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Is It The Economy Stupid?

James Carville made famous the line of the 1992 Presidential election–“It’s the economy, stupid.”    In reality it was not the economy as the mild recession was over by the time Bill Clinton took office.   President Clinton had this confirmed for him at a rather embarrasing press conference.    He touted all the months of economic recovery on his watch.   A brave reporter was waiting for him and said, “Mr. President, if you claim that many months of growth it actually began in 1992 under President Bush before you took over.   Clinton was not pleased but gave his normal Slick Willy answer.   Carville’s line, however, fit the template and the lie and won the day.

In 2010 it really is the economy.  That is why the Democrats keep trying to change the subject.   An example was in the U.S. Senate debate on Saturday evening between Ken Buck and Obama Rubberstamp Michael Bennet.   Bennet wanted to keep coming back to social issues as he sensed blood in the water here and also because he cannot defend his cozy relationship with the President.  Our appointed junior senator supported the Stimulus, Cash for Clunkers and Obamacare.    Ken stood tall and answered but then, in essence said, the issue in this campaign is more the economy and Bennet’s sorry support of the President here.   He went on to point out that Mr. Rubberstamp does one thing in D.C. to our detriment but then comes to CO and acts as if he has nothing to do with the mess.

The late Jerry Falwell was an exceptionally bright man, often lampooned, but seldom defeated in debate.   When discussing abortion he would say to the ravenous pro-choice crowd, “If I agree to abortion for the less than 1% of cases involving rape and incest will you agree to stand for life and stop the other 990,000 abortions for convenience?”    Of course they would not.   There are 1 million abortions in our land each year.   Less than 10,000 involve assault or incest.   No less than Billy Graham has said that if God does not judge our land for all the blood on our hands He will need to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.   Let’s stand for life.

As a member of the clergy retired from a mainline denomination I have debated this issue with the Left that dominates so many of the leadership roles in the Church.   When they said, as Michael Bennet did in his debate with Ken Buck, “I believe in a woman’s right to choose,” my response was, “I believe in a baby’s right to live which costs neither child nor mother their life.”  

Ken Buck stood tall and answered on social issues but then said that this year the economy and jobs are central to the campaign.   And properly he put the focus back on Michael Bennet’s sorry record here and kept talking about it.   In 1992 Carville’s line was a clever ruse.   This year it really is the economy.   Are social issues unimportant?   Absolutely not.  But when a mighty nation is crumbling under the weight of Obennet debt it must be addressed.   The President has said he could not have done it without his Rubberstamp.   Vote Republican.   Vote Renewal.   Vote Ken Buck.