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A Pyrrhic Victory

In 1876 Republican Rutherford B. Hayes defeated Democrat Samuel Tilden for the Presidency by an electoral vote of 185-184, though Tilden had 260,000 more votes.   Thomas Nast was a leading cartoonist of the time.   He tended to support the GOP and created the symbols of the elephant for the Republicans and the donkey for the Democrats.   He called the Hayes’ victory Pyrrhic.   His cartoon in Harper’s Weekly depicted a battered elephant at the graveside of the Democrats with bandaged head, arm and trunk supported by a crutch with the caption, “Another such victory and I am undone.” 

A Pyrrhic victory is one that comes at such price that it sows the seeds of future defeat.   It is named for a Greek general, Pyrrhus, who defeated the Romans in battles in 280 and 279 B.C.     However, he lost so many troops which he could not replace that future victories would not be his.   Meanwhile, Rome had near infinite number of fresh men to replace those lost.   A similar thing happened in the American Civil War.   The South won early but the North had overwhelming numbers of men to replace those lost.   The South did not and, thus, could not win. 

One wonders if the Democrat victories in the Senate races in CO, CA, NV and in the Governor’s races in CA and IL will not also be Pyrrhic both for their party and for the people.   CA and IL are largely bankrupt.    Voters in those states returned the Party and people who helped put them there.   In the Golden State this is especially grievous.   Even the liberal San Francisco Chronicle refused to endorse the ultra partisan Sen. Boxer as she has not been good for CA.    What do voters do?   Send her back.   Jerry Brown was there at the beginning of the CA fall but now he is back.  

This state has to be allowed to collapse under the weight of voter choices.   We cannot afford to bail them out for who will bail out the United States?    If the nation cares to contrast our largest state with our second largest population wise:    High tax and regulation CA is collapsing;   TX, which is sensible on both, is thriving.   Maybe CA should mess with TX in terms of learning from the Lone Star.

Nevada chose Harry Reid again.   I wonder if the donkeys really are pleased to have the high voiced whine of Harry Reid as their face in the U.S. Senate.   Must be as there he is.   This is the man who said of Iraq, “This war is lost.”   This was even as combat was continuing there.   He is such a silly man maybe he is right for the donkeys.

In IL, Pat Quinn, who took over for disgraced Governor Rod Blagojevich, narrowly won the election over Republican Bill Brady.   The Democrats control IL and have the state in a pickle similar to CA.   Bill Brady is an acquaintance of ours and was their hope out of the slew.   But voters turned to Quinn.   They too must be allowed to sleep in the bed they have made for themselves.

In CO we had a choice between a powerful, plain spoken man named Buck and an Obama yes man named Bennet.    We said no to power and yes to weakness.   This was not a time for timidity but big outside money won out.   The Centennial State will regret this choice but at least we are not bankrupt yet as are CA and IL.   But with a new Democrat Governor named Hickenlooper we may be on our way.

Some commentators say CO is now blue in the manner of WA and OR.   I am not so sure.   Rubberstamp Bennet won by less than 1% over Ken Buck.   It was a race that might have gone either way without such charming men as Evilbucks George Soros funding a lying, distorting,  Michael Bennet.

This is where I think the victories by Democrats in these few states was Pyrrhic.   The nation is suffering.   IL and CA are on their knees.   CO, while still upright, has been staggered as well.  The Senate and Governor’s Mansions in CA and CO are held by Democrats.  So are most of the Congressional Seats.   In IL there is a Democrat Governor and their Senior Senator, is Majority Leader, Dick Durbin.    You may recall in the summer of 08 he said our troops were acting like Nazis.  At that time his Senate colleague was a man named Barack Obama.   What a pair these two are.

We have freedom of choice in our land and we have chosen.   We do not, however, have freedom to choose the consequences of those actions.   I do not wish ill on these states (my family has lived in CO for 6 generations) but we reap what we sow and we have sown to the wind.   Sow to the wind and reap a whirlwind.  In CA and CO the Democrats have full control of the biggest offices and in IL two out of three.   They bear full responsibility for the coming storm.

But it is not too late.   In 2012 we have another chance to right the listing ship.    And that year we must turn away from Barack Obama, now in India with a 200 million dollar a day entourage.    It is almost like Nero fiddling while Rome burns except today it is Barack twittering while Washington teeters.   Let us make 2012 like 1980–a clean sweep with an elephant stampede and the donkeys out to the parched pasture on the backside of the desert they have created.


Is It The Economy Stupid?

James Carville made famous the line of the 1992 Presidential election–“It’s the economy, stupid.”    In reality it was not the economy as the mild recession was over by the time Bill Clinton took office.   President Clinton had this confirmed for him at a rather embarrasing press conference.    He touted all the months of economic recovery on his watch.   A brave reporter was waiting for him and said, “Mr. President, if you claim that many months of growth it actually began in 1992 under President Bush before you took over.   Clinton was not pleased but gave his normal Slick Willy answer.   Carville’s line, however, fit the template and the lie and won the day.

In 2010 it really is the economy.  That is why the Democrats keep trying to change the subject.   An example was in the U.S. Senate debate on Saturday evening between Ken Buck and Obama Rubberstamp Michael Bennet.   Bennet wanted to keep coming back to social issues as he sensed blood in the water here and also because he cannot defend his cozy relationship with the President.  Our appointed junior senator supported the Stimulus, Cash for Clunkers and Obamacare.    Ken stood tall and answered but then, in essence said, the issue in this campaign is more the economy and Bennet’s sorry support of the President here.   He went on to point out that Mr. Rubberstamp does one thing in D.C. to our detriment but then comes to CO and acts as if he has nothing to do with the mess.

The late Jerry Falwell was an exceptionally bright man, often lampooned, but seldom defeated in debate.   When discussing abortion he would say to the ravenous pro-choice crowd, “If I agree to abortion for the less than 1% of cases involving rape and incest will you agree to stand for life and stop the other 990,000 abortions for convenience?”    Of course they would not.   There are 1 million abortions in our land each year.   Less than 10,000 involve assault or incest.   No less than Billy Graham has said that if God does not judge our land for all the blood on our hands He will need to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.   Let’s stand for life.

As a member of the clergy retired from a mainline denomination I have debated this issue with the Left that dominates so many of the leadership roles in the Church.   When they said, as Michael Bennet did in his debate with Ken Buck, “I believe in a woman’s right to choose,” my response was, “I believe in a baby’s right to live which costs neither child nor mother their life.”  

Ken Buck stood tall and answered on social issues but then said that this year the economy and jobs are central to the campaign.   And properly he put the focus back on Michael Bennet’s sorry record here and kept talking about it.   In 1992 Carville’s line was a clever ruse.   This year it really is the economy.   Are social issues unimportant?   Absolutely not.  But when a mighty nation is crumbling under the weight of Obennet debt it must be addressed.   The President has said he could not have done it without his Rubberstamp.   Vote Republican.   Vote Renewal.   Vote Ken Buck.