.  Unlike Pharaoh, his heart was not hardened to the Children of Israel and their God and even wished to see Jerusalem and the Temple rebuilt.  In short, the Lord employed a pagan King for His Purposes.  This is God’s work and remarkable prophecy.

I think a more modern example is God’s raising up Mikael Gorbachev to be Ronald Reagan’s (following Harry Truman and John Kennedy as anti-communists back when the Democrats had real men as leaders) junior partner in the collapse of the Evil Empire.  Our President Reagan was a man of faith and the senior partner in the Soviet downfall.  There is some word that Gorbachev’s mother was a Baptist Christian but there is no sign that her son followed in the faith.  It is pretty difficult to have a Christian as the head of a godless state.  But Gorbachev resigned as Party Boss on Christmas Day 1991 and the flag of the Soviet Union flew over the Kremlin for the final time the next day.  God again employed, as it were, a pagan King for His purposes.

I am not a big Donald Trump fan but do plan to vote for him.  The GOP is a Party of prayer.  The Democrats are not.  Hillary is the same liar as her husband, Bill, and just as scandal ridden.  I want to believe that another secular and worldly man, Donald Trump, may be God’s man for this time for American renewal as Cyrus and Gorbachev were for another time.  And, unlike the men like Bill Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard, (a publication for which I have great respect)  I do not believe it is a time for a Third Party venture.  Neither do Mitt Romney nor Joe Lieberman nor others who have been approached to run by The Standard and turned it down.  If God can employ King Cyrus and King Gorbachev, He can employ The Donald.  We will visit this again.



Be of Good Courage

One night Frederick the Great of Prussia (1712-1786) held a banquet for his military leaders.  All appeared except General von Zieten, a devout Christian, who went to his church that evening and received Holy Communion.  The next time his staff gathered they all made sport of von Zieten, his faith and the Sacraments.

Boldly the general stood and said, “Majesty, I have pledged my life and my sword to protect you and the Kingdom.  But there is a King here greater than you.  He is King Jesus.  I will not abide His Name and His Sacraments being profaned.  I ask your leave.”

The other generals trembled for they knew Frederick could order von Zieten executed.  Instead the king placed his hand on the brave general’s arm, asked him to remain and said there would be no more making light of God and His Word.

There is a lesson here for us in our increasingly secular and vulgar society.  Let us “Not be ashamed of the Gospel:  it is the power of God for salvation.” (Romans 1:16)  And let us, “Wait on the Lord and be of good courage.” (Psalm 27:14)