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Reclaiming the Mountain

We lived in a suburb of Springfield, IL from 1999 to 2005 where we had an opportunity to observe then State Senator Barack Obama close up.   He was and is a smooth operator who was backed by the mean machine of Sandburg’s City of the Husky, Brawling Shoulders, Chicago.  When it came to tough votes the future President answered “Present.”   Smooth, safe and spineless.

After the election he has travelled far and wide apologizing for our naiton.   The last Democrat President I admired was John Kennedy.   JFK nearly died in WWII fighting for our nation and our freedoms.   Can you imagine this war hero running around apologizing for our land and our values?   Neither can I.

But there are times that Obama will take a stand.   He is now pushing Obamacare to the limit.   And it matters not to him that the Senate has to break rules and tradition to make this happen.   Even here he voted “Present” on healthcare by turning it over to Peolsi/Reid.   This has led to the Louisiana Purchase, the Cornhusker Kickback and FL Gatorade.   This will probably pass now in some form due to the fact that it is in the hands of Democrats who have no shame when it comes to big government and sacrifices of American freedom. 

This morning we attended a Republican breakfast where several persons seeking different offices in 2010 shared their views.   What a contrast!    These were not persons of closed door meetings but individuals confident enough in their views that they would put them on C-Span.   They were polite in their differences with one another even as they had firm views.

The featured speaker was Mr. Ken Buck, Weld County District Attorney, who is seeking the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate from Colorado.   He was asked what Republicans can do if Obamacare passes.   His answer was two-fold.   First, give us enough votes in both chambers of Congress and we will see that it is not funded and the structure needed to support this massive government take over will not be built.   Second, and most instructive, Mr. Buck stated that Republicans must offer alternatives such as Tort reform and portability of insurance.

But what we found most striking about this breakfast was the way these leaders carry themselves.   They give us hope.   It has been noted that we can live forty days without food, three days without water, three minutes without air but not one second without hope.   

As I observed these men and women I thought of the Samuel Walter Foss poem:

            Bring me men to match my mountains,

            Bring me men to match my plains;

            Men with empires in their purpose,

            And new visions in their brains.

These are men and women who move the world and help stand guard over our freedoms as members of both parties once did.   They do not vote “Present” but, like us, want to reclaim mountains, plains, and they have empires of purpose and vision of mind, heart and soul.   They report for duty and give us hope for this and every time of need.

Let us enter the arena with them.   Do not stay home and watch forgettable television on Tuesday, March 16.   Stand up for your candidates at your caucus and bring a neighbor with you.