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The Campaign Sprint

The Greeley Tribune carried an interesting below the fold story on Sunday, April 11, about Weld County District Attorney, Ken Buck (who has been endorsed for the U.S. Senate by RedState’s Erickson and by Michelle Malkin), and his primary run for the GOP nomination.   The Tribune Opinion for the day was also on the theme of balancing work as D.A. with campaigning.

The article by Sharon Dunn noted a Linda Schreiber as saying that she has become a staunch supporter of Buck’s opponent, Jane Norton, because he is now going after something “for personal gain.”  I rather thought the Senate was a place of public service.   I realize Linda may have limited experience which could lead to her thinking that the House and Senate of Pelosi and Reid is the norm.  But that can be changed with a strong GOP presence in both bodies.   Reid appears headed home to the backside of the Nevada desert and hopefully Nancy will soon be minus her private jet and just another voice in the lower House.

So far as Schreiber’s being a Norton supporter that is probably where she belongs–Norton who was hand picked to run by that old conservative stalwart, John McCain.   And Jane was also part of raising taxes out of sight in CO.   Of course, she is now Madame Conservative as that fits the time.   Personally I prefer a solid Reagan conservative like Ken Buck who remained so when David Brooks, Colin Powell and  Peggy Noonan said the era of Reagan was over and Republicans should go Democrat Light.   Nonsense!  Give me a fearless candidate of core principles any day of the week.  I have no respect for weathervane candidates.

Former Weld District Attorney,  Al Dominguez,  was also quoted on this issue.   He said of Mr. Buck,  “Make a decision.   Be my District Attorney or be a candidate for the U.S. Senate, but you can’t be both.”   Really?    The Tribune opinion piece disagrees noting that persons holding one office run for another quite often.   They also mention that while Betsy Markey is still our representative in the House she is spending much time here at home running for reelection.   With wisdom the editorial closes by stating:  “We don’t fault any public office holder for campaigning while in office.”

I am a native of CO six generations deep but my wife and family and I lived in the Springfield, IL area for six years.   We had ample opportunity to observe a State Senator by the name of Barack Obama close up.    On tough votes he said neither “Aye” nor “Nay” but rather “Present.”   As a sidenote I am glad for a D.A. who does not take a pass.

For three years Obama was our Senator.   He managed to show up for work all of 140 days and did little to distinguish himself other than opposing the surge, voting against Roberts and Alito, and for higher taxes.  The other days he was running for President and blasting Hillary and Bill Clinton and George Bush.   And in the Senate he could not turn over the reigns to an assistant D.A. as Mr. Buck can.    We simply were not represented. 

But,  the Tribune is right.   This is the way of the world and it paid off for Barack Obama.   I would say to Ms. Schreiber and Mr. Dominguez, what is fair for the liberal goose is fair for the conservative gander.