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Colorado Caucuses

In both the Republican and Democrat Caucuses we saw Establishment candidates defeated by those outside the favorite role.   This was especially true in the Republican statewide gathering on Tuesday, March 16.   Weld County District Attorney, Ken Buck, won while the much better funded and better known, former Lt. Governor, Jane Norton came in second.   Weld County is rather far removed from Denver and has vast remote regions unknown to urban dwellers.   This is quite an upset and a tribute both to the hard work and the intelligence on the stump and on his feet of Mr. Buck.

For the Democrats Andrew Romanov defeated Michael Bennet quite handily.    Although President Obama came to CO to campaign for and to endorse Bennet (the President does not have a great record of helping people either in NJ, VA, MA nor here in CO) the Romanov win is not quite so big a surprise.   This was insider versus insider as Romanov is former CO House Speaker who fully expected Governor Ritter to appoint him to the U.S. Senate rather than a school superintendent.

The word caucus is of unknown origin but it is appropriate that it came out of the American colonies in the early 1760’s when persons would gather in private homes to select candidates for colonial leadership.  In the Old World the rough equivalent would be the salon of France where nobles gathered to discuss philosophy-political or otherwise-and celebrate their own importance.

Caucus carries with it a more grassroots feel where all are equal and important and all are welcome.  That seems especially important in 2010 when elite Washington Democrats run rough shod over the Constitution and traditional decorum.   Despite their supposed sophistication they seem at times rather comical figures.

Each of the major candidates that the President endorsed and campaigned for were defeated in the Northeast and the Upper South.  While Bennet is, of course,  still in the running, Obama lent the prestige of his office to our junior Senator who was then soundly routed at the Democrat caucuses across CO.   While the old line press ignores the President’s hyperbole and miscues, his gaffs are beginning to rival those of Joe the VP.    Maybe Mr. President should send a “corpse-man” in his stead to the next political rally.

The House Democrats led by the frozen smile of Nancy Pelosi are unbelievably contorted as they resort to any means including “deeming that Health care to have passed” the Lower Chamber.   Shall we deem that the Dems did not win the House in 2006  nor Obama the Presidency in 2008?   What nonsense, except the Donkeys are serious.

The nation is rising up as one and persons seen as insiders are not in favor whether they be Democrat or Republican.   Thus we see Ken Buck take the Republican caucuses in CO over Establishment’s  Jane Norton.  In IL a young Republican, Bill Brady, will be the GOP standard bearer with a real shot in this very blue state.

But let us not over celebrate nor rest in initial victory.   The late, great actor, Charlton Heston was once asked, “What is your greatest role?”   His answer is a book of wisdom in three short words:   “The next one.”   Let us not grow weary in doing good.   Let us go on to the next one for our children and grandchildren and for the hope that the very word America brings to the freedom loving world wide.