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Waiting in the Wings

On August 10, 1974, I boarded a train in Chicago for my sister-in-law’s wedding in downstate, IL.   My wife and I spent that summer working with kids from Cabrini Green, the most infamous housing project in the nation, and with youngsters from the Latin community, and with Appalachian whites who had left the hills for the city.   She had preceded me to help prepare for the happy occasion.  But it was not a happy day for the nation.

I boarded armed with all four of the major Chicago dailiesThe Chicago Tribune, The Sun-Times, The Daily News, and The News Sun.   Why four newspapers?    Because on August 9, 1974, Richard Nixon had resigned the Presidency, and I wanted as many perspectives as possible.    Mike Royko of The Chicago Daily News,  often a sarcastic journalist, had a poignant comment on the resignation and the state of the nation.   He said, “At the time of the writing of the Constitution we were a nation of 2.5 million.   Those few produced our brilliant Founders.   Today we are a nation of 210 million (1974).   Richard Nixon was an able man not honest.   Jerry Ford is an honest man not able.   Among 210 million can we not find even one leader both able and honest?”   It was that kind of day and Mike Royko could not have known that a man named Ronald Reagan was waiting in the wings to send Ford’s successor, Jimmy Carter, back to his peanut farm in Georgia.

Once again we find ourselves in serious crisis.   We are led by an incompetent, Radical President and a Democrat Congress that is no better.   Either of these make it difficult.   Together they are a disaster.   But help is on the way in November and into this breach steps Hillsdale College and their September 16 and 17 Constitution Day Celebration.   The closing speaker was George Will, brilliant columnist for The Washington Post.    His address was entitled “Why We Celebrate Constitution Day.” 

He appealed to the Father of the Constitution, James Madison, to make the case for limited government and away from the Welfare State and entitlements which are about to sink us.   But he said he liked to close on a cheerful note and he mentioned Winston Churchill who was half American.   Will said that Churchill loved this nation as much as he loved his American mother.   The great British Prime Minister said, “You Americans always do the right thing–after you have tried everything else.”

Having tried everything else we said “Nuts” to the peanut farmer and turned to a giant named Ronald Reagan who had perfect pitch for the time.   Having tried a radical from Chicago who is waiting in the wings?   PalinRomney?  Newt?    Mitch Daniels?  Someone we have not yet thought of?   Churchill would say they are there just as Reagan was.

Having tried Pelosi and Reid and an appointed Senator Michael Bennet, now affectionately known as Rubber Stamp Man, and Cap N Trade Betsy, let us turn to Reagan Conservatives, Ken Buck and Cory Gardner in CO, Bill Brady in IL, and others of their timber across the land.    Let us do the right thing on November 2 and begin to retire Barack Obama as well.  Our Republic  of 310 million still produces men and women both able and honest.  It is just that most of them are not in Washington right now.  

George Will said this election will be known as The Great Awakening.    It has already started.   Don’t miss it.   We all need to be engaged.   Vote for Conservative courage.   Vote for honor.