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Bob N Weave Betsy

Bob and Weave is a boxing technique where a fighter moves his head up and down and from side to side to confuse an opponent.    When that opponent throws a punch it is difficult to know where the Bobbers head is going to be.   This also applies to politicians like Betsy Markey.   She said that as a small businesswoman she was opposed to government bail outs–that no one had bailed her out.  But by her voting record she could easily be known as Bail Out Betsy.

She voted for the Stimulus bill which was 800 billion to bail out all things Democrat–unions, government workers.   Then there was her “Aye” for the Service America Act which included funds for ACORN.   Remember this shadowy outfit?   And 108 billion for the International Monetary Fund (IMF).  She voted for Cap and Trade which would cripple existing industry and raise prices for consumers while funding not viable green industry.   We are all for a clean environment but the green that is needed now is for small businesses that do most of the hiring which lowers unemployment.    President Obama does not seem to realize that.   Fortunately, even the Far Left United States Senate of Harry Reid saw the folly of the American Clean Energy Act (Cap N Trade) and did not take it to a vote.   But Betsy was behind it.

There are more examples of  Markey’s votes for bail outs at The Northern Colorado Tea Party web page but this gives one the sense that Betsy does not walk her talk.   In fact, she appears much closer to Her Highness, Nancy Pelosi, than to her Colorado constituents. 

If one views Markey’s ads and was not aware the conclusion could be drawn that she is not even a Congresswoman.    That is not mentioned nor are her votes.    She is just Betsy, the small Colorado business woman, trying to get by.   Bob and Weave. 

Cory Gardner has challenged Ms. Markey to debate the issues in a welcome back to Colorado letter.   This will be interesting.   One suspects that Betsy will not try to defend the indefensible but rather follow other Democrats in running against the past.   It won’t work but what else do they have?–“I voted for all the bail outs that have not worked and have driven our deficits to dangerous levels.”  Not very appealing.

Cory Gardner is a good candidate.    I suspect he will not fall for bob and weave and will place Betsy’s record front and center.   She can run but she cannot hide.  Can November 2 arrive soon enough?   And January 2011 when GOP conservatives officially take over the House.   Bye, bye, Betsy.