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An Error on the Right

G. Gordon Liddy is a largely unrepentant Water Gate conspirator.   While not actually one of the burglars he was one of the planners of the break in.  For his crimes he served 4.5 years of a 20 year sentence before his imprisonment was commuted by President Jimmy Carter.   Now nearly 80 he remains a controversial figure with rather extreme views.

Congressman Steven King of Iowa appeared on Liddy’s radio program recently and said he felt President Obama favored black people over whites.   Some of this was in response to Attorney General Eric Holder’s statements some months ago that we are a nation of cowards when it comes to discussing race.   Say what one will about the Congressman, King is no coward.  

It needs be remembered also that some said  President Bush did less for New Orleans following Katrina because he did not like black people.   Persons did not rush to defend Bush over these comments as they have hurried out to condemn King.   This is the old media double standard which is real and most unfair.

I think it would have been better for Congressman King not to appear on the Liddy program as the talk show host can be rather extreme and even violent in his views and use of language.    A person can be caught up in this and begin to match Liddy.  But having said that I do not believe this was the error in this controversy. 

My wife and I attended the Tea Party Rally at 6:00 PM on June 19th in Loveland, CO.   Congressman King did not.   He was invited by the Tea Party to be there and then dis-invited.  He was in town and appeared with former Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo but King did not speak at the Tea Party.

One of the speakers at the Tea Party rally said that we have to find our voice.   We have to stand up.   We have to think in new ways.   I agree and one of those ways is to not fear everything that wiggles and not to cancel scheduled speakers because of controversy.   Had King appeared with Gardner there would have been one rally rather than two.     The Fort Collins Coloradoan on Sunday pictured Congressman King above the fold and led with “King calls for spine, doesn’t endorse Gardner.”   And the controversy has garnered national attention.

I believe Gardner and the Tea Party made an Error on the Right.   Instead of shunning King this could have been what Rush Limbaugh calls a teachable moment.    Cory and Steve could have appeared side by side and Gardner could have said something such as:   “I don’t always agree with every member of my family but I love them and stand with them and they with me.   I don’t always agree with my fellow Republicans.   But we love our land and stand together in our effort to defeat the Far Left agenda of Barack Obama and Cap and Trade Betsy Markey.”   My guess is there would have been loud cheering from a standing ovation.   And this would have been a one day story rather than national news of a Republican division and dueling photos in the Coloradoan.

We Conservatives have to get beyond our fear of what others think of us–especially fear of what Laura Ingraham calls the Dinosaur media and Bernie Goldberg says is Lame Stream.   The press as we have known it is dying fast–note the passing of The Rocky Mountain News which I delivered 50 years ago in my hometown and which brought news to Colorado for 150 years.   The three nightly network news programs draw a fraction of their once mighty ratings and lose viewers every day.    Let us not make them more important than they are by catering to them in any way.   Let  us take them in good humor and laugh at them as Jack Kennedy and Ronald Reagan often did.

I don’t agree fully agree with Congressman King either (or the Tea Party for that matter).   But he certainly has this right:   “we must find our spine.”